Monday, July 11th 2016 - 07:19 UTC

Second Chinook helicopter back in the Falklands from Afghanistan

Prior to 2006 the United Kingdom had a pair of Chinooks permanently detached to the Falkland Islands

The United Kingdom has returned to the Falkland Islands one of the two Boeing Chinook heavy-lift helicopters that were withdrawn in 2006 for operational service in Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) told IHS Jane's on 4 July.

Monday, July 11th 2016 - 07:16 UTC

Lord Prescott admits Iraq war was “illegal” and a “catastrophic decision”

Writing in the Sunday Mirror, Lord Prescott said he would live with the “catastrophic decision” for the rest of his life.

John Prescott, who was deputy prime minister when Britain went to war with Iraq in 2003, says the invasion by UK and US forces was “illegal”. Writing in the Sunday Mirror, he said he would live with the “catastrophic decision” for the rest of his life.

Monday, July 11th 2016 - 06:20 UTC

The Pound beats the Argentine Peso as worst performing currency in 2016

Some analysts are convinced the pound still has further to fall, with some predicting lows of US$ 1.20 against the dollar in the next three months.

The pound has beaten the Argentine peso to become 2016's worst performing currency after it plunged to a 31-year low in the aftermath of the decision to leave the EU. Sterling dipped below US$1.30 for the first time since 1985 in the second week after the European referendum.

Monday, July 11th 2016 - 06:16 UTC

Pope Francis appeals to “a greater Fatherland” in message to Argentina's independence bicentennial

“We need grandfathers with dreams which drive the young — inspired by those same dreams — running forward with the creativity of the prophesy”.

In anticipation of Argentina's Independence Day bicentenary on Saturday,( 9 July 1816), Pope Francis sent a special message calling for the homeland to fulfill the prophesy of Joel (1st chapter. 4th verse) — only if our grandparents dare to dream and our youths to prophesy great things can our homeland be free.

Monday, July 11th 2016 - 06:12 UTC

Disenchantment with Trump and Hillary makes room for an alternative candidate, shows Reuters/Ipsos poll

Poll shows 21% of likely voters will not back Trump or Clinton in the November presidential election.

A public opinion poll from Ipsos, contracted and publishes by Reuters shows that United States citizens demand for an alternative to the two main presidential candidates has surged since the last election, underscoring the unpopularity of Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Monday, July 11th 2016 - 05:12 UTC

Raw sewage and super-bacteria off Rio beaches threaten Olympic water competitions

City officials blame illegal dumping for the contamination, but a significant portion of Rio’s raw sewage goes untreated before it’s dumped into the ocean.

A group of Brazilian scientists has just discovered a drug-resistant super-bacteria growing off some of Rio de Janeiro’s beaches, with less than a month to go until the 2016 Olympic Games officially commence, which will be hosted by the city from August 5.

Saturday, July 9th 2016 - 09:29 UTC

Ex Guantanamo Diyab could be in Brazil, but he “is not infringing the law or on the run”

Diyab is believe to be in the Uruguay-Brazil border twin cities which has a long resident Middle East population

Jihad Ahmad Diyab, the ex Guantanamo Syrian inmate which was liberated and given refuge in Uruguay, and apparently recently crossed the border to neighboring Brazil “has not infringed any law” and is “not on the run”, according to Christian Mirza who acts as a link between the Uruguayan government and the ex Guantanamo prisoners accepted by Uruguay at the end of 2014.

Friday, July 8th 2016 - 09:35 UTC

Brazil's speaker of the Lower House resigns “to help stabilize the chamber”

“Only my resignation can help stabilize the chamber,” said Cunha, on the verge of tears and his voice cracking, said at a press conference.

Brazil suspended speaker of Brazil's lower house of Congress resigned from his post on Thursday, saying the move was aimed at bringing stability to that legislative chamber. Eduardo Cunha still retains his seat in the Chamber of Deputies, although he could lose it as part of an internal legislative process.

Friday, July 8th 2016 - 06:41 UTC

US and Argentina are “regional leaders and long time friends”, says Kerry

Kerry said that the Argentine and US peoples are bound together by common interests and shared values, democracy, human rights and gender equality.

Secretary of State John Kerry sent best US wishes to the Argentine people on the 200 years of its declaration of independence on July 9, and underlined that both countries “are regional leaders and long time friends”.

Friday, July 8th 2016 - 04:56 UTC

Uruguayan government insists in transferring Mercosur presidency to Venezuela

A release from Uruguay's foreign ministry, which was not signed by Nin Novoa, reiterates its decision to transfer the Mercosur chair to Venezuela

Uruguay ratified on Thursday its willingness to transfer the Mercosur presidency to Venezuela despite objections from the other members, Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. In a brief statement in its official site, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Uruguay, currently holding the Mercosur pro tempore chair “reiterates its position to proceed to transfer the presidency, in abidance with what is established by the current Mercosur rules”.


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