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Argentina deploys major diplomatic offensive in the Grand Caribbean

Argentina attended the fifth Caribbean states leaders’ summit held in Haiti April 23/26 as an observer but with a major delegation that included Foreign Affairs Secretary Ambassador Eduardo Zuaín, the different ambassadors in the region plus staff from the Political and Coperation desks.

Deputy minister Zuain visited Haiti with a numerous delegation

The agenda of the summit referred to coordination of efforts following natural disasters, sustainable tourism, infrastructure development, inter-regional connectivity and trade.

According to an official release from the Argentine Foreign ministry the purpose of such a delegation was “to continue and deepen dialogue with countries from the Grand Caribbean, and held bilateral talks where issues such as policy coordination in international forums and the development of South-South projects in areas of common interest which contribute to diminish asymmetries and increase inclusive development”.

Deputy Minister Zuaín and the delegation visited areas where the Argentine sponsored project “Vegetable-Garden Haiti” is in full process so that approximately 120.000 Haitians can benefit from growing their own fresh vegetables.

While in Haiti the delegation also visited Argentine civilian, military and security staff that is collaborating with an Argentine field hospital in the framework of the Peace mission deployed by the United Nations in the Caribbean still suffering from the devastation of a major earth quake that rocked the island killing tens of thousands.

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1 reality check (#) Apr 29th, 2013 - 06:35 am Report abuse
Christ! Has the summit season started again?
2 Redrow (#) Apr 29th, 2013 - 06:46 am Report abuse
Diplomatic offensive or offensive diplomacy?
3 Conqueror (#) Apr 29th, 2013 - 10:46 am Report abuse
Those nasty British Falkland Islanders have been wandering around “misleading” people. By telling the truth. Can't have that!
4 Pete Bog (#) Apr 29th, 2013 - 11:38 am Report abuse
No mention of the mythical Malvinas?

”the development of South-South projects in areas of common interest which contribute to diminish asymmetries and increase inclusive development”.

I feel ashamed to say I haven't a clue what' diminish asymmetries' means.

Can any Argentine posters translate?
5 RICO (#) Apr 29th, 2013 - 12:35 pm Report abuse
@4 its the South-South projects that have me confused. Do the Argentine government think the Caribbean is in the Southern Hemisphere?
6 Chicureo (#) Apr 29th, 2013 - 02:40 pm Report abuse
Apparently it will be mentioned at the Caribbean conferences that  Aerolineas Argentinas will reopen direct flights to the Malvinas Islands.  
It has been revealed that Argentinian Consul General Ricardo Bocalandro announced earlier that his national flag carrier,  Aerolineas Argentinas has already signed agreements to purchase three recently refurbished all weather passenger jets to service the service the new route by the third or fourth quarter of 2013.   In further inquiries to the airline main office, “Aerolineas Argentinas has historically provided an airlink to Buenos Aires and we're happy again to do so.“ said the Aerolineas Argentinas sales manager Sergio Gomez .  “We currently plan three direct flights per week from Jorge Newberry to Mount Pleasant Buenos Aires, with several convenient domestic and international connections providing convenience for customers and enhancing  the quality of the Islanders lives.  It was also noted ”That since they will be considered domestic flights, there will be no visa requirements for islanders to travel to Argentina,”
 Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has in the past sought negotiations with the United Kingdom to establish several weekly flights from Buenos Aires to the Falkland Islands and she is very pleased with the planned outcome.  Fernandez recently told Argentine legislators that direct flights by the state-owned airline Aerolineas Argentinas would show the world her country's intentions towards the islands, known as las Malvinas in Argentina, were peaceful.
Roger Edwards, the British-controlled islands' legislative chairman, was unavailable for comment.
7 Anbar (#) Apr 29th, 2013 - 02:53 pm Report abuse
The only “feasible” way for Argentina to take the Falklands is to land a “surprise” aircraft full of commandos to storm the airfield, then land as much support to there as possible....before the Brits can respond/reinforce.

This is obviously entirely reliant on the “surprise” factor - so establishing a regular scheduled service is of ultimate importance in their long-range military if peacefully for a couple of years, then launch the “surprise flight”.


“”“”Do the Argentine government think the Caribbean is in the Southern Hemisphere?“”“”

It is quite possible they do.
8 ChrisR (#) Apr 29th, 2013 - 02:58 pm Report abuse
6 Chicureo

You are a very naughty boy!

