Wednesday, April 24th 2013 - 06:50 UTC

Cristina Fernandez hosts Rousseff to address political and trade issues

Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff will travel to Buenos Aires on Thursday for a two-day meeting with her Argentine counterpart Cristina Fernández and discuss political and trade matters between the two countries after an imports drop in Argentina last year and the cancelling by Brazil of a major investment project.

The main point in the agenda is Vale’s decision to suspend the Mendoza project because of soaring costs and change of rules

Rousseff assured: “We have a broad agenda with Argentina. We always discuss our relations in all areas (…) and will discuss them this time as well.”

Rousseff and Fernández meet approximately once every three months; however, the last one was suspended due to death of Hugo Chávez on March, 5. The Brazilian leader stressed that all affairs will be addressed including the recent decision of the Vale mining company to suspend the 5 billion dollars potassium production project in Mendoza, which included a railway and an export port close to Bahía Blanca.

Soaring costs in Argentina, labour conflicts including death threats to the officers responsible for the project and provincial taxes (not included in the original project) are among the reasons alleged by the Brazilians to suspend the project and their managers to abandon Argentina.

The Argentine government has sided with the unions’ demands and is not clear about the decision from the province of Mendoza to slap taxes on the project and not incentives as was originally considered. The suspension of the project meant the ‘demobilisation’ of 6.000 workers and Argentina’s largest foreign project in years.

However despite the discrepancies the Brazilian Foreign minister Antonio Patriota has insisted that the relation with Argentina is ‘strategic’ and there is no Plan B as demanded by much of the private sector more interested in other trade partners.

“With Argentina trade situations can emerge but it is a strategic partner. Our future is indissoluble and together we’ll go further than on our own. There is no Plan B as some business people are demanding. This does not mean we will work to overcome difficulties”, said Patriota.

The Foreign minister said that diplomacy “is always there to try and fix things, of getting issues on track, but we must also admit that there are decisions from the private agents. In the case of Vale it was the company’s board decision”.

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1 Anglotino (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 08:01 am Report abuse
They just love their frequent flyer miles these leftist Latin American leaders.

It's no wonder there are more groupings and acronyms in Latin America that anywhere else in the world.
2 Britworker (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 08:12 am Report abuse
Yes I wonder what these two will be tossing into the cauldron, eye of Nestor, ear of Timmerman, moustache of Mujica.
They are Paraguay plotting!
3 toxictaxitrader2 (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 08:14 am Report abuse
Brazil,s economy not doing too well either,so any more from you C.F.K. and
you,ll get a slap!
4 Anglotino (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 08:23 am Report abuse
@2 Britworker

Voodoo economics indeed.
5 Orbit (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 10:12 am Report abuse
Cristina Fernandez hosts Rousseff to address political and trade issues. And ask for a loan.
6 GeoffWard2 (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 10:21 am Report abuse
Its OK for CFK to talk to Dilma,

but she should perhaps understand that Vale is not owned by a government
.... it is what they called a 'private' company, with shareholders.
Arguably the biggest mining company in the world.

'Private' could be a strange concept for her to cope with.
7 Optimus_Princeps (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 11:21 am Report abuse
Something doesn't smell right here. I used to have some respect for Dilma, but now I'm not so sure.

In this picture, they look like they are plotting to prepare a stew of the toes and ears of small children.
8 yankeeboy (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 11:24 am Report abuse
Argentina is quickly turning their trade surplus into a deficit. As I told everyone last year don't count on Brazil to help you out by buying more cars. Brazil has its own problems and can't help out anyone.
I think Brazil and Argentina will devalue their currencies in a race to the bottom.
What a mess these dumb Socialists have made of their countries.
Anyone who thinks BRIC nations are going to rescue the world or the Power Axis is going to tilt towards them are a little nutty in my book. Not one of them has good stats and all appear to be falling into their tried and true proven paths to economic failure.
9 Anglotino (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 11:34 am Report abuse

Haha the BRICs. What a failure.

Once the Soviet Union invented a new economic paradigm.
The west was doomed and would be irrelevant.

Then Japan invented a new economic paradigm.
And the west was doomed and would be irrelevant.

The the BRICS invented a new economic paradigm.
And the west was doomed and would be irrelevant.
10 Tobers (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 11:41 am Report abuse

You see thats the difference between a rational person - you have an idea that makes sense at the time and then with further evidence you adjust your viewpoint - and an irrational ideologist (such as 'BK') who regardless of the evidence continues to ignore the incriminating facts or bends them to fit the mould.

I uesd to think Dilma wasnt too bad as well but now I agree with you - theres something a bit dodgy about her. Brazil is so much more powerful than its neighbours economically and can really afford to set the agenda yet it seems pretty listless as far as regional politics. Why?
11 British_Kirchnerist (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 11:50 am Report abuse
#2 How about bollocks of Cartes, since he'd rather shoot them off than accept a gay son!
12 manchesterlad (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 12:21 pm Report abuse
´The Argentine government has sided with the unions´

The same unions who threatened to kill the officers involved in the project......what more can you say about a left wing, socialist Bolivarian government!!!
13 yankeeboy (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 12:44 pm Report abuse
I knew immediately Dilma would screw up Brazil. How in the world could any country that wants to grow elect someone with her background?

She is completely out of her depth.
14 Brazilian (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 01:23 pm Report abuse
Wow, ignorant comments rule this website!
15 Captain Poppy (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 02:17 pm Report abuse
#14 My God! that was such a deep counter point it must have made all of us free marketers speechless!!!! Did you ponder that entire countpoint all night? Your brain must be sweating!! That was so brilliant you could not have possible contrived that all on your own?
16 Troy Tempest (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 02:20 pm Report abuse
Only since you got here.
17 Brazilian (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 02:37 pm Report abuse
# 1 - Nice to know your opinion on how diplomacy is wrong. Traveling to neighboring countries for diplomacy is wrong, but traveling to countries half way around the world to bomb them is ok?

#2 - Just want to point out that is one of the most ridiculous comments I've read here. But you get points for humour.

# 6 - Vale do Rio Doce is a private company, but as with all large companies that are strategic to a nations economy, the government does an intensive job at promoting it, becuase supposedly it would be good for the economy as a whole (doesn't always happen, though)

# 7 - Yes, they are going to eat little children like all communists and Santa Claus.

# 8 - Socialists in Argentina and Brazil? Show me where they are because I haven't seen them in power. Don't confuse center-left capitalists with socialists.

# 10 - Brazil doesn't want to push it's agenda too strongly because it would come off as imperialist and the smaller countries would leave it's area of influence. What Brazil does is subtle diplomacy, and the Itamaraty sometimes has excessive patience with Argentina.

