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Health & Science

  • Tuesday, May 26th 2009 - 06:00 UTC

    Fire turns Antarctica hut favoured by Sir Hillary into a total loss

    Explorer Sir Edmund Hillary

    An isolated hut in Antarctica favoured by explorer Sir Edmund Hillary has burnt down after a fuel leak during a routine inspection at minus 35C. Antarctica New Zealand said the “iconic” A-frame timber and bitumen hut on the Ross Ice Shelf went up in flames during re-ignition of the heater. A spokesman said the hut, stationed on the ice since 1971, ”will be sadly missed

  • Monday, May 25th 2009 - 17:44 UTC

    Decline in freshwater fish took medieval Europe to the open seas

    Medieval European fishermen first took to the open seas in about AD1.000 as a result of a sharp decline in large freshwater fish, scientists have suggested. They say the decline was probably the result of rising population and pollution levels.

  • Saturday, May 23rd 2009 - 15:37 UTC

    Influenza virus “inter mingling” strong warning to Southern Hemisphere

    Director-general of the World Health Organization, Margaret Chan

    The director-general of the World Health Organization, Margaret Chan, closed Friday the agency's annual conference with a warning that nations, particularly in the Southern Hemisphere with the winter season on, must remain vigilant and be prepared for a possible swine influenza A-H1N1 virus pandemic.

  • Wednesday, May 20th 2009 - 03:21 UTC

    Influenza vaccine manufacturers committed to supply poor countries

    World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Dr Margaret Chan and United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon met on Tuesday with over 30 vaccine manufacturers from developing and developed countries at WHO headquarters in Geneva.

  • Monday, May 18th 2009 - 08:39 UTC

    Sixth death of dengue disease in Argentina

    A sixth person has died of the mosquito transmitted dengue disease in Argentina. The Bolivian born victim died in the northern province of Salta of “dengue-shock syndrome”, which is a consequence of the more lethal form of the disease haemorrhagic dengue, reported the local daily “El Tribuno”.

  • Monday, May 18th 2009 - 08:37 UTC

    Crucial WHO assembly to decide on A/H1N1 flu vaccine production

    The spread of swine flu and possible vaccine production dominate the agenda of the World Health Organization assembly which begins Monday in Geneva until May 22.

  • Friday, May 15th 2009 - 11:29 UTC

    Argentina lifts ban on direct flights from Mexico

    The Argentine government announced on Thursday it would lift a ban on direct flights from Mexico imposed over two weeks ago due to an outbreak of the new H1N1 flu in that country.

  • Friday, May 15th 2009 - 02:55 UTC

    Per capita meat consumption in Chile increases 26% in ten years

    Chileans consumed 81.3 kilos of meat per capita in 2008, 26% more meat than they did 10 years ago, according to a study recently published by the country’s Office of Studies and Agrarian Policy (ODEPA) of the Ministry of Agriculture.

  • Tuesday, May 12th 2009 - 10:00 UTC

    More autochthonous dengue cases reported in the capital Buenos Aires

    Argentine sanitary officials confirmed Monday five new cases of autochthonous dengue in the capital Buenos Aires and another in the province of Buenos Aires while the official figures from the federal ministry of Public Health indicate that there are 23.470 confirmed infections from the mosquito transmitted disease.

  • Tuesday, May 12th 2009 - 04:43 UTC

    No peace between pro and anti-whaling countries, anticipates BBC

    Moves to make a peace deal between pro and anti-whaling nations have stalled, with no chance of agreement. Countries have been talking for nearly a year in an attempt to hammer out an accord by this year's International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting. But a draft report seen by BBC News admits the process has “fallen short”.