Monday, November 7th 2011 - 05:45 UTC

The Peronist and Kirchner fad reaches a set of different beer blends

Will it be a ‘double K’, a pale ale ‘Montoneros’ or an ‘Evita’ lager

Peronist militancy in Argentina has now reached beer brands with the presentation of different names dear to followers of the country’s main political force: “Evita”, “17 de Octubre”, “Montoneros” and “Doble K”.

Monday, November 7th 2011 - 05:43 UTC

Argentine car exports felt in October the cooling of the Brazilian market

Nevertheless Argentina expects a record year in production

Argentina's car makers, a key pillar of the industrial sector, saw production cool in October from the record levels seen in recent months as demand from neighboring Brazil dropped off.

Saturday, November 5th 2011 - 07:51 UTC

Obama praises CFK and Argentina as “great friends of the US”

Two leaders and ‘the ties that unite both countries’’

US President Barack Obama defined Cristina Fernández and Argentina “a great friend” of the United States in a meeting between both Head of States. The bilateral meeting Friday lasted around thirty minutes and took place in the Carlton Hotel in Cannes in the framework of the G20 summit.

Friday, November 4th 2011 - 08:45 UTC

Obama is right: much to learn from CFK re-election; final vote count 54.11%

The difference in votes between CFK and runner up Binner was 8,179.394 votes

Argentine President Cristina Fernández obtained over 54% of votes in the presidential elections, according to the definitive vote count released Thursday by Interior Minister Florencio Randazzo.

Friday, November 4th 2011 - 00:19 UTC

Buenos Aires think-tank says recession probability in Argentina has reached 70%

Leader Index in September has been falling for sixth month running

An Argentine think tank, the Centre of Financial Research, CIF, from the Torcuato Di Tella University School of Business in its latest release shows that Argentina’s probability of entering a recession reached 70%.

Friday, November 4th 2011 - 00:11 UTC

Obama asked to declassify documents on children’s disappearance in Argentina

Maurice Hinchey: helping to reveal the true identity of hundreds of Argentine children born in captivity

US Democratic congressman Maurice Hinchey sent a letter to President Obama requesting the declassification of several US intelligence documents, held by the Pentagon, the FBI and the CIA, that contain information related to human rights abuses, specifically the disappearance of children during Argentina's last military regime, which ruled in the country from 1976 to 1983.

Thursday, November 3rd 2011 - 23:51 UTC

Obama tells Sarkozy: “we all need to learn lessons from CFK re-election”

The US and Argentine presidents will be holding a bilateral meeting Friday

President Barack Obama recommended his French counterpart, Nicolas Sarkozy to follow the example set by Argentine President Cristina Fernández, who was re-elected in a landslide win just ten days ago.

Thursday, November 3rd 2011 - 14:57 UTC

Argentine president calls for an end to anarchy and a return to “real capitalism”

CFK received by G20 host French president Nicholas Sarkozy

During Thursday’s meetings of the Group of 20 in Cannes, Argentine President Cristina Fernández for G20 leaders to put a stop to the current “anarchistic economic capitalism” and regulate the markets, not the countries, to go back to what she referred to as “real capitalism” after three years of world economic crisis.

Thursday, November 3rd 2011 - 14:44 UTC

Chile, Argentina and Uruguay with highest human development index in Latam

Enjoying the good life in South America

Chile, Argentina and Uruguay have the highest standards of living in Latin America according the latest report from the United Nations Human Development Index (HDI).

Thursday, November 3rd 2011 - 08:13 UTC

Mexico and Argentina, Latam companies most prone to pay bribes abroad says Transparency

“A matter of urgency for G20”, says T.I. Chair, Huguette Labelle

Bribing public officials when doing business abroad is a regular occurrence, according to a survey of 3,000 business executives from developed and developing countries.


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