Latin America

Latin America
Monday, June 6th 2016 - 07:54 UTC

Kuczynski has a slight lead over Keiko in the Peruvian presidential runoff

Earlier, polling firm Ipsos said its quick count of a sample of votes gave Kuczynski, known in Peru as PPK, about 50.5% and Fujimori 49.5%, a technical tie

Economist Pedro Pablo Kuczynski had a slight lead over Keiko Fujimori, the daughter of an imprisoned former president, as early results came in from Peru's presidential election on Sunday. The 77-year-old Kuczynski had 50.59% support while Fujimori had 49.41% with about 52% of votes counted.

Friday, June 3rd 2016 - 09:30 UTC

Peru's next president: no economic surprises with a strong dash of populism

Keiko Fujimori has an insignificant lead (statistical tie) over her rival, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, ahead of the Sunday run-off vote

Less than a decade after Peru imprisoned former President Alberto Fujimori, voters will decide on Sunday whether to put his 41-year-old daughter back in the presidential palace where she once served as his first lady.

Thursday, June 2nd 2016 - 09:20 UTC

Argentina describes Falklands' governor speech on links as 'positive', but they must be bilateral through UK

Malcorra affirmed she was aware that the Falklands' governor had said the Islands were hopeful of a chance for a productive relationship with Argentina

Argentina believes there is an opportunity to improve the relation with the Falkland Islanders, and 'we are exploring available options', but those links must be channeled through bilateral relations with the United Kingdom, since the Islands dispute is with the UK.

Wednesday, June 1st 2016 - 06:06 UTC

Maduro to Almagro: “stick up the Democratic Charter wherever it fits”

“Venezuela will be respected and nobody’s going to apply any charter of any kind – or whatever they want to call it – to Venezuela,” Maduro blasted.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said on Tuesday that Organization of American States chief Luis Almagro had called for foreign “intervention” in his country by invoking the body’s Democratic Charter in response to the political crisis in Venezuela.

Wednesday, June 1st 2016 - 03:11 UTC

Falklands, after 'boom' years, announces a prudent mid/term sustainable budget

Financial Secretary Nicola Granger made the presentation of the Appropriations and Finance bills to the Legislative Assembly

The Falkland Islands Financial Secretary Nicola Granger presented on Tuesday to the Legislative Assembly the 2016/17 financial budget bill with appropriations of £62.9M, funded from revenues anticipated in the year of £61.3M with the remainder coming from the reserves built up from wind-falls in Illex catches and oil and gas exploration in recent years.

Tuesday, May 31st 2016 - 20:21 UTC

OAS calls for emergency meeting to address Venezuela's “grave alterations of democratic order”

Luis Almagro said Venezuela had suffered “grave alterations of democratic order” and called for a vote on the matter in the coming weeks.

The head of the Organization Of American States on Tuesday called for an emergency meeting of regional governments to evaluate Venezuela's respect for democracy, a move that could lead to the country's suspension from the hemispheric body. Luis Almagro said Venezuela had suffered “grave alterations of democratic order” and called for a vote on the matter in the coming weeks.

Tuesday, May 31st 2016 - 19:25 UTC

Falklands state of the nation: economic challenges but also hopes of a productive relationship with Argentina

Governor Colin Roberts CVO addresses the Legislative Assembly with the annual report on the state of the nation

The Falkland Islands finances remain robust despite a future of domestic and overseas challenges, but on the other hand recent developments in Argentina have opened hopes for a productive, closer relationship with the South American continent, said Governor Colin Roberts in his annual speech on the state of the nation.

Tuesday, May 31st 2016 - 06:34 UTC

Keiko Fujimori seems set to become Peru's next president on June 5 runoff

In an election simulation in which respondents cast their vote in secret, Fujimori obtained 53.1% of valid votes compared to Kuczynski’s 46.9%

Presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori built a significant lead over Pedro Pablo Kuczynski just one week ahead of Peru's runoff election on June 5. The latest Ipsos poll shows 43% of Peru’s voters support Fujimori, compared to 38% for Kuczynski. Fujimori’s five-point lead reflects political momentum in her favor since the same poll a week ago gave her a three-point advantage.

Monday, May 30th 2016 - 09:16 UTC

US top official expected in Uruguay and Brazil

In Montevideo, Acting Assistant Secretary Aponte will meet with senior Uruguayan government officials and political, economic, and media representatives

Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Mari Carmen Aponte will travel to Montevideo, Uruguay, May 31-June 2 to lead the United States delegation at the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Americas Regional Meeting.

Monday, May 30th 2016 - 07:36 UTC

Venezuela's public sector will only work Mondays and Tuesdays for another two weeks

President Maduro's administration blames the power shortage on a drought caused by the El Niño weather phenomenon

Venezuela's government on Saturday extended by two weeks a decree reducing the public sector workweek to Mondays and Tuesdays in a bid to tackle the oil-rich country's electricity crisis. The enforced leave was first announced in late April, a drastic move for a government also grappling with an economic crisis that has Venezuelans queuing for hours to buy scarce supplies.


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