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Plans to commission 3 new ocean-going offshore patrol vessels for the Royal Navy

Britain's Ministry has plans to commission three new ocean-going offshore patrol vessels for the Royal Navy. The new ships will be built by BAE Systems at their shipyards on the Clyde in a deal that will sustain jobs in the UK’s warship-building industry, and will play a key role in counter-terrorism, counter-piracy and anti-smuggling operations.

Royal Navy River Class offshore patrol vessels HMS Tyne, HMS Severn and HMS Mersey (MoD pic)

The agreement with BAE Systems provides work for the company between the completion of the Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers and the Type 26 Global Combat Ship, securing the vital skills needed to build the UK’s future warships.

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has also announced that more than £100 million will be invested in Her Majesty’s (HM) Naval Base Portsmouth, which will be home to both HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales. The money will expand the dockyard to ensure it is ready for the arrival of the Royal Navy’s biggest ever warships as well as for the Type 45 destroyers which are based in Portsmouth.

Under the terms of a business agreement signed with BAE Systems in 2009, MOD would have been liable to pay for any periods when no shipbuilding was taking place at UK yards.

Building offshore patrol vessels means not only are staff at BAE Systems able to continue to work and maintain their skills, but also the Royal Navy benefits from three new ships and the taxpayer gets much better value for money.

The cost of building the ships is funded from money that would have been used to pay for idle capacity, finance redundancies and meet the cost of industrial restructuring.

Portsmouth will maintain its proud maritime heritage as the home of much of the Royal Navy’s surface fleet and the centre of BAE Systems’ ship support and maintenance business.

Defense minister Hammond said the deal will provide the Royal Navy with three brand new maritime patrol vessels with a wide range of capabilities which will support our national interests and those of our overseas territories.

“This is an investment not only in 3 ships but also in this country’s warship-building industry. It prevents workers standing idle and sustains the vital skills needed to build the planned Type 26 frigate in the future.

”I am also pleased to announce additional investment in Portsmouth Naval Base to prepare for the significant increase in tonnage as the home port for the Royal Navy’s aircraft carriers and destroyers“.

Work on the new offshore patrol vessels is due to begin next year, with the first ship being delivered to the Royal Navy in 2017. The ships are expected to replace the current, smaller River Class vessels, HM Ships Tyne, Severn and Mersey, which have been policing the UK’s waters since 2003, but a final decision will be taken in the next strategic defence and security review.

Admiral Sir George Zambellas, the First Sea Lord, said that the new patrol vessels will build on the proven performance of the River Class by adding a flight deck to take the Navy’s Merlin helicopters and by adding operational flexibility through extra storage capacity and accommodation. ”They are very welcome”.

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1 LEPRecon (#) Nov 07th, 2013 - 04:38 pm Report abuse
They are indeed very welcome. :)
2 A_Voice (#) Nov 07th, 2013 - 06:04 pm Report abuse
Hahaha...why not tell the real story...
It's all a Union con to persuade the Scots not to vote Yes....the contracts will only go to the Clyde if they are part of the UK otherwise they will go to Portsmouth...
The finalised deal is on hold until after the referendum.
Portsmouth are furious about it....there will be no more shipbuilding there, only maintenance.
The Scots have been given a choice vote Yes and you lose the shipbuilding on the Clyde and anywhere else........Govan...Scotstoun will be devastated.....
See this political you want you?
So now it's Game on with the English, there will be more to follow...what's next...if you don't have a British passport and are not British then you can't serve in the British forces....
Border controls...Pensions....National debt....they haven't even begun to turn the screws...
3 ChrisR (#) Nov 07th, 2013 - 06:35 pm Report abuse
@ 2

It has always been thus especially under the “Arseholes R Us” New labour and not only the shipyards.