# 13 - What background? Oh, you mean having the courage to take up arms and fight against a corrupt and brutal military dictatorship.

# 15 - Poopy, in all the comments you make I have yet to see you say something intelligent. Or are you just yankeeboy with a different screen name? Lol, and I was up all night banging your mom! There, feel better now?

# 16 - Wow, you got me there! lol
18 ElaineB (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 02:40 pm Report abuse
@14 To be fair, your comment didn't really contribute much.

Re: BRICS The problem here is that much of the speculation is based on a paper written over 10 years ago when a guy from Goldman Sachs was looking at fast-growing and emerging markets of the future. ”Future' being the important words here. It was estimated that by 2050 there would be new economic superpowers to rival and compete with the USA. This speculation was grabbed and run with as if it would be an instant change in world economics.

BRICS (South Africa being the token African nation) do have great potential but are a long way from reaching it. There will be many hurdles along the way and possibilities of failure for at least some of the BRICS. I personally think that one of the BRICS will emerge as the dominant force and the others will play a more minor role.

BUT it is all a long way off. Even with the revised estimate of 2030 - revised to encourage investment - the BRICS have a lot of problems to solve before they can rival the USA.

Dilma will probably do something and say many things to placate CFK. It is not in the interest of Brazil to help Argentina along the road of destruction they are already travelling. Pretty much every country is standing back and waiting to step in and help the recovery when the K's finally bugger off.
19 Brazilian (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 03:35 pm Report abuse
# 18 - While the term “BRIC” emerged from that famous paper, the BRICS as a forum for discussion and certain strategic alliances is a whole diferent thing. The significance of the BRICS is that they make up and a growing part of the world economy, while the part of the world economy generated by the US, the EU and Japan has diminished over the last two decades. The BRICS are not about rivaling the USA, their interest is gaining more space in an ever more multipolar world. The unipolar moment that the USA lived after the end of the Cold War is over, both militarily and economically. The country with a potential to truly rival the US in the future is China, but is highly unlikely that the world will another superpower as the USA and URSS once were. The BRICS nation have their own problems, and problems amongst themselves (such as the China vs India border dispute), but their share of the world market will continue to increase, as well as the cooperation in between as far as it helps the interests of each nation. The BRICS are not a solid organization in which one will “emerge as a dominant force”, but rather a loose strategic alliance for the objective of achieving more influence in a multipolar world.
20 Captain Poppy (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 04:00 pm Report abuse
Perhaps you were Brazzie...... she's been dead for 15 that what you are telling us?

Brics will only continue to develop under one universal assupmtion, that they can constinue to increase imports to free and developed nations. How will Brazil continue grwoing when they cannot sell to Argentina, How is China doing when the USA is shifting to Malaysia and Thailand? Bric countires cannot expand by depending on selling to themselves.
21 yankeeboy (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 04:06 pm Report abuse
19. You have no idea what you are talking about,
Current GDP USA EU Japan is 36B
BRIC 13.5B
Even with a 8% growth rate for a decade ( which will never happen) you get to 30B so to overtake USA EU Japan we would all have to have 0 to negative growth for a decade.
Most of this growth comes from China which I think you'll see dip to 2-3% growth rate as the economy falters and matures.
That's if they don't have a recession or depression from Revolution.

Your BRIC dream doesn't match up to reality
not surprising.
22 Brazilian (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 04:12 pm Report abuse
# 20 - You can exchange “mom” for your “wife” if it makes you feel better. Sounds like you didn't understand the sarcasm in response to your stupid comment.

As far as the BRICS go, they trade with whole world. Did Brazil stop trading with the US or the EU? No. How is China doing? They're growing a lot more than the US and the EU. I'd say they're doing pretty good, but keep on telling yourself that the US and EU are doing better. You ignore the domestic markets of the BRICS, which are all growing at an incredible pace, while the internal market of the USA is riddled in crisis, and the EU, well, it's so messed up right that it would be cowardly to pick on it (if it even continues to exist much longer).
23 ElaineB (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 04:42 pm Report abuse
@22 My point was that BRIC (S) will be more significant in the future but that does not necessarily mean the demise of current economic powers any time soon, or at all.

I am not aiming this comment at you in particular but a lot of people misunderstand the situation. Too many people get hyped up about BRIC countries when the balance of power has not shifted all that much when you look at the statistics. That is not to say it cannot but adopting socialist/nationalist policies does not enhance the chances of a country becoming a major player or even benefiting in a small way.
24 yankeeboy (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 04:47 pm Report abuse
Excpet for CHina the BRIC nations all have GDP around U$2B. That is about the size of California.
Not irrelevant but close

With 1 BILLION people in CHINA living on less that u$5/day I don't' see them buying an iphone anytime in the near future, do you ?

Do you not understand each of these countries is going through a severe downturn and or on the verge of having their bubble popped?
Do you read any current news?
25 Captain Poppy (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 05:51 pm Report abuse
Sure brazilian, if that makes you feel better saying that like it's reality, go for it. Is that a latam version of sarcasm , brazilian or just yours?

Yankee I believe you meant trillion, as California's GDP is in trillions. My tiny Massachusetts has a nearing 400 billion GDP and a balanced budget. I don't think when these latin economists that post here as opposed to managing there countries economy realize that less developed countries can easily experience greater growth rates than developed nations can. Conversely they will also experience greater lows and higher inflations rates as well. Looking at charts of less developed nations will look like a roller coaster.
26 Britworker (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 06:14 pm Report abuse
Yay, Brazilian thinks I have a good sense of humour. Thankyou Brazilian and I have to return the compliment, it's humerous person indeed that names themselves after a shaved vagina. :-)
27 Captain Poppy (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 06:44 pm Report abuse
Way to go Britworker.....still lmao and snorted coffee out my nose. Perhaps he named himself that because he's always getting fucked.
28 Stevie (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 06:51 pm Report abuse

Now they will have a go at Brazil for a couple of days :)

Like flavour of the day.

Brazil, Uruguay loves you. And Argentina too. Chile, what a beauty of a nation... And Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia... Lets not forget Paraguay, Peru and last but not least, Venezuela.

My brothers, all.
29 briton (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 07:13 pm Report abuse
you missed some,
or are the others your
30 Stevie (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 07:44 pm Report abuse
I always miss those 2... Never mean to though

But of course our love goes to Surinam and Guyana as well

Cheers Briton.
31 briton (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 07:49 pm Report abuse
32 GeoffWard2 (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 08:08 pm Report abuse
Lay off Brazilian, he can be a 'good guy' - knowing about and supporting his nation.
He sounds like Forgetit used to sound.

