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Argentine president letter to PM Cameron demanding return of Falklands, “a sign of “profound weakness”

Argentine president Cristina Fernandez has been left “frustrated” by the refusal of other Latin American nations to back Argentina’s long-standing claim to the Falkland Islands, Klaus Dodds, Geopolitics at Royal Holloway, University of London, said.

History of the Falklands “a lot more complicated” than President Cristina Fernandez would admit, says Professor Klaus Dodds.

An emotional open letter from Kirchner to David Cameron demanding the return of the Malvinas Islands which she claims were “forcibly stripped” from her country, published Thursday in The Guardian newspaper, is a sign of “profound weakness,” Prof Dodds said.

The Falklands had no established Argentine population at the time the British took control and Argentina was itself an ambitious colonial power in the nineteenth century, he added.

The Argentine junta invaded the Falkland Islands in 1982, at a cost of 659 Argentine lives and 258 British.

The publication of the letter was timed to mark the anniversary of when on 3 January 1833 Britain took control of the Falklands from Argentina. It reads: “The Argentines on the Islands were expelled by the Royal Navy and the United Kingdom subsequently began a population implantation process similar to that applied to other territories under colonial rule.“

But Prof Dodds said the history of the Islands was “a lot more complicated” than President Cristina Fernandez would admit.

“In the 1760s and 1770s you find a fundamentally messy history of the Falklands, involving the British, the French, the Spanish, and the nascent Argentine republic as well as a little Irish presence as well,” he said.

“When the president claims the British threw out the Argentines, I think that’s a little bit of a rhetorical over-flourish. It wasn’t as if there was an indigenous Argentine population there for centuries; far from it.”

”The thing about the letter which I think is very telling is the notion that somehow Britain is the only colonial power. It is laughable,” he told BBC Radio 4.

“For much of the nineteenth century Argentina did one thing terribly well and that was to colonise other territories. It also, like Britain, makes a claim to the Antarctic and behaves in a colonial-like manner.”

He said PM Cameron should acknowledge the letter, but added: “I frankly would not take it very seriously. If anything it is a sign of profound weakness and frustration.”

Cristina Fernandez insisted her claim on the Malvinas Islands was backed by her South American neighbors, but Prof Dodds said it had left Argentina isolated in the region. Chile runs a successful airway to the Falkland Islands, supporting trade and tourism.

“This is inconvenient truth for the Argentine president. Argentina is not always the most-liked country in Latin America. It is perceived as a rather arrogant country and a country that is very capable of promoting its own interests when it suits. The frustration for her is she hasn’t got more support from its neighbors”.

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1 Shed-time (#) Jan 03rd, 2013 - 10:23 pm Report abuse
Weak is as weak does.
2 Xect (#) Jan 03rd, 2013 - 10:36 pm Report abuse

However all entirely correct. Their lies and deceit is just making things a whole lot worse for them especially since its obvious the international community doesn't believe them.

And if that wasn't clear enough Ban Ki Moon made it very clear he supported the rights of the Falkland's people in their own self determination. And just to hammer in a final nail in the coffin he made it clear the UN doesn't find the UK guilty of any violations of any resolutions (they expired and were violated by the Argentine government with its illegal invasion) as the Argentine government keeps attempting to slander the UK government.

Game, set and match to the people of the Falkland Islands and the UK.
3 Joe Bloggs (#) Jan 03rd, 2013 - 10:42 pm Report abuse
No support from her neighbours except verbal when she puts the hard word on them.

The reality is that we have Chilean air access by a South American airline (with a stop in Argentina once a month, PAID for by Argentina with no commercially viable prospect), good trade with Chile, Chilean Government endorsed trade delegation exchanges, same again for Uruguay. Our sporting teams continue to visit and play throughout the region.

No tangible support from her South American neighbours whatsoever.
4 Rufus (#) Jan 03rd, 2013 - 10:46 pm Report abuse

International Monetary Fund about to censure or even expel you for producing monumentally inaccurate statistics?
Your own judiciary no longer acting as your personal yes-men?
Inflation at the level which is the 5th highest in the world and rising?
Foreign creditors embarrassing you by getting court judgements against you?
Looking at defaulting (again) on your sovereign debt?
Protesters on the streets across the country?
Flooding delaying the planting of your main export crop?
Cruise lines abandoning you because you can't assure their safety in your own docks?

Must be Malvinas O'Clock in Buenos Aires.
5 Pirat-Hunter (#) Jan 03rd, 2013 - 10:48 pm Report abuse
If they are British when will they go home to UK? Are they or aren't they British? It would be good if they knew what they really are. I think all over the wold we call them illegal aliens.
6 ElaineB (#) Jan 03rd, 2013 - 10:53 pm Report abuse
@5 When will you go home to Argentina, if you are Argentine? (Which I doubt)
7 Rufus (#) Jan 03rd, 2013 - 10:58 pm Report abuse
@5 When will you start finding links that actually make sense?

I gave up when I saw HMS Trafalgar being described as nuclear-armed, despite the minor matter that the UK doesn't, and never has had nuclear missiles that can be fired from a torpedo tube.
8 toooldtodieyoung (#) Jan 03rd, 2013 - 11:06 pm Report abuse
3 Joe Bloggs

Aaaahhh, Joe. Happy New Year. I hope that all is well, ( or at least better ) in the Bloggs household

4 Rufus

LOL. Actually, you are wrong. That ticking you hear is not Malvinas O'Clock. It's the countdown to when The harpy / Ol' Turkey neck / KFC / TMBOA gets kicked down a great big hole, along with the rest of her government.
9 Joe Bloggs (#) Jan 03rd, 2013 - 11:16 pm Report abuse
8 toooldtodieyoung

All fine again now thank you mate. It was a rough week or two. I hope you had a good New Year also.
10 toooldtodieyoung (#) Jan 03rd, 2013 - 11:29 pm Report abuse
9 Joe Bloggs

All good here mate thank you very much. Came back home to find this lot kicking off..... Who was to know huh?

What made it all the more worthwhile was this gem from the Daily Tory / telegraph..............

Cristina Kirchner is an increasingly unpopular figure who heads a sinking administration whose international isolation is growing by the day.

I mean, sometimes I'm just so glad we have a free press in this country..... Don't you tell me that she can't feel the contempt rolling from England to Argentina.
11 Joe Bloggs (#) Jan 03rd, 2013 - 11:37 pm Report abuse
10 toooldtodieyoung

That's good to hear.

This sort of crap comes around each 03 January although she doesn't normally go this far. Mind you, she's never been this unpopular with her electorate.
12 Pete Bog (#) Jan 03rd, 2013 - 11:41 pm Report abuse
“If they are British when will they go home to UK”

Pitcairn Islanders are British-they live in the Pacific not the UK
St Heleneans are British- they live in the South Atlantic-not the UK
Tristan da Cuhnans are British- they live in the South Atlantic, not the UK
Bermudans are British-they live somewhere near the USA, not the UK

There are also lots of British nationals living all over the world, and not in the UK.

So what?
13 CJvR (#) Jan 03rd, 2013 - 11:47 pm Report abuse

Yeah why would any sane SA nation be willing to bleed (in a economic and diplomatic sense) for Argie megalomaniacal imperial ambitions. Even the soon to be ex-prez of Venezuela, who is among the craziest “leaders” in the world havn't really done anything.

Argentina's frustration reminds me of a kid in a store having a temper tantrum because he won't get the candy he wants. Loud and annoying but also in a sense rather amusing.
14 Pirat-Hunter (#) Jan 03rd, 2013 - 11:59 pm Report abuse
#6 I will go back home when UK ends the illegal occupation of lslas Malvinas Argentina or Argentina builds a nuclear defence program 100% made in Argentina to warranty my security. I suggest you get used to it, I am! It shouldn't matter if I am Argentine or not 90% of the comments here are from outsider, don't you want some nationals to expose their own opinion to have a valanced view of CFK. You can surely see the English being dismissive and confrontational about Malvinas while the 10% speaking for Argentines here have a wider range of opinion, I was under the impression democracy and freedom loved diversity, but I guess I must be wrong.
15 andy65 (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 12:02 am Report abuse
@Pirat-Hunter and we are still waiting for you to tell us what European your mother screwed or do you wish to erase that part of your history,you are no better than The Falkland Islanders you are born of immagrants,if not then prove me wrong
16 Nostrolldamus The 5th (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 12:06 am Report abuse
The whole deal is quite honestly pathetic, just as bad as the Antarctic naming thing the UK did. Ridiculous, unbecoming tit-for-tat that smacks of crassness and rebarbative pettiness.

That said, it takes one to know one. This guy tries to play the “Argentina vs Latin America” cultural card. I guess it comes from experience, since the UK is dispised in mainland Europe for its arrogance, aloofness, and lack of cooperative spirit. Merkel, Holland, and Monti may speak kind words about the UK, but have no doubt behind the scenes they squeal and wriggle at the mere mention of Cameron.
17 andy65 (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 12:32 am Report abuse
@ Nostrolldamus,Says “Merkel, Holland, and Monti may speak kind words about the UK, but have no doubt behind the scenes they squeal and wriggle at the mere mention of Cameron”
And what the hell do you think other South American countrys are saying about The Nazi Bird old Crissy botox lips?? remember the pictures and kind words from The Chilean President in November outside No.10 the fact is my dear Nossy a British Prime Minister is quite top notch compared to the Junior position of Argentine CORUPT President
18 Raven (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 12:34 am Report abuse
16 Nostrolldamus The 5th

'' The whole deal is quite honestly pathetic''

You should have stopped there, it's the most honest and truthful you have ever typed. The rest of it was twaddle but never mind, it was a good try.

Mind you, it was a better effort than what CFK managed.
19 andy65 (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 12:39 am Report abuse
Just had this lovely reply from a poor Argentine lady who speaks the truth

“I am Argentine. I don´t feel identified at all with what this woman is doing. I agree with you 100% that it is ashaming for us. But please don´t put all Argentines in the same category. Most of the people are suffering under this totally corrupt government. It is very shameful. I agree completely with the right of self-determination after 180 years. It´s the only reasonable solution. The President wants to distract the population with all this business of the Malvina Islands. We have very serious problems to solve: corruption, insecurity, poverty, badly maintained hospitals, schools, public transport, roads, inefficiency in every area etc. etc. etc.”
20 Nostrolldamus The 5th (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 12:57 am Report abuse

Well, that's the difference between the ability to engage in self-criticism and you, as a Brit, who never have and never will be capable of reaching that level of epistemological ratiotiation.
21 andy65 (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 01:00 am Report abuse
@Nostrolldamus The 5th Whats it like to constantly back a loser????
22 Nostrolldamus The 5th (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 01:02 am Report abuse
I don't know I'm not a follower of the English national football team.
23 andy65 (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 01:05 am Report abuse
@Nostrolldamus The 5th Was thinking more of The Argentine ladies LEZBO hockey team-have you seen them?? dam hair sprouting everywhere Fucking ugly birds
24 Nostrolldamus The 5th (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 01:15 am Report abuse
The Castrati European teams look not so bad for men.

oh, they are supposed to be women?
25 DanyBerger (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 06:06 am Report abuse
Another good lair from Britain paid by the crown...
Worthless to drop any serious comment as always...

Nukes and cruiser missiles made in Argentina is the answer and pointed to the Islands and UK stock exchange...

I want those Islands back... what? You say no Boom
26 reality check (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 06:54 am Report abuse

Argentina has developed a CREWED missile, DB and PH become first patriots to volunteer to fly it. Though PH demands first class air fare from Canada first!
27 jeffski (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 07:28 am Report abuse
28 LEPRecon (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 07:31 am Report abuse
@25 - Dany

You appear to have pressed submit comment before you finished your little fantasy. Let me complete it for you.

“I want those Islands back... what? You say no Boom”

The UK replies with “BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!”

Argentina starts glowing in the dark.

You seem to forget that you are not dealing with 3,000 defenceless people. You are dealing with nearly 65,000,000 people, plus those 3,000 people. You are dealing with a nuclear armed country, a permanent member of the UN Security Council, a member of NATO, a member if the EU, a member of the Commonwealth.

You are also dealing with one of only a handful of countries that can project its military power beyond their own borders in a significant and meaningful way. The other countries that can do that all also happen to be permanent members of the UNSC.

Face it, if Argentina actually managed a obtain (I doubt you'd be able to afford to develop your own nuclear weapon as the costs would be astronomical) a nuclear device AND a delivery system, you would immediately face sanctions by the UNSC.

If you were then actually stupid enough to threaten to use it if the UK didn't hand over the Falklands to you, then the UK would be legally allowed to do a pre-emptive attack on Argentina to prevent you firing the device.

