Falkland Islands

Falkland Islands
Saturday, September 26th 2015 - 07:43 UTC

Falklands' oil companies agree to resume drilling at successful Sea Lion prospect

Premier Oil is the operator of the project with a 36% stake, with Falkland Oil and Gas holding a 40% stake and Rockhopper Exploration holding the balance.

Falkland Oil and Gas PLC on Friday announced it has agreed with Rockhopper Exploration PLC and Premier Oil PLC to drill another well on the Isobel/Elaine complex to replace the planned Jayne East well.

Friday, September 25th 2015 - 06:51 UTC

Falkland Islanders’ voices matter: FIG launches social media campaign

Vicky Collier – Falklands Conservation: I’m a Falkland Islander # My Voice Matters

The Falkland Islands Government has launched a new social media campaign focusing on putting Islanders’ voices at the forefront. Starting this week a series of short films and pictures will appear on the Government digital media channels on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

Friday, September 25th 2015 - 06:14 UTC

Falklands clearance of Argentine mines takes off to a flying start

De-miner working on Sapper Hill

Falkland Islands de-mining and ground clearance work has got off to a flying start despite the cold and snowy weather of late, Program Manager Guy Marot confirmed on Thursday to the Penguin News.

Friday, September 25th 2015 - 05:59 UTC

“Let the private sector make business with Falkland/Malvinas, a blockade in the Americas is unacceptable” said lawmaker Trobo

Trobo was in London this week and met for over an hour with Foreign Office minister for Latin American affairs Hugo Swire (L)

Uruguayan lawmaker Jaime Trobo said that a blockade in the Americas was 'unacceptable' and called for closer links between the Falkland/Malvinas Islands and the continent, urging the private sector to take advantage of the business opportunities in trade and services.

Thursday, September 24th 2015 - 07:25 UTC

Falklands and South Georgia commemorative coins celebrating longest reigning sovereign in British history

Falkland Islands: The portrait is taken from the Queen’s Coronation on June 2, 1953. The privy mark is of Westminster Abbey, where the Coronation was held.

Four British overseas territories, including the Falkland Islands and South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands have issues a commemorative coin celebrating the day their head of state, Queen Elizabeth II, became the longest reigning British sovereign in history.

Wednesday, September 23rd 2015 - 08:22 UTC

Falklands Argos completes farm-out agreement with Noble and Edison

“The agreement will allow exploration drilling on the license, in the North Falkland basin, to proceed as part of the current 2015 drilling program”.

Falklands focused Argos Resources Limited confirmed the completion by its wholly owned subsidiary, Argos Exploration Limited of a farm out agreement with Noble Energy Falklands Limited and Edison International S.p.A in respect of its Licence PL001.

Saturday, September 19th 2015 - 07:32 UTC

Falklands stall at the Prado rural show “a great surprise and greater success”

“We are very satisfied, it has been a great surprise and greater success, and a very good initiative to participate in the rural show. Hopefully we will be back” said MLA Short

The UK GREAT pavilion at Uruguay's main agri-business exhibition in Montevideo received the top prize for its category while a stall from the Falkland Islands, tended to by Islanders, is estimated to have been visited by 10% of the more than half million visitors that attended the week-long Expo-Prado.

Saturday, September 19th 2015 - 06:44 UTC

Falklands: “thank you” to the people of Uruguay for being so warm, welcoming and supportive

“People were genuinely interested in the Falklands, wanted to know about us, our way of life, etc.; many of them already knew a fair bit about our Islands”

A business delegation from the Falkland Islands participated in Uruguay's main agri-business show at the Prado grounds with a stall in the British GREAT pavilion. The week attendance was described as 'surprising and successful' and Falklands lawmaker Gavin Short addressed an open letter thanking all those involved in helping with the Islands' presence.

Friday, September 18th 2015 - 14:27 UTC

Falklands' Fortuna Ltd. sponsors research on southern blue whiting

Wallace from Fortuna Ltd said research would help for the future management and understanding of the dynamics of southern blue whiting in the region.

Falkland Islands fishing company Fortuna Ltd has become a sponsor and research partner in a PhD student ship on southern blue whiting. The Falkland Islands Government fisheries Department (FIFD) and the South Atlantic Environmental Research Institute (SAERI) are also collaborators in this research project.

Friday, September 18th 2015 - 06:55 UTC

Falklands' government congratulates new Labor leader, Jeremy Corbyn

“Falkland Islanders and representatives of the Falkland Government will be attending Labour Party’s 2015 Annual Conference in Brighton, and we hope Mr Corbyn will have time to meet with us”

The Falkland Islands Government has congratulated the Leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn MP on his election success. Mr Corbyn’s campaign to take up leadership after Ed Miliband resigned in May, touched a raw nerve with some Islanders after media picked up on a BBC interview from two years ago in which he said a “degree of joint administration,” could be used as a solution to the dispute over the Falkland Islands.


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