Wednesday, May 13th 2015 - 07:21 UTC

Argentina's congress to begin evaluation of Justice Fayt's health condition

With a majority vote from the ruling Victory Front and its allies, the committee headed by Anabel Fernandez Sagasti accepted the impeachment proposal

Argentina's Lower House Impeachment Committee has approved a motion to begin evaluations on the health of Supreme Court Justice Carlos Fayt, in order to determine whether the judge has the physical and mental capacity to continue in his post.

Wednesday, May 13th 2015 - 07:00 UTC

Cameron puts pressure on Europe for major changes and revamped links

Cameron says he wants to stay in a reformed EU but has also said that he would not be heartbroken if Britain left.

Prime Minister David Cameron will hold an early referendum on membership of the European Union if he can first reach a deal that satisfies his demands for major changes in Britain's relationship with the bloc, his spokesman said yesterday.

Tuesday, May 12th 2015 - 10:41 UTC

In Chile when in difficulties turn right: former IMF deputy chief Finance minister

Othodox Valdes, 48, has held roles at Barclays and BTG Pactual, has a PHD from MIT and was formerly a deputy director of the IMF

In a move which has been interpreted as a right turn, economist Rodrigo Valdes was named as Chile's finance minister on Monday by President Michelle Bachelet, in a sweeping cabinet reshuffle in which four of her closest ministers were sacked or shifted into other roles. On Valdes' immediate to-do list is an upcoming 1.26 billion dollars international debt issue.

Tuesday, May 12th 2015 - 10:30 UTC

Ex US president Carter ends Guyana election monitoring trip after falling ill

Jimmy Carter arrived in Guyana on Saturday to participate in a delegation monitoring the country’s general election on Monday

Former United States President Jimmy Carter ended an election-monitoring trip to Guyana early and flew home on Sunday after falling ill, the Carter Center, his nonprofit organization, said in a statement. The Carter Center provided only sketchy information on Sunday about the condition of the 90-year-old former president.

Tuesday, May 12th 2015 - 08:51 UTC

Guyana voting in early election to end Executive/Legislative standoff

Ramotar is hoping to shore up the mandate of his PPPC party and stop parliament from thwarting his pet infrastructure projects

Guyana voted Monday in early elections pitting embattled President Donald Ramotar against an upstart opposition alliance seeking to unite voters across racial lines with its calls to end corruption.

Tuesday, May 12th 2015 - 06:25 UTC

Argentina reacts to hedge funds attempt to block a fresh debt emission

“It is nothing more than another desperate attempt, after the vulture funds' failure in their efforts to stop the recent auction” said Ministry Kicillof

Argentina has launched a stinging attack on hedge funds attempting to block payment on last month's Bonar 24 debt issuance, stating that the petition shows the 'vulture funds' desperation following the successful auction.

Tuesday, May 12th 2015 - 06:18 UTC

Hollande in Havana ratifies support for Cuba and an end to the US embargo

The French president met with his peer Raul Castro and also with Fidel Castro, the emblematic leader of the Cuban 1959 revolution

French President Francois Hollande has urged an end to the US trade embargo of Cuba and envisioned a larger French role in Cuba's engagement with the West during the first visit by a French head of state to Cuba. Havana is in foreign policy talks with both the European Union and the United States amid intense world interest in Cuba following detente with Washington in December.

Tuesday, May 12th 2015 - 06:12 UTC

Chile's renews 'explicit' support for Argentina's Falklands/Malvinas claim

Daniel Filmus (R) met with Chilean foreign minister Muñoz and the leaders of the Lower House and Senate in Santiago

The Chilean government has renewed its 'explicit' support for Argentina's sovereignty claims over the Falklands/Malvinas Islands, according to Daniel Filmus, the Argentine official head of the special department for affairs relative to the Malvinas Islands, who is currently in a political tour in Santiago.

Tuesday, May 12th 2015 - 06:05 UTC

Argentine presidential election next 25 October and run-off 22 November

Daniel Scioli, Sergio Massa and Mauricio Macri are the hopefuls for next October

The Argentina government formally announced on Monday the primary and national elections calendar, which for the first time includes direct vote for representatives to the Mercosur parliament. Simultaneous primaries will be held on 9 August while the presidential election on 25 October.

Monday, May 11th 2015 - 10:21 UTC

Castro praises Francis and promises “to turn to the Church again if the pope continues on this vein”

“I am very happy. I have come here to thank him for what he has done to begin solving the problems of the United States and Cuba,” said Raul Castro.

Cuban President Raul Castro has praised Pope Francis for brokering the restoration of relations between Cuba and the US, announced in December. At the end of a Sunday audience at the Vatican, Castro said he had thanked the Pope for his contribution for the historic rapprochement.


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