Thursday, May 20th 2010 - 06:55 UTC

Mujica and Cristina meet next June 2nd; Uruguay to complain trade restrictions

The last time it was all smiles, now it’s real business

Uruguayan president Jose Mujica will meet with Argentina’s Cristina Fernández de Kirchner next June 2nd at the Uruguayan presidential farm in Anchorena, a 15 minutes helicopter ride from Buenos Aires, announced Wednesday Uruguayan Foreign Minister Luis Almagro.

Thursday, May 20th 2010 - 03:50 UTC

April consumer inflation in the US drops for the first time in more than a year

Cautious domestic demand and strong US dollar helps keep prices down

Consumer inflation in the United States unexpectedly dropped in April for the first time in more than a year. The 0.1 percent fall in the consumer price index was the first decrease since March 2009, figures from the Labor Department showed Wednesday.

Tuesday, May 18th 2010 - 04:57 UTC

“We must help the US manage its retreat as the only global boss”, says Mujica

President Mujica resting from over stress and meditating on world affairs

“We must help the United States because they are on retreat, and they must manage that retreat”, said Uruguayan president Jose Mujica in an interview with a new Argentine newspaper “Tiempo Argentino” launched last Sunday. This is the first interview of the Uruguayan president to an Argentine daily.

Tuesday, May 18th 2010 - 04:25 UTC

Uruguay beef exports in first quarter total 98.300 tons and 265 million USD

Russia took twice more than in the same period last year

During the first quarter of this year Uruguay beef exports to Russia reached 25.800 tons, which is almost twice more than during the same period of last year.

Monday, May 17th 2010 - 05:20 UTC

Uruguay among the most positive minded countries of the region

President Jose Mujica has a 61% support

Uruguay has turned into one of the most optimistic country of the region according to the 2009 Governance Barometer which assesses perceptions and prospects of the population in 21 countries of Latinamerica and the Ibero-America (Spain and Portugal).

Friday, May 14th 2010 - 03:10 UTC

Over-Stressed Uruguayan President will Miss Madrid Summit

Hyper active Jose “Pepe” Mujica

Uruguayan president José Mujica will be missing the coming Latin America, the Caribbean and the European Union Summit scheduled for next week in Spain on medical grounds, it was reported officially and confirmed by the president.

Wednesday, May 12th 2010 - 07:07 UTC

Uruguayan Government Raises 2010 Economic Growth Forecast to 5.1%

Economy minister Fernando Lorenzo

Uruguay’s government raised its 2010 economic growth forecast and said it will focus on health programs, security and infrastructure to maintain expansion of at least 4% annually, Economy Minister Fernando Lorenzo said.

Tuesday, May 11th 2010 - 04:10 UTC

“Wake Up Call” for Uruguay’s Ruling Coalition in Sunday’s Municipal Elections

Vice president Astori: much to celebrate but more to evaluate

Uruguay’s ruling coalition received a “wake up call” from voters during last Sunday’s municipal elections, admitted Vice President Danilo Astori. The Broad Front managed to retain five, probably six, of the 19 regional governments (departments) in which Uruguay is divided, while the opposition took the rest.

Monday, May 10th 2010 - 03:19 UTC

Montevideo Has Her First Woman Elected and Communist Mayor

Ana Olivera: “Bon jour, je suis la prochaine maire”

Communist Ana Olivera became Sunday the first elected woman mayor of the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo, following municipal elections for executive posts and councillors in the 19 regions in which the country is divided.

Thursday, May 6th 2010 - 02:59 UTC

Uruguay’s April Annualized Inflation above the 7% Target

Clothing and foot wear were peak items

Uruguay’s April consumer inflation reached its highest level in thirteen months and for the second month running was above the 7% annual target, according to the latest report from the Statistics Institute.


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