Wednesday, September 14th 2016 - 10:53 UTC

Falklands open to establish further air links with third countries plus two additional stops per month in Argentina

Currently there is a weekly flight linking Punta Arenas in Chile with the Falklands, which stops once a month, one in each direction, in Rio Gallegos

The chapter on the South Atlantic establishes that the 1989 formula on sovereignty of the Falklands will not be affected and that the appropriate measures will be taken to remove all obstacles limiting the economic growth and sustainable development of the Islands

Wednesday, September 14th 2016 - 10:31 UTC

UK/Argentina Joint Communiqué – 13 September 2016

With cabinet chief Marco Peña at Government House

The Minister of State for Europe and the Americas, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Sir Alan Duncan, visited Argentina on 12 and 13 September. The principal reason for the visit was to enhance bilateral consultations with the Argentine Foreign Ministry and attend the Business and Investment Forum organised by the Argentine Government.

Wednesday, September 14th 2016 - 10:12 UTC

UK/Argentina begin new dialogue and agree on areas of mutual interest including the South Atlantic

FCO Minister Alan Duncan said that the UK and Argentina are building a positive relationship based on areas where “we so clearly agree”.

The British Government and the Government of Argentina have agreed to an improved relationship through closer co-operation on areas of mutual interest, including on trade, security and the South Atlantic. A UK-Argentine joint statement has been agreed and released on Tuesday 13 September, following a series of high level meetings in Buenos Aires with Sir Alan Duncan - the first Foreign Office Minister to visit Argentina since 2009.

Wednesday, September 14th 2016 - 08:28 UTC

Venezuela could lose Mercosur membership if it does not comply with the block's rules

      Venezuela is expected to must approve an estimated 300 rules and regulations, and incorporate some thirty international treaties by next December

Mercosur full members are working on a resolution calling on Venezuela to comply with all rules, regulations and international treaties of the block, which should be incorporated by next December, and if not the country could lose its membership, according to Uruguayan foreign minister Rodolfo Nin Novoa.

Tuesday, September 13th 2016 - 19:51 UTC

Macri announces top level meeting with UK to address ''all issues'', next week in New York

“We're planning a meeting in New York during the UN sessions. We're going to establish a round of conversations talking about all issues”, Macri was quoted

Argentine president Mauricio Macri described as a “gesture” the attendance of Foreign Office minister Alan Duncan at the Business and Investment forum in Buenos Aires, and anticipated that UK and Argentina are preparing a bilateral meeting next week in New York on the sidelines of the annual UN general assembly to address all issues including Falklands/Malvinas.

Tuesday, September 13th 2016 - 10:58 UTC

UK a most unequal country; 10% of population own over half of the wealth

634,000 Britons were worth 20 times as much as the poorest 13 million. Oxfam has urged PM May to help close the gap between the “haves” and the “have-nots”.

The richest 1% of the UK population owns more than 20 times the wealth of the poorest fifth, according to Oxfam. That made Britain one of the most unequal countries in the developed world and contributed to the vote for Brexit, the charity said.

Tuesday, September 13th 2016 - 10:44 UTC

First OAS Electoral Observation Mission to the US next November 8

Laura Chinchilla, the first woman president of Costa Rica, held office from 2010 to 2014. In 2015 she headed the OAS mission to Mexican federal elections.

The former president of Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla, will head the first Electoral Observation Mission that the OAS will deploy to the United States and that will observe the upcoming November 8 elections.

Tuesday, September 13th 2016 - 10:28 UTC

Controversy in Westminster over the surface fleet and the Type 26 frigates

Defense Secretary Fallon told MPs he would not sign the contract until “absolutely persuaded that it is in the best interests and value for money for the taxpayer”.

British MP Julian Lewis, who chairs the Commons defense committee, claimed contractors BAE Systems were ready to start work on the multi-billion pound Ministry of Defense's new Type 26 frigates, known as global combat ships. The project has already been cut from 13 to eight new ships, while a target to start cutting steel in May has been delayed indefinitely.

Tuesday, September 13th 2016 - 09:55 UTC

“If beef is not included”, there won't be no Mercosur-EU trade agreement, warns Uruguay

Nin Novoa said that among the goods to be negotiates is beef, which is one of the main products because, “if it does not include beef, there won't be any agreement”

“If beef is not included, there won't be any agreement”, said Uruguay's foreign minister Rodolfo Nin Novoa in anticipation of next week's meeting of European Union and Mercosur coordinators to adjust the list of goods and services the two blocks will formally exchange in mid October, the first formal meeting of its kind in fourteen years.

Tuesday, September 13th 2016 - 09:42 UTC

Brazilian congress expels lawmaker who engineered Rousseff's impeachment

Cunha's downfall has many politicians worried: he has threatened to bring down others by revealing cases of corruption that could endanger Temer's government

Two weeks after the removal of Dilma Rousseff as Brazil's president, the lower house of Congress on Monday expelled the lawmaker who engineered her impeachment for lying about secret bank accounts in Switzerland. The once powerful former speaker Eduardo Cunha, who has been charged with corruption by the Supreme Court, was banned from politics for eight years and faces arrest now he has lost his congressional prerogatives.


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