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National holiday record breaking in Argentina: 19 in 2012; at least 17 next year

Argentines are known to be quite a stress-prone bunch, when not neurotic, but the annual calendar of national and one-time holidays gives a different picture: 19 this year and at least 17 in 2013.

New Year will be celebrated with a long four-day weekend

President Cristina Fernandez and Congress seem to agree that to make the most out of national holidays, bridge or sandwich days are also included so that Argentines can enjoy longer weekends and obviously promote the domestic tourism industry, since getting hold of foreign currency to try and enjoy leisure overseas means an additional cost of 35% to 40%.

Next New Year begins on a Tuesday, so Monday ‘sandwich’ is included thus Argentines will have four long summer days to greet the incoming 2013.

In February, Carnival is celebrated Monday and Tuesday, February 11 and 12 so the month will also hold a four-day long weekend.

However there could be an additional only-day at the end of January, 31st, to celebrate the 200 years of the 1813 Constituting General Assembly. It still has to be voted in Congress.

In March/April the long weekend will have five days, from 29 March to 3 April, which includes Holy Friday plus Tuesday 2 April, Malvinas Veterans Day which means April first becomes a Monday ‘sandwich or bridge’ holiday.

This is followed with Labour Day, May first on a Wednesday.

May 25, May Revolution Day, a pity because it will be Saturday and it is considered a non-moveable national holiday.

Something similar on 20 June, Day of the Flag, but since it is celebrated on Thursday Argentines can take off Friday for another four-day weekend.

Independence Day is 9 July on a Tuesday.

The calendar then jumps to 8 December, the Immaculate Conception Day, on a Sunday and Christmas, December 25 on a Wednesday.

However in an effort another three holidays can be moved to a Monday so as to make them three-day long weekends: Monday 19 August, originally the 17th and which recalls the death of national liberator Jose de San Martin.

Monday October 14, originally October 12, known as Columbus Day, but now dedicated to the Different Peoples and Races of America.

And Monday 25 November, National Sovereignty Day, which is really celebrated on the 20th.

To these national holidays must be added community days, those specific for the Jewish and Islam religion festivities, and the Armenian holocaust, 24 April.

This year’s 19 holidays makes Argentina the leader in Latin America followed closely by Colombia with 18. Bolivia, Mexico and Peru figure with 15 and at the other end is ‘Carnival wild’ Brazil with only 6 days.

When Cristina Fernandez first took office in 2007, the number of national holidays was twelve, which basically remain as such but with the additional ‘sandwich or bridges” that help make long weekends.

The proliferation of long weekends is seen as a great boost for the Argentine tourism industry. So fat this year 9.5 million Argentines travelled inside the country representing 1.6bn dollars for the industry which employs and estimated one million people and is equivalent to seven points of GDP, according to official stats.

“Weekend tourism is an activity with a great spill-over effect. It props all the economies of big and small cities and towns”, points out Oscar Ghezzi, president of the Argentine Chamber of Tourism.

However no stats have been released on the impact of these long weekends on manufacturing or for retailing in the big cities. .


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1 Simon68 (#) Nov 14th, 2012 - 03:43 pm Report abuse
The more interesting statistic is that these holidays cost the non tourism oriented towns ARS$2.1 billion, therefore actually causing a net loss of ARS$500 million in real production terms.

As usual CFK and her troupe of buffoons have caused more loss than gain to the country!!!!!
2 Conqueror (#) Nov 14th, 2012 - 04:34 pm Report abuse
@1 When you made your comments at 102 on , I replied to you. Why didn't you reply to me?
3 Nostrolldamus (#) Nov 14th, 2012 - 10:28 pm Report abuse
“Argentines are known to be quite a stress-prone bunch, when not neurotic...”

Well this sort of editorializing ought to once and for all dispel all accusations that Mercopress is anti-Argentine (not anti-argie government: ANTI-ARGENTINE).

Notice the complete silence of the anti-argentine crowd here to such an unproffesional opening line for a news article.

Imagine if Clarin or La Nacion said something like

“The Brits are known to be quite an ugly bunch, when not engaging in racist tirades in trams...”


“The Americans are known to be an oleaginous and fat bunch, when not shooting 10-20 people dead at a cinema or spa...”


“The Brazilians are known to be a queer bunch, when not engaging in cross-dressing weekends by transgendered females turned gay...”


“The Chileans are known to be a thieving bunch, when not engaging in sporting humiliations in whatever discipline invented...”

Case closed. Mercopress is anti-argentine, and every single poster here that criticizes Argentina is anti-argentine. No if's, no but's.
4 St.John (#) Nov 15th, 2012 - 08:56 am Report abuse
Poor TTT (and the rest of your pseudonyms :) ) the entire world is against you, ain't it?

As for the “Argentines are known to be quite a stress-prone bunch, when not neurotic...” - this is what you can read in Argentine newspapers too, there was e.g. an article in 'Los Andes', while I was living in Mendoza: 7 out of 8 Argentinos are feeling presión.

No, neither Mercopress nor the majority of non-argentine posters are anti-argentine, they just loathe the completely erratic Argentine government and its emotion based and wild actions.

I, for one, like the majority of Argentinos and also the country, but the destructive government - Jeeez.
5 British_Kirchnerist (#) Nov 16th, 2012 - 08:05 pm Report abuse
Good for Cristina, apart from a few scrooges like Simon who can fault her for this =) I'd support a day off too for her “Diamond Jubilee” in February, hey we did it over here =)

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