If you did then somehow deploy the device, the UK would be legally allowed to wipe Argentina off the face of the earth, whether by conventional or nuclear means.

Anyway you look at it Argentina would come off worse.

The way you post, Dany, anyone would think that this is your actual final goal, to have Argentina totally destroyed. Is it? Do you hate Argentina so much that you want it wiped from the face of the earth?
29 reality check (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 07:45 am Report abuse

Here's a clever name for your new CREWED Missile System. I know it has already been taken, but what the hell, that never seemed to bother you lot before.

“The Patriot Missile System.”

Pilots will be required to wear a symbolic head band of blue and white emblazoned with the yellow rising sun. To drink the ritual cup of Mate and bow towards her Imperial Highness. Before boarding the missile and embarking on their glorious mission, pilots will throw their hands vigorously into the air, whilst loudly exclaiming “Patria, Patria” at least three times.

I know, sound immature and rediculous, butwhat the hell, seems to be the only thing the man understands!!!
30 Musky (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 08:04 am Report abuse
Argentina has no nuclear ability and it cannot afford to even go down that route and it cannot acquire the capability and indeed, its own rhetoric opposes militarization of the south atlantic and it cannot even trust its own military to begin yet another coupe. You are dreaming the impossible dream. Sad bugger.
31 d1eg0 (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 08:07 am Report abuse
Dear readers

I'm sure that “Pirat Hunter” and other users are paid cyber-soldiers of the pseudo-fascist FPV party, sent here by the corrupt and criminal government of my country, Argentina. (Same strategy with Clarin newspaper).

Don't fear!

Argentina has no militar power. I would like to live in a great country, but sadly I'm accepting (at my age, 38) that Argentina is a mess, and maybe ever will be... (I love my country, but I have almost no hope).

Cristina is a conservative, pseudo-fascist ruler, like Galtieri. But nobody in Argentina wants to start a war with any nation in the world! We know that we can't.

What is the real problem, then?

I suspect Cristina has no remorse, and no guilt. And she appears to be narcissistic. Indeed, I think she's a psychopath. Which means that the real problem is for the people in Argentina, not for the UK, not for the Falklands...

Let me be clear. The Falklands are not in danger. It won't happen anything.
I do not want you to believe I'm a pro-British cryptid... That's not the case. There are many things that I don't like in the history of the UK.

But above all differences, I want peace, and I feel that the people in the Falklands deserve respect, and peace as well.

Best regards,

(that's not my real name)
32 Xect (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 08:12 am Report abuse
It's Danny's and Pirat Hunter's fantasy that Argentina can use the Argentine standard of bullying another country into getting something it wants.

Unfortunately for both of those space cadets, it will never happen.

Argentina needs about 200bn to develop a nuclear weapon and on top of that it doesn't have the technology or personnel capable to do that.

It then needs about another 100bn to develop a launch platform against expertise and money it doesn't have.

And if thats not enough in the years it would take to complete this (about 10 years) the UK's military technology would have significantly moved on in the same way Argentina's air force is a joke VS the UK's ultra advanced air force.

And if that wasn't enough they suggest nuclear bombing the UK stock exchange, well if that ever happened Argentina would cease to exist as it would be met by the UK's crushing military power.

So essentially, the fantasy is a pretty extreme one in its nature and the fact there is zero chance of it ever happening.
33 reality check (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 08:30 am Report abuse
The IOU Libertad, is due to arrive home soon, 9th of January was the projected date I think?

Would any poster care to lay odds, that this will be her next opportunity to bring the Islands up again?

I have a sneaky, uncomfortable feeling, that has the referendum date approaches, she is going to ratchet things up.

I wonder if the UK has any contingency plans in place, vis a vis, the security of the voters, polling stations etc.

It might be an idea to reinforce the Islands whilst the process is taking place.
Perhaps with a battalion, rested after returning from combat in Afghan and a couple more Typhoons?

Then again, that would go down like a lead ballon. It would however, show the UK's resolve in the matter.
34 Xect (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 08:37 am Report abuse
I agree reality.

Although nobody could care less what Argentina thinks. The islands are defended by the British military and the British military will move whatever assets it deems fit to the islands with the blessing of the people of the Falkland Island's of course.

After the way they have behaved they do not deserve the British to care about what their feelings are on the matter as they are irrelevant and it has nothing to do with them.
35 LEPRecon (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 09:25 am Report abuse
@33 - RC

There will be plenty of international observers there to ensure fair play.

I imagine that you would have to have a polling card, like you do in the UK, which will be sent to every Islander who is eligible to vote in this referendum.

Argentina won't be able to 'fix' this democratic vote in their favour.

They know this, which is why they're already trying to discredit the referendum before it's even taken place.

The problem is that the UN charter supports this act of self-determination so all Argentina can do is huff and puff, but it can't blow the house down.

No one takes them seriously anymore.

I suppose it wouldn't do any harm to prevent Argentines visiting the Islands until after the vote. Then we know they couldn't do any interferring. Hopefully the worlds media will be there to capture any cheap stunts that the Argentines may try, which will discredit them as a country even further (assuming that is at all possible at this point).
36 reality check (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 09:31 am Report abuse

I am not saying that Argentina, would, overtly take any action on the islands during the referendum. I do however have some concerns, that idiot Argentine Nationalists will pull some stunt like they have in the past. Something along 1966 lines, when they landed a DC4 on the race course.

I do think however that a certain lady would not be that adverse to some show of national pride. Upstaging the process, imagine the world headlines a stunt like that would attract? and no doubt, the perpetrators would be classed as national heroes. There would ceratainly be enough of them up for it? I can think of one or two on here! LMFHO.

I just think it would be prudent to take steps to prevents such a thing.
Perhaps an increase in CAP, let them see it on their radars, it would I feel, make the point.

Just while the referendum takes place.
37 Domingo (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 09:31 am Report abuse
1. Argentina complains Britain about the termination of negotiations in accordance with UN General Assembly Resolution 2065 that Argentina itself terminated in 1982.

2. Argentina complains that it chose force instead of peaceful negotiation to settle its sovereignty claim over the Falkland Islands/Malvinas with Britain and lost with sovereignty being retained by Britain according to theprinciple of Uti possiditis under international law

3. Argentina complains that the Falklands Islanders who were victim of illegal invasion, subjugation and colonization by Argentina refuse to start new negotiations with Argentina due to the injury done to them by Argentina and the continuing persecution of the Islanders by Argentina since their illegal invasion

Wake up Argentina: The lack of new negotiations on this dispute is Argentina's fault due to Argentina's illegal actions and refusal to accept the terms of Resolution 2065 require any peaceful solution to bear in mind:

a. The provisions and objectives of the Charter of the UN, specifically Articles 73/74
b. Resolution 1514(XV) which covers the case of the Falkland Islands/Malvinas
c. The interests of the population of the Falkland Islands/Malvinas

Until Argentina complies with these terms of Resolution 2065 there can be no new negotiations

One could not make up this comedy of errors other than to conclude Argentina's political elite are a bunch of comedians
38 Vuggevise (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 09:34 am Report abuse
@25 DanyBerger

CRUISER missiles? What the hell are they when they are at home? Limp ARA General Belgrano-shaped projectiles that sink without a trace whilst heading in the wrong direction?

Perhaps what you actually mean is CRUISE missiles. Well, here is the reality check: Argentina doesn't even have the technology to build the sort of cruise missiles that Germany was building 70 years ago, let alone a modern cruise missile, or a modern delivery platform.

And speaking of delivery platforms, Argentina can't even build a civilian submarine of any size, let alone a sophisticated modern armed submarine capable of operating in stealth mode, for months at a time, whilst evading NATO's sophisticated Atlantic hydrophone detection network and getting within 3,000 miles of the UK without getting blown to smithereens. The fact of the matter is that Argentina doesn't even have the technology to detect British submarines when they glide silently into Buenos Aires and Puerto Belgrano to play their war games and rehearse for Christina's final stand brain-fart (and believe me, that is exactly what does happen as a matter of routine) .

As for nuclear capabilities: no-one is going to help Argentina even explore that possibility. If they even toyed with the idea, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and Chile would invade before you could construct a grammatically coherent sentence in English .. because the truth of it is that they aren't friends and simply pay rhetorical lip-service to an arrogant neighbour called Argentina that they actually despise.

By all means, enjoy your little fantasy; but be aware that by vocalising it you aren't scaring anyone .. you are simply making a laughing-stock of yourself and betraying the true depth of your infantile brainwashed ignorance about just how technologically backwards and isolated Argentina is.

By the way, did you hear about the Argentinian remake of Back to the future? They are calling it Volver la realidad (Back to reality).
39 Britworker (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 09:55 am Report abuse
The thing you forgot to mention there my friend is that the UK is a net contributor to Europe, and I think you will find that the other main net contributor 'Germany' doesn't have a real problem with the UK and is very concerned indeed that we are likely to be leaving.
40 Steveu (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 10:13 am Report abuse
@31 D13go

I think you are right on the money..

41 Usurping Pirate (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 10:25 am Report abuse
Dear Mrs Rubberlips
On behalf of the British Crown I claim Buenos Aires . In 1806 and 1807 Buenos Aires was occupied for a few weeks by British soldiers . The Spanish viceroy ran away at the first sign of the British thereby proving Spain had no interest in the place .
The British soldiers were eventually forced to surrender by the towns people , but a lot remained in the country , so they weren't even removed .
If a few weeks' occupation in 1833 gives Argentina a claim on the Falklands , then a few weeks' occupation in 1807 gives the British a similar claim on Buenos Aires .
Please have your lawyers draw up the papers for an orderly transfer of power in the next three months .
UP .
If there were any likelyhood of this happening , the people of BA would be jumping with joy
42 Steveu (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 10:27 am Report abuse
This was a nice piece of satire in the Daily Mash
43 slattzzz (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 10:42 am Report abuse
@7 I beg to differ but tomahawk can be fitted with nuclear warhead but we chose not to the moment:)
44 Vuggevise (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 10:43 am Report abuse
@16 Nostrolldamus The 5th

You show a quite hilariously deficient understanding of European relations if you actually think that burp of clueless drivel was in any way representative of current European relations. It may have some limited elements of truth as regards the affairs of the EU itself (but even there it is far from true as regards Germany and the northern European countries, such as Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Poland .. or even more southerly Portugal) but it is miles off the mark as regards general relations between the UK and its European neighbours.
45 reality check (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 10:58 am Report abuse

Certainly can, remember the Tomahawks at Greenham Common and the CND protests? The peace camps, chocker full of those lovely, lovely ladies, not! Hahh, happy days!!!!
46 Anbar (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 11:17 am Report abuse
“”“ But above all differences, I want peace, and I feel that the people in the Falklands deserve respect, and peace as well.”“””

They deserve respect and recognition: but so do the people of Argentina and CFK gives neither of those.

CFK respects the power of her wallet and her ability to pay for votes, to crowd meetings with fawning (paid) supporters and to obfuscate the truths of her failing economic policies with populist distractions.

she is a curse on a once great country.

Argentina deserves MUCH better and could achieve so much more in partnership with the Falklands.

Argentina does NOT need to convince the world that the Falklands should come under the wing of Argentina: ALL it has to do is convince 3000 islanders.

Its complete unwillingness to even ATTEMPT that says everything about the situation that needs to be said:

Colonial Argentina is a curse upon the entire area and the arrogance of its leader and corruption of its political system drags down any who find themselves enmeshed in it.

CFKs belligerency has, directly & unequivocably, removed the best opportunity for Argentina to see the Falklands become a partner of Argentina and for both nations to prosper together.

That sad and shameful truth is the real crime in all of this: Argentina that preaches (give peace a chance” will not even recognise the Falkland Islanders and will not even contemplate engaging them in talks.

So ANY and ALL rhetoric from CFK and her cronies, attempting to take ANY moral high ground, is forever flawed and will always fail in the yes of anybody with the common sense to think beyond CFKs own propaganda.


Nostrodamus is deliberately ignorant and thoroughly naive. Other than for a good giggle his diatribes are not worth reading.
Any idiot who cannot distinguish between nuclear powered and nuclear armed really cant be expected to have any opinion worth listening to.
47 Vuggevise (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 11:21 am Report abuse
@5 Pirat-Hunter

Thanks for sharing that article and in so doing proving the pure intellectual void you need to troll in order to find (anonymous and easily disprovable) support for your deluded twaddle.

