Tuesday, February 18th 2014 - 05:19 UTC

Unasur calls for preservation of institutions and democratic principles in Venezuela

The Union of Southern Nations (UNASUR) expressed on Monday its “energetic condemnation” of the violent episodes recorded over the last week in Venezuela during conflicting opposition and pro-government marches, and called for “the preservation of institutions and democratic principles” in the divided nation.

“Any demand should be channeled through political and democratic channels”

 The organization also transmitted its “condolences and solidarity with the families” of those killed in clashes, and with “the people and government of Venezuela.”

“The members of UNASUR repeat their defense of democratic order, rule of law and of its institutions, and highlight the conviction that any demand should be channeled through political and democratic channels,” the group explained, through a press statement released on Monday.

The regional body made “a call for peace and tranquility in [Venezuela], and reaffirmed its ”commitment to the preservation of institutional rule and democratic principles, as pillars of the process of regional integration.”

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1 JoseAngeldeMonterrey (#) Feb 18th, 2014 - 06:50 am Report abuse
No condemnation to repression and suppression of freedom of speech? Another failed south american union.
2 CabezaDura2 (#) Feb 18th, 2014 - 02:02 pm Report abuse
It was more balanced tan the Mercosur statement; at least it calls on the police to exercise restraint.

Not saying anything or saying very little is in a way a tactical support for the Venezuelan government.

Even the US state Department calls for peace and dialogue on both sides has this effect, because they are leveling the Venezuelan opposition which is being repressed with those who have the whole power and control of the State.
3 GFace (#) Feb 18th, 2014 - 03:31 pm Report abuse
Are there any civil democratic institutions left? The Courts and CNE have been proven to be in the back pocket of the PSUV, the legislature is a punching ring for PSUV people to brazenly assault democratically elected members of the opposition. Broadcast media has been “sanitized” through selective licensing and preemptive self-censorship to serve the PSUV and the PSUV government is not allowing imports of newspaper paper (!) so as to hobble the non-PSUV friendly press. And now of course the PSUV are openly wanting to arrest the loyal opposition to solidify their power in the face of their repeated failures. On a good day, I admit, I'm a pessimist but here I see little hope other than an cliche'ed collapse right out of an Ayn Rand novel (that even she didn't project beyond).
4 ilsen (#) Feb 19th, 2014 - 02:45 pm Report abuse
Not forgetting UNASUR was an invention of Chavez.... and Former Argentine President Néstor Kirchner was designated the first Secretary General on 4 May 2010.
Originally meant to emulate the EU - single currency, one passport for all, freedom of movement, no barriers to trade - any news on that?

UNASUR is pretty toothless but would be expected to make some form of statement. They said enough to justify making a statement without taking any sides or actually saying anything at all really... another 'talking-shop'.
@3 Gface. The short answer is no. But as they say, follow the money...
PDVSA continues to hire only supporters of the PSUV president Maduro, and PDVSA revenue is used to fund political projects.

Rafael Ramírez is the president of PDVSA.
He is also Minister for PSUV Energy and Petroleum. Oil represents 96% of foriegn exports and is therefore almost the only source of $US.
He is also PSUV Vice-President for Economy.
So technically one of the most poerful men in Venezuela.
Let's ask him!

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