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Montevideo, September 25th 2018 - 19:44 UTC

Stories for 2018

  • Thursday, January 18th 2018 - 09:28 UTC

    Lula followers anticipate “killings” if the ex president is banned from running

    “To arrest Lula they will have first to arrest a lot of people, and I would go even further, they will have to kill people, many people”, said Gleisi Hoffmann

    Brazilian Senator and president of the Workers Party, PT, Gleisi Hoffmann said that jailing ex president Lula da Silva, indicted on corruption charges, once the final ruling is known will mean “killing many people”.

  • Thursday, January 18th 2018 - 09:25 UTC

    Apple will pay US$ 38bn in tax following recent changes to US fiscal rules

    Chief executive Tim Cook said Apple is “focusing our investments in areas where we can have a direct impact on job creation”.

    Apple will pay about US$38bn in tax on the roughly US$ 250bn cash pile it holds outside the US following recent changes to American tax rules. The sum is expected to be the biggest payment under the reforms, which slash the US corporate tax rate.

  • Thursday, January 18th 2018 - 09:21 UTC

    Advanced research shows how cancer cells interfere with DNA genetic instructions

    The team at the Institute of Cancer Research used a technique called cryo-electron microscopy, which won the 2017 Nobel Prize for Chemistry

    “Incredible” images of DNA in action have been captured by scientists who will use them to design cancer drugs. Researcher Dr Alessandro Vannini said the pictures were “beautiful” and in artistic comparisons were “definitely a Van Gogh”, since they capture a fundamental part of all plant and animal life, called RNA polymerase III, reading the genetic instructions contained in DNA. It is a process that gets hijacked by cancer.

  • Thursday, January 18th 2018 - 09:16 UTC

    FITUR Gay again one of the sections with the largest presence at the Trade Show

    They are offering a wide range of entertainment for January 20/21, the days open to the general public, with shows with all the latest audio-visual technology.

    The International Tourism Trade Show of Madrid, FITUR, hosting its 8th edition of FITUR GAY (LGBT), a monographic section dedicated to LGBT tourism, organized in collaboration with the consulting firm LGBT Diversity Consulting International and IFEMA, opened this Wednesday in Madrid and will last until January 21.

  • Thursday, January 18th 2018 - 09:11 UTC

    All cuts of Argentine beef and lamb have full access to the Chinese market

    Until this agreement, Argentina only had access to China with frozen boneless beef, which are low price cuts, nevertheless represented 50% of Argentine beef exports.

    Argentina and China signed a “historic” agreement that opens the huge Asian market to beef and lamb with bone from the South American country, according to Senasa the Argentine agriculture and livestock sanitary office. The deal concludes fifteen years of negotiations and means access to the world's largest importer of beef.

  • Thursday, January 18th 2018 - 08:20 UTC

    A second attempt to erect a statue of Margaret Thatcher outside Parliament looks set to fail

    Thatcher was UK’s first woman premier, its longest-serving prime minister of the 20th century and won three consecutive elections for the Conservative Party.

    A second attempt to erect a statue of Britain's former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher outside parliament, just six months after a first proposal was thrown out over vandalism fears, looks set to fail after officials recommended it be rejected.

  • Thursday, January 18th 2018 - 07:14 UTC

    Brexit bill passes House of Commons and now faces Lords' tough debate

    With support of 324 MPs, and the opposition of 295 MPs, and a majority of just 29, the bill for Exiting the EU aims to convert all European law into British law.

    The marathon bill paving the way for Britain to leave the European Union passed a crucial stage in the House of Commons on Wednesday night. With support of 324 MPs, and the opposition of 295 MPs, a government majority of just 29, the bill for Exiting the EU aims to convert all European law into British law.

  • Wednesday, January 17th 2018 - 22:37 UTC

    Falklands' lawmaker in Guyana to discuss self determination and border controversies

    MLA Hansen, left, with Minister of State Joseph Harmon, center, and British High Commissioner to Guyana, Mr. Gregory Quinn.

    Falkland Islands lawmaker MLA Ian Hansen made on Wednesday a courtesy call on Guyana's Minister of State Joseph Harmon at his office in the Ministry of Presidency, in Georgetown, the country's capital.

  • Wednesday, January 17th 2018 - 16:52 UTC

    It's World Penguin Day!

    In case you didn't know, this Saturday, 20th January, is World Penguin Day! What better way to celebrate it than start planning your own Falkland Islands adventure. Penguins...well we've got plenty, but that's not all the Falklands is about. It's a bird watcher's paradise. It is fabulous for walking, exploring, photography, fishing, and immersing yourself in island life. And perhaps as much as anything else, it's the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of, well, the rest of the world!

  • Wednesday, January 17th 2018 - 10:44 UTC

    Oscar Pérez case repercussions: the operation was “State terrorism”

    The former prosecutor protected by the Colombian government, Luisa Ortega Díaz, described the case as extrajudicial execution

    After a day of speculation and uncertainty in Venezuela, the interior minister, Néstor Reverol confirmed the death of Oscar Pérez, who, according to the minister, “attacked our officials” when the authorities were preparing to negotiate the surrender of the rebels, which the same Oscar Perez denied minutes before dying in several videos published on his social networks. The minister also reported that the Venezuelan opposition provided information for the location of the former insurgent police and part of the La Resistencia group at the dialogue table in the Dominican Republic.