Imbeciles'R'Us will be starting a support group in your neighbourhood in the very near future.
48 toooldtodieyoung (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 11:59 am Report abuse
31 d1eg0

You see? the falkland Islanders not no different from you. All they want is to be left alone to live their lives in a beautiful country and be free to do whatever they like with their own lives.

There is another poster on here who dreams the same dream as you. He is Simon68. maybe you two should get together......... you both seem to make a lot of sense.


49 Shed-time (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 12:39 pm Report abuse
@48 therein lies the problem. Peronism (Hitlerism) doesn't do leaving people alone to get on with their own lives. It only does antagonising people prior to an eventual attempt at genocide.

The only thing preventing them from doing that is their need for a 4 hour snooze.
50 José Malvinero (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 01:17 pm Report abuse
How can be so idiot this TEACHER? “History disordered” says and he is academic????? History is a science because it can be shown with the investigation. The story is neither orderly nor disorderly, history is history ... unless the write the English. Surely in the Malvinas question the truth does not suit you.
51 Raven (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 01:53 pm Report abuse
'' 20 Nostrolldamus The 5th (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 12:57 am Report abuse

Well, that's the difference between the ability to engage in self-criticism and you, as a Brit, who never have and never will be capable of reaching that level of epistemological ratiotiation.''

Oh pray do tell what self criticism you openly expounded about ones self.

Carry on Nostril, the more you try, the more obtuse you convey yourself.

You have no answers, so hide behind a plethora of words which show that you are a very large and empty vessel of thought.

Perhaps another screen name change is more appropriate for you. Try Guzz MkII It fits you perfect. Your M O fits him to a tee.

@ 31 d1eg0
If only Argentina could get itself some less corrupt governance, then things would be far better for all sides. The noise screeching from CFKs mouth is sadly just making Argentina look even worse, though it is her actions that are really making things bad, though as you observe, Argentina is the biggest loser from her ''leadership''. It's a shame there are some in your country are so blinded as to not see just what mess she will leave behind when she eventually leave office...
52 Optimus_Princeps (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 02:39 pm Report abuse
@50 The reason why it's not advisable to drink, do drugs, or get mad and use Google Translate.
53 Pete Bog (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 02:51 pm Report abuse
“the truth does not suit you.”
The truth suits the British and The Falkland Islanders very well.

As Argentina was not formed until 1853, the Falkland Islands could never have been Argentine.
54 Raul (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 02:55 pm Report abuse
Pathetic and Pitiful!!
It's amazing how they lie. The committee considers UN decolonization to the Falkland Islands as a colony. Of the 16 cases of colonialism in the world, 10 are for the UK they are: Anguilla, Bermuda, Gibraltar, the Mlavinas Islands, Cayman Islands, Turks and Caicos Islands, Monserrat Island, Pitcairn Island and St. Helena Island.
Just look at any web page concerning the decolonization committee of United Nations refers to are a colony.
Besides the UN resolutions are referred to a colony.
See 2065 (XX) of 1965, ratified by later resolutions 1973 (3160, XXVIII) 1976 (31/49), 1982 (37/9), 1983 (38/12), 1984 (39/6), 1985 ( 40/21), 1986 (41/40), 1987 (42/19) and 1988 (43/25). They all declare the existence of a sovereignty dispute. No self-determination. It is a territory to colonize.

Just look at any web page concerning the decolonization committee of United Nations refers to are a colony. Example Wikipedia. C3% C3% B3n A9_de_Descolonizaci%

Cristina Fernandez insisted his claim on the Falklands was backed by its South American neighbors, but Professor Dodds said Argentina had left isolated in the region. Chile is executed successfully airway Malvinas Islands, supporting trade and tourism.

Another lie outright!
Never Latin America is more united than ever in supporting practical and effective solidarity with Argentina. The facts demonstrate the resolutions and compliance practices by multilateral agencies such as the UN, OAS, CELAC, UNASUR and MERCOSUR.
Another plus is the complaint of the British Islanders who claim to be economically blockaded by Argentina and South America.
Further evidence of a resounding Latin American solidarity towards Argentina.

And so we can continue with other lies this pseudo-teacher!
55 agent999 (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 03:11 pm Report abuse
It is good to see the solidarity exhibited by Chile and Uruguay by allowing cruise ships that visit the Falkland Islands to visit their ports.
56 reality check (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 03:19 pm Report abuse
Solidarity my arse. Your a regional bully, most of them nod and pay you lip service to get you to STFU. There were more than a few happy faces and shared bottles of wine, when your aggression was rewarded with what it deserved. More than a few snide comments, watching you sneak back in the dark with you tails between your legs. Not to mention a few sighs of relief!
57 Pete Bog (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 03:20 pm Report abuse
“Anguilla, Bermuda, Gibraltar, the Mlavinas Islands, Cayman Islands, Turks and Caicos Islands, Monserrat Island, Pitcairn Island and St. Helena Island.”

Well I don't know what the Mlavinas Islands are but all the people living in these places don't consider themselves as colonies and the people that live there count more than you, (who don't live or where born there) or the C- 24 whose responsibility it is (under the UN rules) to visit these places but don't ,because the C- 24 is not doing its job.

A note.
The people of these teritories have asked to be removed from this list as they are no longer colonies but then I would not expect a country like Argentina to respect human rights as 30 years ago they massacred 30,000 of their own people.
58 Shed-time (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 03:20 pm Report abuse
@54 Does Raul actually read what he's commenting? It's all been refuted millions of times and yet he seems to still copypasta over and over.

Then he's talking about KFC 'insisting'.... no one cares what she insists. She's irrelevant.
59 HansNiesund (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 03:21 pm Report abuse

So be scientific and provide some actual verifiable evidence that:

a) the Spanish/British conflict was resolved in favour of Spain
b) the Spanish title was inherited by Argentina
c) the 1833 expulsion of civilians actually happened
d) the 1850 treaty excludes the Falklands
e) the UN has mandated negotiations about sovereignity
f) the UN has rejected the principle of self-determination for the islanders
g) the UN has resolved to exclude the islanders from negotiations

If you can't provide the first four, you have no historical claim. If you can't provide the last three, you have no political claim. If you can't provide all of them, you have no legal claim.

the 1833 expulsion of civilians did happen.
60 Conqueror (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 03:38 pm
Comment removed by the editor.
61 Britworker (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 04:01 pm Report abuse
Just getting back to what Professor Klaus Dodds said “profound weakness” lets just hear it again “profound weakness”. And one more time “profound weakness”. Happy New Year Argentina, your ruler has backfired again!
62 Vuggevise (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 04:05 pm Report abuse
@54 Raul

There you go again with your blatant lies and transparent infantile misrepresentations. Not a single one of those resolutions refers to the Falklands as a “colony” .. in fact the word “colony” doesn't even appear in any of those resolutions. Nor do any of those resolutions say that there should be a change in sovereignty of the Falklands, much less a transfer of sovereignty to Argentina.

The fact that you have no better propaganda to repeat the same easily disprovable drivel over and over again, just proves that you have a vacuum where any person with a recordable IQ would have a brain.

Which leaves me with one very simple and glaringly obvious question: Are you a professional cretin; or are you just paid to behave like a blithering clueless imbecile, whose claims are easily disproved by simply reading the resolutions in question?

@50 José Malvinero

If history is a science, why is it then that all reputable academic qualifications in general history are awarded not as science degrees, but as arts or philosophy degrees?
63 andy65 (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 04:24 pm Report abuse
Dear Argentina…

NOW look. You’ve been whining about this since 1767 and it’s starting to get on my wick.

I’ve ignored you until now, because you’re very silly and your greatest cheerleader is Sean Penn, a man who pretends to be things he is not and once hit his then-wife Madonna with a baseball bat, tied her up for nine hours and abused her.

If he is on your side, it’s not a good side to be on.

But today you’ve written to Prime Minister Dishface demanding he enter negotiations to ‘return’ the islands we call the Falklands and you call Malvinas, 180 years after we cruelly stole them from you with our jackbooted naval officers of totalitarianism.

You were ‘forcibly stripped’ of these jewels in the South Atlantic and your people were ‘expelled’.

Only, that’s not quite what happened, is it Argentina? Someone obviously needs to remind you, and probably Mr Penn too, of the facts.

Allow me to start by saying there are probably things we can all agree on. War is bad, for example, and colonialism – aside from the roads, aqueducts, education, health reforms, economic development, culture, food, integration and innovation – tends to be a bad thing too.

We could probably avoid an argument over the fact that the Falkland Islands, in and of themselves, aren’t exactly pretty. There are no hanging gardens, no waterfalls, no exotic wildlife. They’re a windy bunch of rocks a long way from anywhere, although I grant they’re nearer to you than they are to us.

Which begs the question about why, exactly, you never bothered to settle them.

When they were first discovered by a Dutchman in 1600 there was nothing there but seabirds. No people, no cultural heritage for anyone to trample over. Just a windy bunch of rocks.

Ninety years later a British sailor was blown off course and sailed through a bit of water he named Falkland Sound, and 74 years after that the French turned up to form a colony.

WAIT! I hear you cry. The French colonised the Falklands?

Why yes, and
64 LEPRecon (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 04:32 pm Report abuse
@63 Andy

Please go on.
65 Vuggevise (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 04:54 pm Report abuse
@54 Raul

... and on the subject of this South American unity: you mean like the recently renewed and expanded Anglo-Brazilian Defence Cooperation Treaty and the joint .. and the routine joint naval exercises to prepare for Argentinian aggression?

Oh, sorry, did your propagandist masters forget to tell you that Brazil routinely invites the Royal Navy to exercise in Brazilian waters and assist in the protection of the Brazilian oil industry? :-)
66 Nostrolldamus The 5th (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 04:59 pm Report abuse
Well, to all this...

Does this resolve the 5 years of recession and record deficits and austerity in the UK?

The UK is no better off than France right now, both whom are a step above Italy, which itself is two or three steps above Spain, who is looking down at Greece at the plinth of the staircase... but you are all in the same staircase.

Das Vaterland has the button it can press to blow the staircase and all of you along with it, so it chose to do so. And they are not as rosy at it would seem either, because Hartz has managed to disguise the true unemployment rate with ameliorating but temporary measures.
67 Shed-time (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 05:02 pm Report abuse
@66 Sorry, did you say something? I think you said something, but then I realised you'd be talking about something off topic and to your choosing.

What do you think about the profound weakness? (Stay on topic)
68 Nostrolldamus The 5th (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 05:05 pm Report abuse

It would require for me to accept that a British is capable of speaking the truth in regard to anything “Argieland” related. We know that is an anatomical incapability of yours, so there is nothing to comment since there is nothing of worth to comment about that. I already made my views cleear about the “publication” by Argentina and the christening of land by the British.


That may be so, but neither of you are welcome in Argentina's waters or ports. Tough cookie.
69 Shed-time (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 05:09 pm Report abuse
@68 Sorry, were you talking about KFC's profound weakness then? I think we need to open a bottle of champers or something fizzy as you actually managed to make a comment about the topic at hand.

That's a breakthrough of sorts.
70 Nostrolldamus The 5th (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 05:10 pm Report abuse
As I said, anatomically incapable. The Brits to me are a daily pavlovian routine. Never the unexpected.
71 Raven (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 05:20 pm Report abuse
@66 Nostroguzz

You made more sense when using the thesaurus, and are as on topic as usual.

@70 ''to me are a daily pavlovian routine. Never the unexpected.''
72 Shed-time (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 05:21 pm Report abuse
@70 Pavlov's work wasn't into routines. It was into conditioning and responses.

Just so you know.
73 Steve-33-uk (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 05:25 pm Report abuse
'Argentinians Burn Sun In Row Over Falklands'

'Falkland Islanders Hit Back At Argentina'

'Falklands: Britain condemns luxury cruise 'intimidation' amid fresh protests'

'UK denounces 'intimidation' British tourists in the Falklands'
74 jeffski (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 05:27 pm Report abuse
I see they are burning copies of the sun letter & union jacks in Buenos Aires. Proves how 3rd world they are. You did not see people in London burning copies of the deluded witches letter.
75 Pugol-H (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 06:12 pm Report abuse
You do know that all the governments of the BOTs listed by the C24, have written to the committee saying they wish to be de-listed, as they have exercised their right to self-determination.

All completely in accord with everything Ban Ki-Moon has said publicly many times now.

You keep reciting the same old rhetoric on this issue, meanwhile the world is passing you by and moving on. And you don’t seem to realise it.

As for your support in SA, let’s be honest if (of course we hope not), but if there was another war:

Cuba, Venezuela and probably Ecuador would send troops to help you, no doubt.

Colombia, Peru and Brazil would call for peace, profess support for Argentina, but do nothing.

