Stories for December 2009

Thursday, December 31st 2009 - 12:18 UTC

Dear MercoPress subscribers and readers:

MercoPress wishes all subscribers and readers a very prosperous New Year, hoping 2010 will definitively help to lift the world out of global recession.

Thursday, December 31st 2009 - 12:08 UTC

Lula da Silva ends 2009 with a military crisis over reviewing the past

Defence minister Nelson Jobim and Armed Forces commanders threatened to resign over the “Truth Commission”.

Brazilian president Lula da Silva praised as one of the most influential leaders of the world ends 2009 with a serious political crisis: the Minister of Defence and the commanders on the three services have threatened to resign over the creation of a “truth commission” to investigate human rights abuses during the military dictatorship that extended from 1964 to 1985.

Thursday, December 31st 2009 - 12:04 UTC

Argentine archbishop convicted for sexual abuse

Santa Fe Archbishop Edgardo Storni

Argentine cleric gets 8 years in sex abuse case. An Argentine judge convicted a former Roman Catholic archbishop Wednesday of sexually abusing a seminarian in 1992.

Thursday, December 31st 2009 - 11:12 UTC

Uruguayan economy forecasted to grow 4%; peso appreciated 25% in 2009

Brazil’s strong recovery was decisive for Uruguay’s economic performance

Uruguay’s peso achieved a record annual gain as neighboring Brazil’s economic recovery fueled demand for the country’s exports. The peso has jumped 25% this year, (9.4% in the last quarter) its biggest annual advance since the government created it in 1993 to replace the nuevo peso as part of an effort to stem surging inflation.

Thursday, December 31st 2009 - 11:07 UTC

Argentina’s stock market completes biggest annual gain in 18 years: 115%

Higher commodity prices and government plans to close the defaulted debt dispute were magic signals for the market

Argentina’s main stock index completed its biggest annual gain in 18 years. The Merval index’s 115% rise this year is its best performance since 1991 and reverses a 50% drop in 2008.

Thursday, December 31st 2009 - 11:01 UTC

Chile’s share-index advanced 51% in 2009; Peso 26% stronger

Utility, retail and commodities shares pushed the market to its highest annual advance in 16 years

Chile's leading share index ended 2009 with an annual gain of 51% as utility, retail and commodity stocks fuelled the biggest annual rise in 16 years. At the same time, Chile's currency, the peso ended with a 26% annual advance against the dollar, traders said.

Thursday, December 31st 2009 - 09:15 UTC

Brazil’s market soars 83% in 2009 and Real appreciates 34% against US dollar

A great year for those who invested in Brazil

The performance of Brazilian stocks in 2009 has been one of the highest in the world while the local currency, the Real reflected the recovery of Latinamerica’s largest economy by appreciating 34% against the US dollar this year.

Thursday, December 31st 2009 - 07:51 UTC

Ronaldo the most profitable player in Real Madrid’s history

Real Madrid’s super star was baptized with the name Ronaldo in honour of former US president Ronald Reagan

The Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo purchased for the record sum of 94 million Euros is proving to be the most profitable player in Real Madrid’s history, generating as much as 80 million Euros annually in publicity revenue, according to the Spanish press.

Thursday, December 31st 2009 - 07:46 UTC

When Japan assigned 20 “karate-ladies” to protect Margaret Thatcher

Maggie only accepted to be treated as the rest of world leaders  (Photo AP)

Japan was asked not to greet Britain's first female prime minister with a security escort of 20 “karate ladies”, newly-released British government papers show. Margaret Thatcher visited Tokyo for an economic summit in June 1979 - a month after winning the general election.

Thursday, December 31st 2009 - 05:46 UTC

Spain names first director for the Instituto Cervantes in Gibraltar

Francisco Oda-Angel, well known in political and journalistic circles (Photo GCH)

Francisco Oda-Angel, the former director of the Instituto Transfronterizo will be officially assuming his post as the first director of the Gibraltar branch of the Instituto Cervantes (equivalent of the British Council) as from January 1st 2010, reports the Gibraltar Chronicle.


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