Saturday, April 29th 2006 - 21:00 UTC

Chile/ EU/UN Tierra del Fuego mine clearance plan

Chile the European Union and the United Nations Development Program will be signing May 2 a cooperation agreement for the mine clearance in Tierra del Fuego

The agreement covers the mine sweeping and destruction of 3.642 anti personnel explosives in two fields in Tierra del Fuego.

EU ambassadors, Chilean government officials and NGO representatives will be present at the ceremony to be held in Chile's Ministry of Defence.

The agreement includes technical, logistics and financial support plus the training of Chilean Army and Navy units which are involved in mine sweeping operations.

The cost of the operation for 2006/07 is a million Euros and will contribute decisively to help Chile comply with the Ottawa 2001 de-mining Convention.

Some of the funds will be invested in prevention and education campaigns for the civilian population.

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