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Falkland Islands’ war anniversary: Argentina pledges to ‘unremittingly’ insist on dialogue with UK

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez marked Tuesday's 31st anniversary of the start of the Falklands War by again demanding that Britain agree to discuss sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands.

Cristina Fernandez paid homage to Puerto Madryn that after the war received over 7.000 soldiers shipped by the British from the Falklands

“Refusing dialogue is incomprehensible” said Cristina Fernandez at the Veterans Day ceremony at Puerto Madryn, warning that the “Malvinas question should not be used to hide Europe’s disaster caused by adjustment policies”.

Argentina will continue “asking unremittingly” that Britain, which has occupied the Falklands since 1833, comply with the 1965 UN resolution describing UK's control of the Islands as colonialism and calling on the parties to resolve the dispute through dialogue, insisted Cristina Fernandez.

“We keep asking why they refuse talks with a democratic government,” the Argentine president said. She pointed out that Argentina does not consider Britain an enemy, insisting that “peace and diplomacy” are the only valid ways for Argentina to pursue its claims.

“The only enemies Argentina has are poverty and inequality”, said the president who nevertheless accused the UK of militarizing the South Atlantic, which “is free of all conflict”.

“While they (UK) send warships, we will take science ships for (the development) of knowledge and technology” the president said and added that “wars only serve those who sell and produce arms.”

Cristina Fernandez also recalled on Tuesday how the people of Puerto Madryn, a few days after the war ended (14 June 1982), received, fed and lodged in their homes the close to 8.000 Argentine soldiers that were returned by the British to the city and whom the military dictatorship governing Argentina at the time attempted to hide.

“This April 2nd is a tribute from the Argentine people to more than 7.000 veterans who returned to the city of Puerto Madryn from the Islands and were received” by the people in the Patagonian city.

In her speech the Argentine president made no mention of last month's referendum in which an overwhelming majority of Falklands’ inhabitants, 99.8%, voted in favor of maintaining the status of British Overseas Territory

At the main ceremony marking Malvinas Veteran Day, the president was accompanied by members of her cabinet, provincial governors, officials and ‘Kirchnerite’ political leaders. War veterans, military authorities and diplomats also attended the rally.

However the ceremony was not without controversy since Malvinas veterans’ groups from the province of Chubut complained they were not invited or sided from Puerto Madryn’s ceremony and thus did not attend. In solidarity Comodoro Rivadavia mayor also cancelled his trip to Puerto Madryn.

Complaints also arrived from Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego where traditionally the main April 2 ceremony is held since under the 1994 Argentine constitution the Malvinas and other South Atlantic Islands belong to that jurisdiction.

Likewise complaints were heard at the city of Rio Grande where Malvinas veterans await the arrival of April 2 during a night vigil supported by government and provincial officials. On this occasion Vice president Amado Boudou was announced for the vigil but never turned up and instead was next to President Cristina Fernandez in Puerto Madryn.


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1 Falkland Islands (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 01:16 am Report abuse
same old sh*t, celebrating the Juntas invasion of the British Falkland Islands.
2 brit abroad (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 01:23 am Report abuse
It is unbelievable........we all already know the RG stance and what they want! Why does she keep bleating on about it. The answer is the same as it was before!

Even if the UK agreed to dialogue it would probably follow this pattern:

RGs: thanks for coming to talk with us about our claim. Can we have the islands now?
UK: No! Thanks for your time. cya
3 Islander1 (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 02:16 am Report abuse
Christina- why no dialogue? - YES Chrissie - Why do YOU REFUSE the Dialogue that we have offerred to sit and start with you?
WHY instead do you wage a WAR of Economics and Trade against us if you so love peace?
4 Paragon (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 02:26 am Report abuse
She has no choice but to bleat on about it, Talking about it makes her look good to the masses, meanwhile the country disintergrates around her, Economic collapse just around the corner, infrastructure in total decay, floods in Bs.As, pieces falling of apartments and office blocks, inflation out of control, crime out of control, AFIP persuing every avenue to increase the tax take. The larger cities in the provinces suffering power cuts and cuts in the water supply ( even when there is power) The reality is all here to be seen, Strikes a common occurance due to inflation, A total lack of investment in almost every sector. But she has the Falklands factor to fall back on But the people are more concerned about crime and inflation and how to increase their income to survive the coming storm. What a sad story of corruption and economic mismangement Argentina has suffered for 50 years or more
5 Frank (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 02:26 am Report abuse
complaints from chubut, ushuaia, etc.... the mad cow couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery...
6 Britninja (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 03:07 am Report abuse
She must be on a triple dose of bi-polar medication to have not noticed the irony of her saying the UK exploits the Falklands issue to distract from economic problems.
7 screenname (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 03:08 am Report abuse
“We keep asking why they refuse talks with a democratic government,” say CFK

If you don't recognise the recorded will of a people that are geographically separate and culturally different from you, can you really be described as democratic?