The Scots would have to be completely stupid to jump into the Salmon Trap (pun intended).
4 Usurping Pirate (#) Nov 07th, 2013 - 06:38 pm Report abuse
@2 Actually , it's all a dastardly masonic plot cooked up between Prince Philip , the Duke of Buccleuth and the Bay City Rollers.
As you are no doubt aware , all RN ships are built in a secret dock in Gibraltar, a practice started in June 1982 , when Argentina sank the entire task force in one night and it all had to be replaced overnight , together with the 10,000 gurkhas they supposedly killed .
Who cares ? Britain still has a Navy and the Falklands , all that matters .
5 Britworker (#) Nov 07th, 2013 - 07:03 pm Report abuse
Why would the UK continue to build it's ships in a foreign country? That's a choice the Scots have with independence, they can't have it both ways.
That's life!
6 toooldtodieyoung (#) Nov 07th, 2013 - 07:26 pm Report abuse
Is it me or is A_Voice starting to sound like one of the tailors from The Fast Show?

“See this political you want you?”

Oh it would suit you sir, do you want it sir......Do you really want it?

Well, Kenneth.......................... See those Falkland Islands? Do you want them? Do you sir? Someone elses land sir, so chock full oil sir, do you want them sir? Oh, it would suit you sir, do you want them Sir? Do you really, REALLY want them sir?

Well you can't have them, their ours, and we still do.... Does that suit you sir?
7 Conqueror (#) Nov 07th, 2013 - 07:34 pm Report abuse
@2 Quite right. Useless Scotland owes England £2 quadrillion. Owing to England taking over Scotland's national debt. Haven't heard fishface (Salmond) offering to pay. But then fishface doesn't want “independence”. It's why the crook doesn't have any costed plans. He wants “devo-max”. Do what he wants, spend what he wants and England pays. Not going to happen, fishface. The people of England will not permit it. Sod off, Scotland. You are not needed or wanted!
8 A_Voice (#) Nov 07th, 2013 - 07:49 pm Report abuse
Why ask me...I was just reporting the facts about the story.
What would suit you going back to school.....
.....“Well you can't have them, their ours,”...they are or they're....
Falklands.....surely you jest, why would I want them? They could sink beneath the waves for all I care....bleak, cold, windy in the arse end of nowhere....Atlantarse..
...Suit you sir...suit you?
If Scotland was not wanted the English would not be enticing them to would they.......DOH!!!
9 Briton (#) Nov 07th, 2013 - 08:50 pm Report abuse
A few things to remember,
1, this is a government decision, [who has a history of mind changing? ]
2, they aint been built yet?
3, they have yet to get into R/N Service [before they are sold]
4, they are not extra,
5, they are replacing ships that are only on ave, 12 years old, [why]
6, perhaps they have been worked to death, and thus needs replacing..
7, the future is bright [only if they replace the light bulb? ]
8, last but not least, this saga is far from finished. ??

The R/N is still more powerful than 90% of the worlds navy’s….

just a point...
10 slattzzz (#) Nov 07th, 2013 - 09:05 pm Report abuse
@8 If Scotland gets independence, that's their choice, and correct the ship building will go to Portsmouth, using the money saved from Govan and Scotstoun as BAE will drop them like a hot brick. Maybe they will use the money for Cammell Laird, or maybe Harland and wolff in Belfast or even utilise Barrow until the Trident replacement are ready to be built. Govan and Scotstoun will be devastated as will Faslane and Rosyth when the Navy pulls out of there too, 11,000 people rely on Faslane directly in the local area, there's Kinloss and Lossimouth as well, the people of Scotland are not stupid and they know this, I live in Scotland and very few people even like Salmonella and Ginger let alone want to vote for them
11 Pete Bog (#) Nov 07th, 2013 - 10:42 pm Report abuse
“The Scots have been given a choice vote Yes and you lose the shipbuilding on the Clyde and anywhere else........Govan...Scotstoun will be devastated...”

