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World’s most expensive palatial house in London on the market for 100 million pounds

The world's most expensive four-storey palatial house, in London's plush neighborhood has gone on the market at a staggering 100 million pounds. One Cornwall Terrace is a Grade 1 listed mansion overlooking Regent's Park in London.

Once the official residence of the New Zealand High Commissioner, the asking price works out at 4.651 pounds per sq/ft

The breathtaking property is spread across 21,500 sq/ft and boasts seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms and 11 reception rooms, according to a report from the Daily Mail.

It is being marketed by Savills with an asking price of 100 million pounds or 4.651 pounds per sq/ft, making it one of the most expensive houses ever put up for sale in England. At this mega price, the buyer would have to pay 7 million pounds in stamp duty alone.

But they would also pay just 1,369 pounds-a-year in council tax, the same as a 320,000 pounds property with Westminster Council, the second cheapest borough in London.

Cornwall Terrace was originally designed and built in the 1820s by renowned architect Decimus Burton with the project overseen by the acclaimed John Nash.

The front of the home has a neo-classical Stucco elevation with Corinthian pilasters and a grand two-storey bay embellished with sculpted female columns of the Greek goddess Artemis.

It became the official London residence of the New Zealand High Commissioner from 1955 until the 1970s, playing home to lavish parties frequented by royalty and other members of high society.

Savills refused to discuss the end-of-terrace property, but the lavish brochure gives an incredible insight into the home's level of luxury.

Described as “one of the most important private residences in London”, the luxurious home has had a no expense spared makeover to be transformed into one of the capital's premier “trophy homes”.

It boasts a mixture of classic and contemporary features from marble and limestone-lined halls to iPad-controlled lighting.

There is also a sports complex which includes a gym and swimming pool and the high-tech gates have an automatic number plate recognition system.

Outside, the mansion has a beautiful 40-metre long landscaped garden and a grand double staircase which connects the terrace and landscaped areas. Cornwall Terrace is named after King George IV, who also known as the Duke of Cornwall

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1 falklandlad (#) Nov 05th, 2012 - 02:28 pm Report abuse
A replacement Falkland Islands Government office in London perhaps, financed by upcoming oil revenues. Would make the old Agentine Ambassador's residence in Belgrave Square seem fairly secondary in comparison!
2 ChrisR (#) Nov 05th, 2012 - 05:10 pm Report abuse
But according to the Malvistas, Britain is full of tin shacks - you now, like the ones 40% of all AGs have to live in, without potable water, sewage and in most cases, electricity.

You have to laugh!
3 Alexei (#) Nov 05th, 2012 - 07:58 pm Report abuse
I'm wondering if it'll be bought by Arabs or Russians.
4 Santa Fe (#) Nov 05th, 2012 - 08:46 pm Report abuse
3... Or CFK could buy it with her embezzled money???
5 British_Kirchnerist (#) Nov 05th, 2012 - 10:48 pm Report abuse
#1 Why, are you planning a government in exile? Don't worry, the lovely Cristina has ruled out war =)

#2 The sad thing is, we have houses like this AND a growing homelessness problem, its facts like this that make me a socialist!
6 ptolemy (#) Nov 05th, 2012 - 11:04 pm Report abuse
I wonder the same.
7 Musky (#) Nov 05th, 2012 - 11:24 pm Report abuse
That house is not for me, I wouldn't want to downsize!
8 LEPRecon (#) Nov 06th, 2012 - 07:42 am Report abuse
@5 - BK

If you are a socialist why do you support a Nationalist Socialist (Nazi) government in Argentina?

You re no socialist. You hate the workers in Argentina because they no longer are deluded by CFK's lies.

You are a facist, BK, plain and simple.

Maybe the local council shoud buy it and house homeless people in it. I'm sure the tax payers will be happy with 100 million of their tax money being wasted in this way, when it could've been used to build lots of houses.

Of course the minute the council bought such a property it's value would drop dramatically.

@3 - Alexi

It'll probably be bought by bankers. Then again what does it matter who buys it.

Personally I think it's way over priced, I'd want a country manor complete with stables and extensive grounds for that price, but a fool and their money are soon parted.

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