Tuesday, March 9th 2010 - 18:50 UTC

Sir Edward Elgar £ 20 notes out of circulation from June 30

The new bill depicts Adam Smith

The Bank of England has announced that the £20 banknotes depicting composer Sir Edward Elgar are to be removed from circulation from 30 June. The Elgar notes are presently being used alongside the new Adam Smith £20 note, and will remain legal tender up to and including 30 June.

Tuesday, March 9th 2010 - 18:43 UTC

US advertising on digital media higher than on print in 2010

Outsell vice president Chuck Richard lead author of the study

United States advertisers are spending more this year on digital media than on print according to the latest study by Outsell. Long predicted, the Madison Avenue milestone has finally arrived thanks to a 9.6% boom in digital advertising in 2010.

Tuesday, March 9th 2010 - 07:32 UTC

Brazil/US WTO cotton retaliatory dispute takes off

The heaviest penalized imports were US wheat sales with tariff increases to 30% from 10%

Brazil announced Monday it would levy a total of 591 million US dollars in retaliatory tariffs on US goods under a ruling against US cotton subsidies granted by a World Trade Organization last year. However Brazil also sent a conciliatory message.

Monday, March 8th 2010 - 09:22 UTC

Latinamerica forecasted to expand 3% or more, this year

IDB president Luis Alberto Moreno

The Latinamerican economy is poised to expand 3% or more in 2010, the year that will signal the beginning of recovery for the region according to the Inter American Development Bank, (IDB), President Luis Alberto Moreno.

Monday, March 8th 2010 - 07:48 UTC

Argentine government tells Congress it will pay debts with reserves

Interior minister Florencio Randazzo: some issues are “non negotiable

Argentine government officials reiterated over the weekend that despite efforts from the opposition to stop the Government, it would service the public debt with the Central Bank foreign reserves.

Monday, March 8th 2010 - 07:44 UTC

Brazil cutting liquidity but preparing plan to promote exports

Guido Mantega cut requirements for “export” companies

Brazil is preparing a package of incentive but this time to promote exports which suffered significantly last year because of the global slowdown, announced Finance minister Guido Mantega in an inteview with Folha de Sao Paulo.

Monday, March 8th 2010 - 07:25 UTC

Encouraging signals from US job market even when unemployment is 9.7%

More jobs for temporary workers during February

Encouraging news from the United States labour market: employers shed fewer jobs than expected in February, cutting 36,000 jobs. This was better than the 50,000 analysts had been expecting.

Monday, March 8th 2010 - 07:15 UTC

Sarkozy promised support for Greece “or else there will be no more Euro”

Preparing the ground for aid: Greece is the main importer of French beef

France will support Greece following its efforts to reduce its deficit and has no intention of seeing the country fall by the wayside because the reason for creating the Euro is at stake, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said.

Monday, March 8th 2010 - 07:01 UTC

Yorkshire pudding makers with 18th century recipe fight for EU legal protection

Yorkshire pudding makers have launched a bid to gain European legal protections currently enjoyed by other regional delicacies such as Scotch whisky and champagne. Under EU law, businesses in other countries can be prevented from making products which are named after specific regions of the European Union.

Saturday, March 6th 2010 - 11:59 UTC

Argentina trusts it will reach understanding with bond holders’ end of March

Antonio Boudou said the Central Bank worked quickly and efficiently

Argentina will make an offer to restructure the 20 billion US dollars of defaulted debt by the end of this month, Economy Minister Amado Boudou said on Friday.


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