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Rajoy says ‘foundation for dialogue’ on Gibraltar reached with PM Cameron

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy signalled on Friday that the ‘foundation for dialogue’ with the UK and Gibraltar had now been laid. Rajoy was speaking after two meetings with UK Prime Minister David Cameron on the margins of the G20 summit meeting in St Petersburg.

The Spanish leader met twice face to face with Cameron on the margins of the G20 summit

It also followed a statement on Thursday in which Chief Minister Fabian Picardo said Gibraltar had nothing to fear from the ‘ad hoc’ formula for talks.

“It’s evident that there are problems, but it’s also evident that we have to engage in dialogue and talk” PM Rajoy told reporters at a press conference in Russia, “We have established the foundation for dialogue which…I am absolutely convinced will end well for everyone”, he added.

For days now the three governments have been edging ever closer to a new framework for talks that could help defuse tensions while respecting each party’s red lines on issues such as sovereignty.

But the development came against the background of continued queues at the Spanish border, where motorists waited over two hours to enter Gibraltar yesterday morning and around three to leave the Rock by evening.

PM Rajoy revealed that he held two meetings with PM Cameron, the first late on Thursday after the G20 leaders’ dinner, the second on Friday morning.

The G-20 gathering marks the first time Rajoy and Cameron have met face-to-face since the current dispute arose, though they discussed the matter by telephone last month.

The Spanish Prime Minister said that it was evident that there was a problem and that each side had its own position. But he sent a clear signal that the tone of the exchanges with PM Cameron had been positive.

“The conversations have been useful and our personal connection is good,” Rajoy said. “We’ve agreed to carry on talking”.

The Spanish Prime Minister did not reveal details of what the ‘ad hoc’ will entail in practice, or when the first meetings might take place. Responding to questions, he told reporters that he had to remain “prudent” at this stage.

The ‘ad hoc’ was first proposed to Spain by Foreign Secretary William Hague in April last year and with Gibraltar’s agreement. In an address to the Spanish Congress this week, Spanish Foreign Minister José Manuel García-Margallo said Spain accepted the proposal “…without changing a single comma.”

That statement was welcomed by the Chief Minister Fabian Picardo during a ministerial speech broadcast by the Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation on Thursday evening.

Picardo said there was “no question” of sovereignty being discussed under the proposed ‘ad hoc’ talks. “I want to be crystal clear about this proposed dialogue,” he said. “There is no question of the sovereignty or future of Gibraltar being raised or discussed at these talks.”

Picardo said he had “worked closely” with Mr Hague to elaborate the ‘ad hoc’ formula, details of which have not been made public as yet.

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1 LEPRecon (#) Sep 07th, 2013 - 06:55 pm Report abuse
I see Rajoy is back pedalling furiously.

So the preconditions his government set out (the removal of the blocks from Gibraltarian Territorial Waters) have disappeared.

Maybe he's finally woken up to the fact that both the UK and Gibraltarian governments are SERIOUS when they say they're going to take Spain to court.

The EU can easily stop all aid to Spain, and Rajoy and his government are hanging by a thread.

Now he needs to grow up and stop these silly 'searches' at the border before the EU FORCE him to stop them, fine him, and make him the laughing stock of Europe.

Surely it's better to save face now, and look magnanimous, than be forced to do it and look weak, inept and foolish.
2 Pirate Love (#) Sep 08th, 2013 - 04:48 am Report abuse
this was predicted last week that he would try to U-turn with spain looking the victor before the EU sent observers in to investigate the border delays. if nothing else our Hispanic comrades (whichever lands they settle) are very predictable, stupid, and impulsive.

what did they gain? nothing but more distrust,suspicion and ridicule globally.

looking to book holidays next year I recommend Gibraltar,Portugal or Greece!
my sister just came back from spain with ring worm and the shits and how she heard a man with children coming back from a waterpark refused entry on a half empty bus and im sure it had nothing to do with the Union jack vest top he had on either.

Another Hispanic joke of a country!
3 Conqueror (#) Sep 08th, 2013 - 06:33 am Report abuse
Here's some real “foundations for dialogue”, Rajoy. Admit that Spain is a “failed” state. Admit that you are a corrupt criminal. Admit that Margallo is a fascist warmonger and sack/prosecute him. Admit that Gibraltar is British and Spain has NO claim. Admit that Gibraltar Territorial Waters belong to Gibraltar and Spain has NO claim. Destroy all Spanish poaching vessels for two hundred miles in each direction. Sack all Guardia Civil and National Police senior officers. Disarm both organisations. Drill holes in all state vessels so that the “crews” have to spend most of their time baling. Prosecute all Guardia Civil and National Police personnel. They are bound to have committed some offence. Remove all Guardia Civil and National Police personnel from the Gibraltar border. Make intrusion into Gibraltar Territorial Waters a criminal offence punishable by life imprisonment. Pay back all money loaned to you by Britain. Make everything in Spain FREE to Brits. Have a fleet of aircraft on hand to fly sick/injured Brits back to Britain. FREE. And back to Spain if they want. Resign and turn yourself in for your crimes.
4 brasherboot (#) Sep 08th, 2013 - 08:15 am Report abuse
Translation: The UK is massively more powerful than Spain (and the Argentine 'alliance') and Im scared
5 ChrisR (#) Sep 08th, 2013 - 11:20 am Report abuse
Notice that Cameron has not said a word.