Uruguay and Chile would profess support for Argentina, but secretly help the British, or at least be prepared to.

Paraguay would invade Argentina and re-capture its lost provinces.
76 ajoknoblauch (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 06:16 pm Report abuse
I have lived in both the Islands and Buenos Aires, enjoy them both, and wish all parties would refrain from the intemperate language and insults that appear so frequently here.
77 andy65 (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 06:18 pm Report abuse
Could NATO get involved if Argentina did invade again?? I was under the impression that The United Kingdom was offered certain help last time (Australian Navy) and I also read somewhere that Turkey was a great help but not sure how correct that was
78 Pugol-H (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 06:20 pm Report abuse
@76 ajoknoblauch
Then if I may ask, do you believe in the Islanders right to self determination?
79 andy65 (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 06:32 pm Report abuse
@Nostrolldamus The 5th Still famous for talking BOLLOCKS
OK Mr know it all are you aware of the handouts that The European Union gives to countrys like Argentina?? any idea how much yearly??? also we Brits are aware of our finances the differece being we do not have the bailiff constantly at the door or fears of our assets being in pounded,what about your national airline Aerolines Argentines now nationalised, are you aware that it as to pay for fuel in other conutrys up front because know one trust them with acounts???
80 ajoknoblauch (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 06:34 pm Report abuse
I believe that, in any part of the world, irredentist claims are a symptom of opportunistic demagoguery.
81 Vuggevise (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 06:36 pm Report abuse
@66 Nostrolldamus The 5th

Five years of recession? What planet are you on? Come to think of it, do you even know the meaning of the word 'recession'? If all Argentinians are as useless with numbers as you clearly are, there is no wonder they preside over the most rapidly tanking economy in the world.

The UK is no better of than France? Yet another example of your clueless bullcrap .. but of course both are massively better off than the Neanderthal Argentine shithole with the most morbidly sick economy the world has ever known.

The UK is no better off than France right now, both whom are a step above Italy, which itself is two or three steps above Spain, who is looking down at Greece at the plinth of the staircase... but you are all in the same staircase.

As for you banal Vaterland drivel .... PSML!

Finally, so glad you confirm my point about this so-called South American unity being nothing but propagandist spin and rhetoric, because the truth of the matter is that everyone hates Argentina - none more than its immediate neighbours - and can't wait for the day when the sorry little hole implodes.
82 Britninja (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 06:37 pm Report abuse
It's always funny to see the usual dribbling Argie troglodytes spending their pittance peso wages on boxes of Union Jacks to torch. I'm amazed that none of them have managed to set themselves on fire by accident.
83 Pugol-H (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 07:00 pm Report abuse
@80 ajoknoblauch
Not related to Tobias by any chance are you?
84 ajoknoblauch (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 07:16 pm Report abuse
85 andy65 (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 07:26 pm Report abuse
Could any Argentine here tell us why they commit the most childish act of burning another countrys flag in the streets,I would have thought this was the actions of down trodden people from a third world country you certainly saw no such actions in London yesterday admittedly we are a far more tolorent people.
86 Shed-time (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 07:55 pm Report abuse
@85 Gosh, no one cares if they burn our flag. The more they burn, the more we can sell them.

You don't destroy the soul of the British by burning the Union flag, you just make us a tiny bit richer. Then we can spend the money on vintage Sherry.
87 ajoknoblauch (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 08:00 pm Report abuse
The flagburners are a lunatic fringe to whom symbolic gestures are more important than solutions. Unfortunately for Argentina, street politics often get more publicity than institutions - even from those who should be working to strengthen those institutions from within.
88 reality check (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 08:06 pm Report abuse
Christ, don't even go there! They would be in the Hague, accusing the UK of War Crimes, burning their citizens to death, before you could say Mavinas Son Argentina.
89 Brit Bob (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 08:14 pm Report abuse
Not such a sign of weakness, just down right pathetic and as usual, a historically inaccurate rant from CFK.
90 andy65 (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 08:39 pm Report abuse
Never the less Argentina must not be able to win on this cause by using threats and intimidation,I now read a minister in The Argentine foreign office states that soon the British will negotiate when it starts to hurt financially,they seem cock sure of themself
91 axel arg (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 08:44 pm Report abuse
As a professor he should recognize that actualy both parts of the conflict tell only what is convenient for them, not just argentina. It is obvious that the history that involves the conflict for the islands, is much more complicated than what c. f. k expressed in her letter. The analysis that this professsor made is really insignificant.
I have never believed in our official history, that's why i have decided to investigate exhaustively, about the veracity of the arguments of both countries. In an article that was published yesterday in mercopress, which headline is, brief history of the falklands since......., i explained shortly, in my comment 9 what i think about the historic arguments of both nations.
On the other hand, if professor doods considers c. f. k.'s letter like a sign of weakness, i would like to know, what is a strong posture for him. It is often said in this forum by many forists that c. f. k. is just using this cause, in order to divert people's attention from the real problems, actualy thats' the tipical mediocre argument that is used all the time by the people who hate her, not just for everything she does respecting this cause, but for everything she does in her administration. On the other hand, this argument was never used for david cameron's administration. For being honest, i think you should search a better argument if you want to crictise the decisions that c. f. k. takes respecting this cause, beside, you should not buy so easily what is published in the press about arg., not everything is true. If it soposes that c. f. k. is using this cause in order to divert people's atention from the real problems, how is it posible that she was re elected in 2011 with the 54,11% of the votes, which became her into the most voted president since 1983, think more please, instead of making such mediocre. analysis
92 Shed-time (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 09:19 pm Report abuse
@91 You're now telling a professor what he should do simply so that he can make his views reflect your views. And not a single source to cling to.

FYI. She got the 54.11% of the %50 who voted by getting La Campora brown-shirts to go around the favelas giving poor people bags of shopping.
93 Pete Bog (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 09:21 pm Report abuse
A sign of strength for cfk would be to talk to the Falkland Islands Government and convince them of the benefits of Argentine sovereignty, and I would have respect for her if she listened to the Islanders and replied 'I respect your wishes not to be Argentine but we have some great facilities to help you with your oil. I apologise for the ignorance I have showed you in the past and although it was not personally my fault for the invasion by my country's Junta.'

That to me would show real guts, rather than her ranting undemocratic decrees that have no substance, and Argentina would help their Southern Provinces economies get richer.

But this won't happen, CFK's feet are not full of enough holes yet and she would rather see her people poor rather than abandon her impossible objective.
94 Pirat-Hunter (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 09:28 pm Report abuse
#15 can you say that in Spanish? Lol and i am waiting for elizabeth to bend over as she usually does, I will show you prove when your queen sucks my cack. Here is your prove, I am Argentine.
#19 lol tell you taldy friend to vote for videla, galtieri or menem next time, or was CFK the only option she had?
#21 why don't you tell us?
#28 check MAD Argentina builds a Nuclear defence program, mutually assured destruction grants both nations safe passage to Islas Malvinas Argentina, check mate, light weight stelth subs prevent war ships from traveling long distances by sea. Time frame 10 years.
#30 you are right Argentina has none if it yet, but with our support our government can put it in the agenda for our security and our people, in your words if that is the common dream we must get it done.
#31 we Argentine have a lot of hope and take pride in mentioning Islas Malvinas Argentina. Because dignity and justice go hand in hand, and there can be no hope with out them. I think I like Coca cola better then fakland holdings, don't you think Argentina also deserve respect?
#32 sound like a fair opinion but since self determination proclaims to give people the right to choose, I think a nuclear defence program is a good choice to fuel the economy, and stop the expansion of the British colonies in Antarctica.
#33 you really think the UK will send snipers to shoot Argentine voters? As UK did in Libya and Syria with protesters?
#37 you can't invade islas Malvinas Argentina because they are Argentine and no one was shot simply removed from office. Peacefully, it was UK who started shooting in 1982, history doesn't lie fools.
#38 supporting a nuclear defence program 100% made in Argentina is our right and we must start somewhere, where would we be if gold miners or oil explorations stoped at the idea that they had to crush a mountain of rocks or dig deep holes in the ground?
95 Terence Hill (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 09:41 pm Report abuse
14 Pirat-Hunter

How can the UK have an illegal occupation of the islands? When Argentina and Briton signed a peace treaty such as 1850 Convention of Settlement. Which is legally interpreted as thus:


14. The treaty of peace leaves every thing in the state in which it found it, unless there be some express stipulation to the contrary. The existing state of possession is maintained, except so far as altered by the terms of the treaty. If nothing be said about the conquered country or places, they remain with the conqueror, and his title cannot afterwards be called in question …

resident minister from the United States in America the court of Berlin 1836.
96 Zethee (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 09:41 pm Report abuse
“ It is often said in this forum by many forists that c. f. k. is just using this cause, in order to divert people's attention from the real problems”

You say it like any of us care about “HER”, Every single one of your governments has used the islands to distract your population away from internal issues. It is not a weak argument at all because it has literally been the calling card of the Argentine government for the last thirty years.
97 Joe Bloggs (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 09:44 pm Report abuse

You say:
The Falklands is too close to Argentina to be British
The Falklands has only 3,000 people and can't be considered an entity (a people)
The Falklands has no oil
The Falklands's oil belongs to Argentina
The UK is finished, broke, broken
All of South America supports Argentina over the Falklands
The whole world supports Argentina over the Falklands
The UK stole the Falklands from Argentina
The UN supports the Argentine claim

I say:
How impotent do you feel that, despite the above, you don't have the Falklands?

Chuckle chuckle.
98 andy65 (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 10:13 pm Report abuse
@axel arg in your post 91 you say David Cameron will use the Falkland Islands issue just like Kirchner as a smokescreen, can I asure you and I am sure any other Brits here will say the same No one in The UK would be talking about the Falkland Islands if it wasn't for this woman Kirchner,all she is doing is living her dead husbands dream and it as become a wild obsession for her that will hopefully destroy her and become her downfall,you certainly do not try and win a populations hearts and minds by bullying ,threatning and ignoring them
Her actions are that of a desperate middle aged menapausal woman and the sooner she is of the scene the better for South America
99 ProRG_American (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 10:17 pm
Comment removed by the editor.
100 reality check (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 10:30 pm Report abuse
We Brits like and respect the Chileans, also the Yanks, well, most of em anyways pardner!!!!!
101 Marcos Alejandro (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 10:58 pm Report abuse
Happy New Year UK!

“Triple-dip threat rises as UK service sector shrinks”
102 reality check (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 11:03 pm Report abuse
So what, I'm still a 1000% better off than my equivelant in your country, but you knew that anyway, didn't you?
103 Marcos Alejandro (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 11:19 pm Report abuse
Interesting British comments about heading to a “Triple-Dip”

“Didn't Cameron say that the Falklanders may have a referendum..... he forgot about us tho'!

”Alright ... Do you 1) Want to become Argentinian? 2) Want to be run by Cameron indefinitely?”
104 reality check (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 11:31 pm Report abuse
I repeat. so what, still 1000% better off that my equivelent in your country and I repeat again, you knew that anyway did'nt you!

On a personal note, I would prefer to live for one day in this country, than for a decade in your insane asylum!
105 toooldtodieyoung (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 11:34 pm Report abuse
What was I thinking???

Oh yes, that was it...... I'm sure that the Argentine posters will fall over themselves to answer this one:-

“Argentine president letter to PM Cameron demanding return of Falklands”

How can you “Demand” the return of the Falkland Islands whilst at the same time

“Kirchner called on Mr Cameron to honour a United Nations resolution dating from 1965 and start negotiations”

Surely the second statement negates the first and if you follow the first statement, it'd not much of a negotiation is it........?

Or is that KFC / Ol' Turkey Neck / TMBOA / The Harpy IS COMPLETELY MAD and did not proof read this jumbled up, contradictory rubbish before handing it over?

I hope the paper she wrote it on is soft, strong and highly absorbant.... 'cos that's about all it's good for.
106 reality check (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 11:37 pm Report abuse

Just a thought, did you remember to collect your P45 when you left? If in fact you did leave?
107 Joe Bloggs (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 11:39 pm Report abuse
105 toooldtodieyoung


Put the 3rd of January in your Outlook diary as a recurring reminder. Same old same old.
108 hjarta (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 11:43 pm Report abuse
The Argentinian president certainly knows how to woo the Falkland island residents. She doesn't have much about at all unless it is a touch of the desert sun. If I were her I would be offering all sorts of incentives instead of trying to destroy the economy of the Falklands. Do not ever give in to her demands
109 reality check (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 11:47 pm Report abuse
Hows the weather in St Albans?
110 toooldtodieyoung (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 11:51 pm Report abuse
107 Joe Bloggs

Ah Joe, I might as well, but I am looking forward to March!!!

