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Brazil main airline betters profits; prepares to join one of the world’s largest carriers

TAM, Brazil's largest airline, reported a fourth-quarter profit on rising ticket prices, fanning expectations of more profitable operations in the year ahead despite recent cost pressures.

Chief Executive Officer Marco Antonio Bologna, looking for a balance between market and profitability

TAM posted net income of 95.5 million Reais (56 million dollars) in a securities filing, down 36% from a year earlier as higher fuel prices and a weaker currency pressured costs.

The airline rebounded from a 620 million Reais loss in the third quarter, in part because of improved pricing. TAM boosted the spread of revenue over costs for each kilometre that its passengers travelled by 32% from the third quarter, even as unit fuel costs jumped 27%.

The improved profitability indicators and a more modest fleet plan suggest TAM has learned from a bruising fare battle with rival Gol Linhas Aereas. TAM said last month that it was cutting back its fleet and focusing on the profitability of existing routes as it sees 2012 air traffic growth slowing to half of last year's pace.

“Our main objective is to maintain a balance between market share and profitability,” Chief Executive Officer Marco Antonio Bologna said in the earnings statement.

Though slowing, growth in Brazil is still on pace to beat the expansion of civil aviation globally. But the sharp slowdown reflects a harsh new reality of congested airports, high fuel prices and a glut of new capacity in a Brazilian industry that was booming for years.

TAM booked a 335 million Reais loss for 2011. Fuel and labour costs eroded profitability, while the airline fought to hold on to market share as competitors ramped up flights.

The quarterly results may be the last TAM files, analysts say, before the airline delists its shares as part of a takeover by Chile's LAN Airlines to create one of the world's largest carriers.

The deal has received conditional regulatory approval and is expected to pass a vote by TAM shareholders next month.

The new LATAM Airlines Group will fly passenger and cargo flights to 115 destinations stretching from Frankfurt to Sydney.

LAN's and TAM's revenue exceeded 10 billion dollars in 2010, and their combined market value is second only to Air China among the world's airlines.

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1 ManRod (#) Feb 16th, 2012 - 02:45 pm Report abuse
“The quarterly results may be the last TAM files, analysts say, before the airline delists its shares as part of a TAKEOVER by Chile's LAN Airlines to create one of the world's largest carriers.”

Guess who will try to deny this. I give you a hint... somebody who loves Argentina and generally calls chileans “indians” in a despective intent and pretends to be from the Netherlands.
2 Fido Dido (#) Feb 16th, 2012 - 06:58 pm Report abuse
Lol, knew you would react. First of all, I am Dutch that lives in the US. No need to pretend. Indeed I call Chileans indians, you have a problem with that?
And again, it's a merger. I already explained it many times here that LAN cannot own more than 20% of TAM. LATAM is created between a MERGER of LAN (Peruvian/Chilean) and TAM (Brazilian) where both airlines will operate SEPARATE.

Jij bent gewoon een domme indiaan uit Chili met gebrek aan zelfvertrouwen.

Translation, you're a (dumb f**k) indian from Chile with a low self esteem.
3 Gianni (#) Feb 16th, 2012 - 08:27 pm Report abuse
Fido Dido you are wrong, under brazilian law , lan cannot buy more than the 20% of tam but lan did something really really intelligent, land brought 20%of tam and 100% of the economics rights that means that lan owns tam
4 Fido Dido (#) Feb 16th, 2012 - 11:24 pm Report abuse
No, i'm not wrong, do better homework.
LAN does NOT own more than 20% of TAM, you can even find that info on the official press release of LAN.

Mercopruts copy and paste from bloggers that don't understand their own language. A Merger is NOT a Takeover, two different words. English is not even my native language.

I never typed that it's not a good deal for LAN and TAM. both are great airlines and it is an intelligent what they are doing.

“land brought 20%of tam and 100% of the economics rights that means that lan owns tam ”

Nonsense. I repeat, do your homework better if you like to discuss about a subject you don't know much about. If you do your homework, what I did, you will will find out that LAN bought 20% (not more), LAN has NO voting rights, meaning it has no rights to veto/decide how TAM execute it's plans what is good for TAM. Do you read that well? Both airlines will work seperate, meaning TAM is for TAM, Lan for Lan, but they work together (Merger) under one corporate name LATAM. The main reason LAN merged with TAM is, Brazil is the place to be, it is ONE of the nations where the airline industry is growing and important LAN through TAM will have more access to it's growing consuming population that flies more . As you can read working with TAM make sense, also since it's one the best airlines in managment in Latin America. Meanwhile TAM can use LAN that is known for excellence and knows how to work effecient (cut costs). TAM was already one of the best airlines of Latin America since the fall of Varig and the merger with LAN, another great airline with a good reputation when it comes to service, is already paying off.