He and I will disagree about a lot - that's all right;
but we can all learn a lot about Brasil and its perspective by listening to him and people like him.
33 slattzzz (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 08:30 pm Report abuse
Bet you TMBOA will say at the end of the two days Brazil 100% supports us over the Falkland Islands
34 Orbit (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 08:40 pm Report abuse
Living hand to mouth...
35 Anglotino (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 09:41 pm Report abuse
Brazil's economy has come to a standstill to match Argentina going backwards

Though I always had the highest hope for Brazil out of all the BRICS, it doesn't seem to be happening.

South Africa and Russia will be regional heavyweights but not globals ones.
India will keep hoping its demographic dividend will kick in and it can utilise its ill educated population as it heads towards 2 billion.
Chima's workforce started its long term contraction last year which will gather pace and accelerate as its population starts to decline in about 10 years time. Japan 30 years ago is China today.

Brazil could have done it but it just won't unshackle its economy to let it thrive. The government keeps trying to pick winners and can't stop meddling to try and control.

Some will be regional powers.
Some will be global powers.
None will be superpowers.
36 Brasileiro (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 09:55 pm Report abuse
Brasil is Brasil forever. We growth, we are a single country. Far to greats empires like Spain or England. We are poors, we are richs, and now midle class (hahaha). But, the important is: our lifes and destiny belong to us. Ours mistakes, ours glories, our pain, our territory, ours resources, ours times or not. Remember, we are lusophones in América! Only one! WE ARE! Very, very pride to ours lusophones colonization! One single world in América with language, culture and way of life. This is my country! BRASIL!
37 yankeeboy (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 10:00 pm Report abuse
Soooo close to close

Protestor surround Congresso
And in Argentina you are not considered in poverty if you make more and U$0.66/day!!

I ask you, can it get any better?!
38 Brasileiro (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 10:39 pm Report abuse
Money, money, money, money, money!!! Do you eat money? Papers, papers, papers, papers!!! Do you eat papers? Capitalism, capitalism, capitalism, capitalism!!! Do you survive? Buy, buy, buy, buy, buy!!! Careful with the our planet! IGNORANT BOY!
39 Hepatia (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 10:42 pm Report abuse Maybe the same way that the US elected President Bush (GW), the president who brought us the Great Recession, for two terms.
40 Tobers (#) Apr 24th, 2013 - 10:46 pm Report abuse

--Japan 30 years ago is China today--

remember that 30 yrs ago were the 80's. I'd go back 50 years.
41 Captain Poppy (#) Apr 25th, 2013 - 12:34 am Report abuse
#39 brought US the great're an American?
42 Anglotino (#) Apr 25th, 2013 - 01:00 am Report abuse
@40 Tobers

“Japan 30 years ago is China today”

What I meant was that back then Japan had the new economic paradigm and high growth rates and was seen as eclipsing the west because it was buying up everything.

Not in standard of living or income. China will be hard pressed to reach Japan's levels in the next 40 years for the vast majority of its population.

When Japan's real estate bubble burst, it tried to protect itself from the pain of restructuring (a bit like some European countries now) and then came its decline in population.

I'm not sure when China's real estate bubble will burst, but considering the estimates on state debt held by local government and state banks, the pop will be heard around the world. It won't be so bad if China uses it as an excuse to restructure its economy, but considering that China is pretty much an oligarchy now; I'm not holding my breath.

There's there the impending population decline. Originally thought to happen in 2030, then it was 2025, now it is currently 2020. So there's a good chance it will happen before that.
43 John Troll the 3rd (#) Apr 25th, 2013 - 01:02 am Report abuse
Well, I guess with the end of the USA as a superpower, then the veredict is the world will be very regionalized in the 20th century with no one country dominating the world.

Best scenario possible really.
44 Brasileiro (#) Apr 25th, 2013 - 01:03 am Report abuse
American? Yes, i am......WE ARE AMERICANS! We born in América Continent! South América, Central América or North América. But, i dont “estadounidense”. Estadounidense=born in United States. Please, more inteligence, “Admiral”!
45 Anglotino (#) Apr 25th, 2013 - 02:36 am Report abuse
Sorry Brasileiro
That is not how it works in ENGLISH. Maybe in Spanish and Portuguese but not in English.

American means someone from the United States.

If you aren't American, then you are South American, Latin American, Central American, North American or whatever your nationality is.

Sorry but that is how it is in English. If you don't like it, then I suggest you don't talk in English.

America means the United States of America. The Americas are all areas in the North and South American continents. That's how we differentiate.

There is no such thing as the American continent that you spoke of. There are two continents - the Americas. One is called North America and one is called South America. Neither is just called America.

When I speak Spanish, then I conform to what the language dictates as the norm.

So please be more intelligent.

When did the USA cease becoming a superpower? Supposedly you are a university student, though like many you haven’t come to grasp 'critical thinking'. Look up the definition of a superpower before making asinine comments.

Also we’re in the 21st century. Well at least those countries that have moved beyond Argentina are.

Being so young and inexperienced in the world and getting your knowledge from the top level of Google means you have little indepth knowledge of pretty much anything.

The US was written off in the 70s and the Soviet Union was seen as rising.
The US was written off in the 80s and Japan was seen as rising.
And now we are in 2013 and the same people are writing off the US again and China is seen as rising.

Give your beatings a little historical perspective and again you look pathetic.
46 John Troll the 3rd (#) Apr 25th, 2013 - 03:23 am Report abuse
Lets see...

In 1950, the United States was 52% of world GDP. In 2013, it's 20% and by 2015 will fall to 19% or lower.

In 1950, the United States was the worlds biggest net lender, In 2013 it is the world's biggest net borrower and debter.

In 1950, the United States had an expanding middle class. In 2013 it has a shrinking middle class.

But keep believing otherwise, and just ignore the facts. I really don't care.
47 Anglotino (#) Apr 25th, 2013 - 03:25 am Report abuse
I see you didn't look up the definition.
48 GeoffWard2 (#) Apr 25th, 2013 - 09:53 am Report abuse
I have had two long-term partners, both of them American but only one of them has ever lived in the USA. One was born in Brasil and the other in Belize. Both have held British citizenship for many decades.

I am, myself, a European; I was born in England. I guess I am an EU citizen with a Permanent Residence visa for Brasil.

Some European countries are not in the EU; their inhabitants are still European.
Some thirty odd larger countries are in the Americas; their inhabitants are American but they are not US citizens.

It has always seemed to me totally presumptious for people from the USA to claim that they are the only Americans.
49 Stevie (#) Apr 25th, 2013 - 10:33 am Report abuse
America is a continent. not a country or a people.
Your ignorance may tell you otherwise, but that does not affect the english language.
If you are referring to the short form for “Unite States of America”, that's a whole other matter. That they call themselves Americans is their problem, the name is USA.

