Wednesday, March 26th 2014 - 05:33 UTC

Country and organizations support for Argentina's litigation with hedge funds increases

The US Supreme Court could make Argentina's a lead case

Argentina underlined the support from Brazil, France, Mexico, (even the IMF), among other institutions in the country's long exhausting litigation with hedge funds, an issue which is “crucial for Argentina and the whole international financial system”.

Tuesday, March 25th 2014 - 09:06 UTC

Argentina ready to sign for the Israeli Kfir Block 60 fighter aircraft

The Kfir has been flying for the Ecuadorian and Colombian air forces

Argentina is advancing in negotiations with Israel for the purchase of the multi-purpose combat aircraft Kfir Block 60, which is supposed to replace the aging Mirage III, on service for over four decades.

Monday, March 24th 2014 - 06:55 UTC

Brazil, France and Mexico to file papers before the US Supreme Court in support of Argentina

The case is being closely watched because of its potential impact on future sovereign debt restructurings.

Brazil, France and Mexico are expected to file papers in the US Supreme Court on Monday backing Argentina in its legal battle with bondholders who refused to take part in debt restructurings from the country's 2002 default, according to a source familiar with the litigation.

Saturday, March 22nd 2014 - 08:01 UTC

The Falklands/Malvinas: Brazil’s next regional headache?

When Foreign Secretary William Hague recently visited Brazil, the Falklands/Malvinas issue was not on the agenda, according to Stuenkel

By Oliver Stuenkel (*) - Brazil, foreign policy observers often point out, is blessed. Contrary to many other emerging powers such as China or India, it is located in a region that rarely experiences interstate tension or war. Not only can Brazil live on a relatively small defense budget, while India is the world's largest arms importer. Brazil can also dedicate considerable time and energy towards extending its global diplomatic reach without constantly being forced to deal with trouble in its neighborhood.

Saturday, March 22nd 2014 - 07:50 UTC

Malvinas Families wish to have a chapel at Darwin cemetery and requested the “Pope's mediation”

The Memorial at Darwin is visited by many Malvinas war veterans

The Malvinas war next of kin are trying to have a chapel or a sanctuary built at the Darwin cemetery, in the Falkland Islands where the remains of 237 Argentine combatants are buried. The idea is to convert “this space in dispute in a peregrination place”, according to a report from the Argentine official news agency Telam.

Saturday, March 22nd 2014 - 07:31 UTC

Mercosur and EU in another effort to advance in the long delayed trade agreement

Argentina has been dragging its feet, but this week in France President Cristina Fernandez made encouraging statements

Mercosur and European Union chief negotiators met on Friday in Brussels to define if conditions are ready for the exchange of tariffs reductions proposals with the purpose of reaching an ambitious trade agreement which was started back in 1999 and has yet to mature.

Saturday, March 22nd 2014 - 07:11 UTC

Falklands' prosperity and economic boom surprises visiting Brazilian delegation

Stuenkel admitted he was unaware of the economic blockade imposed by Argentina

Visiting Brazilian political advisor and environmentalist Eduardo Viola emphatically expressed support for the Falkland Islands’ right of self-determination during a press conference in Stanley with other visiting Brazilian colleagues, reports this week's edition of Penguin News.

Friday, March 21st 2014 - 09:44 UTC

Cristina Fernández ends visit to France with references to Peron and De Gaulle

 The Argentine president with French PM Jean-Luc Ayrault

President Cristina Fernandez on the last day of her visit to France, and escorted by Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, inaugurated on Thursday Argentina's pavilion at the Salon du Livre in Paris, one of Europe's too cultural events, and also praised the long standing ties between the two countries and evoked leaders Juan Domingo Peron and Charles de Gaulle.

Friday, March 21st 2014 - 05:56 UTC

Argentina's grain shipping blocked by vessel grounded in the Paraná

MV Paraskevi is grounded with a cargo of 45.000 tons of soybeans (Credit Clarin)

Argentina's river Paraná is blocked since early March when a Cypriot flagged vessel broke down with a 45.000 tons cargo of soybeans, thus holding back access of another eighty vessels waiting to load in Rosario and other ports in the heartland of the grains and oilseeds country.

Thursday, March 20th 2014 - 07:11 UTC

Argentina secures French support for its ongoing litigations with hedge funds

Cristina Fernandez and Hollande at the Elysee Palace: “France wants Argentina to overcome its financial bustles”

President Cristina Fernández praised the decision by France to file an 'amicus curiae' brief before the US Supreme Court, in a show of support to Argentina in its long-standing battle against speculative fund creditors, and also secured the backing of the French government to settle a 9.5bn dollars dispute with the Paris Club.


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