She keeps questioning, but does not listen to the answers. Is it any surprise that anyone would stop wating their breath?
8 Boovis (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 04:53 am Report abuse
“Wars only serve those who sell and produce arms”, like Fábricaciones Militares
FAdeA, CITEDEF, Tandanor, Bersa and INVAP, for example? All Argentine weapons manufacturers. I'm sure CFK will close them down to prove her point. No? OK, thought not.
9 reality check (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 06:03 am Report abuse
Wonder if she would hold the same opinion had they won the war they started?
10 LEPRecon (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 06:49 am Report abuse
@7 screename

Isn't she stupid? I mean the British were willing to sit down and talk, and it was Argentina that refused!

I mean, the whole world witnessed Mr Tinman's childish antics, and yet the Argies are so deluded that they honestly believe that everyone believes that all they want to do is talk.

Oh well, considering how badly the Argentine economy is tanking I'm sure that we can expect more insanity from TMBOA before the people finally rise up and put a rope around her neck.
11 Shed-time (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 07:06 am Report abuse
The only thing missing here is an actual outward celebration of the Junta; they celebrate pretty much everything the Junta did.

She's one sick puppy.
12 CaptainSilver (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 07:33 am Report abuse
I notice Think/Dod has evaporated. Do you think his Troll contract ran out on 31st March?
13 Steve-33-uk (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 07:39 am Report abuse
'In Bolivia, a legislator Malvinas lamented that the region is heard only Argentine claim'
14 Shed-time (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 08:47 am Report abuse
@13 We can create a (strawman) proposition here:

a) One's first psychology class on persuasive techniques would teach you that a one-sided arguments only persuade those of little cognitive power, or intelligence. If you want to persuade people who are intelligent then you have to present the benefits and disbenefits on both sides of the argument and show a clear path to a conclusions.

b) A vast majority of latin americans have been utterly convinced using an utterly one-sided argument.

Therefore, the following must be correct: c) A vast majority of latin americans have little intelligence.

I'll just put that onto the table and leave it.
15 Britworker (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 09:40 am Report abuse
Again Mercopress has the vote percentage wrong, should be 99.8%, sloppy journalism.
16 Conqueror (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 11:09 am Report abuse
“Refusing dialogue is incomprehensible”. That's because you're thick.
“We keep asking why they refuse talks with a democratic government,” Because we don't recognise you as a democratic government.

There's the small point that the Falkland Islanders want little to do with you. The United Kingdom recognises ALL the rights of the Islanders. It does not recognise ANY of the “claims” of argieland.

Got the idea now? You dumb cow.
17 Teaboy2 (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 11:40 am Report abuse
You know over here in the UK we tell children that constant demand things that “I want, never gets!”
18 British_Kirchnerist (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 11:54 am Report abuse
What a beautiful picture =) You guys crack me up btw, how's it “celebrating” aggression to do the opposite, and push for talks??
19 malicious bloke (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 11:57 am Report abuse
Argies can insist on whatever they like, they've already had the only answer they're ever going to get.
20 andy65 (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 12:01 pm Report abuse
@British_Kirchnerist A beautiful picture?? your easily pleased, i bet she smells as bad as she looks
21 Stoker (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 12:27 pm Report abuse
She can want to talk all she likes. As long as the sovereignty claim remains written in the Argentine Constitution (1994 wasn't it?) the UK can never sit down and talk with them against the express wishes of the Falklanders.

The current Argentine approach is counter productive. Surely they must realise the UN will never sanction the annexation of the islands by Argentina against the will of the people who live there.