We call them yanquis, estadounidenses and sometimes, like Piero, americanos

50 Anglotino (#) Apr 25th, 2013 - 11:23 am Report abuse
GeoffWard2 and Stevie

I don't make the rules guys!

GeoffWard2 if you are indeed English/British/European with English as your native tongue then you would know that in English, America refers to the United States and American to its citizens.

What you did was a false analogy with Europe. Just as any of the people that come from any of the 54 countries in Africa can call themselves African.

Then again, Europe isn't technically a continent is it? Just a region really.

In English THERE IS NO CONTINENT CALLED AMERICA. It English it is two continents referred collectively as THE AMERICAS.

There is the continent of NORTH AMERICA encompassing 23 countries over 24,490,000 km2 and the continent of SOUTH AMERICA encompassing 12 countries over 17,840,000 km2

Otherwise why is UNASUR the Union of Nations of South America? Why not just the Union of Nations of America?

Now perhaps it is different in other languages. But we are not talking in those languages. We are talking in English.

As you show Stevie, you have plenty of names for Americans: “yanquis, estadounidenses and sometimes, like Piero, americanos”.

However in English they are Americans.

They might sometimes be Yanks or Septic Tanks but at the end of the day nicknames don't count.

When I speak in Spanish I call them 'estadounidenses' but we aren't speaking Spanish here now are we!

Again I don't make the rules.
51 Stevie (#) Apr 25th, 2013 - 11:37 am Report abuse
That US citizen and some Brit lapdogs call the yanquis for Americans doesn't change anything.
America comes from Amerigo Vespucci, an Italian explorer that gave name to the entire continent.

The language doesn't matter, I could call USA Europa in Spanish, that wouldn't change anything.

You can repeat a lie the number of times you wish, it will still be a lie.
52 Clyde15 (#) Apr 25th, 2013 - 12:11 pm Report abuse
A continent is one of several very large landmasses on Earth. They are generally identified by convention rather than any strict criteria, with up to seven regions commonly regarded as continents—they are (from largest in size to smallest): Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia.[1]
North America and South America are treated as separate continents in the seven-continent model. However, they may also be viewed as a single continent known as America. This viewpoint was common in the United States until World War II, and remains prevalent in some Asian six-continent models.[13] This remains the more common vision in Spain, Portugal and Latin American countries, where they are taught as a single continent. This use is shown in names such as the Organization of American States. From the 19th century some people used the term “Americas” to avoid ambiguity with the United States of America.

There you have it. If you are English speaking 7, if you are Spanish speaking 6. I declare it a draw !!!!
53 Brazilian (#) Apr 25th, 2013 - 01:27 pm Report abuse
# 26 - This really is irrelevent to the discussion, just want to point out to you that “Brazilian Waxing”, as you people call it, is a different thing from shaving. But I guess you were just attempting to be funny (Brits aren't too good at that). And as far as “Brazilian Waxing” having become a synonym for waxing the excess of hair that comes out of a womans bikini, you should be happy that some of your monstrouly hairy crooked-teeth women now at least have a little better higiene around their pussies. You can wax your women's vaginas, but aint much you can do to fix uglyness. Cheers to ya there in bushland!
54 Hepatia (#) Apr 25th, 2013 - 05:48 pm Report abuse In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, following the American Revolution there was a tacit expectation in the US that the revolutions would continue and, as a result, the US would expand to occupy all of America. This expectation was not very well thought out and, given the historical and cultural realities extant, not at all realistic. However, the Bolivarian Revolution, in its initial phase did explicitly reference the revolution that resulted in the formation of the US.

Unfortunately the Bolivarian Revolution was abortive in that it was quickly hijacked by a oligarchical aristocracy - which was certainly un-American. And so it was in the 19th and much the 20th century despite various attempts to chance this situation (Brazil's history is somewhat different, of course).

However, with the fall of the military juntas and other authoritarian regimes and the adoption of democratic government the Bolivarian Revolution has been resumed. And it is for this reason that the 21st century will truly be the 'American Century'.

Ironically, after WWII, the US left America to become an imperial power, changing the government and national psyche with the passage of the NSA et al. This is the century that the US will return to America and come closer to its roots.

Although America is geographically bounded its definition exists in the political domain.
55 Clyde15 (#) Apr 25th, 2013 - 06:27 pm Report abuse
I would have thought that Asia -especially China - would claim the 21st century.
Their people have an appetite for hard work and advancement.
The SA countries will have to rid themselves of the mañana syndrome to compete.
56 GeoffWard2 (#) Apr 25th, 2013 - 06:52 pm Report abuse
Brazilian #53, Britworker #26, etc.
I winced when you suggested epilation/depilation took place on the vagina. This would be pretty useless - and invasive; the mammalian vagina is totally glabrous - for obvious reasons. You mean the external skin surface over and around the mons pubis. And Brasilians have a special need because of the world-famous skimpiness of their bikinis.

Merkins are 'the opposite'...
I remembert the São Paulo Fashion Week had a nude model dressed in transparent plastic. She wore a merkin to make her appear 'more natural' and acceptible in this catholic country. Quite a display of 'The Queens New Clothes'!

More to my style, I use merkins when bonefish fishing - it's hairy and crab-like ... with a hook in it.

If 'Brazilian' names himself after this topiary he is in good company - Peter Sellers acted the US President in Dr. Strangelove, President Merkin.
57 briton (#) Apr 25th, 2013 - 06:57 pm Report abuse
Come now gents,
No more history lesions,
Let’s start from the top,
1, Canadians =Canada
2, Americans=United States of America
3, Mexicans-down to panama abt, [Central Americans
4, south of panama or the South American continent,
==south Americans
5, Falklands= is in the south Atlantic but not part of mainland south America.
Now you should know better,
1, Europeans=in the south west=Spain Portugal
2, in the east as far as Poland
3, south down to the Mediterranean countries including Italy Greece
4, north Europeans=France bell, Germany, Holland den,
Scandinavian countries
Norway Sweden Finland,
Russia is considers [east]
But some refer to west Russians as European
UK ,Great Britain= British isles [full stop]
Iceland = very bloody cold
And no doubt someone somewhere will say,
That’s not true Briton blab la bla .
Just an opinion like lololol.

and you can interprit as you wish.
,,,dong dong .
58 Stevie (#) Apr 25th, 2013 - 07:43 pm Report abuse
There is nothing called “the Americas” as America is not naturally divided by water.

There are 5 continents;


The rest is all in your head.
59 GeoffWard2 (#) Apr 25th, 2013 - 08:15 pm Report abuse
“There is nothing called “the Americas” as America is not naturally divided by water.” #58

Oceania is a million islands all naturally divided by water ... mighty perculiar!
60 Anglotino (#) Apr 25th, 2013 - 08:43 pm Report abuse
Well Stevie keeps proving he's never lived in an English speaking country.

