Friday, September 2nd 2011 - 20:30 UTC

Air Titan Boeing 767 takes over Falklands-Brize Norton airbridge contract

Air Titan is to take up the airbridge flight as from this weekend as Air Seychelles makes its last journey from Brize Norton to the Falkland Islands under the current contract with the Ministry of Defence.

Under the UK Defence ministry contract the Boeing 767 will be running twice weekly to the Falklands

Air Seychelles’ final flight will be on Friday, where after it will return too its regular route between Mahe via Rome to London.

Air Titan Operations Director Graham Baguley announced the commencement of the Falklands air bridge on a twelve month contract with the British Ministry of Defence.

“We are delighted to announce that Titan Airways has been successful in re-securing the Falklands Air Bridge contract. Starting on 4th September for 12 months, our Boeing 767 will be running twice weekly between RAF Brize Norton, Ascension and Mount Pleasant in the Falklands and return”, said Baguley.

The long sectors are exactly what the Boeing 767 is designed for said Baguley who underlined that “having good utilisation for the aircraft during the whole period of the contract means we are optimising our operations”.

“We will also be fitting life-port stretchers and a couple of business class seats into the aircraft which will reduce our seating capacity from 265 to approximately 200, which is our contracted amount. Another example of our flexibility and ability to adapt to different customer needs across short and long term contracts”.

Gene Willson, Managing Director and founder of Titan Airways commented ”Since we created the company in 1988, Titan Airways has provided a service that delivers on what we promise, and continues to strive for improvement. Every time one of flights departs we ensure that the customer is provided with a safe, hassle free journey. By virtue of our size; with all of our Directors actively involved in running the company supported by an enthusiastic professional team of staff, we have continually offered a level of service and flexibility that is unparalleled”.

Titan Airways is a British charter airline based at London Stansted Airport and operates contract and ad-hoc passenger and freight charters throughout the world and short notice wet-lease charters for scheduled airlines.

It provides VIP charters for clients including The Rolling Stones, former Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Liverpool Football Club.

The company holds a UK Civil Aviation Authority Type A Operating Licence, permitting it to carry passengers, cargo and mail on aircraft with 20 or more seats.

Following the acquisition of Snowjet, the ski flights operator, Titan Airways plan to operate more scheduled services under the name. Titan airways have already purchased the domain.

The airline started operations on 1 February 1988. It was subject to a management buy-out on February 1992 and is now owned by Gene Willson (67%) and venture capital firm (33%). Titan Airways has been working on behalf of cruise ship companies such as Olsen Cruises; Princess Cruises and Cunard.

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1 briton (#) Sep 02nd, 2011 - 10:23 pm Report abuse
TO Argentina,
This is a British aeroplane, it flies from Britain to the Falklands and back,
It carries passengers and can carry cargo, and other items,
We also have ships, [steel things that float] they also go from the UK to the FALKLANDS. they can carry everything from military equipment-
to hot-dogs,, and we also have things called SUBMARINES, tubes that go under water, without getting wet, [wow] and the point of this education,

The Falklands don’t need you, the British can get everything to them that is required, , so any extended blockade or embargo will be as good as you rust navy, THE FALKLANDS DONT NEED YOU .
They are British , savvy
2 fantazum2011 (#) Sep 03rd, 2011 - 02:08 am Report abuse
The Ministry of Defence has had to go the british treasury to get the funding for this air triton charter because they are broke thanks to the latest cutbacks.
The ships that used to service the islands have long since been scrapped along with the royal corps of transport.
Another 22,000 miltary personnel are going to get fired.
tick tock tick tock tick
3 xbarilox (#) Sep 03rd, 2011 - 02:45 am Report abuse
@ 2 me pica un huevo, hace una semana que no me baño jojojo

“We will also be fitting life-port stretchers and a couple of business class seats into the aircraft which will reduce our seating capacity from 265 to approximately 200, which is our contracted amount. Another example of our flexibility and ability to adapt to different customer needs across short and long term contracts”. Will some of the Falklanders in these forums take that flight?
4 zethe (#) Sep 03rd, 2011 - 11:01 am Report abuse
“Another 22,000 miltary personnel are going to get fired.”