Not if the Argentine Navy choose to have their navy refurbished in Scotland (Enough work for many, many years).
12 A_Voice (#) Nov 08th, 2013 - 12:14 am Report abuse
.......“I live in Scotland and very .....”
Now there's a new revelation.....WTF are you a white settler?
I don't believe said before that you WERE based in Scotland for x number of years....past tense!
.....“ If Scotland gets independence, that's their choice”
If you lived in Scotland it would be your choice so the word you would be looking for is OUR choice....
You are pulling my leg.....what area?.....but be careful with your case I'm very familiar with Clyde has learned.. to his credibility.
Apart from that I agree with what you say...
13 Marcos Alejandro (#) Nov 08th, 2013 - 04:22 am Report abuse
“will play a key role in counter-piracy”

No kidding, lol.
14 reality check (#) Nov 08th, 2013 - 06:07 am Report abuse
Judging by A voices posts, he is very familiar with everything!!!!
15 JuanGabriel (#) Nov 08th, 2013 - 07:12 am Report abuse
Portsmouth has not built a complete ship of the size of the T26 since the sixties, it has built blocks for the type 45s and carriers which were assembled on the Clyde. There is a lot of erroneous reporting on this subject.
16 slattzzz (#) Nov 08th, 2013 - 10:19 am Report abuse
@12 If you lived in Scotland it would be your choice so the word you would be looking for is OUR choice....
No not our choice, I'm ENGLISH it's for the Scots to decide, I live in a place called Dalgety Bay outside Dunfermline, and 4 miles from Rosyth. I was BASED in Scotland and as I am no longer in the RN I am not based anywhere, I LIVE here. I drink in Inverkeithing in the Central and frequent the Burgh and Queens Hotel sometimes, my MP is Gordon Brown ex PM and my wife works in Tesco's, my DR is Dr La Praik at Dalgety Bay surgery which has two practices the other being in Inverkeithing and comes under the heading Inverkeithing Medical centre and I can see the Forth bridges from my house.......anything else? Oh and the new Queensferry crossing is coming along nicely
17 andy65 (#) Nov 08th, 2013 - 11:38 am Report abuse
A_Voice = A_Prat
18 Rufus (#) Nov 08th, 2013 - 01:06 pm Report abuse
@5 More to the point, an independent Scotland would have to compete on absolutely level terms with any other non-UK shipbuilder, including the Koreans (who are cheerfully building the shiny new RFA Tide-class fast fleet tankers to a British design,) for non-warships, and not really in the running at all for warships if there is the capacity in UK yards.

I doubt that that's a viable option, they'd have to get to Scotland first, and I can't imagine anyone doing any work on them without getting the cash up front...
19 Britworker (#) Nov 08th, 2013 - 01:40 pm Report abuse
What is erroneous about the reporting, as far as I can see it is all very factual, honest and transparent. The Scots know full well what they stand to lose and what they will gain in the event of independence. As an Englishman I don't care what they do, I just wish they would make their f***ing choice and get on with it.
It's very sad about Portsmouth, but there is a game being played at the moment and I think the government have given Scotland a little taste from the bottle of medicine they will get in the event of them choosing independence.
The moral of the story being, if they are prepared to close a ship building yard in England, then they won't think twice about closing one in a future foreign Scotland!
20 Rufus (#) Nov 08th, 2013 - 01:54 pm Report abuse
I don't know about anyone else, but I'd be interested to know more about the proposed OPVs, are they going to be straight River-class (like Severn, Mersey and Tyne),
the bigger version (Amazonas, Apa and Araguari),
a slightly up-gunned version (Clyde)
or a heavily up-gunned version (Krabi).

The MoD press release doesn't say, other than it'll have a landing pad big enough for a Merlin, which suggests that they'll be of the Clyde/Krabi end of the spectrum.
21 GeoffWard2 (#) Nov 08th, 2013 - 03:45 pm Report abuse
No, guys, the build will have to go to Plymouth.
Political symmetry.
22 A_Voice (#) Nov 08th, 2013 - 05:15 pm Report abuse
Haha...well that told me!.....
Not at all familiar with the East coast, except Dundee and the Stirling route from the West to get there....too much Kens and Braws for me....
Though I wish to remind you of something I have mentioned before....
10% of the population of Scotland are English, the referendum is for the people of Scotland...(those that live there) and not just for Scots...if your name is not on the electoral role....No vote, if it is...Vote.
So it is Your choice as much as anyone else....
Don't drink too much.....those “Pint and a half” s are a killer....
They can't make their effing choice and get on with it....first the vote is not until the 18th Sept next year and second the white paper isn't even out from the SNP so no one has a clue of the advantages or disadvantages yet....or how anything would work.
There are no deals or discussions with the UK until the UK know what Salmond thinks he's going to get.....supposed to be this month....we'll see...
23 agent999 (#) Nov 08th, 2013 - 06:22 pm Report abuse
22 A_Voice
24 Briton (#) Nov 08th, 2013 - 07:22 pm Report abuse
does anyone know how much the british goverment owns of BAe,