I want to sleep with Pamela Anderson...but that's never going to happen either.
22 Anbar (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 12:41 pm Report abuse
she can bark all she likes , it wont get her anywhere until she is willing to speak to the democratic people of the Falklands
23 Hepatia (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 12:43 pm Report abuse Well, of course, the UK will be returning las Malvinas to Argentina in due course so the Argentinians are just trying to save the UK some enbarrassment.
24 ChrisR (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 12:52 pm Report abuse
So she is going to scrweem and scrweem until she get the Falklands (there are STILL no Malvinas you pillocks).

I hope she can keep it up until the guy with the pistol finds her.
25 darragh (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 01:04 pm Report abuse

If that's the case then why do you/she/he/they keep bleating about it.

By the way you can't “unremittingly insist” about anything - that's a split infinitive.
26 CaptainSilver (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 01:09 pm Report abuse
#23 Just like the Junta, you don't understand the British or the Falkland Islanders. You can beg, weep, cry and plead, you finally blew it in 82 and later you turned away. The referendum sealed it for generations and you continue to harden our resolve day by day. Prepare yourself for a lifetime of sorrow. There is no such thing as a Malvinas. Sit back and weep as the oil flows....
27 Baxter (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 03:25 pm Report abuse
Pathetic !
28 Be serious (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 03:31 pm Report abuse
Apparently old turkey neck has appallingly bad breath. Must be all that garlic.
29 ElaineB (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 04:00 pm Report abuse
@17 I think it may be a cultural thing. I have Argentinean friends that use similar techniques in every day life to get their own way. I found it a little overwhelming and embarrassing at first until one friend explained it was just normal and not to feel uncomfortable about it.

A typical conversation:

Arg: Please, please, please can we go out tonight?
Me: Oh, that would be lovely but I have plans tonight. How about tomorrow?
Arg; Please, please, please can we go tonight?
Me: As I said, I have plans but tomorrow is free.
Arg. But I want to go out tonight! I haven't been out for a week!
Me: Well, it will be one week and one day. See you tomorrow.

I cannot understand how using the negotiating techniques of a two-year-old works on adults but it must work on other Argentines or they wouldn't do it.
30 Britworker (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 05:02 pm Report abuse
You want to talk Cristina, here is the British response.
31 axel arg (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 05:38 pm Report abuse
Many people in this forum criticise c. f. k. because she doesn't include the government from the islands in the dialogue that she often asks the u. k. However, it seems that the fragil memories of the governments from the u. k. and from the islands don't let them remember that the dialogue is bilateral, and it's not a c.f. k's caprice, it's actually the u. n. the institution that have never included the islanders as a third part in this conflict.
On the other hand, at the same time that many people in this forum accuse argentina of pretending just one outcome, which according to their interpreation, arg. just would accept it's sovereignty over the islands, a lot of forists support the postures of the governments from the u. k. and from the islands, every time they manifest that they are disposed to discuss about different issues with arg., but not about the sovereignty, which is the main problem, doesn't it mean that they pretend just one outcome too?, of course it does, and everybody here know it, the problem is that the colonial hypocresy of many people doesn't let them recognize it.
Beside, they people who claim c. f. k. to be included in the dialogue, rejected the secret proposal of 1974 treated between both governments that the president read before the u. n. las year, which refered to a shared sovereignty.
The islanders have right to determine freely to remain under british govt., however like them or not, as long as the u. n. continue calling both nations to resume the negotiations and find a solution, self determination won't be applied for them, and it's not a personal opinion, in fact, the president of the d. c. from the u. n. explained twice in 9 months the reasons why self determination can't be applied for this case. If many of you prefer to invalid what he said, it's your problem, but like it or not, the lack of intellectual honesty of many of you doesn't change the legal situation.
32 Shed-time (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 05:47 pm Report abuse
Imbeciles; Argentina a nation of imbeciles.
33 andy65 (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 06:45 pm Report abuse
@axel arg And can you please tell us all who the president of the D.C committe is and what continent he is from,can you also confirm that he as been seen on many occasion kissing the ass of Kirchner,also no matter what you say perhaps you can also explain why Banki moon as made it quite clear in November 2012 the following.