However I do believe your claim that you come from the Americas.
61 Clyde15 (#) Apr 25th, 2013 - 09:54 pm Report abuse
Have you heard of the Panama canal ? This is effectively a body of water dividing N and S. America It is accepted wisdom that Europe and Asia are regarded as continents.
Of course, you being the world's leading expert on geography you know better than everyone else or are you just playing at semantics as usual.
62 Stevie (#) Apr 25th, 2013 - 10:24 pm Report abuse
Checkout the definition of a continent.

Brits and yanquis could call Uruguay Mozambique for all I care. America is still a continent.

The Panama canal is not natural, it's man-made.
63 Captain Poppy (#) Apr 25th, 2013 - 11:06 pm Report abuse
you southies love wikipedia.
64 Stevie (#) Apr 25th, 2013 - 11:21 pm Report abuse
7, 6, 5, 4 continents.
By definition, there are only 4 though, not 5 as I earlier stated. Africa-Eurasia, America, Australia, Antartica.
I stand corrected, also on the Oceania being a continent. The continent is of course Australia per definition.

This is a very interesting discussion. Fact is that America, both North and South, were named America 1507 after Amerigo Vespucci.
That was long before USA was even thought of.
If you lot want to use that name, feel free to do so, it doesn't change the fact that America is a continent. And if you wish to divide it in two, as many people do according to Poppy's wiki, America is still the name of the “new world”, north and south.
65 Captain Poppy (#) Apr 26th, 2013 - 12:10 am Report abuse
Now ask a geological scientist how many there are. Most people will say they are German than European, Vietnamese than Asian......Algerian than African, Canadian over American or North American. You get the
66 British_Kirchnerist (#) Apr 26th, 2013 - 12:19 am Report abuse
#54 What a brilliant comment, truly enlightening =)
67 Captain Poppy (#) Apr 26th, 2013 - 12:44 am Report abuse
A continent is a landmass with specific characteristics. Each continent is unique, but they are all characterized by two features: ancient, geologically stable regions and younger geologically active areas. The great mountain ranges of the continents are found in these younger regions. Most have extensive plains or plateaus. All of the continents, except Antarctica, are “wedge-shaped,” wider at the north than at the south.

By convention there are seven continents: Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and Antarctica. Some geographers list only six continents, combining Europe and Asia into Eurasia. In parts of the world, students learn that there are just five continents: Eurasia, Australia, Africa, Antarctica, and the Americas.

To some geographers, however, “continent” is not just a physical term; it also carries cultural connotations. For example, Europe and Asia are physically part of the same landmass, but the two areas are culturally diverse. (That is, the various cultural groups in Asia have more in common with one another than with those of Europe.)

Islands located near a continent are generally considered, in a geographical sense, part of that continent. Greenland, for example, is politically part of Europe but belongs geographically to North America, as do the islands of the Caribbean and the western North Atlantic Ocean. There are some islands and island groups, however, that are not considered part of any continent, geographically speaking. New Zealand, Hawaii, and French Polynesia are among them.

Oceania is the collective name for the lands of the Pacific Ocean, including Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia. Oceania is a convenient way to name these areas, which, with the exception of Australia, are not part of any continent. But Oceania itself is not a continent.

68 Stevie (#) Apr 26th, 2013 - 08:44 am Report abuse
That's all great, except of the fact that there are no “Americas”, but only one.
The one named after Amerigo Vespucci back in 1507.

Long before the existance of the USA.
69 Captain Poppy (#) Apr 26th, 2013 - 10:09 am Report abuse
You are making no sense steverina. Can you comprehend my point?
70 John III (Pope) (#) Apr 26th, 2013 - 10:24 am Report abuse
I think you are misunderstanding Poppy. He is asserting the the Americas are not named after Amerigo Vespucci but a Amerigos Vespucci who was an obscure dung collector and who suffered multiple personalities. This assertion allows Poppy to have as many Americas as he likes.
71 Captain Poppy (#) Apr 26th, 2013 - 11:39 am Report abuse
there you go thinking tobias. My assertion is that Americans is merely a label applied to people living in a certain area called named from their nation. Perhaps you all need to find out how continents got their names.
72 Brazilian (#) Apr 26th, 2013 - 01:32 pm Report abuse
Call it whatever you want. In proper portuguese somone from the continent of America is “americano”, and someone from the USA is “estadounidense”. They are two different things. While it is common to refer to the USA as America, it is not the whole continent, and all the people from the nations of America are “Americans”. And as far as what we call people from the US here in Brazil, our prefered term is “ianqui”.

Here I leave you with a poem called América, by argentinean poet Rubén Vela:

“Esto es América”, me decían,
mostrándome las altas cordilleras,
el suicidio del sol sobre los trópicos,
los grandes ríos furiosos.
Sólo vi pies descalzos,
criaturas americanas
sobre el hambre y el frío
como frutos desnudos.
“Esto es América”. Sobre las tierras
indias del centro y del sur
vi desolación. Y, al borde,
las grandes ciudades opulentas, sólo
al borde...
73 yankeeboy (#) Apr 26th, 2013 - 01:47 pm Report abuse
How many times do you retards have to be told HOW WE USE CERTAIN words in English.
If WE, THE NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKERS point out a term you are using incorrectly just take the lesson and move on.
Trying to prove to us we are wrong IN OUR OWN LANGUAGE makes you look insane.
74 Captain Poppy (#) Apr 26th, 2013 - 02:46 pm Report abuse
This discussion over continents is by far the stupidest yet.
75 Brazilian (#) Apr 26th, 2013 - 02:49 pm Report abuse
# 74 - Yankedoodle, seems like you are not aware of how a dictionary works. If you pick up ANY DICTIONARY of the english language, you will see that America is a Continent, and American designates the people from that continent. In casual language, America is used as a synonym for the United States of America, and American for the people of the USA, even though this becomes ambiguous, as has been pointed out inumerous times here, and all proper grammar tries to avoid ambiguity. And so far as to the english language, it seems to me like most people who speak english fluently as a second language (or third in my case) actually have better grammar than most people in the US. At least the Brits learn in school how to write properly in english. When I go a CNN forum it's like watching a massacre of the english language.

