Friday, February 22nd 2008 - 21:00 UTC

One Norwegian equals 20 Chileans in salmon industry

Norwegian production of salmon is highly intensive and with massive use of technology together with a quick response logistics web makes it the leading country in the industry world wide.

Friday, February 22nd 2008 - 21:00 UTC

EU temporary bans access to Uruguayan fish produce

The European Union temporarily suspended export certificates for three Uruguayan fish processing plants and questioned the country's Fisheries Department regulations' compliance system, confirmed sources from Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries.

Wednesday, February 20th 2008 - 21:00 UTC

Additional cuts to British fishing patrols announced

The <i>HMS Severn</i>, one of the vessels of the Fishery Protection Squadron.(RN)

The British government will make new cuts in the number of Royal Navy patrols that protect British waters from illegal fishing, a move that conservationists warn could cause illegal fishing to skyrocket.

Wednesday, February 20th 2008 - 21:00 UTC

Successful dolphin rescue in Falklands 'suspect area'

Sarah Clements (R) with a Conservation team at Surf Bay

FALKLANDS Conservation were able to put their Marine Mammal Rescue skills into practice when a young Peale's Dolphin became stranded in an area still considered 'suspect' since the 1982 War.

Tuesday, February 19th 2008 - 21:00 UTC

Spanish Agriculture and Fisheries minister visits Uruguay

Spanish minister Elena Espinosa in Uruguay<br>Photo MAPA

Spain is interested in further promoting its fishing fleet in the South Atlantic using Montevideo as an operational port for the area, said Spanish Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food (MAPA), Elena Espinosa during her visit to Uruguay.

Monday, February 18th 2008 - 21:00 UTC

Hammerhead shark joins the red list of globally endangered

Populations of tiger, bull, dusky and other sea sharks have plummeted by more than 95% since the 1970s, according to an expert from the World Conservation Union. But ongoing efforts to identify shark “hotspots” across the oceans could help improve their chances of survival in future.

Friday, February 15th 2008 - 20:00 UTC

FAO addresses fishing of fragile deep sea species and habitats

Deep sea species like the Alfonsino are extremely sensitive to intensive fishing

Fifty-three countries and the European Community have begun discussions in Rome on how to better protect fragile deep sea fish species and habitats from irresponsible fishing practices.

Thursday, February 14th 2008 - 20:00 UTC

Spanish minister visits Argentina to talk about fisheries

Minister ElenaEspinosa

Spanish Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food (MAPA) Elena Espinosa currently visiting Argentina held a meeting with Spanish fishing companies operating in Argentina and signed a fisheries scientific research cooperation agreement which includes surveying the South Atlantic, reports the Buenos Aires press.

Tuesday, February 12th 2008 - 20:00 UTC

Sunken Ferramales oil leak is not “an environmental risk”

  The Falklands flag Ferramales  capsizes before going down<br> Photo: FIG Fisheries Dpt.

Fuel which is leaking from the trawler Falkland Islands flagged Ferralemes which sank 70 miles north of the Islands early February is not presenting an environmental risk. Penguin News confirmed that the Islands Marine Officer is conducting an investigation into the sinking of the vessel.

Saturday, February 9th 2008 - 20:00 UTC

MV Dorada prepares to leave for northern Europe

MV Dorada along FIPASS - Stanley

THE Fishery Patrol Vessel MV Dorada has been withdrawn from service in the Falklands and is due to leave the Islands at the middle of the month.


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