Thursday, May 22nd 2014 - 07:28 UTC

Suarez to undergo knee surgery, according to sports news; Uruguay plays England 19 June

The Liverpool striker the best player of the Premier League and one of the best in the world

Uruguay’s striker Luis Suarez will undergo surgery on Thursday in a knee according to relatives and close friends of the best player of the English Premier league with the Liverpool colors.

Thursday, May 22nd 2014 - 01:07 UTC

FIFA demands second test for the recently opened Sao Paulo stadium

FIFA’s Valcke dismissed media headlines “screaming that Brazilians don’t want the World Cup”.

FIFA has demanded Brazil’s World Cup organizers stage one final test event at the Sao Paulo stadium staging the June 12 opener. The Brazilian league schedule has been re-jigged to accommodate Corinthians match against Brazilian champions Cruzeiro at the 68,000-seat Itaquerao, which is still unfinished, on June first.

Tuesday, May 20th 2014 - 08:07 UTC

Pele admits tourists are cancelling trips to Brazil because of protests and delays

A shame: in 2007 Brazil won the right to have the World Cup, and now one month before the Cup, stadiums there are not yet finished, said Pele

Protests in Brazil and delays in building stadiums are putting the World Cup next month at risk and prompting tourists to stay away, soccer great Pele said on Monday. Brazil's tournament organizers have faced headwinds since the country was tapped to host the World Cup in 2007.

Saturday, May 17th 2014 - 09:03 UTC

Brazilian police tells tourists that if attacked “don't fight, scream or argue”

The Brazilian foot police have been equipped with sets of 'Rob-Cop' armor to contain protests  (Pic AP)

If attacked in Brazil: “Don't fight, scream or argue”. That's the advice being offered to tourists by São Paulo Civil Police ahead of this year's World Cup games which authorities have revealed will be enforced by armored, “RoboCop”-styled riot police.

Saturday, May 17th 2014 - 06:58 UTC

Rousseff 'fed up' with Blatter; hopes Brazil win the Cup playing Argentina in the final match

Rousseff confessions to sports' reporters will have an impact

Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff confessed on Thursday evening during dinner with journalists that she is fed up with FIFA chief Joseph Blatter and said the last chapter of protests in the Brazilian cities that will host the World Cup next month were a failure.

Saturday, May 17th 2014 - 06:39 UTC

Blatter admits that awarding Qatar the 2022 World Cup was a 'mistake'

”I will never say they (Qatar) bought it” said Blatter who added he is willing to continue as head of FIFA

Awarding the 2022 soccer World Cup to Qatar was a 'mistake' and the tournament will probably have to be held in the winter because of the heat, FIFA president Sepp Blatter has said.“Of course, it was a mistake. You know, one comes across a lot of mistakes in life,” he told Swiss television station RTS in an interview.

Friday, May 16th 2014 - 06:45 UTC

Day of marches and protests in Brazil; the Army was sent to impose order in Recife

Avenues in Sao Paulo were blocked while demonstrators chanted “The Cup without the people, all to the streets again”

Road blocks and marches hit Brazilian cities on Thursday as disparate groups criticized spending on the upcoming World Cup soccer tournament and sought to revive a call for better public services that swept the country last June.

Thursday, May 15th 2014 - 00:22 UTC

Brazil forecasts 3bn boost to the economy with 3.7 million World Cup visitors

“Tourists who come to the matches are the visitors who spend the most”, said Minister Lages

Brazil forecasts that the estimated 3.7 million people expected to visit during the World Cup, including Brazilian and foreign tourists, will boost the country's economy to the tune of 3.03bn. dollars.

Wednesday, May 14th 2014 - 04:54 UTC

Rousseff warns about protests during the World Cup: 'they must be peaceful'

The Brazilian president is expecting a 'strikes season' as promised by some organized unions

President Dilma Rousseff repeated Tuesday that Brazil is “a democratic country” and that its government guarantees the right to “peaceful protest” during the World Cup soccer competition, which begins June 12. However protests must not harm the Cup events in any way.

Tuesday, May 13th 2014 - 18:59 UTC

Several world leaders expected for the coming World Cup in Brazil

They include Cristina Fernandez, Michelle Bachelet, Juan Manuel Santos, Jose Mujica, Joe Biden, and even Vladimir Putin

The Brazilian government is counting on a strong presence from world leaders during the football World Cup, which kicks off on June 12. Cristina Fernández, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and US vice-president Joe Biden are among the dignitaries expected to attend.

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