At last I am pleased to see he is doing something right and leaving himself as the backstop who can “amend things” at the 99th hour without the chief spick of Gollum Lite loosing face.
6 Steve-33-uk (#) Sep 08th, 2013 - 11:36 am Report abuse
'Enzar Beni Mayor resigns to claim Melilla - Yahya Yahya does not understand why Morocco's UN demands autonomous cities.
The mayor of Beni Enzar has been choking the conflict in Spain and Gibraltar. This week Yahya Yahya has resigned, but the Moroccan Interior Ministry has not accepted.
Sources close to Moroccan senator also El Faro have assured that behind the resignation of Yahya Yahya is the anti-Spanish sentiment.
“He does not understand that Spain to the UN claimed the españolidad the Rock of Gibraltar and Morocco, at the same time, there is no required repayment of Melilla and Ceuta, ”they said to this newspaper yesterday.
“How is it possible that Spain present a dossier to the UN for Morocco recovered Gribraltar and not do the same with Melilla and Ceuta? ”they insist...'

'Why Gibraltar is a European crisis? ~...In 2008 in the case called Kadi (C-405/05P) the Court of Justice of the EU could rule on the effects of UN resolutions and its effect on the social order. The Court concluded that this arrangement is bound and subject to UN resolutions, not only given the link and support the same international law but their membership of all UN members. The implication for the European Union as acts linked and support relevant international law, United Nations resolutions...'
7 Pete Bog (#) Sep 08th, 2013 - 01:29 pm Report abuse
It's different from the usual Spanish bravado of poncing about in tights and torturing bulls before making sure their death is as cruel as possible-subsidized by EU money by the way.

Dealing with Britain, especially with Gibraltarian First Minister Picardo who isn't scared of Lovejoy, is not the same, as Spain will discover.

The EU might not like the UK, but they are sh1t scared of losing our financial contributions if the UK EU referendum says no, so I don't think they'll be hitting Spain with a feather duster, this time.

And I don't think Cameron has mentioned Catalonia or the Spanish Moroccan enclaves.

8 Brit Bob (#) Sep 08th, 2013 - 01:57 pm Report abuse
Spanish politicians have much in common with their Argentinian colleagues when it come to not being truthful.

The latest spat in Gibraltar has been created by Spain who are denying that Gibraltar has territorial waters.

Fact is the Spain has signed the UN Law of the Sea Convention of 1982. The 3-nautical miles declared by Britain is within the entitlements mentioned by the Convention. Spain did make statements and declarations BUT article 309 of the Convention (Reservations and Exceptions says,

'does not preclude a state, when signing, ratifying or acceding to this Convention, from making declaration or statements, however, phrases or named with a view, inter alia, to harmonization of its laws and regulations within the provisions of this convention PROVIDED THAT SUCH DECLARATIONS OR STATEMENTS DO NOT PURPORT TO EXCLUDE OR MODIFY THE LEGAL EFFECT OF THE PROVISIONS OF THIS CONVENTION IN THE APPLICATION TO THAT STATE.'

Spain's comments added at the time of its adherence to the UN Convention of the Seas has no legal effect in modifying the terms of the Convention.

There will be an awful lot of Spanish nationalists upset when they find out that they have been lied to by their government ministers.
9 Briton (#) Sep 08th, 2013 - 02:45 pm Report abuse
CFK says
I can do anything, and insult when I want,
She lost, and is still losing; insulting the British gets you nowhere,

I can do anything, and insult when I want,
He has lost, and is still losing, insulting the British gets you nowhere,
That’s the trouble with losers,
They think too much, dream to much ,
And lose often…lol

10 MrFlagpole (#) Sep 08th, 2013 - 06:28 pm Report abuse
Here's a bone. Take it home, chew it and **** off.
11 Briton (#) Sep 09th, 2013 - 02:22 pm Report abuse

She is at it again,
Now Spain is in dispute with Portugal over territorial rights,
Just like CFK , the Spanish government is trying to steal, what is not theirs,

There problems must be deeper than we thought. Lo


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