“Another” As in on top of the ones already getting fired? Don't make yourself look silly.
5 Frank (#) Sep 03rd, 2011 - 11:49 am Report abuse
'The ships that ***used *** to service the islands have long since been scrapped'
Quite right... the 'Darwin' is long gone.... the current ro-ros operating ex UK are modern state of the art ships....
'tick........................... tick.........................tick............................ ' = the sound of Fantazum's brain at work....
6 zethe (#) Sep 03rd, 2011 - 11:59 am Report abuse
Have a nice shiny type 45 down there soon. :-)

Maybie an astute. Both top of the line.
7 briton (#) Sep 03rd, 2011 - 12:29 pm Report abuse
and a lot better than anything you have got,
and once again you argies, and you silly bloggers like thickos xbox forgett
and the irish impersonater, can all just cry like babys,
their is nothing you can do about it,
the falklands are british, and will stay that way,
so go cry to each other, losers
8 fantazum2011 (#) Sep 03rd, 2011 - 04:27 pm Report abuse
Britain 'could not defend Falklands'
13 June 2011

A shrinking navy and lack of US support mean that Britain would be unable to prevent Argentina from invading the Falkland Islands and claiming them as their own, the Admiral who commanded British naval forces during the Falklands War has warned.
In a letter to The Daily Telegraph, Admiral Sir John “Sandy” Woodward said that Britain was over-committed and could not rely on the US to support the defence of the islands as it did in 1982.
Instead the US would support an “accommodation” in order to create stability in the area, Woodward wrote.
He also pointed out that the Royal Navy was significantly reduced and no longer had carrier strike capability.
“We can no longer rely on the Pentagon to support us in helping the islanders in their wish to remain essentially British sovereign territory,” he wrote.
“Significantly the islands are already being called the Malvinas by the US. This tells us all too clearly which way the wind is blowing.”
“With our land and air forces already over-committed in Afghanistan and Libya, with the defence budget still shrinking, our submarine force more than halved, our destroyer and frigate force halved, our carrier force more than halved in terms of deck availability and completely discarded in terms of fixed wing assets – the answer appears to be that we can do precisely nothing other than accede to US pressure,” Admiral Woodward concluded.
There are currently over a thousand troops, four Typhoon fast jets and a frigate stationed in and around the Falkland Islands.
OH DEAR! tick tock tick tock.....................
9 briton (#) Sep 03rd, 2011 - 04:40 pm Report abuse
8 fantazum2011
you read a lot,
but lets all agree on one very importent thing,
forget the american,or the europeans, or back up,
the ball is firmly in your court,
because thats the only way, you and your followers, can prove the papers right,
so go on , either do it, or just talk about it, your choice .
10 Conqueror (#) Sep 03rd, 2011 - 06:23 pm Report abuse
Bottom line for argentina

You want to attack the Falklands again? Go ahead. You got beaten in '82, you'll get beaten again. Slight difference. Next time around the primary targets will be Buenos Aires and other strategic and tactical targets. Tomahawk cruise missiles. Storm Shadow cruise missiles. Objectives? War capability. Acceptable solution: 100% Argentine degradation. In other words, if it's Argentine and it moves, kill it!

Argentina has a defined situation. You can accept the current situation. You can accept that you have NO rights to the Falkland Islands or any nearby territories.

Or you can die. In your tens of thousands, your hundreds of thousand, even your millions. As a Briton, I don't care. Should I consider 10 million palestinian dead? Not a chance. Should I consider Islamic, muslasmic, ignorant views? Nope. Let them die with other results.
11 xbarilox (#) Sep 03rd, 2011 - 06:25 pm Report abuse
12 Destiny (#) Sep 03rd, 2011 - 06:54 pm Report abuse
10 - stop watching schwarzeneggar movies, youre getting too excited, the possibilities of modern argentina militarily going to the falklands are tiny.
Military action isnt wanted or needed. The islands will return to argentina over time little by little.

