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Eduardo Felippo
Monday, July 28th 2014 - 07:04 UTC

Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia private sectors unite to combat Mercosur protectionist policies

Paraguay's Eduardo Felippo says Urupabol will help boost growth and sound development

The private sectors from Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia agreed to form a business lobby, Urupabol, with the purpose of actively combating protectionist policies and other obstacles implemented inside Mercosur, mainly by senior members Argentina and Brazil.

Wednesday, September 18th 2013 - 20:30 UTC

Paraguay businesses react to Cartes words: ‘first find the scoundrels and only then the claims’

“Making such accusations and even more in a foreign country, I don’t think it is the solution”, said Felippo

Paraguay’s Industrial Union, UIP, reacted strongly to President Horacio Cartes claims that the private sector was responsible for much that is wrong in government, and suggested an ‘intelligence work’ in the civil service to catch the ‘scoundrels and corrupt’.

Monday, December 17th 2012 - 06:50 UTC

Paraguay’s next government ‘must debate on whether to remain or abandon Mercosur’

Foreign minister Fernandez Estigarribia admits its has become a very divisive issue in public opinion

Foreign minister Jose Felix Fernandez Estigarribia said that Paraguay needs an open discussion on whether the country should remain or not in Mercosur, particularly since the issue has become extremely divisive. However the discussion must be addressed by the elected government that takes office in August 2013.

Friday, December 14th 2012 - 07:46 UTC

Paraguay blasts Mercosur and Argentina and calls to follow ‘Chile’s example’

UIP Eduardo Felippo claims Argentina does not honour even signed agreements

Paraguay’s industrial union, UIP, lashed at Mercosur over the incorporation of Venezuela as a full member and Argentina’s reiterated lack of respect for signed agreements and understandings.

Monday, July 9th 2012 - 21:07 UTC

Paraguayan industry lobby says forget Mercosur, calls for talks with Pacific Alliance

EduardoFilippo warns about the “outdated Socialism”

The president of the Paraguayan Industrial Union Eduardo Filippo said it was essential for the country to establish negotiations outside Mercosur, following the suspension from the group by the remaining three members allegedly because of the rupture of the democratic order.

Thursday, June 28th 2012 - 07:37 UTC

Paraguay manufacturers support the country’s expulsion from Mercosur

“We’re going to lose less money”, said business leader Felippo

Paraguay’s head of the Industrial Union Eduardo Felippo said that he’s supportive of the possibility that the country is excluded from Mercosur, adding that “the rest of the members are going to lose more money than us”


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