Best Airline in South America 2011
5 ManRod (#) Feb 17th, 2012 - 12:35 am Report abuse
I have absolutely no problems that you call Chileans “indians”, but you seem to have, considering:

1. you are a racist prick, because in your text you deliberately made it visible in a despective way.
2. we have indigenous people in Chile or Amerindians, who represent a part of our country, but “indians” are from India.

You have often “explained” its a merger between TAM (Brazilian) LAN (Chilean-Peruvian?) and I have tought you same amount of times it is a takeover, which due to legal reasons has to be called “merger”. Mercopress is calling things by it's base, as do many other news and also Gianni here.
Also the future LATAM company will have it's headquarter in Santiago, and the company will have a chilean Taxcode.

Additionally, I have proven same amount of times, that LAN is not chilean/peruvian, but a ahilean airline, which has branches in Peru (as it has also in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, etc...) and as a coward you are, you never responded to that or proven opposite.
6 Fido Dido (#) Feb 17th, 2012 - 06:33 am Report abuse
Me naming you a chilean indian doesn't make me a racist. You're of them, actually more a clown..but get over it..indian.

” I have tought you same amount of times it is a takeover, which due to legal reasons has to be called “merger”.

legal reasons to call merger a takeover... laughable. Your low self esteem is getting worse. Read this indian monkey from Chile, the only legal reason you spin your own nonsense is to boost your self esteem that is LOW. Again, since you can't read, you need glasses, you refuse to admit because it doesn't fit in your boosting your low self esteem agenda or both, LAN is Chilean where also a Peruvian pension company owns 50% of you read that? can you? ....a fact that I have proven you here many times with links where you could read what makes them , the peruvians, your spanish speaking cousins AN OWNER of LAN . Something a spic like you can't stand and prefer to deny. So the coward infront of the computer is you, chilean indian, look into mirror and do better homework, actually better not because that might blow up your fantasy bubble of takeover (what Brazilians never would allow) and might give you nightmares that LAN is also in Peruvian hands...:D.

TAM will keeps it's HQ in Sao Paulo-SP and LAN in Santiago chile. That has been agreed on and said many times if you followed the case. There will be no LATAM HQ, what is pure nonsense/rhetoric from a low self esteem spanish speaking indian like you. Seriously, do you really believe that Brazilian would allow a bunch of chileans take it over? Answer is no and you know that yourself. Chile is a nobody, get over it.

You can argue all you want against me..facts's a merger..good for both airlines, a win for brazilians and for those spanish speakers there in that Chile who needs TAM as I explained before.

Have a nice day in the mountains there.
7 ManRod (#) Feb 17th, 2012 - 01:19 pm Report abuse
I'll stick stricktly to the facts, and keep leaving the mediocre and vulgar tantrums and personal attacks to you. At the end of the day, I think it's quite obvious for everybody who reads these forums, who really has a problem of self esteem the way you express yourself.

1. You have NEVER given any source, indicating that LAN Airlines is owned literally 50% by Peruvian individuals/AFP's.

2. Enclosed the shareholder statement accourding the official Lan Website

Principal Shareholders Shares Percentage of Total

1. COSTA VERDE AERONAUTICA S.A. 90.575.407 26,69 %
Chilean controlling shareholder, owned by the Cueto Family

2. AXXION S.A. 27.103.273 7,99 %
Chilean, Sebastian Piñera's Investor

3. INVERSIONES ANDES S.A. 22.288.695 6,57 %
(Your peruvian AFP investor, with 6,57%, not 50%)

4. THE BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON, ADRs 14.393.465 4,24 %
US shares traded in NYSE

5. BANCHILE CORREDORES DE BOLSA S.A. 10.236.180 3,02 %
Chilean Investor

Chilean investor

Chilean Subsidiary of the controlling shareholder Costa Verde

Chilean traded shares via this bank

Chilean Investment Bank

10. AFP PROVIDA S.A. FONDO TIPO A 5.296.131 1,56 %
Chilean AFP (highest risk asset)

11. AFP PROVIDA S.A. FONDO TIPO C 5.208.898 1,54 %
Chilean AFP (middle risk asset)

Not mentioned, the big amount of shares owned by Piñera (21%), which are currently controlled by third parties to avoid political conflicts and the also big amount of shares, which are traded on daily basis in the Santiago stock markets.
As you can see, there is not the slightest chance, to keep up your myth about the 50% shares owned by peruvian economic groups.

More to follow, after your next tantrum
8 Bohemia (#) Feb 17th, 2012 - 03:17 pm Report abuse
TAM is indeed a great piece of Airline, they are second to LAN in south america in terms of quality.

Since start of the millenium, Skytrax has granted TAM 2x the crown being the best Airline in SA (2011 and 2004) , and 10x LAN for obtaining same crown (2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010)

The fusion with LAN and their mentioned business conduct know-how being the head of the construct , will surely dominate Latin American skies for a long time. Probably Gol and American Airlines might challange this domination, if they succeed in a similar cooperaration, but AA is struggling in the recent past. Hopefully this will not translate into less competitivity and rise of ticket rates, which I strongly fear.

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