now get back to your stamp collection.
13 geo (#) Sep 03rd, 2011 - 07:12 pm Report abuse
under the UK defence ministry contract the Boeing 767 will be running twice weekly to the Falllands ...!!
what will they carry away ? the soldiers !!
14 briton (#) Sep 03rd, 2011 - 07:45 pm Report abuse
ah but what if, they took you with them,
you need to get out more, see the world, see london the city paved with gold,[ok ok its bituem, but whos looking]
then you can row all the way home, and tell them of your great adventures,, mmmm
15 Frank (#) Sep 04th, 2011 - 12:18 am Report abuse
@13... yes they take away soldiers.... and bring out new ones..... and @3 'Will some of the Falklanders in these forums take that flight?' yes they will, that is part of the deal ....
and Xbox.. you are a drongo ... even you believe El Thicko's bollocks...
16 Redhoyt (#) Sep 04th, 2011 - 04:11 am Report abuse
There is also a twice weekly 'oil' flight ! The FIG are now considering options about reducing the MOD's flights to one and commercialising the oil flights. The MOD saves money and the amount of flights available to islanders actually increases.

The new shipping connection is also about to start.

I may need to get out more, but some of you need to read more :-)
17 Frank (#) Sep 04th, 2011 - 04:21 am Report abuse
That's the new shipping link to Brazil.... the link to the UK never stopped... the RGs probably weren't aware of that....... as you say ...some of them should read a bit more...
18 Filippo (#) Sep 04th, 2011 - 02:07 pm Report abuse
@ Frank

Read? What is this you are telling us?

My family have been in Argentina since 1955, they come from Italy - in year 1985 they immigrated to Canada. But I come back to Argentina, because I am a true Argentine, unlike you colonials, who are illigal immigrants on las malvinas, who have been in illigal occupation of Argentine land since 1833! You have NO RIGHTS!

What is there to read, that I and rest of Argentine population do not already know?
19 Be serious (#) Sep 04th, 2011 - 02:49 pm Report abuse
Little by little?
Starting with what, where and when.

Tell the truth now.
20 Teaboy2 (#) Sep 04th, 2011 - 03:17 pm Report abuse
@18 “My family have been in Argentina since 1955” No doubt you favoured the Benito Mussolini regime during ww2 then. How you can say your an argentine when your of italian blood is beyond me and therefore nothing but your own figment of you imagination.

You say the islanders have no rights yet the majority of them have had mothers, fathers, grand parents and great granparents on the islands long before 1955. Therefore they have more rights to be on the islands, then what you have to call yourselve an argentine, if your logic is anything to go by. Congratulations Flippo your the first italian blood argentine resident to be added as a hypocrite on my list of hypocrite posters on this site.
21 zethe (#) Sep 04th, 2011 - 03:58 pm Report abuse
He's British.
22 briton (#) Sep 04th, 2011 - 06:21 pm Report abuse
Under Argentine law,
Unless you are born in Argentina, you are not,
And will always be regarded as a foreigner, no matter how good your intentions,
but in your case it seems being a bit of Canadian Argentinean Italian
British, European decent, does not sit well with true argentines,
Just a thought . as thoughts go ?
23 Conqueror (#) Sep 04th, 2011 - 06:56 pm Report abuse
@ 12 I haven't watched an Arnie movie in ages. Glad to see you're not planning any military adventures. Can you say the same for CFK?

For your final comment, I LIKE my stamp collection. It's all over the house. Little plastic models of Argentine troops, ships and aircraft. And I walk around the house STAMPING on them. A 1982 re-enactment! Wanna give me something else to re-enact? I could trace an outline of a certain country on my front lawn. Then I could bring in a bulldozer! Fortuitously, I have ants in my front lawn. I can designate those as Argentines. So they get scooped up and dumped elsewhere for disposal. Mustn't forget the ants CRUSHED under the tracks.

Aren't STAMP collections wonderful things?
24 Beef (#) Sep 04th, 2011 - 07:24 pm Report abuse
I do find it hilarious that these Argie posters actually think they are in an evolving process of getting their hands on the Falkland Islands. I would love them to try and substantiate their claims with any evidence!
25 Destiny (#) Sep 04th, 2011 - 07:32 pm Report abuse
23 - primary targets will be Buenos Aires and other strategic and tactical targets. Tomahawk cruise missiles. Storm Shadow cruise missiles. Objectives? War capability.
26 briton (#) Sep 04th, 2011 - 07:37 pm Report abuse
With all these secrets and agents you have, i thought you would have taken the hind by now, boy just what de we have to do [spell it out]
We have nothing, no men-no ships - no planes, were broke
We cannot get down their, we cannot defend it anymore,
We made sure it was printed in the worlds press, UN, and the argentine times, can you not take the HINT , do you not want Cameron to follow in Maggie’s foot steps,
Your choice, your move your decision your invasion,
Take the hint
, or stop please reading comics,
unless you are prpeared to go get them,
you will have to invent talking coffins, to carry on talking long after your demise lol.
27 so_far (#) Sep 04th, 2011 - 09:28 pm Report abuse
”25 lol, we need to care about that little Rambo....

