Latin America

Latin America
Thursday, December 24th 2009 - 09:57 UTC

Venezuela imposes power cuts and announces network of “Socialist” shops

Eclectic President Hugo Chavez

Venezuela has imposed sweeping power cuts on industry and businesses in order to save its limited energy resources and avoid mass blackouts. The government said the cuts were because of falling water levels at the Guri Hydroelectric dam, which supplies much of the country's power.

Thursday, December 24th 2009 - 09:52 UTC

Father Christmas arrives for Lan Chile with contract for 30 Airbus A 320

Lan has repeatedly proved it is one of the leading passenger and cargo airlines of Latinamerica

Chilean flag carrier LAN Airlines and its subsidiaries, one of the leading airlines in Latin America, announced Wednesday that the Company signed a contract for the purchase of 30 Airbus A320 family aircraft to be delivered between 2011 and 2016.

Thursday, December 24th 2009 - 09:49 UTC

Another austerity year ahead for Cubans announced Raul Castro

Minister Murillo said the economy is expected to grow 1.7% in 2010

The Cuban economy grew by only 1.4% in 2009, far from an initial forecast of 6%, Economy and Planning minister told parliament this week. Marino Murillo said that Cuba’s exports fell by 22.9% this year, while imports were down 37.4%. Prospects for 2010 are modest: 1.7% growth.

Thursday, December 24th 2009 - 09:18 UTC

Tribunal admits only 49% of registered Hondurans voted on November 29th

President elect Porfirio Lobo is scheduled to take office January 27th.

Over half of Honduras registered voters in Honduras did not participate in the controversial presidential election last November 29th, held under the de facto regime, according to figures released by the country’s Supreme Electoral Tribunal.

Thursday, December 24th 2009 - 09:14 UTC

Bolivian Tribunal confirms Evo Morales’ sweeping electoral victory

The first indigenous president of Bolivia can feel safe at the ballot box but not in the air

Bolivia’s re-elected president Evo Morales ratified his sweeping victory on December 6 general election when he was supported by 64.2% of the vote, according to the final vote count from the country’s Electoral Court.

Thursday, December 24th 2009 - 09:03 UTC

EU, US and OAS condemn killing of Colombian governor attributed to FARC

Catherine Ashton, High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy said Colombia can count with the EU

The European Union, United States and the Organization of American States condemned the killing of Colombian governor Luis Francisco Cuellar, which has been attributed to the Marxist-inspired, drugs-funded Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, FARC, the oldest guerrilla grouping operating in the country.

Wednesday, December 23rd 2009 - 15:52 UTC

Kidnapped Colombian governor found dead with slit throat

The Colombian government blames FARC, active in Caqueta province for the killing of Cuellar Carbajal

The body of Luis Francisco Cuellar Carvajal, governor of the Colombian department of Caqueta, was discovered Tuesday not far from where he was kidnapped the night before, government spokesperson Wilmer Rua said.

Wednesday, December 23rd 2009 - 09:54 UTC

Uribe offers reward for info leading to kidnapped Colombian governor

FARC challenges Uribe and his overall “democratic security” policy

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe is offering the equivalent of almost half a million US dollars reward for information leading to the rescue of a governor snatched from his home Monday night by a guerrilla commando unit dressed in army uniforms. He also asked for the recovery of 24 military, captives of the guerrilla.

Wednesday, December 23rd 2009 - 09:26 UTC

Highlanders stationed in Falklands triumph in Chilean war game competition

The team beat Special Forces from around the world

An elite team of British soldiers beat Special Forces from around the world to win a grueling competition in the driest place on Earth, repots Daily The eight-man unit from the Highlanders (4 Scots) picked up the gold medal in the Chilean Patrol Competition before their recent deployment to the Falkland Islands.

Wednesday, December 23rd 2009 - 07:38 UTC

Glacier experts’ international summit next February in Chile

There are some 4,000 glaciers in Chile

Chile will be the focus of international attention in February when Valdivia’s Centre for Scientific Studies (CECS) hosts an international conference of more than 150 experts on glaciers and climate change.


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