Thursday, April 17th 2014 - 22:09 UTC

OAS Secretary General Insulza: “García Márquez Raised Latin American Literature to Global Heights”

Gabriel García Márquez, Nobel laureate writer, dies aged 87

José Miguel Insulza, today expressed his “deep sorrow over the death of Gabriel García Márquez, Colombian and Latin American author, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, primordial figure of the most prolific and brilliant generation of authors our continent has ever seen, who raised the literature of Latin America to global heights.”

Thursday, April 17th 2014 - 08:16 UTC

Mujica proposes wife Topolansky as the ruling coalition's vice-president candidate

Lucia Topolansky is a former urban guerrilla, Senator and First Lady

Uruguayan president Jose Mujica has said that his wife and First Lady, Lucia Topolansky would make “a good Vice-president”. His statement comes ahead of June's primary and October's presidential election when Mujica's five year term will be over and he can't be re-elected immediately.

Thursday, April 17th 2014 - 08:12 UTC

Brazil's chief banker forecasts inflation will come down in coming months

“We have worked for inflation to once again remain compatible with the inflation target”, said Tombini

Food prices in Brazil have started to ease and should bring inflation down in coming months, central bank chief Alexandre Tombini said on Wednesday, reinforcing views that policymakers are ready to wrap up their year-long campaign of rate hikes. He reiterated that a significant part of the impact of past rate increases on inflation has yet to be felt.

Thursday, April 17th 2014 - 08:09 UTC

Argentina court prevents supplying Brazil with football hooligans intelligence

In the last World Cup in South Africa, local authorities sent back to Buenos Aires 30 'barra bravas”

Notorious Argentine “barras bravas” football hooligans can travel to the World Cup without intelligence being passed on beforehand to hosts Brazil, a court has ruled. The court in Buenos Aires said that the Argentine government is not allowed to tell another country personal information about its citizens, a lawyer for the United Argentine Fans (HUA) supporters' group said on Wednesday.

Thursday, April 17th 2014 - 08:04 UTC

Argentine magistrate looks into Antarctica campaign over costs and nepotism

 Former minister Puricelli  and his son (L) and advisor, Alejandro are under investigation

Argentine Federal magistrate Luis Rodríguez has ordered Supreme Court accountancy experts to prepare a report on the 2012/13 Antarctic campaign including two tenders and extraordinary expenses all of which involving an estimated 30 million pesos, approximately 4 million dollars.

Thursday, April 17th 2014 - 07:59 UTC

Brazil sends army to World Cup host city following police strike and widespread looting

Troops in Salvador, which will host several World Cup matches

Brazil's government ordered 5,000 army troops to one of the host cities for the coming World Cup to provide law and order after a police strike led to civil unrest and looting.On Wednesday, the troops entered Salvador, the capital of Bahia state in northeastern Brazil, the state where police began striking on Tuesday night followed by the ransacking of shops and supermarkets, according to local reports.

Thursday, April 17th 2014 - 04:44 UTC

Chilean plan to rebuild Valparaíso but people already returning to their rubble plots

Valparaíso despite its Unesco World Heritage status is plagued with pockets of poverty particularly in the burnt hills surrounding the port-city

Chilean President Michelle Bachelet vowed to reconstruct Valparaíso, utilizing a new plan that would prevent many of the 11,000 victims of devastating wildfires from rebuilding on hills that cannot be protected from disasters. But she faces a battle to convince evacuees to relocate, with many wishing to return to what remains of their previous homes.

Thursday, April 17th 2014 - 00:02 UTC

Argentine government sponsors bill to regulate roadblocks and pickets

Pickets an almost every day patience and ingenious challenge for Buenos Aires City residents

Argentine President Cristina Fernández congressional group, 'Victory Front' submitted a bill in the Lower House to regulate street protests in a move that seeks to “guarantee and reinforce” the rights of citizens forced to deal with roadblocks and traffic chaos. The project bans the carrying of weapon by security forces during demonstrations too.

Wednesday, April 16th 2014 - 10:01 UTC

Ukraine falling to economic warfare and its own missteps

Putin has called for payment of 38 billion from Ukraine, the result of unpaid gas sales

As protests in Ukraine's eastern region turned violent on Sunday leading to the death of a Ukrainian security officer in a shootout with pro-Russian militia, Kiev threatens military action while Moscow flexes its geo-economic warfare muscles.

Wednesday, April 16th 2014 - 04:49 UTC

Spanish government vessels incursions into Gibraltar waters reach 600

Guardia Civil vessels in Gibraltar territorial waters

Spanish government vessels have unlawfully entered British territorial waters around Gibraltar more than 600 times since the start of 2013, according to official figures. There were 496 incursions in 2013 and 112 in the first three months of 2014, the figures disclosed by Foreign Secretary William Hague revealed.


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