I can't wait for all the name calling and the threats and the sulks when you Falkland Islanders stick it to the man ( and / or woman ) and tell THE WORLD what it is you want.

That is a show I do not want to miss!!!!

That should keep us all going until next 03rd of January shouldn't it??

103 Marcos Alejandro

Still getting it wrong I see. Your last statement just goes to show

1/ You are a retard


2/ You are a retard with no idea how British politics work. Then again, you claim to be Argentine, so of course you wouldn't know how politics would work, Argentine or otherwise
111 Conorworld (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 11:53 pm Report abuse
Some Irish too!?
Right, I am filing a motion to have my government call the Falklands the 33rd county.
112 Joe Bloggs (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 11:54 pm Report abuse
108 hjarta

That would seem like a sensible tactic but does not appear to be in her make-up at all. The previous government tried a bit of the old charm offensive but it never worked and was a bit hot and cold. Old Guido seemed to have the ability to be nice on the surface, if not genuine underneath.

We will never give in and the last 12 months have reminded us and the UK Government why we mustn't. It's not like it's any sort of temptation or anything though. I mean she's not like some irresistible (unless you're a small minority of the Argentine population) temptress, is she?
113 The Chilean perspective (#) Jan 04th, 2013 - 11:59 pm Report abuse
99 ProRG_American
Doesn't your begging and groveling president make you feel embarrassed and ashamed ? Doesn't the weak, powerless and inconsequential letter she mailed to Cameron make you feel like a clown? Isn't it obvious to you and your countrymen that this ridiculous letter will not get you any closer to owning the Falklands, but rather shows the complete ineptitude and impotence of your government and military? So what do you do??? You post a link to bullshit FAUX news. Well let me tell you these terrorists will be caught and dealt with. They have zero support and the government has completely mobilized and supplied all the resources necessary to put these animals away. The president, interior minister, police chiefs, agriculture minister, they are all on the ground there managing the situation and one of the terrorists has been caught already (Celestino Córdova ) The anti terrorism law has been applied. The mapuche nation does not support these terrorists, they are hardworking, honest and they are the FIRST Chileans, in fact they are actually working together with the government to solve the many injustices that affect them in a civilized and lawful way.
Finally I don't think in Argentina this awesome level of mobilization would ever be carried out for the deaths of two people. Don't you?
114 toooldtodieyoung (#) Jan 05th, 2013 - 12:01 am Report abuse
112 Joe Bloggs

”I mean she's not like some irresistible (unless you're a small minority of the Argentine population) temptress, is she?”

....................hang on a minute mate, I'll just ask BK................... LOL
115 andy65 (#) Jan 05th, 2013 - 12:09 am Report abuse
@Marcos Alejandro Het greacevball her's a few tasty statistics for you

Argentine credit rating=CC (Angola is BB) (United Kingdom AAA) CC indicates no fucker trust you

Argentina Ranked 102nd most corupt nation (Uk ranked 17)

Argentina records inflation at 10.6% due to incorrect accounting (lies) by Argentine governmant the figure is in the region of 25% UK inflation is recored at 2.7% no need for any adjustments as The United Kingdom is seen as acurate on such matters.

I certainly know where I would rather be.
116 Pirat-Hunter (#) Jan 05th, 2013 - 12:16 am Report abuse
#39 natural resources is king, Argentina's future is awesome.
#46 my whole family voted for CFK willingly, how much did you sell your vote for? Now I know why you are frustrated, it doesn't mater if you care or not it doesn't stop us Argentine from supporting CFK or demanding her to build a nuclear defence program 100% made in Argentina, self determination can be a great tool for us Argentine as well, if we use it to build a nuclear defence program we might see the UK sit at a table kisssing our arses, As some nations did for years with Iran and N Korea.
#47 great why don't you join them?
#48 Jews want to be left alone too but they are illegally occupying someone else's land. In UK only the gypsys get deported, why don't you go to UK, the Romanian got deported and nobody bothers them anymore. Pari passu anyone?
#51 I being hearing the English community for the past decade pay lip service to UK and IMF in cheering doomsday for Argentina, you figure they will eventually learn that it is all wishful thinking and there is no credibility in their rant, but we are still here, Argentina's economy is still growing compared to EU, why don't you do something more productive, you sound like you can be an excellent comedian.
#57 so when will UK give the illegal aliens right to return ? Or UK dictates rules for others but never allowed gypsy's or blacks to settle anywhere? How many slaves did UK murder for tea or oil? And all this people will be removed from the list when they go back to their homeland.
#58 British are irrelevant too and they still comment, lol pari passu all the way.
#60 we will go home when then British illegal aliens go home.
#95 the illegal occupation of islas Malvinas Argentina doesn't respect any international convention but thanks for trying.
117 Islander1 (#) Jan 05th, 2013 - 12:20 am Report abuse
Marcos - so Argentine! - write a load of bull and lies - then believe it must be true, as you wrote it!
Since when has Cameron “controlled us Islanders”? Please give some examples of what he makes us do against our will.
The referendum will simply be asking all who are on the electoral role here - which incidentally includes a few who were born in Argentina hold dual nationality but lived here a long time - |Do you wish to remain as at present - A British, Internally Self Governing Overseas Territory with the right of self determination any time in the future to change system of Govt as people may wish,
Or - something else. - this latter being Argentina of course!

Do you accept that the antics of your President this week have now made her the laughing stock as an apparent village idiot - as viewed by the majority of the British Population?
118 andy65 (#) Jan 05th, 2013 - 12:21 am Report abuse
@Pirat-Hunter You talk about Jews leaving other peoples land I wondered how your Forign minister HECTOR gets along being Jewish working with a Nazi like Kirchner?? does he get of on such things like that or is he just the forgiving type?? from what Iv'e seen he looks a right arse kisser I can just see him on all fours getting it on with the old botox queen
119 briton (#) Jan 05th, 2013 - 12:51 am Report abuse
frustration leads to many things, and panaking leaders always blame others,

seeing as conflict may well come her way, at her insistence,
we would suggest they have a very good health service in place,
they are going to need it.

the falklands are british, and no childish desperate letter will change this fact..
120 Pirat-Hunter (#) Jan 05th, 2013 - 01:02 am Report abuse
#118 he gets along fine as you can see, but I must admit hector doesn't seem to be doing his job when CFK is doing all the shoving and pushing for Argentina all on her own. And let's be honest she was democratically elected, not like the people in Islas Malvinas Argentina where there is a governor imposed by UK. If I was ruled by a none elected governor I wouldn't be trashing CFK.
121 andy65 (#) Jan 05th, 2013 - 01:22 am Report abuse
@Pirat-Hunter But the problem is my friend ever since The Great British kindly helped you remove your military Junta by defeating your cowardly army Argentines have beeen unable to elect a President that is not corrupt,Now my dear Pirate what does this tell us all about Argentina????I mean look at your dear excuse of a leader now Crissy The botox Kirchner is this really the best your country can offer as a leader because she is sending your country south at an alarming rate as for old jew boy Hector not doing his job is because he is old Crissys lacky he does her dirty work he is like a poodle to crissy
122 ajoknoblauch (#) Jan 05th, 2013 - 01:45 am Report abuse
Alfonsín was not corrupt, but the rest of them have been questionable at best.
123 Pugol-H (#) Jan 05th, 2013 - 02:09 am Report abuse
@111 Conorworld
The 33rd county is County Kilburn, ask the Mc Alpine fusiliers, or the Poges.
124 Pirat-Hunter (#) Jan 05th, 2013 - 02:24 am Report abuse
#121 it tells you that no one is perfect not even Argentina and we are still a democratic country, hector can't even tide Castro's shoes lately, I am under the impression hector no longer works for the Argentine government.
125 Lord Ton (#) Jan 05th, 2013 - 02:24 am Report abuse

The Sun burns :-)
126 commonsparrow (#) Jan 05th, 2013 - 02:33 am Report abuse
Argentina never suffered destruction of war like some european countries and once was on the same line with them, the top 10. Those european countries repaired and survived, while Argentina went downhill due to their brilliant charismatic leaders and their destructive economic spending, now Argentina is on the same line with poor African countries. And they want the Falkland Islands? Smells like Falkland Island rants are red herrings covering up serious Argentine issues, economically speaking.
127 Islander1 (#) Jan 05th, 2013 - 02:36 am Report abuse
Pirate Hunter 120 - CFK was democratically elected - but when has she had an elected cabiniet meeting? Seems she rules mostly by presidential decree?
Our Govt is also democratically elected - AND - has monthly Cabinet type meetings, plans and discusses policy and laws etc, and in due course introduces and passes such laws - themselves - the elected Govt members.
The Governor merely signs them into Law in the name of the Queen - just as the Governor General of Canada does.
Only when we move into Areas concerning Defence and Foreign
Affairs can the governor start to have any deceision making powersl
128 commonsparrow (#) Jan 05th, 2013 - 02:44 am Report abuse
Argentina by force invaded the Falklands in 1982. There is nothing Argentine about those islands anymore. For that reason alone, there can be no negotiations with Argentina. There is nothing to negotiate over.
129 Pirat-Hunter (#) Jan 05th, 2013 - 03:45 am Report abuse
#126 Islas Malvinas Argentina are not negotiable, try again with coca cola in 100 years maybe we will finally forget that they are a corporate not people. I never Knew the english people had soo many comedians, I don't know who of you is funnier.
#127 not a democracy as I said the governor dictates and is imposed on you, no much democracy is it? What ever a retard sells smart people dont buy, try someone with your same intellectual level, I am sure you bought anything you being told, I can tell by your dismisive attitude towards your masters. It's being classified as the stolkhomes syndrome.
#128 actually without a single shot or blood spill Argentina recovered Islas Malvinas Argentina after a long battle at the UN for peaceful recognition of our sovereign rights to Malvinas Argentina, it was UK who started a war over our land. I was there the UN played dead while the brits killed our people for Islas Malvinas Argentina, Now I promise you all before I die I will bring justice to the brits, like it or not you deserve it.
130 Troy Tempest (#) Jan 05th, 2013 - 07:11 am Report abuse

“. I was there the UN played dead while the brits killed our people for Islas Malvinas Argentina, Now I promise you all before I die I will bring justice to the brits, like it or not you deserve it.”

“I was there” - are you on crack, or what???
Where? LOL !!
Were you in the Falklands??? No, I don't think so!
You are what? 35?? 38??
Were you in BA?? Would you have known what was going on??
Britain thrashed Argentina - and then you moved to a British society that took you in as a persecuted refugee. Why ?? Tell us why??

Do Mummy and Daddy know what crap you are talking??

How do they feel about your betrayal?

Waiting to hear why you left Argentina and joined your supposed cultural enemies.
You owe your life and your freedom to the Brits. Sorry, that's the truth.
131 Anglotino (#) Jan 05th, 2013 - 07:47 am Report abuse
@60 Conqueror

You may think that calling people “paedo-faggots” somehow demand them and strengthens your point at the same time.

As an openly proud and out gay male, or faggot if you prefer, I am highly offended that you choose to equate my sexuality with paedophilia to make some point.

You perpetuate a myth or assumption that homosexuals have a higher tendency or preponderance for paedophilia when this is totally unfounded.

I have had this post (and several others) over the past month removed, which means that your poor choice of insult has meant everything you had to say has been lost.
132 DanyBerger (#) Jan 05th, 2013 - 08:38 am
Comment removed by the editor.
133 Troy Tempest (#) Jan 05th, 2013 - 08:55 am Report abuse
@132danny dumkopf

“In 1982 you were bloody lucky because Menendez was an anglophile nigger he treated better the islanders than his own troops. But next time the General could have a teutonic surname that will not hesitate to exterminate everything in the islands. We are so efficient on that do you know?”

You sound SudetenTroll to me!
134 HansNiesund (#) Jan 05th, 2013 - 08:57 am Report abuse

Stupidity + anger + impotence = rabies

Stay away from the water, Dany Boy
135 Vernya (#) Jan 05th, 2013 - 09:37 am Report abuse
The thing is that just about everything Kristina says can be reversed:-
The present population of the Argentine stripped the Ameri Indians of their land. Colonalism in its worst form !
Britain is 8000 miles from the Falklands:-
Much of the present population and ruling class of the Argentine are Latinos, who came from countries even further away !
The Falklands lays within the continental projection of the Argentine:-
The Argentine also lays within the projection of the Falklands shelf !