Good style Mr / Mrs Destiny, btw i enjoy the videos you posted in other article, thx for share it.
28 J.A. Roberts (#) Sep 05th, 2011 - 07:39 am Report abuse
“My family have been in Argentina since 1955, they come from Italy”

What a laugh. A 2nd or possibly 3rd generation Italian Argie who could not hack it in Canada telling 8th and 9th generation Falkland Islanders that they have no rights.

Go back to Italy Filippo!
29 Teaboy2 (#) Sep 05th, 2011 - 09:04 am Report abuse
Hey Guys

hows this little beauty for you -

I read yesterday that it will be in active service relatively soon and used originally along side Typhoons and F35's before replacing all conventional active manned fighter jets. Now am pretty sure one of these Taranis will have no problem taking of from a carrier regardless of how the deck is outfitted. But hey, when it can reach round the globe and back who needs carriers then.
30 zethe (#) Sep 05th, 2011 - 09:40 am Report abuse
I've been told it's designed with carrier flights in mind. But yeah the Tarnais will be the first step towards a full robotic airforce(The f-35 should be the last manned aircraft). I believe the Taranis can already defend itself against hostile aircraft.

I don't think Taranis will take over from the f-35. Probably a newer aircraft designed in 20 years or so.
31 Rhaurie-Craughwell (#) Sep 05th, 2011 - 12:40 pm Report abuse
Contrary to the claims of Nicodume and Fantasia the UK must be the only country in the world to have no money, no future, no jobs, no armed forces yet still successfully deter an invasion by the neighbours over a remote overseas territory......Or perhaps something is inherently wrong in their deluded assertions :)
32 Teaboy2 (#) Sep 05th, 2011 - 01:49 pm Report abuse
Argentine military power (Stats and funding) -

Uk military power (Stats and Funding) -

Both up to date as off june 2011 so includes the recent spending cuts in the UK forces. And look who spends only 4 billion USD compared to the UK's 74 billion and they say we are weak and broke and have rusty aircraft and weapons. God they sure know how to make us laugh out loud at them, don't they lol :)

Oh look we still have 1 aircraft carrier, which could actually be used by harriers if they were demothballed too. HMS Illustrious - Not being decommissioned till HMS Queen Elizabeth is in active service. So much for them saying we have no carriers too lol ;)
33 so_far (#) Sep 05th, 2011 - 02:05 pm Report abuse

An interesting comparative and evidence that makes it clear that Argentina is a peaceful country and not a militarized one, very unlike the UK.

Also the official graphic map of each country by it is also very informative and in the case of Argentina of course includes Malvinas Islands as part of Argentine territory.

Thanks for sharing, that's how the 99% of the civilized world see the situation.

Your own link:
34 Teaboy2 (#) Sep 05th, 2011 - 03:26 pm Report abuse
The map does not respect territory at all, and is just that a map, it does not state the islands name, infact the map is just a mock up taken from a much larger map, the islands probably left in by mistake or lack or realisation that they are the falklands (not every one knows where the falklands are). What really matters are the FACTS, those facts are:

1 - the islanders are british
2 - the UK has sovereignty and has held sovereignty since the 1770's
3 - The Islands are self Governing with their own independent government
4 - The islanders have the right to self determination.
5 - The Argentina never existed as a country in 1833, so no argentines were evicted or were on the islands as they did not exist till argentina existed in 1850's
6 - You “argentina” never had sovereignty of the islands at any point in history.
7 - You tried to take them in 1982 and got a bloody nose and kicked out of the islands as a result.
8 - You do not have the ability to take the islands now or in the future ever again
9 - you refuse to take it to the ICJ as your leaders know their historical claim is a load of codswallop i.e. made up crap.
10 - we are a much bigger economic power then argentina therefore play a much bigger role in world peace, that and having a big economy means we need a bigger military then you to protect ourself from threat like argentina, who threaten our sovereignty and as we contribute more to peace keeping missions then what argentina does, we require a bigger military to enforce peace and protect innocent civilians seeking freedom and democracy from dictators seeking to kill them for wanting freedom and democracy.