Ban Ki-moon and colonialism: people should be able to decide their own future

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said UK is not violating relevant UN resolutions
34 Britworker (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 06:55 pm Report abuse
You are destined to be eternally disappointed my friend. WE have made our position crystal clear, no talks on sovereignty until the islanders so wish. The only way you will ever get sovereignty is if you win them by war.
35 Brit Bob (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 07:16 pm Report abuse
@31 The UN C24 and the resolutions that they make are not binding. Resolution 2065 made in 1965 was made void by Argentina deciding to settle its sovereignty dispute with the UK by its unlawful invasion of the Falklands in 1982. You can blame the Junta but the Junta represented Argentina in 1982. Asking the UK to honour UN 2065 is like Hitler asking Chamberlain to honour the 1938 Munich agreement in 1939 after Germany invaded Poland. Hence Ban Ki-Moon's words, 'I don't think Security Council members are violating 'relevant' UN resolutions. 2065 is no longer relevant. There is nothing to compel the UK to talk to anyone in Argentina about the sovereignty of the Falklands.
36 andy65 (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 07:21 pm Report abuse
What these Argentines do not seem to understand is that everything changed in 1982,now we have all heard you crying and winging that none of you supported your Junta but take a look on youtube there is enough evidence to prove that once again Argentines lie to suit the occasion you all supported The Junta thats why you were out in your hundreds of thousands waving you flags taking in the same propoganda back then that you do today only then you were being told the war was being won when it was anyhing but.There is no prize for coming last thats why your severignty claims were laid to rest once and for all back then.
37 Shed-time (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 07:24 pm Report abuse
@31 I'm going to copypasta from @33 just to make sure you read this Axel:

Ban Ki-moon and colonialism: people should be able to decide their own future. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said UK is not violating relevant UN resolutions

Can you Axel now please confirm that you read these two sentences? Thanks
38 andy65 (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 07:29 pm Report abuse
@Shed-time, I have never read an Argentine comment on Banki Moon's statement I wonder why?
39 toooldtodieyoung (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 08:47 pm Report abuse
You know what?

KFC can ‘unremittingly’ insist on dialogue and 'Demand talks' all she wants... it's not goingto make any difference........

I wonder if she gets tired of hearing the sound of her own voice......
40 screenname (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 09:30 pm Report abuse
Anyone already posted this quote from the FT:

“...repeated requests by Argentina’s creditors to sit down and negotiate in good faith to reach an appropriate middle ground on the remainder of its defaulted debt have been met with either silence or insults.”

So the UK government is expected by Argentina to sit down and surrender the Falklands, against the wishes of the island population, without any evience that is worth a damn as to why. Meanwhile, Argentina will not sit down and find a 'middle ground'.

Hypocrisy anyone?

I'm also still waiting on any Argentinians that think the Falklands should be Argentine to tell me what they think their government will bring to the table in any talks, that would convince the UN that the Falklands as part of Argentina is in the 'best interests' of the islanders.

Any Argentinians want to answer that one?

axel arg? Hepatia?
41 andy65 (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 10:19 pm Report abuse
@screenname ,you will be waiting a long time,they never answer when true facts are placed in front of them
42 warteiner (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 10:20 pm Report abuse
So yankeeboy, you did not tell us how yours wife moth taste when you kissed her after she gave the Argie bloke a good ''sword'' cleanse... I know who you are and why you hate so much Argentina ;)
43 golfcronie (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 10:39 pm Report abuse
Typical Argentinian Troll, and no, we do not hate your country, but we hate what your country is doing. Sort your own country out , it is dying.
44 screenname (#) Apr 03rd, 2013 - 10:42 pm Report abuse
@41 andy65:

I'm not asking Argentinians for facts, just opinions and ideas as to what they think their government could bring to the table that would be in the best interests of the Islanders and lead to the Falklands being absorbed into a greater Argentina.

Many Argentinians have commented that the UN would require them to act in the Islanders' interests but not wishes...I would just like an Argentinean to describe how that would work to me.

axel arg? Hepatia? is warteiner Argentinean?
45 MagnusMaster (#) Apr 04th, 2013 - 02:50 am Report abuse
@44 “Many Argentinians have commented that the UN would require them to act in the Islanders' interests but not wishes...I would just like an Argentinean to describe how that would work to me.”

Good question. First we need a government that can act on any interests other than its own. How would that work?
46 Gordo1 (#) Apr 04th, 2013 - 06:11 pm Report abuse
The following is a reader's letter published in Clarín 3/04/2013 in response the paper's report on the the speech of la Kretina yesterday in Puerto Madryn.

