Saturday, August 21st 2010 - 15:22 UTC

More government land to Cuban small farmers to help boost food production

Latest decisions involve the supply of seeds and fertilizers

The Cuban government has awarded in usufruct over a million hectares to small farmers one of the main reforms promoted by President Raúl Castro to help the country’s economy recover from its deep recession and cut the huge imported food bill that conditions Cuban international reserves.

Wednesday, August 18th 2010 - 04:24 UTC

Wheat futures advance as Ukraine follows Russia and imposes export quota

Ukraine Agriculture Minister Mykola Prysyazhnyuk

Wheat futures advanced for the first time in four sessions in Chicago trading after Ukraine, the second-largest exporter in the former Soviet Union last year, said it will probably limit overseas sales, following Russia’s restrictions on trade.

Friday, August 13th 2010 - 06:39 UTC

Argentine wheat farmers slash land sown to a 111 year low, says FT

The rich pampas with less wheat but covered in soybeans

British newspaper “The Financial Times” has run a story focusing on Argentina's wheat production, explaining that due to export limits and taxes, “farmers have slashed the land sown with wheat to a 111-year low” and cereal exports “have been halved over the past five years.”

Saturday, August 7th 2010 - 00:43 UTC

Brazil ready to confirm another record crop: 147.1 million tons

Soy beans and corn are the main crops

Brazil is poised to confirm its largest crop ever, 147.1 million tons in 2009/2010, which is 9% higher that the 135.1 million of 2008/09 according to the latest survey from Conab, the country’s National Supply Agency. The latest record was in 2007/08 with 146 million tons.

Friday, August 6th 2010 - 03:01 UTC

Wheat futures soar as drought-stricken Russia halts grain exports

Primer Minister Vladimir Putin

Wheat futures soared on Thursday after the world’s number three exporter the Russian Federation said it would temporarily halt grain shipments. The worst drought on record have devastated crops in parts of Russia and caused international grain prices to spike as markets anticipate a drop in global supplies.

Thursday, August 5th 2010 - 16:11 UTC

Japan rice stockpiles to reach the highest in eight years in 2011

Government protects Japanese rice farmers with a 778% tariff on imports

Japan’s food rice stockpiles may reach the highest level in eight years at the end of June 2011, leading to a price drop and planting curbs by growers next year. Private and government inventories are forecast to climb 2.5% to 3.24 million metric tons from 3.16 million tons a year earlier, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries said in a report Wednesday.

Thursday, August 5th 2010 - 01:32 UTC

Mining and agriculture disputing scarce water resources in northern Chile

For every 40 litres used by agriculture, mining absorbs 15 litres

With the mining industry increasing its presence in northern Chile, problems over resources are arising between the mining and agricultural industries, especially over water.

Tuesday, August 3rd 2010 - 15:04 UTC

Wheat prices at 22 month high; fears about drought and fires in Russia

Scorched fields in Russia, unable to contain record temperatures and lack of rain

International wheat prices hit a 22-month high Monday after a severe drought and ensuing wildfires in Russia devastated crops. Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) wheat for September delivery broke through the $7-a-bushel level in US trade for the first time since September 2008 but have since falling back.

Tuesday, August 3rd 2010 - 06:02 UTC

Chilean wine industry and pork plant clash over land planning and use

Wine production is a crucial part of the Casablanca Valley economy

Winemakers in Chile’s Casablanca Valley have been fighting pork-producing behemoth Expo Pork Meat for the past two weeks, as the company looks to construct a pork-processing plant in the region.

Saturday, July 31st 2010 - 08:01 UTC

Falkland Islands: Tussac planted in place of mines

Falklands Conservation staff and volunteers plant tussac

OVER the course of two weekends Falklands Conservation staff and volunteers led by Dr Rebecca Upson, Falklands Conservation’s Plant and Habitats Officer, have carried out restoration work on two sites recently cleared of mines.


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