Now as you call yourselves a peace loving nation, then all i can say is shame on you, cos your country has not spilt an annouce of blood to protect peoples freedoms and right to peace other than in your own right to peace and freedom, instead you start illegal invasions and the systimatic slaugther of the Native people which probably stil on going.
35 zethe (#) Sep 05th, 2011 - 03:28 pm Report abuse
A militarized nation is a nation who spends a large ammount of it's GDP on defence. 2% is not a large ammount. For instance Mynamar spends 25% GDP on it's forces. Yet it's a much lower sum than the UK budget because of various differences in economys.

The US fr example roughly accounts for 50% of the worlds total military budget. Yet only spends 4% GDP.
36 Rufus (#) Sep 05th, 2011 - 04:06 pm Report abuse
@13 & @15

Oddly enough, my local news had something on it this morning. I think it's because the new battalion that has just arrived is from one of the local regiments.
Link here:
37 so_far (#) Sep 05th, 2011 - 05:03 pm Report abuse
#34 dear kid,

Which source come the iformation from ?

Sources: Central Intelligence Agency

could be true ?? What CIA say about it ? They made mistakes with the maps ? huh ?

Las islas Malvians are NOT british....they´re ONLY administered by uk (in fact by a point of a gun since 1833)

Soon or later this situation will change, everybody knows that. no matter how long will take....we already learnt that. In paceful way we´ll wait the exact moment boy.

btw, read a bit about Artartica and Argentina´s bases :)
38 Britishbulldog (#) Sep 05th, 2011 - 06:42 pm Report abuse
33 so_far ----- No you plonker we have all that hardware because we cant trust countries like Argentina who would if it could invade a peaceful few Islands that have never belonged to them. The only reason that Argentina does not have the military hardware is that Argentina is BROKE if it wasn't you can be sure as eggs are eggs she would be building up her military force . But rest assured that when the time comes and it will, Britain will be more than ready to take on anything that the political masters of Argentina can throw at us military wise and next time I think we will finish the job that we should have done in 82. So as the saying goes all you ARGY cyber warriors dont push us, you would not like us if you pushed to hard
39 so_far (#) Sep 05th, 2011 - 07:09 pm Report abuse
#38 Please don´t hurt us....
40 Britishbulldog (#) Sep 05th, 2011 - 09:34 pm Report abuse
33 so_far ---- Very funny, we wont hurt hurt you if your scared of bubbles. in fact if you behave yourselves its very unlikely that we will hurt you. Just be sure to behave yourselves. :0)
41 Teaboy2 (#) Sep 05th, 2011 - 11:07 pm Report abuse
@37 - Yes the source of the information on military units and funding only is central intelligence agency but the source of the map is not, as the site is not run by the CIA is it? No its ran by a company you idiot. See their diclaimer it makes it clear in the first paragrapth that they are not part of the CIA - So the map was made by globalfirepower themselves and not taken from any CIA or american government map, its a simple cut, paste and photoshop image, nothing more and means nothing. Look at section 8 of their desclaimer on images confirming its their own artwork or taken from the public domain, not therefore an image endorsed by the CIA is it idiot?

Yes the UK administers the islands, why because we hold sovereignty off the islands if we didn't then we would not be able to administer them idiot.

As for agrentina bases, i couldn't give a crap, you have no military benefits from such bases, nor does having bases in antartica give you right to claim sovereignty of the islands, so your point about argentina bases in the antartic is irrelevent. Oh by the way we also have bases in antartica, so your point is what exactly?

