Stories for July 2002

Saturday, July 27th 2002 - 21:00 UTC

Latest poll shakes up Brazil's presidential race

The Brazilian electoral scene changed dramatically Friday as a latecomer to the presidential race knocked leftist Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva out of first place in the most recent poll.

Saturday, July 27th 2002 - 21:00 UTC

S. American Leader Faults Nations

Ecuador's president opened the second regional summit of South American leaders Friday, blasting the United States and other industrial nations for preaching free trade while practicing protectionism.

Friday, July 26th 2002 - 21:00 UTC

Weekly Penguin News

Preparing for disaster; Gibraltar calls
Referendum; Stock market slump: little effect on Islands;
Argentine navy to buy Task Force's Fearless?; Public meeting; Lan Chile

Friday, July 26th 2002 - 21:00 UTC

De la Rua to be questioned for “homicide”

An Argentine judge has subpoenaed former President Fernando de la Rua for questioning about his responsibility in the killing of five people during violent protests that produced his resignation late last year.

Friday, July 26th 2002 - 21:00 UTC

Gibraltar chief complicates Britain-Spain talks on Rock

By calling a referendum on the fate of the peninsula, Gibraltar Chief Minister Peter Caruana has again complicated matters for Britain and Spain, which appear eager to come to terms on the future of the disputed colony.

Thursday, July 25th 2002 - 21:00 UTC

2002 Photographic Exhibition

The Photographic Exhibition is an annual event, intended to be a quality photographic exhibition with high standards of work and presentation. This year there will be two elements to the show, to be held at the Jetty Visitors' Centre in Stanley during summer 2002/03 ? the now traditional exhibition and also a competition section sponsored by the Falkland Islands Tourist Board.

Wednesday, July 24th 2002 - 21:00 UTC

Uncertain future for Falklands troopship

Press speculation that Brazil has shown interest in buying the ageing Royal Navy assault ship, HMS Fearless, has caused surprise.

Wednesday, July 24th 2002 - 21:00 UTC

Breaking News

Menem counter attacks; Ciro Gomes keeps growing; Ten million jobs; European ban for Chilean poultry

Wednesday, July 24th 2002 - 21:00 UTC

Uruguay in Intensive Care

With ample political support from the ruling coalition and even recognition from legislative opposition, Uruguay named this week a new Economy Minister, Senator Alejandro Atchugarry.

Tuesday, July 23rd 2002 - 21:00 UTC

Petrobras takes over Perez Companc

Brazilian oil company Petrobras announced this week an agreement to purchase a majority control of the Argentine energy consortium Pérez Companc. The operation involves 1,125 billion US dollars.


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