”QUE conste que soy argento y orgulloso de serlo pero argentina como pais no tienen ningun derecho legal ni historico ni territorial de reclamar las malvinas. Las malvinas fueron ocupadas por los ingleses 70 años antes de que argentina se independisara y se transformara en una nacion( con este dato ya deberia bastar para acabar con todo esto). Puedo entender que la humillacion sufrida por perder de forma grotesca contra una potencia militar sea doloroso, pero por dios les pido por favor que no insistan con una idea que implemento la dictadura. Hasta que a la dictadura se le ocurrio “pelear por las malvinas” nostros ni sabiamos que existian, quien es el idiota que quiere vivir en unas islas humedas, frias e inaccesibles, por que reclamamos algo que en realidad no queremos y que nunca fue nuestro. En todo caso los unicos con autentico derecho a reclamarlas son los antiguos originarios que las habitaron ( estan todos muertos obviamente). Asi que por favor dejen de insistir con algo que nos inculco la dictadura, no es verdad que son nuestras, nunca lo fueron y personalmente me importa un carajo quien se las quiera quedar. Otra cosa seria que los ingleses invadieran nuestro territorio.”
47 briton (#) Apr 04th, 2013 - 06:40 pm Report abuse
it belongs to the islanders,
so fxck off,
but yes I agree Britain and argentina SHOULD talk about [ sovereignty

ARGENTINE sovereignty that should be given back to the Falkland Islands,

So yes we should take,
And CFK should give em back to the islanders,
fxcking thieves .braggart’s , con-artist , liars , Bullsihitters.
Ect ect .
48 Falkland Islands (#) Apr 04th, 2013 - 11:32 pm Report abuse
@46 proves some Argentines are not brainwashed.
49 briton (#) Apr 05th, 2013 - 12:17 am Report abuse

The soldier says==interesting
CFK says==get lost sonny, im to pretty and rich for you.

Soldier says = America express ??

Says it all really
With a bit of imagination, we can all put our plastic to good use .

50 British_Kirchnerist (#) Apr 05th, 2013 - 10:47 am Report abuse
Is there something wrong with the site? And for once I don't mean the politics! At the top of the page it says 46 comments, but the comment above is #49...

#49 Well, at least you think she's pretty =)
51 RICO (#) Apr 05th, 2013 - 02:14 pm Report abuse
It is good to know that the only enemy of Argentina is poverty and inequality, but Princess Plastic can feel warmed by her personal victory over poverty by her $1.2bn fortune. Safe in the knowledge that she has put her country on the path where all it citizens can have equal wealth.
52 axel arg (#) Apr 05th, 2013 - 04:49 pm Report abuse
What you did in your answers was to tell just what is convenient for you, like many people often in this forum do, instead of making a serious analysis.
Ban ki mon gave an interview last year for argentine newspaper, tiempo argentino (leftist and pro kichnerist) which was partially published in la nación (conservative and pro imperalist).
While it is true that he said that the u. n. work in order to achieve that all the territories can get their independence, it is also true that when he was asked about this question, he answered that he was very concerned about the verbal scalation between both nations, and manifested also that he had the hope that both nations can solve this conflic by mean a dialogue, however he didn't include the government from the islands in the so called dialogue.
In my opinion, his posture was very contradictory. Anyway, it was obvious that you were going to take into account just what is convenient for you, and i respect it, but beyond anybody's omissions, the most important are the facts, and neather your lack of intellectual honesty, nor anybody else's won't change absolutly anything of the legal situation of this conflict.
In reference to the resolutions, you have right to think wether self determination is applicable or not for this case, opinions are always free. In fact, for being honest, i have manifested in different comments that maybe that right is applicable for this case, however, because of the u. n's posture i have always had doubts about the application of that principle for this cause. Especially when i read the explanations of the president from the d.c. in relation to this issue. You can search what he said in the news archive of this website, he reffed to this issue twice in 9 months, the last time was a few days before the referendum, and his words were published in mercopress.
53 briton (#) Apr 05th, 2013 - 06:32 pm Report abuse
Argentina should be placed on the C24 listings,

As an ex colonial country, the states, regions, territories within Argentina, should be broken up and at the very least offered independence,

After all, this is democracy, that CFK defends so well,

This would receive almost world wide recognition.

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