Tip for you, learn to get your facts and look behind the evidence before taking things on face value only to end up looking like an idiot when its proven your assumption is wrong.
42 briton (#) Sep 05th, 2011 - 11:19 pm Report abuse
You might find this interesting, it took ages to read, but good reading,
the type 26, and the update on the carriers,
and a few other things,
will have no interest to the argie bloggers [no disrespect boys]
but as you now consider your selves a peaceful and non aggressive country,
perhaps pictures of the nice lakes in Switzerland may help,
43 so_far (#) Sep 06th, 2011 - 02:09 am Report abuse
#41 relax kiddo, you put the link with the map, i guess wasnt an smart go back to your play sation :)
44 Teaboy2 (#) Sep 06th, 2011 - 04:10 am Report abuse
@43 - Firstly i am a 30 year man, so i am far from a kid or kiddo as you put it. Secondly i do not play games consoles. Thirdly i have experienced more in my short life then you probably couldn't even imagine

And forthly you jumped to conclusions and ended up getting it wrong and making your self look an idiot when i pointed out to you the images and site are not endorsed by the CIA as you assumed. So please don't talk down to me in your vein attempt to make me look a fool when your the only fool here. After all no one cares about the dam image. Would the rest of the world appeaing in the same image make the rest of the world argentinas? No it would, so it doesnt make the falklands argentinas, just because they appear on the same image either.
45 lsolde (#) Sep 06th, 2011 - 12:27 pm Report abuse
@37 so_far,
Where are “Las Malvians”? ln the Pacific ocean, maybe?
lf you won't go to court & you're too“peaceful”(trying not to laugh)to invade us again, then how exactly do you think you are going to take over our country?
46 so_far (#) Sep 06th, 2011 - 02:40 pm Report abuse

The only thing i wonder about you is why few people I respect exchange words with individual so well described by Mr Argerich time ago “holligan girl” .

Almost I can imagine your ancestry kicking out Argentinean inhabitants in 1833 or killing gauchos that lived peacefully in those islands under Argentine rule.

In my opinion you are part of the problem and not the solution, ergo don´t deserve a second of our time.
47 briton (#) Sep 06th, 2011 - 03:11 pm Report abuse
may I
dosent matter if you like him or not,
argentina is the problem [as well you know]
britain is the cure,
48 Filippo (#) Sep 06th, 2011 - 03:25 pm Report abuse
They are no paying us for use of Argentine facilities, therefore are in illegal violation of Argentine airspace. THEY ARE PIRATE PLANES IN OUR AIRSPACE!!!
49 Teaboy2 (#) Sep 06th, 2011 - 03:32 pm Report abuse
@46 So_far your an idiot who clearly doesn't know his facts from his ass.

1 - what part in my earlier post #34 did you not understand, when i made it clear that the british claimed sovereignty back in the 1770's, something we never reliquished? I think you will find the garrison you built and the appointment by Louis Vernet as governer by the royal admiralty of buenos aires was illegal, and therefore the garrison was the first invasion of the islands by your ancestors. However it was resolved peacefully and only the garrison was asked to leave which they did of their own free will, any south american citizens (as there were no argentinians in 1833 since the country never existed till the 1850's) were allowed to stay if they wanted too - we didn't have to let them stay, but we did.

So please tell us how you think the islands are yours when they were never yours at any point in time or history and when the the garrison in 1833 was illegal and in breach of british sovereignty first claimed in the 1770's?

What is it with you lot, you think international law and the righst of people on the islands do not apply or matter to you, just because you “THINK” the islands should belong to you. I think the islanders have more right on the islanders then you idiots, and your wanting world peace yet at this very moment your blockading (economically) and using legislation to fine companies connect to the falklands and including the gaining of the islands sovereignty on your national constitution - Sorry mate but thats not peace those actions alone amount to an act of war. And the only reason we are not at war as a result of your act of war is becuase we the british and islanders have alot of resolve do not consider you a big enough threat, in fact, we pity you fools. You been brain washed by your leaders, you actually believe the false history that was taught to you, your leaders talk like they are spolit kids moaning with how the call us pirates etc, GROW THE HELL UP.
50 J.A. Roberts (#) Sep 06th, 2011 - 05:12 pm Report abuse
Go back to Italy Filippo. Where you belong!
51 lsolde (#) Sep 06th, 2011 - 10:50 pm Report abuse
@46 so_far,
Can't win an arguement & can't or won't answer the question, so you resort to personal insults.
Well l suppose l expected that from a fool malvinista.
So, Mr so_far, exactly what are you going to do? (NOTHING!).
Maybe you think we'll all say, “ok you can have our homes etc etc & we'll just leave” ha ha ha. Why don't you give your homes up?
l've got a better idea, you Argentines go back to Europe.
btw, what's a holligan? ls it something like a hologram?
Fyi, Sr Argerich is another lying loser like your good self.
Where is your hero now? He soon realised that he was flogging a dead horse.
Keep it up so_far, you're good for a laugh.
52 Teaboy2 (#) Sep 07th, 2011 - 01:20 am Report abuse
@51 isolde, well said!