I think one has to look behind the word. Why does the Argentine want the Falklands so badly. Its really all about power and Antartica, oil is just a new kid on the block
136 Zethee (#) Jan 05th, 2013 - 10:41 am Report abuse
“UK is a second tier country like Argentina to be honest but Argies have a really rich country”

Argentine isn't even a fourth tier nation.

“Your own ambassador in 1982 in a paper told UK govt. to don’t make a mistake to think that Argentina is another banana republic. ”

And look who won.

“You are the only idiot that think that Argentina cannot develop they own nukes, nuclear subs and cruiser missiles to reach your shores.”

He's quite right, they simply do not have the know how to do such a thing. A nuclear program by itself would double or even triple there entire defense budget.

And then a cruise missile project....That's many a decades away for them.

I'm not even going to guess how many years and how many billions it would take them to first build a submarine industry and get it to the level where they can build state of the art cruise missile firing nuclear submarines.

It's quite simply not in Argentina's reach as a nation right now. I mean our nuclear deterrent is bloody expensive for us and we have a massive budget compared to most of the world,. It's not going to happen and you would have to be an idiot to believe it could.
137 Mendoza Canadian (#) Jan 05th, 2013 - 12:04 pm Report abuse
Pirat...I think there is something wrong with you. I imagine you are being paid by the cfk propaganda machine and a member in good standing of the campora. CFK doesn't give a damn about the people of Argentina much less the peoples of the Falklands. She is only concerned with the K name and doesn't realize that history will tear her to shreds. Oh well...another megalomaniac to look at in the future....
138 LEPRecon (#) Jan 05th, 2013 - 12:55 pm Report abuse
@132 - Dany

So your true colours are finally showing through. You're an impotent racist little prick.

No doubt your Nazi forefathers would be proud.

But yet again you show that you are ignorant, impotent and desperately trying to defend a country that is going down the tubes.

Argentina's military in 1982 was huge, very well-equipped, and well funded.

Argentina's military in 2013 is small, poorly equipped, and barely funded at all.

You really are deluding yourself if you believe that Argentina is able to damage the UK at all.

Hence why your corrupt insane President keeps crying, begging on her knees and otherwise humiliating Argentina on the international stage.

The world laughs at her ineptness, her stupidity, and her reckless disregard. Beware the Ides of January are getting close.
139 Pete Bog (#) Jan 05th, 2013 - 01:17 pm Report abuse
“i am waiting for elizabeth to bend over ”

You reading Pride and Prejudice again?

“you can't invade islas Malvinas Argentina ”
Correct, we cannot invade somewhere that does not exist.

“never allowed gypsy's or blacks to settle anywhere? How many slaves did UK murder for tea or oil?”
There's plenty of black people settled in the UK, many are my friends.
In 1833, there were slaves used by Vernet at Port Louis. These were freed by Captain Onslow (when your murderers, rapists and the British sailors were booted out)- and at least one lived on in the Falklands for a long time-freed by the Brits from slavery.

“not like the people in Islas Malvinas Argentina where there is a governor imposed by UK”

The UK don't have a governor in a territory called the Malvinas, or in Argentina.

“promise you all before I die I will bring justice to the brits”

Are you going to hit all us Brits with a feather duster then?

“You are the only idiot that think that Argentina cannot develop they own nukes, nuclear subs and cruiser missiles to reach your shores.”

You seem to be the only idiot that think Argentina can.
140 reality check (#) Jan 05th, 2013 - 03:27 pm Report abuse

Why would you spend billions, developing nuclear powered submarine drones for our SSN's to hunt down and sink? does not make sense.
141 inthegutter (#) Jan 05th, 2013 - 03:35 pm Report abuse
#132 That's the funniest thing I've heard in ages, you seriously are deluded to think that Argentina could (in the next 50 years) approach the UK. The UK has, like all other countries, not had a unblemished history but today it is a modern, liberal, thriving multi-cultural society. UK science is amongst the best in the world (with more Nobel Prize winners per capita than any other large nation) and has cultural influence (especially sport).

The UK today retains a strong welfare system (with income inequality well below that of SA), world class education system (consider the various lists of the worlds best universities), low crime rates, low corruption, low unemployment, and a world class healthcare system free at the point of use for all citizens. This is coupled with one of the most professional (and successful) armed forces in the world.

#131 Totally agree mate, that guy is doing the UK no favours in this argument. While I hope you also find these kind of attitudes are diminishing with time they do unfortunately still sometimes exist even in a country as tolerant as the UK.
142 Simon68 (#) Jan 05th, 2013 - 04:18 pm Report abuse
120 Pirat-Hunter (#)
Jan 05th, 2013 - 01:02 am

“If I was ruled by a none elected governor I wouldn't be trashing CFK.”

Alex Vargas, you better stop “trashing CFK” then, as you live in Canada you are “ruled” by an appointed Lieutenant Goovernor!!!!!!
143 Vernya (#) Jan 05th, 2013 - 05:22 pm Report abuse
This is getting a bit far fetched speaking about nuclear exchanges over the Falkland islands. The whole concept is silly and does the people no justice who promote .these rabid exchanges be they British, or Argentinian. Millions and millions of people would die in such and exchange, NATO would be sucked in too because the UK is, as a country in NATO, and presto you have World War III, and most of the population of the world would perish, if not immediately, then from nuclear fall out, or the nuclear winters to follow. The Falklands would be a nuclear wasteland which nobody could use for a 1000 years. Lets keep the talk sensible
144 Troy Tempest (#) Jan 05th, 2013 - 06:37 pm Report abuse
Don't worry Vernya,

The Brits are more grounded in reality, but like to give the Trolls something to think about.
Conq is writing from a 'facility' perhaps and it is only wishful thinking on his part.

Only ProARG and PH ALEX VARGAS truly believe that nuclear weapons for Arg. are possible or acceptable.
145 Vernya (#) Jan 05th, 2013 - 06:59 pm Report abuse
The real problem, of course, is that the Argentine are not particularly ( least until they found oil there) really interested in the Falklands as a possession. They hope from there to be able to lay claim to most of the South Atlantic, including the nearest part of Anartica. That is what they have their eyes on, but the Falklands stands in their way and does not belong to them, so it spoils their plans. Because, the Argentine deal in emotionally politics and are, indeed, and are an emotional nation, its easy to for politicians to whip them up into a frenzy, in which the truth is bent to serve their own policies. I am afraid the real truth is that historically and geographically the Falklands have never been a part of the Argentine. With British permission they set up a garrison there, but when the British found out that the true purpose of the garrison was to claim the Falklands, they withdrew the permission of the garrison to remain there and sent its occupants back home. Moving onto South Georgia and the South Sandwich Isles. There is absolutely no claim whatsoever that these too belong to the Argentine. They were allowed to build a whaling station on South Georgia once, but to claim an industrial complex as proof of ownership, is a bit like saying Nissan own the UK, because the have a factory there ! Or, closer to home, that Repsol own the Argentine
146 agent999 (#) Jan 05th, 2013 - 08:12 pm Report abuse
@145 Vernya
100% spot on
147 axel arg (#) Jan 05th, 2013 - 09:34 pm Report abuse
You all know that i have always expressed that our govt. should propose the govt. from the islands to dialogue about ALL the questions, including the sovereignty, which is the main problem. You also say all the time that c. f. k's govt. should talk to the islanders, however neather your proposal of dialogue, nor the islanders's include the sovereignty, if you prefer ignoring that the sovereignty is the main conflict, thats' your problem. This is evident that you won't recognize that actualy the three parts are not acting correctly, i respect your opinions but i don't agree on them. I have already explained in many oportunities what i think that might happen in case that the u. k. proposes arg. to resume the negotiations, taking into account the wishes of the islanders.
Respecting the using that c. f. k's does in relation to this cause, according to your opinions. If it soposes that she is using this cause, in order to divert's people' atention from real problems, it means that actualy she's not doing so much in order to find a solution for the problems of the country. If you think that, then this is evident that you know so little about the decisions that she took since shes was elected in 2007, perhaps you have no more than too partial and distorted information that is published in the press about the latinamerican governments. I have never denied that she her govt. has negative aspects too, but nobody can't deny either that she is one of the few presidents who decided to confront with the most powerful corporations which have always conditioned all the presidents, including dictatorships, that's why the rich people hate her histerically. In the same way that the half of the country loves here, the other half hates her, it's a matter of ideologies. The big problem of the people who hate her, is that they don't find any politic referent who represents their conservative ideas, that's why they protest against her in the streets.
148 Steve-33-uk (#) Jan 05th, 2013 - 09:39 pm Report abuse
@147 axel arg

Would you be satisfied if the FI became an independent nation?
Would it end your debate for you?
149 Anglotino (#) Jan 05th, 2013 - 10:37 pm Report abuse
@148 Steve-33-UK

Perhaps that is indeed the answer. An associated territory /Compact of free association is specifically recognised by the UN and has been used to remove Niue, Cook Islands and te Trust Territory if the Pacific Islands off the decolonisation list.

Read principle VI on page 9:

For instance the Cook Islands and Niue have the Queen of New Zealand as their head of state. Neither are members of the UN though they are recognised as sovereign and independent states and the UN refers to them as non-member states. New Zealand is responsible for their defence and foreign affairs though they can also follow an independent path in foreign affairs and have diplomatic links with other countries. They both use New Zealand citizenship and passports but have their own nationality and New Zealanders are not considered nationals of these countries. They both use the New Zealand dollar.

I can only assume that this has not been thought of or pushed by the UK as Argentina's (and the decolonisation committee's) continual harping is having no real effect or creating lasting damage on the UK.

No one seems in a rush, but if Argentina keeps ratcheting up the rhetoric (probably considering the economy) then there is a good chance something like this will happen sooner rather than later. It solves the problem for the UN and UK but not Argentina.
150 agent999 (#) Jan 05th, 2013 - 10:42 pm Report abuse
The decision of sovereignty of the Falkland Islands is in the hands of the Falkland people. It is their choice and we will find what they want in March !
151 Pete Bog (#) Jan 05th, 2013 - 11:45 pm Report abuse
Axel it is good that you think that Argentina should talk to the islanders, but for them to negotiate sovereignty requires Argentina to have a cast iron claim over the islands which they clearly don't. Argentina sticks it's head in the sand claiming Spain took over the Falklands after the UK left in 1774. But Spain only ever colonised Port Louis, and themselves left in 1811. British navy ships continued to visit the islands from 1774 through to 1833-(Spanish ships did not)they were never absent, but a Britsh settlement in that time was absent. I draw your attention to the fact that Vernet's settlements included settlers trhat were born in Britain, so British people did have a presence in what were commercial, not political ventures.

You complain about our intransigence in accepting an Argentine claim and you said you wanted a debate. So I started with the Argentine claim that they inherited the Spanish claim. When it is pointed out that the Spanish did not drop their own claim till 1863 during a visit to the Falkland Islands, you do not counter with an argument to suggest otherwise. this is typical of the Argentine claim. The reaction of some of the people today in Argentina was to burn the Sun, without checking whether records of history back up their points. I suggest because history backs up the Sun's points,Argentina sticks its head in the sand shouting blah blah blah don't want to listen instead of providing counter arguments.
152 Zethee (#) Jan 06th, 2013 - 04:19 am Report abuse
“u. k. proposes arg. to resume the negotiations, taking into account the wishes of the islanders.”

What you do not seem to understand axel is that for the UK to negotiate with Argentina, would be against the wishes of the islanders.

You are asking for is an impossible situation.
153 shb (#) Jan 06th, 2013 - 08:27 am Report abuse
@151 Pete bog

I would'nt bother talking to axel. All he will do is talk round and round in circles about how “both sides are at fault and should talk about the islands”.

You can use as many facts as you like - he'll ignore anything that goes against the “huge amount of research” he has carried out.

If you wanted to stick another one to him, though, you could have mentioned that the Spanish claim that Argentina “inherited” came after ours and involved forcibly evicting the British Settlers.....
154 LEPRecon (#) Jan 06th, 2013 - 10:14 am Report abuse
@147 - axel

Why would the Falklanders voluntarily hand over their property, their freedom and their economy to a basket case country like Argentina?

I have stated this many times before, but I'll reiterate it once more for your benefit.

Argentina has had 30 years to prove to the Islanders at you are not like the Junta, who invaded their islands and threaten to kill them all. You've had 30 years to build bridges of cooperation and trust. 30 years to try an woo the Islanders that being associated with Argentina could be beneficial. You've had 30 years to prove that you could be friends, and perhaps one day in the future move to a point where the Islanders may have even chosen to join Argentina.

But what did Argentina do?

You insulted them by putting in your constitution that full sovereignty over the Falklands was the only thing you want and would accept.