Yankee Doodle went to town
A-riding on a pony,
Stuck a feather in his cap
And called it macaroni.
76 yankeeboy (#) Apr 26th, 2013 - 03:02 pm Report abuse
Brazilian my suggestion is to drop it, you've been told you are wrong in many posts by many contributors.
If you want to continue to look like an idiot it is your choice.
77 Captain Poppy (#) Apr 26th, 2013 - 03:13 pm Report abuse
the bald vagina speaks with a hole in it's tongue. Serious diarrhea of the keyboard he has.
In another post, he believes the brazzies military is a powerhouse too!
78 Brazilian (#) Apr 26th, 2013 - 03:17 pm Report abuse
@ 76-77 - Lol yankeedoodle and captain poopy, I wonder who's the man in the relationship between both of you!
79 Captain Poppy (#) Apr 26th, 2013 - 03:41 pm Report abuse
ouch! sniff sniff SA wit is so sharp! That hurt
80 Brazilian (#) Apr 26th, 2013 - 03:53 pm Report abuse
Don't cry poopy, you can always walk out of your closet.
81 Hepatia (#) Apr 26th, 2013 - 03:59 pm Report abuse What a give away!

So, our little brown brothers from down south are determined to argue despite the fact that we have told them to stop. Who do they think they are! Well, we all know what this means. We're going to have to send a task force. If that doesn't stop them then we will have to bomb. Who knows, this might a situation where regime change is called for. Wadya think?
82 Captain Poppy (#) Apr 26th, 2013 - 04:13 pm Report abuse
oh boy thank you. You're my favorite bald vagina. You're fun to play with.
Ahhhh nothing like a reference to homosexuals........was that also suppose to be an insult?
83 Stevie (#) Apr 26th, 2013 - 04:36 pm Report abuse
“If WE, THE NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKERS point out a term you are using incorrectly just take the leson and move on.”


If YOU, yanqui, tell me anything, anything at all, I will use it best way possible. In order not to let any of your prophecies and common ignorance pass, I will indeed type it all down, with graphite, on a piece of paper in order to wipe myself after I'm done.
I'll swear to make the best use of your words, like a temporary tattoo on my arse...

84 yankeeboy (#) Apr 26th, 2013 - 05:00 pm Report abuse

85 Stevie (#) Apr 26th, 2013 - 05:33 pm Report abuse
If we the native latine speakers point out a term you are using incorrectly, like America being the name given to the “new world” after Amerigo Vespucci, just take the lesson and move on.

86 yankeeboy (#) Apr 26th, 2013 - 05:37 pm Report abuse
9.28/1 :)
87 Brasileiro (#) Apr 27th, 2013 - 02:24 am Report abuse
Thanks Brazilian. But, change your nick. Saxons like a barbarians. Remember Rome and classical culture. Go to the Classical Age with your nick. Thanks
88 Troy Tempest (#) Apr 27th, 2013 - 03:41 am Report abuse
Back on topic

Mercosur agrees to trade with Mercosur, as Argentina's economy tanks and as a good friend, Dilma let's CFK drag them down too.

Not really news. Same in three months, but by then the AR Peso will be worth 12/1 with the US dollar

89 Hepatia (#) Apr 27th, 2013 - 05:23 am Report abuse The problem with your position is that language is not some paradigm handed down from on high to a greatfull and passive population. It is mutable. This is especially true of American English which has shown that it has been very fluid over the centuries. Yet it has not evolved to avoid the claim of ownership of “America” as a synonym for the USA. Why is that?
90 ljordao (#) Apr 27th, 2013 - 06:14 am Report abuse
@ 72:

I am calling bullshit on you. I am Brazilian, and “americano” has long been the standard Portuguese word for the citizens of the United States of America, i.e., the standard Portuguese word for AMERICANS. “Estadunidense” is also in the dictionary, but it accounts for less than 5% of the references to them. “Ianque” (not “ianqui”) and “gringo” are typically used by leftist idiots like you, as they are derogatory terms. (A derogatory term for Brazilians is “tupiniquim”, which you richly deserve.) Besides, Brazilian teachers of geography typically talk about two continents: “América do Sul”, and “América do Norte”. And they call their combination “As Américas”, not “América”, which is normally used to refer to several Brazilian football teams. Stop making stuff up.
91 John III (Pope) (#) Apr 27th, 2013 - 06:35 am Report abuse
Since there is no nation called America I assume you are referring to United Statesians.
92 Troy Tempest (#) Apr 27th, 2013 - 06:49 am Report abuse

“I am calling bullshit on you. I am Brazilian, and “americano” has long been the standard Portuguese word for the citizens of the United States of America, i.e., the standard Portuguese word for AMERICANS. “Estadunidense” is also in the dictionary, but it accounts for less than 5% of the references to them. ”


Thank you for speaking and exposing the truth.

If those others had to make up facts, one has to doubt their false arguments, and their honesty about their issues and their motives.
93 Stevie (#) Apr 27th, 2013 - 09:25 am Report abuse

Another expat...
Do what you are supposed to do. Go use some dollars.

I'm calling bullshit on you, as “Americano” isn't Portuguese or English. It's Latin.

And as Anglolatio said, you can't change an entire language, no matter how hard you try.

Those from USA are Anglo Americans
94 agent999 (#) Apr 27th, 2013 - 11:47 am Report abuse
Portuguese usage

In Portuguese, the word americano refers to the whole of the America. But, in Brazil and Portugal, it is widely used to refer to the citizens of the United States. The least ambiguous terms, estadunidense (used in Brazil, something like “United Statesian” or “estadounidense” in Spanish), and “ianque”—the Portuguese version of “Yankee”—are rarely used. América, however, is rarely used as synonym to the country, and almost never in print and in more formal environments, where the country is called either Estados Unidos da América (i.e. United States of America) or simply Estados Unidos (i.e. United States). There is some difference between the usage of these words in Portugal and in Brazil, with the Portuguese being more prone to apply the term América to the country.
95 Captain Poppy (#) Apr 27th, 2013 - 02:25 pm Report abuse
Amazing where this thread went.
96 agent999 (#) Apr 27th, 2013 - 02:43 pm Report abuse
Possibly because the meeting itself was such non event !
97 Brazilian (#) Apr 27th, 2013 - 02:43 pm Report abuse
# 90 - Another angry brazukinha who never had the education to be able to have a succesfull career in Brazil. Here we are talking about what it gramatically correct, not what is casual or slang. The grammatically correct term (do you know what grammar is, Brazuka?) for someone who is born in the United States in portuguese is estadunidense, sometimes norte-americano is also commonly used. “Gringo” in Brazil is used for all foreigners: a German would be called “gringo” in Brazil too, and it is not necessarily derrogative. Tupiniquim is dorregative to sad racist fucks like you. I am proud of my amerindian heritage. Brazilian teachers (I am one) refer to the “continente americano”, North, South and Central America are considered subcontinents, just as Europe is considered a subcontinent or Eurasia. Seems like you weren't paying attention in class, brazukinha. Maybe if you had a better education you wouldn't be washing dishes there in republicrat land.