I might add though that not only does he resort to personal insults but he will also at the same time try to turn it round on the the opposite party, in a vein attempt to make the opposite party look like the fool, when the fool is actually him.
53 briton (#) Sep 07th, 2011 - 11:32 am Report abuse
so far so good then ?
54 Malvinero1 (#) Sep 08th, 2011 - 05:12 pm Report abuse
Bottom line for argentina

You want to attack the Falklands again? Go ahead. You got beaten in '82, you'll get beaten again. Slight difference
And do you think we care abouit the uk????
We do not need you...silly bankrupt...
55 Teaboy2 (#) Sep 08th, 2011 - 06:22 pm Report abuse
@54 malviner01

Try stated what post your qouting when you post, otherwise others will assume you are confused.

As for UK being Bankrupt - That is incorrect, we are not bankrupt and are very very far from being bankrupt, you and your fellow argentines need to learn the differnce between resicission (which we are no longer in) and bankruptcy. We have plenty of cash avalliable in the UK bank thanks. Though you should take a look at your own country before making incorrect and false statements about the UK, after all your countrys currency is being deprieciated and will continue that way all the while your inflation rate is rising and will end up price you of the market for basic every day needs, and out of the international market for imports and exports, in otherwords your another zimbabwe in the making, where breach cost $10 (zimbabwean dollars or 116,123.24 argentine peso) a loaf, i wonder how many of you argentina could afford to pay 10 million peso a loaf a bread, not bloody many, so whos going bankrupt now? Because it sure as hell isn't the UK.

Ahh another name to add to my list of argentine hypocrite posters on here.
56 Malvinero1 (#) Sep 08th, 2011 - 09:09 pm Report abuse
As for UK being Bankrupt - That is incorrect, we are not bankrupt and are very very far from being bankrupt, you and your fellow argentines need to learn the differnce between resicission (which we are no longer in) and bankruptcy. We have plenty of cash avalliable in the UK bank thanks. Though you should
Sorry coffeboy,But that is the truth....
There is plenty of true info about that....Do not believe the bankers.....
UK will Collapse Jim Rogers Investment Guru !!!!!!!!

Jim Rogers Flush your Sterlings Down The Toilet !!!!!!!!!!

Jim Rogers the UK is FINISHED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And looking at hte level of the probrits here,it is easy to imagine this outcome.....CAN NOT BE OTHERWISE!!!!
57 briton (#) Sep 08th, 2011 - 09:19 pm Report abuse
well if you are as clever as you wish us to think you are,
would you care to give us an exact date this bankrupsy will take place,
no answer tells us you are not to be belived,
58 Beef (#) Sep 08th, 2011 - 09:54 pm Report abuse
Malviner is as think as Marcos. AAA (Stable), that is the UK credit rating, i.e. a million light years away from bankruptcy. Unless that is if you are a Anglophobic ideologically blind Argie who has inflated visions of grandeur.

With British companies like Rockhopper Exploration showing the world how things get done it is no wonder why may companies choose to list on the LSE.

BTW Malviner, why have you bothered to learn English if our influence ion the world is minimal. Surely you should have gone for another second language?

The drill bit keeps turing and nothing Argneitna can do about it :-)
59 fantazum2011 (#) Sep 09th, 2011 - 01:46 am Report abuse
Government urged to reveal 'true' national debt of £4.8 trillion
The Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) has calculated that the national debt of Britain is £4.8 trillion once state and public sector pension liabilities are included, or £78,000 for every person in the UK.

British AAA rating
The other issue whether we may lose our apparently much-cherished AAA credit rating. Actually, we have already lost this – sort of. We are already paying more for our debt than other AAA-rated countries like Germany since we're judged higher–risk, regardless of what the credit rating says on the top of the tin.
Britain has already lost its AAA rating

tick tock tick tock........
60 Teaboy2 (#) Sep 09th, 2011 - 03:36 am Report abuse
@Fantazum #59 lets scale the 4.8 trillion down shall we. Lets say every person in the uk had a mortgage of £78,000 well thats a very cheap house and something the vast majority of us brits can afford. But thats the magic word “Afford” i.e. we can afford it, we can afford a debt of 3 times higher than 4.3 trillion. So your point means nothing Fantazum, its not like we have defaulted like agrentina did on a sum of no less than $132 billion USD in 2001. Hell in the 1830's debt was at 200% of our GDP and similar again in the 1950's as a result of WW2, did we go bankrupt then? No we did not, did we lose our AAA rating then? No we did not, why not you ask - well its simply becuase we have an economy that can afford it.