You have sidelined them, threatened them, placed illegal sanctions against them, threaten their air link with Chile, refused to allow Falkland Flagged ships to dock in Argentina, threatened their fishing stocks, threatened their tourist industry, threatened the development of their oil industry.

You have told blatant and outrageous lies about them constantly, and refuse to acknowledge them as people, and refuse to acknowledge that they enjoy the same human rights as every other person on the planet.

These are not friendly actions, are they? All Argentina has done is prove that you are NO different than the Junta.

So why on earth do you somehow believe that they would want to have ANYTHING to do with Argentina?

Argentina, a failing country that could be one of the richest in the world. Argentina, fast becoming on of the most corrupt countries in the world. Argentina, fast becoming one of the most lawless countries in the world.

Argentina has to change. Forget the big 'Malvinas' lie. Prove to the Falklanders that you will respect them and their way of life. Then in 100 years they may change their minds.
155 Tinx (#) Jan 06th, 2013 - 10:15 am Report abuse
& 150
What a benighted agent,do not aware of these islands are the only a UK military base,has no people.
156 Steve-33-uk (#) Jan 06th, 2013 - 10:32 am Report abuse
149 Anglotino
first story for you...

'The case for an independent Falklands'

'Argie bargy: Voters call on David Cameron to stop British aid to Argentina'
157 agent999 (#) Jan 06th, 2013 - 10:46 am Report abuse
@155 Tinx
Hi Tobias - yet another name
158 Shed-time (#) Jan 06th, 2013 - 10:48 am Report abuse
Weak people are gonna weak.
159 toooldtodieyoung (#) Jan 06th, 2013 - 10:56 am Report abuse
157 agent999

No, I think that this is friend “McClick”, our resident A.I bot, under another username..............
160 Tinx (#) Jan 06th, 2013 - 11:39 am Report abuse
& 157
& 159

you captured. !
isn't it very normal as a this web site commentator. ?
161 Anglotino (#) Jan 06th, 2013 - 11:44 am Report abuse
@156 Steve-33-UK

Thanks for the link. I'm sure the British government has already prepared studies on this. As I've come to realise, especially in the past month, all of this bellicose shouting from Argentina mustn't be resonating anywhere new. Yes many countries mouth platitudes to Cristina's face but that is it. The bottom line, whether exports, taxes or other, are not affected.

If anything the increasingly strident protests by Argentina are doing far more for the UK's position than anything else they could do themselves.
162 Vernya (#) Jan 06th, 2013 - 11:54 am Report abuse
Quite frankly I do not believe the islanders would wish to be a part of the Argentine. Even if it were populated only by people from the Argentine. Like Scotland over here, greed would raise its ugly head and they would reason that they could keep all the oil revenues for themselves, if they were independent of the Argentine.

The thing that concerns me at the moment is that Kristina has exhausted all the dipolomatic avenues that she has at her disposal. Furthermore, they are having no impact. The only thing she has left to grab the world headlines is direct action. I would not be surprised, therefore, if a band of Argentine marines were not landed at night on the Falklands where they would plant the Argentine flag, take some photos of it for the world press and get out before daybreak. It seems to be the only thing she has left
163 Mendoza Canadian (#) Jan 06th, 2013 - 11:58 am Report abuse
If you are going to make comments about how Canada is “ruled”...get you facts straight. Canada is an idependent country with an elected parliament and which voluntarily has the Queen as head of state. She is a citizen of Canada by act of parliament. Governors General are appointed by the government. They act in stead of the Queen. All laws are made in the name of the Queen . The Queen is the embodiment of the people. In other words...the government bows to the people...not the other way around.
164 Vernya (#) Jan 06th, 2013 - 12:42 pm Report abuse
Its an unfortunate word 'Govenor', namely because people in other lands translate it litterally . So to them it means the person in charge . The concept of a Queen is probably just as perplexing to these people who imagine that she can order people about. Thus, to say that the Queen is the sovereign of the Falklands and Canada and other bits of the Commonwealth again translates to a medieval monach, who has immense powers and is above the law, which they believe she must have written, Im afraid Queens and Govenors, have duties, not powers. They do not control the people and they are not above the law
165 4quk (#) Jan 06th, 2013 - 02:43 pm Report abuse
Sorry I'm looking to buy some extentions of lands and houses in the Islands, somebody know any realty to contact
166 LEPRecon (#) Jan 06th, 2013 - 03:47 pm Report abuse

I believe the Falklands immigration has very high standards, and they don't accept Peso's.
167 4quk (#) Jan 06th, 2013 - 04:42 pm Report abuse
@166 One of the things he pointed out was that the islanders rarely owned their homes, and most were tenants of the Falkland Islands Company ;))
168 agent999 (#) Jan 06th, 2013 - 05:25 pm Report abuse
who pointed what out ?
169 Joe Bloggs (#) Jan 06th, 2013 - 05:35 pm Report abuse
There are no realtors in the islands. Most land is developed by the government, some privately and most existing properties are sold privately. A small number of individuals/ organisations will sell their property through a local agent, usually a law firm, but there are no realtors, estate agents, real estate agents or whatever else they are commonly known as around the globe.

That simply is not true. Most people own their own properties. There is no doubt that FIG and FIC rent many properties but the majority of locals own their own properties. You have to remember that we have a relatively high transient population and those people generally tend to rent.
170 agent999 (#) Jan 06th, 2013 - 06:17 pm Report abuse
@169 Joe
4quk is just another small time finger puppet used to misdirect.
171 Joe Bloggs (#) Jan 06th, 2013 - 07:29 pm Report abuse

Thanks. I couldn't tell what angle he was coming from. I haven't come across him on here before. He's obviously relatively new or one of the old deadbeats who, as is the Argentine way it seems, has changed his Mercopress name.
172 agent999 (#) Jan 06th, 2013 - 07:54 pm Report abuse
you will find that when there are not many Argentinian postings that new names appear and old ones are resurrected, they will also talk to each other as though they are independent posters.
173 Vernya (#) Jan 06th, 2013 - 08:47 pm Report abuse
Of course anybody can use this forum, that is the purpose of forums. I personally don't think many people's views are changed by what is said in a forum. Its just worth a try sometimes. Belligerent remarks are not required, if a person cannot express themselves, except by a series of threats, the really have no place in here . Its a forum, not a war
174 Pete Bog (#) Jan 06th, 2013 - 08:56 pm Report abuse
Is it right to say that a lot of FIC land was bought up by FIG in the 1980s and subdivided?
175 4quk (#) Jan 07th, 2013 - 06:47 am Report abuse
Mount’s biggest argument for not going to war was the financial burden of doing so. Based on Keith Speed’s estimate, patrol of the islands would cost the UK taxpayer £20 million per annum. Mount postulated that this was a gross underestimate.The figure, which has been falling over the last five years, was £69 million in 2010-11, less than half of what it was in 2005-06.Yet this, unbelievably, is one and a half times as much as the total gross domestic expenditure of the islands, which currently stands at about £46 million. In Mount’s well-reasoned argument for not going to war purely on financial grounds, he makes a calculation that each family on the islands would cost the UK taxpayer £40,000 per year. While quite a few of us would not mind earning that kind of money, the total cost per family today is closer to £10,000, having been reduced since 2005-06 due to a cut in military expenditure from around £20,000 per family per year. If you are a UK taxpayer, you should be asking whether this makes sense while unemployment is rising and wages are falling for the majority of UK citizens.
176 Anglotino (#) Jan 07th, 2013 - 07:03 am Report abuse
@175 4quk

Your post made absolutely no sense without context which was hardly surprising that it was plagiarised. It will soon be removed.
177 4quk (#) Jan 07th, 2013 - 09:09 am Report abuse
@176 and? what is the problem? like more “Since the Falklands War, the UK taxpayer has funded, among other things, a new airport with a longer runway than that at Port Stanley. This is located at the military facility at Mount Pleasant. Together with a road linking it, the construction was budgeted at £215 million, or put another way, about £30,000 per Falklands family.[x] In its typical “Hands off our territory” open letter published today, The Sun quite rightly refers to a referendum of Falkland Islanders scheduled for March, though its history of colonization of the islands is sketchy. The question being asked is whether the islanders wish to remain under British control. If a foreign power 8,000 miles away is lavishing its taxpayers’ hard-earned money on improving and protecting the islands to the degree the UK has been doing, with presumably an open checkbook to continue funding perpetually, this checkbook diplomacy might be inclined” ;)
178 reality check (#) Jan 07th, 2013 - 09:56 am Report abuse
There is only one reason the UK built the military base at Mount Pleasant and that is to protect it's people from further threats of occupation from Foreign forces. The building of the military base and the cost of running it, is a direct consequence to the invasion of 1982. That is an undeniable fact. No invasion, no base and no enhanced military presence.

As for cost, it is a very small percentage of the UK annual military budget and infinately less than the cost of another operation, would be, to recover the Islands again. Especially the cost in the lives of the UK servicemen and now woman.

As a UK tax payer, I do not object to my taxes being used to defend the Islands and our people, who, for has long has they choose to do so, are my fellow Brits. On the contrary, I expect my government to do what they are primarily in power to do so, defend and protect it's people.
179 Troy Tempest (#) Jan 07th, 2013 - 09:56 am Report abuse
@177 4Duk

“The question being asked is whether the islanders wish to remain under British control”

Nobody is under British control.

If Britain chooses to improve the airport and facilities, and fortify the Falklands, so what?? That is their business. Too bad you don't like it.

From your attitude, it would seem that you don't feel the inhabitants are worth it. Would it follow that if a state were to take 'control' of the Islands, they would not spend money on the facilities???

“Sorry I'm looking to buy some extentions of lands and houses in the Islands, somebody know any realty to contact”

What is all that nonsense about, then?
Is that the only 'innocent-sounding' pretext you can come up with to get information about government support and funding, and possible subsidising of the population?

What sort of accusations do you want to make?

Why would you want to locate to the islands, you seem very critical of the government?
180 Monty69 (#) Jan 07th, 2013 - 11:06 am Report abuse
177 4quk

Among what other things? What else has the British taxpayer funded?

The airport at Mt Pleasant was built in the 1980s so that the islands can be defended. That's it. The ongoing defence of the islands costs each British taxpayer £1.56 per year. That's only necessary because of the threat from Argentina.
There is no 'open chequbook'. What are you talking about? You presume too much. Do some research before you spout your ill-formed opinions, because they make you look like a fool.

Where have you got the idea that we are all tenants of the FIC? I'm not one, and I don't know anyone who is. You're talking rubbish. Get a grip.
181 Anglotino (#) Jan 07th, 2013 - 11:19 am Report abuse
Another plagiarised post @177 to follow the one at 175.

If anyone wants to read the actual article instead of random copy and pastings by. 4quk then read here:
182 yankeeboy (#) Jan 07th, 2013 - 11:59 am Report abuse
Was that article paid for by CFK? It has so many falsehoods it could never be in a legitimate newspaper.
I also love the fact that liberals always assume if a military base or its people weren't stationed somewhere they would be disbanded so there is a zero cost basis and 100% of the costs would disappear if they closed it.
183 Anglotino (#) Jan 07th, 2013 - 12:43 pm Report abuse
Agreed Yankeeboy. The equip,net would still be owned. The soldiers still paid and stationed somewhere. And let's face it, it offers invaluable training and logistical advantages having soldiers stationed in different places.

As for any of the Argentineans ho highlight this expense as an excuse to negotiate sovereignty or worse as a reason that the cost is unfairly borne by the entire British population, it is a little akin to blaming a rape victim. After al, ifArgentina had not invaded and did not continue with unfounded territorial ambitions then the troops would hardly be based there.
184 Raul (#) Jan 07th, 2013 - 12:56 pm Report abuse
NO MercoPress posted this item

“People need more work and less wars”

The national government repudiated the “militaristic threats” made ​​by the Prime Minister of Britain, David Cameron, who said he was “ready to fight” to maintain colonial rule over the Falkland Islands. The Foreign Ministry issued a statement in which he asks the premier to “not use the legitimate and peaceful demands” made ​​by Argentina in international fora “to continue to support the arms industry, rather than alleviate the severe social crisis being experienced Europe ”.

The response of the Palacio San Martin insists Britain require that meets “the obligation to accept the resolutions of the United Nations to resolve the issue peacefully Falklands”.

“The aggressiveness of the words of British Prime Minister confirm the complaint made by the Republic of Argentina to the United Nations about the militarization of the South Atlantic and the possible presence of nuclear weapons introduced by the colonial power,” said Foreign Ministry.