# 94 - Estadunidense is the grammatically correct term used in all official and academic papers. Sometimes “norte-americano” is also used (specially in the news), although it is still ambiguous and Canada and Mexico are also considered North America.
98 yankeeboy (#) Apr 27th, 2013 - 02:52 pm Report abuse
96. I don't think it was a non-event. CFK was told to wrap it up with Vale and don't screw with them. Vale signed an agreement to pay the workers 1/2 wages until the elections.
How convenient
But better than the 18 mos they're required by law to pay.
Wonder how they got around that
I guess we saw who was boss
Mendoza is screwed
99 ljordao (#) Apr 27th, 2013 - 04:41 pm Report abuse

I have already told you to stop making stuff up. Even in academia, “Estadunidense” is the rare exception, not the rule. Here is what Google books returns when we type “revolução estadunidense” and “revolução americana”, respectively:

As to your pathetic accusation of racism, it has made my day, since it is a sure sign that you are out of argumentative ammo. Besides, even though my present address is irrelevant to the truth of what I have written, I am not an expatriate Brazilian, as I live in Rio de Janeiro. Please stop embarrassing yourself.
100 Troy Tempest (#) Apr 27th, 2013 - 05:56 pm Report abuse


It's good to have you on this forum to counter the lies of people like “Brazilian”.

He might have got some of them past is posters who do not live in SA or visit on a regular basis.

He seems to have a very fragile ego - on a personal level, he hates to be shown that he is wrong, and despite his protests, he seems to have a chip on his shoulder about being 'Amerindian'.
Secondly, his pride, and that of many of the Troll psychopaths, seems to be injured when people of the USA are commonly referred to as “ Americans”, yet that vernacular is not used for the inhabitants of the continent of South America - they are “South American” or “Latin American”.

'Technically' correct or not, that is the way it is. Too bad.

Canadians are not usually called “Americsns” by anybody, although I could argue that they are as entitled as much as the Mexicans or countries of South America, 'technically'.

The difference is that unlike the Trolls on here, we don't care. We like our own identity and we don't cry, pout, or whine about it, and we don't report false information to make our arguments believable.
101 Stevie (#) Apr 27th, 2013 - 06:04 pm Report abuse
Say what you want.
Fact is that America was named 1507, way long before USA even existed as a country.
You are of course free to choose to call the yanquis as you want, as they are.
But that doesn't change the fact that America is the Latin name for North, Central and South America.
And you can't change an entire language at will, just ask Anglolatino...

102 Captain Poppy (#) Apr 27th, 2013 - 06:58 pm Report abuse
Fuck, you are still trolling on continents? Man! I need to click on now more emaisl on updates to this nowhere thread.
Yankee, Argentina has a prorated severance when there is no notice.......typical one month pay for each year, plus accrued vacation. Double that is the employee is pregnant or within one year postpartum. I have a few friends (more acquaintances) in BA that just fired a bunch of office workers because it is getting harder and harder to get paying and try to match annual raises to the actual inflation. I think they are moving their offices.
103 Stevie (#) Apr 27th, 2013 - 07:34 pm Report abuse
You've been trolling on Argentina for quite some time now.
What's wrong, you get upset if you don't get to choose what topic to troll about?

Look at you now, trolling about Argentina again...
104 Captain Poppy (#) Apr 27th, 2013 - 09:17 pm Report abuse
Trolls .....troll off topic. You're managed to reach #103 about continent names and the topic is trade between Argentina and Brazil.

Look at me now trolling about the topic of the article,........image that. Yoy should be very lucky, at least happy you no longer live in SA.
105 Stevie (#) Apr 27th, 2013 - 09:28 pm Report abuse
Your friends have nothing to do with the article.
The article is about trade between Argentina and Brazil, not Argentinas inflation.

106 Captain Poppy (#) Apr 27th, 2013 - 11:57 pm Report abuse
Sure, whatever you say. You are SA and the rest of the world knows what that equates to. So if it makes you feel good to think I'm a be it. Ok.....I am a
We all know Dilma was giving her a tongue lashing. asslips needs Dilma more than Dilma needs asslips. If Dilma takes the actions asslips has, Argentina is fucked.
107 Anglotino (#) Apr 28th, 2013 - 12:12 am Report abuse
So thankfully Stevie has finally realised that “as Anglolatio said, you can't change an entire language, no matter how hard you try.”

Still can't get my name right but he finally admits that in English:

AMERICANS come from AMERICA which is in the AMERICAS.

Can't change a language no matter how it is said in Spanish or Portuguese.
108 Stevie (#) Apr 28th, 2013 - 08:15 am Report abuse
America is Latin.
Name given to North, Central and South America.
In 1507.
After Amerigo Vespucci.
Feminised fot follow the tradition of continents having female names.
Way long before USA even existed.
And you can't change it.
Not matter how hard you try.

109 Anglotino (#) Apr 28th, 2013 - 09:50 am Report abuse

I am telling you how it exists in ENGLISH in TWO THOUSAND AND THIRTEEN.

Not 1507.

Jeez dude, get with the times. In 1507 your country didn't even exist, so technically you aren't any nationality according to your logic. No Uruguay, no Argentina = no Stevie?

But thank you for the history lesson on how the name came about. But this is not about how the name was invented or coined but how it is USED in ENGLISH now.

Not a single country outside of the USA has incorporated the word AMERICA into its name. NOT A ONE.

But considering your history lesson, it was Thomas Jefferson in 1776 that first included the word AMERICA to name a country.

Perhaps it is because even though Spanish and Portuguese settlement occurred before British settlement, that neither of these empires used the word America to name or describe them. It was the British that called their colonies British America.

Portugal perhaps should have rethought 'Terra da Santa Cruz' and Spain should have rethought 'Virreinato de Nueva España'.

Indeed the word America is rarely used for any names for anything outside the US.

You can use America however you want in Spanish or Portuguese but your belief or need for it to mean the same thing in English doesn't stand up to the norm.

AMERICANS come from AMERICA which is in the AMERICAS.

You can't change that, you have already admitted that you can't change a language. I might not be able to change history, but you can't change a norm.

In English you are South AMERICAN or Latin AMERICAN or from the AMERICAS. But in English you are NOT American. In Spanish, maybe, but not in English.

No matter how hard you try.

@ Captain Poppy
Not happy with the way the topic has gone off track? Then stop reading. However it is true that the importance of Dilma meeting with Kirchner is that unimportant that no one really cares. Every three months they meet up. Kiss kiss and say nice things and then go back home and stab each other in the back through their actions.
110 Stevie (#) Apr 28th, 2013 - 09:55 am Report abuse
As you said yourself, Anglolatino.
You can't change a language no matter how hard you wish you could.
America is Latin.
Not English.