Yet here you are slagging us off say BS about us going bankrupt, when evidently you have no economic education, while at the same time your currency is being depreicated, your national reserves are being depleted to steady the rate of the depreciation - which trust me whe CFK re-elected you will fail a sharp shock to your wallets in the last quarter. All at the same time influances the increasing of inflation. Your country is slinding into economic obilivion, but this time it will be far worser than in 2001, yet you simply refuse to acknowledge my warnings.

Oh and Malvinero we know perfectly well who Jim Rogers is, the spreader of doom and gloom news who then profits from it. Why does he profit? Well its because he knows it will put the gitters on the stock market and make people panick sell, so these doommongers postion themselves nicely to make a killing from the doom and gloom they sprout. Has the UK gone the way he predicted. no, in fact we have been growing very slowly and not going the wrong way like you and your argentine buddies like to falsely state.

So tick tock tick tock, inflation climbed the clock and argentine went booommm - self implotion is a bitch! lol
61 fantazum2011 (#) Sep 09th, 2011 - 05:17 pm Report abuse
Average house price in Britain - £228,095

Argentina's economy rises by a fantastic 9.2% in 2010

Argentina benefits from rich natural resources, a highly literate population, an export-oriented agricultural sector, and a diversified industrial base.

British education standards now worse than Albania.

British schools now rank behind societies such as Albania, Iran, Trinidad and Tobago and Lithuania for maths and science and an entire generation of young British people leave school unable to read and write.

You're screwed mate innit, know what I mean brov' ?

tick tock tick tock..........the chav ran up the clock,
he couldnt read the numbers,
so in a rage he burned his school,
and ended up before the judge,
standing in the dock.
62 Teaboy2 (#) Sep 10th, 2011 - 03:54 pm Report abuse
Fantasyboy, nothing you have posted is of any relevance to the UK's national debt or economy

Your economy is rising purely as a precurser to its eventual slide into oblivion, such rise is the result of devaluation of your currency, but like china it is unsutainable, and inflation will rise and the devaluation will slide uncontrollably rising the cost of living and every day goods making them unaffordable to the majority of your citizens. All at the same time making your resources and products so expensive that you will simply be priced out of the global export markets when countries find cheaper alternatives.

As for schools, well thats funny since britain is one of the leading nations in science and technology. Sure standards in schools may have fallen but that doesn't change the fact that more and more students are getting good gcse's grades, higher a level grades, and more and more are getting degrees and diplomas at universty then any generation before then, I would not assume that low standards in the schools actually reflect as poorer education as many poorer nations have higher amounts of well educated persons then developed countries, look at pakistan for example. Many of whom come to the UK to work in their choosen fields.

As for agentinian schools - well the following figures are not exactly promising are they? - ”No formal education 4.1% Incomplete primary 15.1% Complete primary 29.7% Incomplete secondary 14.9% Complete secondary 17.1% Incomplete tertiary (Further Education) 9.1% Complete tertiary 10%”

Going by those figures, just over 50% of pupils at any stage in the education manage to complete that stage of education. So you have just under 50% of your children dropping out and/failing at primary school, followed by a further 50% of all children that complete primary school dropping out and failing at secondary school, followed by another 50% of those that progress to tertiary dropping out or failing. No wonder some of you are dumbasses here.
63 briton (#) Sep 10th, 2011 - 07:25 pm Report abuse
they run out of reason, so they pick on the children,
they have lost it big time,
but alas being indocrinated, they know not ??
64 Teaboy2 (#) Sep 10th, 2011 - 09:28 pm Report abuse
@63 - lol thats probably why they dropped out of school, they realised they were being taught a load of government bullshit and lies. So i guess those that stayed on at school became the dumbasses that post on here, while those that dropped out were taught at home by their more educated parents ;)

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