We have been through all this on another topic site.
9 Chicureo (#) Apr 29th, 2013 - 03:12 pm Report abuse
Frankly, it deserves brining it up as we really need to improve the misleading informaition out in the press right now that has caused so much animosity. I  don't know if allowing service from AA LAN is a good idea, but the Argentines seem sincere... Plus, maybe this is the time to give CFK another chance to show that she only has the islander's best interests at heart. 
10 Trunce (#) Apr 29th, 2013 - 03:38 pm Report abuse
Chicureo - it must be a development of the earlier initiative.
11 LEPRecon (#) Apr 29th, 2013 - 03:40 pm Report abuse
@9 Chicureo

Well it will be extremely difficult for Argentina to set up this flight link UNLESS they get PERMISSION from the FALKLAND ISLANDS GOVERNMENT to land.

And since CFK won't even admit that the Falkland Islanders exist, it is extremely unlikely that she actually has their BEST interests at heart.

Argentina is not sincere. Argentina needs to TALK to the Falkland Islands Government.

As it currently stands, and Argentine aircraft attempting to land at Mount Pleasant without authorisation, would be warned off. If they didn't turn back then they would be forced to land, and everyone arrested, assuming that they weren't just shot out of the sky as 'terrorist' suspects.

It is very difficult to 'set up' a flight route if all parties aren't in agreement.

Also, perhaps CFK and Argentina should try building a few bridges of trust with the Falklands 1st.

They want the Falklanders and the world to believe that this air route is some kind of olive branch, but from experience, the Falklanders know that is just another way for Argentina to attempt to bring pressure to bare on the Islanders, and force them to capitulate.

It isn't going to work.

1st remove the stupid ban on Falkland Flagged vessels. Get rid of the Rivero law. Get rid of the insulting paragraph in the Argentine constitution. Then speak to the Islanders as equals.

Build up trade relations. Then after about 100 years of 'good' faith, the Islanders may be willing to allow the air link.

However, Argentina finds it impossible to 'pretend' to be nice for more than a few years at a time. Eventually their true nature shows through.
12 Chicureo (#) Apr 29th, 2013 - 03:54 pm Report abuse
Think positively. If everyone is willing to give this proposal a chance, look at the advantages that a direct Buenos Aires - “Port Stanley” route would provide:
1.  Lower Airfares.
2. Faster access to international routes.
3. Increased tourism to boost the islands economy.
4. I would like to remind you that the British are still using those old Lockheed TriStars to service the FI.
The Argentine government is facing some minor financial difficulties at the moment, but they are committed to helping the islanders by providing improved access to the mainland with a promise for even greater air service in the future.

The creative acquisition of three fully refurbished airliners is a practical and prudent solution, which Ambassador Castro has devised, which provides the solution.  And she has extensive knowledge of the commercial airlines business.
13 screenname (#) Apr 29th, 2013 - 04:02 pm Report abuse
“Argentina deploys major diplomatic offensive...”

When are Argentinean diplomats not offensive????? Hardly news, is it?
14 Rufus (#) Apr 29th, 2013 - 04:37 pm Report abuse
So Aerolineas Argentinas are planning to land at Port Stanley Airport? Flying A340s and 737s?

And assuming that they can actually land there (rather than have an unfortunate meeting with the sea or the ground, with or without any help) exactly how would they plan on taking off again?

Especially as the runway at PSY is about half that you'd need to get a 737 (and about a third of what you'd need to get an A340) off the ground.
Or is this a job for the new imaginary Russian planes that you're buying with soya and beef?
15 Chicureo (#) Apr 29th, 2013 - 05:27 pm Report abuse
Rufus, I see you've gathered that the aircraft are the relaible and harsh weather proven Tu-154s. They are just as reliable as the aging Lockheed TriStars being used by the RAF to provide Atlantic passenger service. Obviously they would be using (with permission) the Mount Pleasant airport.
By the way, in an emergency, the aircraft has a successful history in landing on substandard short unpaved runways.
This is a stop gap solution until Aerolíneas can obtain international credit.
16 Conqueror (#) Apr 29th, 2013 - 05:46 pm Report abuse
@6 Still peddling that same old crap? “three recently refurbished all weather passenger jets”. You mean those 40-year old “fall out of the sky Tu154s” don't you? Wouldn't get me on one! For the rest of your asinine comment, when will contact be made with the Falkland Islands Government? Doesn't matter what Fernandez and her nincompoops say. Didn't Fernandez mutter something about this to the UK Government? And got told to approach the Falkland Islands Government. And if I were the Falkland Islands Government/British military authorities (who own the airport), I wouldn't let such heaps of shite anywhere near.
@9 The best time to give CFK a chance to show that she has the Islanders' interests at heart is when she's dead. Preferably with a stake through her heart. Is she has one.
@12 We are thinking positively.
1. Lower airfares. At an unacceptably high price. Letting argie aircraft land.
2. Faster access to international routes. With Russian-built, argie-owned and maintained clunkers? Faster access to a watery grave is more like it.
3. I don't you can classify argie spies as tourists.
4. Ah, yes. But they are RAF-maintained. And they were proper aircraft produced by a trustworthy company in the first place.
“The Argentine government is facing some minor financial difficulties at the moment”. You mean it's broke and desperately needs another source of income. Sorry, one doesn't give money to the enemy that's trying to steal one's lives, homes, livelihoods, resources and land.
“Ambassador” Castro's knowledge of the commercial airlines business is limited to how to push a trolley down an aisle, which passengers to allow to shove a hand up her skirt, which passengers to take back to the galley and provide with a blow job and how often to go to the flight deck, sans pants, straddle and bounce up and down on the pilot's and co-pilot's laps. In-flight refreshment!
@15 “a stop gap solution until Aerolíneas can obtain international credit.” Anytime before 2200 AD?
17 ChrisR (#) Apr 29th, 2013 - 06:11 pm Report abuse
Now come on guys, Chicureo is going through EXACTLY the same posts he did before and got such a rise out of most of you, and I must admit he had me suckered for a very short time.