Try harder.

111 Captain Poppy (#) Apr 28th, 2013 - 12:19 pm Report abuse
Anglotino, it's not so much as unhappy of the track as I am more amazed that no matter how much you slap Stevie around, he come back for more.
I had read that no matter how displeased Dilma gets with another SA country, she will always make her sentiments known behind closed doors. Supposedly though, the auto industry was a big talking point.
112 yankeeboy (#) Apr 28th, 2013 - 02:29 pm Report abuse
111. Car imports are the big stick that Brazil has over Argentina. Surprisingly they're almost their only customer.
That is why I think if IMF kicks out Arg, thereby losing membership in WB and ICSID Ford and GM will pack up and move production to Mexico and Brazil.
Never to return
It would also solve a lot of logistic problems for both companies.
113 Captain Poppy (#) Apr 28th, 2013 - 03:07 pm Report abuse
Ford said they expected to start selling the new models this fall in Brazil. Now either they have some export concession from KFC, or I do not see how they can continue to operate in Argentina. I know that auto sales in Argentina through Feb 2103 were up 5% yoy, however they were also down 44% in Feb to Jan 2013. I just do not see Argentina being able to support a Ford profit.
114 Anglotino (#) Apr 28th, 2013 - 08:10 pm Report abuse
Captain Poppy

Yes I actually realised after I posted that my descriptor was more aimed at CFK than Dilma. She might not be the best on economics, but Dilma is a lot more statesmanlike than CFK. No rants and seems to have a little more gravita.

And Stevie does keep coming back.... like being down the park with my dog and a frisbee. He's tried to impose a different language's norm on English and failed miserably. Supposedly America is now Latin. Those pesky Romans!

I'll have to brush up on my Latin now before I study there!

But he failed to prove that in ENGLISH 'AMERICANS come from AMERICA which is in the AMERICAS' is false.

All he did was prove that it is different in Spanish.

Which was the point I was making. I keep telling him he says what I need him to say.

“You can't change a language no mater how hard you wish you could”

I've even got him repeating my mantra. Now there's training for you.
115 Stevie (#) Apr 28th, 2013 - 08:37 pm Report abuse
“You can't change a language no mater how hard you wish you could”

There you have it again

You can't change Latin. America is a Latin name.
You can use it at will though.
Feel free

116 Captain Poppy (#) Apr 28th, 2013 - 10:45 pm Report abuse
Is it archaic latin?
Classical Latin?
Medieval Latin?
Renaissance Latin?
Early Modern Latin?
Modern Latin?

Or perhaps you are referring to one of the many spin off languages from latin, such as spanish or Portuguese? When it comes to a name, anyone can label it however they want.

If this is your entire point:
If you lot want to use that name, feel free to do so, it doesn't change the fact that America is a continent. And if you wish to divide it in two, as many people do according to Poppy's wiki, America is still the name of the “new world”, north and south.

Depending on where you live, teaching how many continents there are varies. It makes sense that SA would want to be associated with NA, however the scientific community is not in dispute on how many continents there are. BTW stevie, we live in a heliocentric start system.

As for changing names.......New York is not Nueva York yet you insist on changing it. You really are much ado about nothing, but it's ingrained Guzz.
117 ljordao (#) Apr 28th, 2013 - 10:48 pm Report abuse

No language has exclusive property of any words. For example, “cobra” belongs both to English and to Portuguese, and its English and Portuguese meanings are overlapping but different. (Everything an American calls “cobra” is something a Brazilian calls “cobra”, but not vice versa, as “cobra” means in Portuguese what “snake” means in English.) Therefore, it is downright stupid of you to say that “America” cannot mean X in English because it does not mean X in Latin. Heavens! We are beyond comment 100, and you just won't spare us a full display of your idiocy. I would tell you to try harder, if I believed you could improve your performance.
118 Stevie (#) Apr 28th, 2013 - 11:24 pm Report abuse
What are you talking about. A Brazilian IS an American...
119 Captain Poppy (#) Apr 28th, 2013 - 11:44 pm Report abuse
And don't forget western hemispherians as well as earthlings. You have gone beyond proving you are an idiot with your pointless drivel, no need to exploit that fact there, especially that ljordao did not say Brazilians were not Americans.
One American continent is a view held in SA, however, 7 continents is the widely held and accepted view among scientist just as global warming is a generally accepted science, but who in SA cares about science guzz....right?
120 Hepatia (#) Apr 29th, 2013 - 03:18 am Report abuse It seems you are not from the US because if you were you would know that English has changed, English is changing and English will change.

This is not really an argument about language but about attitudes. And attitudes have changed, attitudes are changing and attitudes will change. But, in any case, we are entering a period in which how any particular group of English speakers will be not be regarded as particularly important.
121 Stevie (#) Apr 29th, 2013 - 07:53 am Report abuse

7 continents is widely accepted amongst scientists.
6 continents is widely accepted amongst scientists.
5 continents is widely accepted amongst scientists.
4 continents is widely accepted amongst scientists.

Be careful on that one, I said the same as you about 5 comtinents until I checked it up...
But who in Anglo America cares about facts andy....right?
122 Captain Poppy (#) Apr 29th, 2013 - 09:39 am Report abuse
Stick with farming that's what you southies are in for.
123 Anglotino (#) Apr 29th, 2013 - 09:46 am Report abuse

Why do you always use the following terms for areas outside the United States? Latin America
Latin American
South America
South American

Why don't you practise what you have extensively preached on here?

Especially considering Spanish is not your mother tongue and you don't live in either Latin America or South America.

17 posts on this topic but interesting if you will be able to answer these simple questions. Highly doubtful but nevertheless interesting.
124 Stevie (#) Apr 29th, 2013 - 09:54 am Report abuse
Check post 121.
See that “Anglo American”?
Otherwise I tend to call them yanquis.

I use Latin American when I refer to all those countries in America that have Latin languages as their official languge.
South Americans are those Americans that live in the territory south(east) of Panamá, Panamá not included.

Those areas aren't outside the USA, USA is the one being outside. In North America.
There you find Anglo Americans.
125 Anglotino (#) Apr 29th, 2013 - 10:33 am Report abuse
Thanks Stevie

So you don't use the term American for..... what was it?

”South Americans are those Americans that live in the territory south(east) of Panamá, Panamá not included.”

You just proved my point.

Not that difficult for someone that doesn't live in South OR Latin America.
126 Stevie (#) Apr 29th, 2013 - 10:35 am Report abuse
Indeed I do.
Read the sentence again.
“South Americans are those AMERICANS....”


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