Real Estate

Real Estate
Saturday, August 14th 2010 - 07:50 UTC

Mexican billionaire buys 44 million USD townhome in New York

Just across from the Met, the style is French neo-classic

Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim real estate firm paid 44 million US dollars for a town-home on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, adding to his property holdings in New York.

Wednesday, June 16th 2010 - 04:46 UTC

Chile’s most expensive properties cost around 3.700 USD per square meter

Territoria 3000 tops the list of expensive real estate in Chile.

The most expensive residential buildings per square meter in Chile are located in the Metropolitan Region’s boroughs of Las Condes and Vitacura. In these areas, properties prices are double that of other boroughs such as Ñuñoa and downtown Santiago.

Wednesday, June 2nd 2010 - 03:36 UTC

China’s manufacturing expansion slows prompting world markets’ reaction

Property sales in China’s main cities are slowing down

China’s manufacturing expanded at a slower pace than estimated in May, prompting stock declines across Asia. The Purchasing Managers’ Index fell to 53.9 from 55.7 in April, the Federation of Logistics and Purchasing said in an e-mailed statement on Tuesday.

Wednesday, May 12th 2010 - 18:42 UTC

Construction Activity Picks up in Chile for the First Time Since December 2008

The earthquake has created demand for the construction industry

Construction activity increased for the first time since December 2008, according to the Monthly Construction Activity Index (Imacon) released by the Chilean Chamber of Construction this week. The Index shows an increase of 1.4% from March 2009 to March 2010, reflecting a rise in employment and demand.

Wednesday, May 5th 2010 - 23:30 UTC

Cuba Boosts Tourism Industry and Plans to Develop “Virgin Regions”

Cuban emigrants have become the main source of tourists for the island said Minister Manuel Marrero

Cuba received a record one million tourists in the first four months and announced a policy of “real estate development” associated with boosting marinas, golf courses and other tourist investments, mainly in “virgin regions”.

Tuesday, April 6th 2010 - 01:02 UTC

Buenos Aires City surrounded by two million Argentines living in shanty towns

Villa 31, in the heart of the City of Buenos Aires

Over two million people live in a thousand shanty towns in the surroundings of Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires in conditions of extreme marginality and precariousness, according to official data released by the weekend press.

Wednesday, March 3rd 2010 - 06:04 UTC

Real Madrid and Barcelona the world’s richest soccer teams

Real Madrid is once again the richest team on the planet at €401.4 million in revenue

According to this year’s “Football Money League” report from Deloitte, some soccer clubs — such as British teams Arsenal and Chelsea, specifically — are falling down on the job when it comes to pricing their exposure with sponsors. The annual report ranks and analyzes international teams by their revenues, and breaks out sponsorship and advertising income.

Tuesday, January 26th 2010 - 13:40 UTC

Buenos Aires real estate market recovering from worst year in a decade

Sales rebounded last December for the first time since the end of 2008

The metropolitan Buenos Aires real estate market closed 2009 as the worst in the last ten years with the number of registered sales below the 2001 level. The good news however is that for the first time since the last quarter of 2008, December registered the first year-on-year advance.

Friday, January 15th 2010 - 09:33 UTC

China acts to prevent real estate bubble from developing

New house prices in Chine increased 9.1% in the last twelve months

Chinese property prices rose at their fastest annual rate in 18 months in December according to official figures referred to the country’s 70 large and medium-sized cities. Real estate prices rose by 7.8% from a year ago - up from the 5.7% annual rise seen in November and renewing fears that an asset bubble is developing.

Tuesday, October 27th 2009 - 07:56 UTC

Housing sales up 13% in Greater Santiago area

Improved economic prospects in Chile have stimulated the market

House and apartment sales in the Santiago Metropolitan Region have increased by 13.1% compared to 2008, the Chilean Chamber of Construction announced last week.


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