During an interview with the BBC, Cameron said it is “absolutely essential to have fast jets and troops stationed in the islands” and stressed that his country “has one of five defense budgets in the world.”

Therefore, the portfolio by the Minister Héctor Timerman asked the British premier “do not use the legitimate and peaceful demands” that Argentina made ​​“against the usurpation of part of our territory and against colonialism as an excuse to continue to support the arms industry rather than alleviate the severe social crisis currently affecting Europe. ”
185 LEPRecon (#) Jan 07th, 2013 - 01:07 pm Report abuse
@ 184 - Raul

The only aggressive behaviour comes from Argentina.

You threaten the Islanders and their freedom everyday.

It is the duty of the British Prime Minister to defend British citizens and British interests around the world.

The important word here is DEFEND. If Argentina wasn't so aggressive, there would be no need for this defence.

Remember it was only last year that your Defence Minister stated that the British Garrison on the Islands was the ONLY thing stopping Argentina from invading them.

So Argentina, it's government and it's actions are AGGRESSIVE.

Britain, it's government and it's actions are DEFENSIVE.

Try looking up the meaning of those words in a dictionary if you're having difficulty telling one apart from the other.

As long as Argentina stay IN Argentina there won't be a problem. But step a toe onto the Falkland Islands without consent of the Falkland Islands Government, and you'll find out just how 'defensive' the British can get.
186 Musky (#) Jan 07th, 2013 - 01:25 pm Report abuse
Argentine protesters are now threatening cruise ship carrying multi-national passengers:

So we know who's in charge of the streets of BA, it ain't the police, it's the militias.
187 Raul (#) Jan 07th, 2013 - 02:49 pm Report abuse
185 Leprecon

Please do not lie more. Or have trouble understanding.
“People need more work and less wars”

You have not read the link:

Aggressive behavior comes only from UK.

You threaten to Argentina and Latin America as a whole. Read some history amply demonstrates that. Argentina suffered four British invasions. (1806-1807-1833-1845).
The whole Argentine people are claiming what belongs. The president is our duty to reclaim the stolen and usurped in 1833. Not aggressive. It is all natural claim the loot.
Argentina also has no weapons. Your claim is peaceful. Cristina Kirchner sent to jail for genocide and that Argentine military invaded the islands in 1982. Did UK attacked with nuclear bombs to Argentina to reclaim what belongs peacefully?
The claim is peaceful and strict justice.
Remember the UN resolution 2065 and the decolonization committee. UK is the colonialist power, racist and imperialist 21st century. World public opinion recognizes the UK as the champion of colonialism. Everyone knows that.

Try looking in the dictionary words colonialist, racist and imperialism and will realize it. I think you are not in a position to lecture anyone. With the respect you deserve, is having difficulty distinguishing and understanding. You have no overview (context).
UK has no moral authority. Just compare 500-year history of racism, genocide and imperialism across five continents.

.. But step a toe in the Falkland Islands without the consent of the Government of the Falkland Islands, and you will notice how “defensive” that the British can get .....

Your answer clearly shows your attitude aggressive, colonialist and imperialist. It is precisely what the world opinion criticizes England. UK commitment to violence, threats and terror with nuclear bombs. Argentina commitment to peace and dialogue, claiming unarmed and in accordance with international law. Clearly can not be British in Argentine territory.
188 reality check (#) Jan 07th, 2013 - 03:18 pm Report abuse
Threats and terror with Nuclear Bombs! Man alive you are well out of order!

Just prove once, just once, when the UK Government ever threatened you with a nuclear strike. For that matter, when did any Nuclear power ever threaten any non Nuclear power with a Nuclear strike?
189 Vernya (#) Jan 07th, 2013 - 04:18 pm Report abuse
Lets get history straight. In 1826 the Argentineans asked the British if they could set up a port on the Falklands, to which the British agreed. However, it became apparent that the Argentineans were not a commercial operation but a military garrison, and they were extending permission to be there as ownership of the Falklands. Quite rightly the British sent them packing, the islands remained British throughout this.

Governments in the Argentine are usually quite short lived, because of the emotional aspect of politics there. It has suited various Argentinean governments to try to gain popular support to lie to their own people about the ownership of the Falklands. In time this constant stream of lies took hold as a 'fact' in the minds of the Argentineans, whereas it was far from the truth.

Although the British didn't have to, they did offer the Argentine the facility to of mediation by the International Court of the Hague ( A totally independent body, which could be expected only to deal in the facts, not the fiction).

The British offered this in 1947, 1948 and 1955, and it was eventually rejected by the Argentine. One could draw conclusions from this that they withdrew because they knew they could not win the argument based only unpon history and not on the hysteria whipped up by successive Argentinean governments.

I am afraid political hysteria, and untruths cannot be translated as ownership . Ownership is based purely upon facts, and these are what the International Court would have settled the case upon.

Wanting something is not the same as owning it
190 Monty69 (#) Jan 07th, 2013 - 05:58 pm Report abuse
187 Raul

You're either a deliberate liar or you're unbelievably stupid.

Your country's actions towards the Falklands are agressive and hostile. They were in 1982 and they are now. I'm sure I could add a few more words like disgraceful, cowardly, bullying and illegal.
You just happen to think what you are doing is OK because you think you are right.
You do not speak for 'the whole world', and the whole world does not agree with you. Not even the UN agrees with you. The only thing the UN has ever asked for is a peaceful solution.

How about you provide us all with a 'context'? Why don't you provide us with an example of a place where a population with a history of nearly 200 years of peaceful continuous settlement has been handed over against their will to a hostile foreign power? Where is your 'moral authority' for wanting to do that to us now? Because you had a few soldiers here for a short while in 1833? You people are a complete joke.

You want to impose your language, culture and government on us, and we don't want you. That makes you the colonial imperialist bullies. I'm not interested in what Britain may have done in the past. I'm concerned with what you want to do now.

This is not 'Argentine territory', and you do not want dialogue. You want your own way or nothing.
191 Clyde15 (#) Jan 07th, 2013 - 06:07 pm Report abuse
#187 Raul
“People need more work and less wars” --Agreed
Aggressive behavior comes only from UK.?
Your defense minister stated that the only thing keeping Argentina from re invading the Falklands were the British forces stationed there. Also, aggressive action ( state supported ) taken against cruise liners, flag burning etc.
Any UK retaliation against Argentina? NO !!
Blatant lies made by your govt. about nuclear armed submarines, surface warships and missile silos on the Falklands.

You really have been indoctrinated with the myths of Argentina.
YOU WERE -and still are -a COLONIAL POWER
Where did your country come from ? Was it uninhabited when the Spanish arrived ? Were you invited into Patagonia when you settled there ? Did the native population say, please come and take our land ?
How do we threaten S.America ?

World public opinion recognizes the UK as the champion of colonialism. Everyone knows that.
NO, only stupid uninformed people like you who keep spouting this garbage..

“ But step a toe in the Falkland Islands without the consent of the Government of the Falkland Islands, and you will notice how “defensive” that the British can get .....”
The Islanders remember what you did in 1982 and so do we..

“ Clearly can not be British in Argentine territory.”
Correct. We have no desire for ANY Argentine territory.
The only interest we have is in British territory viz Falklands ,
S. Georgia and S Sandwich Islands.

So, there is not really much to talk about, is there ?
192 Conqueror (#) Jan 07th, 2013 - 07:57 pm Report abuse
@131 It is necessary to respond to your post. Perhaps, out of the 8.7 million non-bacterial species on this planet, you can list the ones that engage in same-gender sexual activity? So you're “an openly proud and out gay male”. Why don't you refer to yourself as what you are? A homosexual. Does it make you feel better to use a euphamism? So let's get this on the right basis. Out of the 8.7 million species, would it be objective to refer to you as a deviant? One of the things that I particularly dislike about homosexual deviants in the UK is their nasty habit of using “equality” legislation to prey upon ordinary people for the purpose of making money. Example: Make contact with a “Christian” guesthouse. Request a room. Don't mention sexual “inclination”. Turn up with “partner”. Get refused as expected. Bring legal action to make money.

Now get this removed. Display your “tyranny”. “Don't like what you say so I'll get it deleted.” Also cowardice of course. Would you like to make a list of all your other proclivities? Just so that no-one else wedded to the idea of “free speech” upsets you. I wonder if you can see any difference between yourself and any other dictator. I'll make this further point. Nobody need have known about your sexual inclination except that YOU have chosen to publicise it. Compensatory narcissism? Exculpatory justification? Jealousy? Perhaps you need psychiatric assistance. Perhaps you should try not foisting your abnormality on others! I'll give you this. You are “special”. But you shouldn't see that as a “good” thing. Especially when you use it to place restrictions on others. I hesitate to describe you the way you would have been described when I was in my 20s and 30s. We would have called you a s** q****. And how would that have been inaccurate?
193 axel arg (#) Jan 07th, 2013 - 08:00 pm Report abuse
Respecting historic facts, i have discussed with you about them in another article, and i won't do it again, you all know that actualy both parts of the conflict omit information before the press, not just argentina. Do you acept that?.
On the other hand, i know perfectly that the u. k's condition in order to discuss about sovereignty, is the will of the islanders, i understand that very well. However, what you don't seem to understand, is that the sovereignty is the main problem, and in the same way that the argentine govt, commits a mistake due to it doesn't include the govt. from the islands, in the proposal of dialoge that it asks the u. k., the govt. from the islands is not acting correctly either every time it manifests that it's not disposed to discuss about sovereignty.
The govt. from the islands, and the u. k. must understand once and for all that discussing about sovereignty, doesen't implicate in absolut a total cession of sovereignty to arg., because that's not what the u. n asks both countries. But it doesn't mean that the three parts can't find a solution that respects the wishs of the islanders, and the claims by arg.
Respecting the soposed future independence of the islands, for being honest, i can't take that posibility seriously, and i'll tell you why i think this.
If the islanders could declare their independence, they would do it along time ago, in fact, the islanders are living in one of the most prosperous places in the world, they have no any sovereign debt, and have one of the biggest life standars in the world. If they choose to remain under british govt., is not because of a matter of loyalty to the british crown, it is actualy because of the sovereign conflict between arg. and the u. k., if you prefer believing something different, i respect yor opinions and your inocence, but in my opinion, it's not serious to think that as a posibility.
194 LEPRecon (#) Jan 07th, 2013 - 08:56 pm Report abuse
@187 - Raul

You are either a deluded idiot, or an outrageous liar.

But don't worry, the world can see the Argentine government for the aggressive would be colonisers that you are.

Tell me, Raul, is Spanish a European language or a native American language?

You and people like you benefit from the colonisers of the 19th century who murdered the indigenous population.

Give them back their land, and the Falklands will consider giving the Falklands back to their indigenous population - the Penguins.
195 Pete Bog (#) Jan 07th, 2013 - 10:57 pm Report abuse
“Argentina suffered four British invasions. (1806-1807-1833-1845”

Impossible, Argentina did not exist until 1853, which made invading it impossible until 1853.
196 briton (#) Jan 08th, 2013 - 12:59 am Report abuse
Mr Cameron stated yesterday that he was willing and able, if the events required it,
to send a British task force back to the Falklands, to defend British interests,

Asked if he would go to war, he stated, if to defend the Falklands he would,
Reply from argentina
Reply from the mighty mouth CFK,

Seems she has bitten of more than she can chew.
Or the cat has got her tongue..
197 disasterjunkie (#) Jan 08th, 2013 - 04:43 pm Report abuse
ladies and lads! this is all about two things:
1. They are trying to steer attention away from all the money the current corrupted government stole from its people by covering it up with The Falklands.
2. Oil and natural gas found off the Falklands.
I tell you what, you share them oil right with the U.S and not only will we defend the island but we will invade Argentina’s mainland for ya thus spreading real democracy :))) and permanently putting an end to these silly pro-Nazi war criminals rallying up the natives with dreams of eliminating imperialism.
198 LEPRecon (#) Jan 09th, 2013 - 08:54 am Report abuse
Weak is as weak does.

You can tell CFK is weak. A strong leader from a strong government wouldn't be constantly begging on their knees to anyone who will listen.

A strong leader would be able to stand up to criticism. A strong leader wouldn't have to stoop to such cheap (although I hear the advert in the Guardian cost the Argentine taxpayers lots of US dollars - as the worthless Argentine Peso isn't accepted in the UK), stunts to try and divert the population.

A strong leader wouldn't need a diversion at all.

How humiliating for the Argentine people to have such a weak leader.

Weak leader with a weak mind, and a weak grip on reality.
199 slabside (#) Jan 10th, 2013 - 07:26 pm Report abuse
she's weak enough to kick off a serious shit storm - worrying

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