He is trying, and succeeding again, only this time he is using wine instead of scotch to fire himself up!
18 Chicureo (#) Apr 29th, 2013 - 06:44 pm Report abuse
Yes, I have another co-author. Señor Merlot... Not as helpful as Mr. Grouse however.

Just the thought the ambassador bouncing on a pilot's joy stick upset my stomach... Well you then agree with me she's got a lot of experience...
Now explain to me again why you don't get along with the
Argentines? We get along here in Chile very well, of course we have to occasionally remind them to stay on their side of the Andes...
19 briton (#) Apr 29th, 2013 - 07:10 pm Report abuse
all they are doing,
is spending hard earned public money,
on future sites and bases for their future empire,

their ambition knows no bounds,

they who say it ?==or those who belive it..
20 Trunce (#) Apr 29th, 2013 - 07:29 pm Report abuse
Chicureo You did well on a 'boozy weekend evening' - as someone said. But, so soon after, early on a weekday -not so many bites...
21 Chicureo (#) Apr 29th, 2013 - 07:51 pm Report abuse
A Trunce, wine with lunch is like butter with bread for my upbringing, except during the last week of Lent. Yesterday, indeed was a wee bit to much.
22 Trunce (#) Apr 29th, 2013 - 08:38 pm Report abuse
Steady on... Famous Grouse, wine, butter, and a man of a certain age.

Didn't you read.
23 Chicureo (#) Apr 29th, 2013 - 09:11 pm Report abuse
Than you sincerely Trunce
Long story, but I have medical permission to behave badly.
...Last time I was sober, man I felt bad
Worst hangover that I ever had
It took six hamburgers and scotch all night...
....I don't care if my liver is hanging by a thread
Don't care if my doctor says I ought to be dead
When my ugly big car won't climb this hill
I'll write a suicide note on a hundred dollar bill...
Cause if you wanna run cool...
You got to run on heavy, heavy fuel
Heavy, heavy fuel

Courtesy of the Dire Straits
24 Stevie (#) Apr 29th, 2013 - 09:14 pm Report abuse
I understand you don't care anymore Chicureo.
It must be hard to care after all you have seen and done.

Drinking helps, doesn't it?

But it doesn't go away, does it?
25 HansNiesund (#) Apr 29th, 2013 - 10:22 pm Report abuse

Chicureo doesn't know the half of it. Chubut airlines of Patagonia are also proposing to start a service using the Antonov An-2. They haven't got a plane yet, but they do have a watch.

The same investors are believed to be behind plans to start a roll-on roll-off ferry service between Port Stanley and Puerto Madryn, to be called RoRoDoDo Ferries. They don't have a boat yet, but apparently they do have a captain.
26 Chicureo (#) Apr 29th, 2013 - 11:20 pm Report abuse
Hans be fair. It's the most reliable instrument they'll be using in the cockpit and they're still training the pilots. There are a ton of videos showing take offs and landings of that aircraft on utube, but they never show the bottle of vodka being passed back and forth between the pilot, second officer and flight engineer.
Regarding the ferry service, don't hold your breath, but do have a good evening.

Let's wait for the next elections. Yes, Mami will win here, and maybe your “queen” will steal the election there, but get a mirror and look at your many faces... All losers...

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