i thought it was 49%-..
25 Clyde15 (#) Nov 08th, 2013 - 08:57 pm Report abuse
Maybe someone can explain this form of logic to me.
The UK will not have any warships built outside its territory, so, if Scotland votes for independence then any order will not go to the Clyde.
Why then is it OK to have the F35 built in the USA and not in the UK ?
When I last checked, the USA was technically a foreign country.

Similarly with the (Eurofighter) Typhoon. This is made by a consortium of 4 countries...each responsible for a part of the aircraft.

We seem to be happy with the involvement of other countries and in the above two cases, it is NOT an UK soverign build.
Why are naval vessels any different ?
Bae has been touting the design of the type 26 to Australia, Canada and various parties. Some of the design work and build could be done outside the UK.
So Scotland is to be treated worse than any of these “foreign” countries.

Sounds a lot like spite to me !
26 JuanGabriel (#) Nov 08th, 2013 - 09:02 pm Report abuse
@19 if the referendum wasn't on the cards, this would be a no brainer, Portsmouth doesn't have the facilities to build the T26 without significant investment, and the yards on the Clyde are cheaper. Regardless, Everyone involved has known for years that a) CVF was a one time job peak, when it started to wind down, large job losses were a given b) at least one shipyyard would be closed c) It was highly likely to be Portsmouth. The only reason at all it was questionable is because of the referendum.

@24 they sold the other half in the 90s iirc, they have a £1 share or something which is supposed to mean Bae retains british ownership.
27 A_Voice (#) Nov 08th, 2013 - 09:25 pm Report abuse
Because the English said so....and the English rule Britannia....and Britannia waives the rules....
Although I don't think it takes years to make and assemble a Typhoon....involving thousands of workers and thousands of tons of steel keeping thousands of families fed.
It's not spite it's coercion ....and a taste of what it will be like to be isolated and not part of the British club...
Besides if British shipbuilding was so profitable and viable....then why hasn't the Clyde got a full book of Foreign orders for the next twenty years...
Without the UK Govt they would have gone the same way as Swan Hunters and Smiths Dock...etc years ago.
28 St.John (#) Nov 09th, 2013 - 01:10 am Report abuse
3 “offshore patrol vessels”?

Why not buy 3 dirt cheap Argentine ONshore patrol vessels, ready to be loaded on a truck?

@ 4 Usurping Pirate

is it still a secret that illuminati are part of the conspiracy
29 LEPRecon (#) Nov 09th, 2013 - 11:37 am Report abuse
@25 Clyde15

Last time I checked the F35 wasn't a warship.

It is, however, a joint project which BAE is involved in, and therefore it is providing British jobs.

The UK has a policy that no warships shall be built by foreign countries. If Scotland becomes independent, then it becomes a foreign country, and therefore no warships will be built there.

This is known by the SNP, and has been known by the SNP for years. This is policy, it is nothing new.

However, surely an independent Scotland would commission it's own naval vessels to be built in Scotland, wouldn't it? According to the SNP, Scotland will be rolling in money. Surely they will be able to spend millions of pounds... euros currency you finally decide upon, building them.

If Scotland wants independence, fine. But you have to accept the consequences that independence brings, for good or ill.

If you really want to know how independence might affect Scotland, take a long hard look at Ireland, and see just how badly their nationalists screwed them when they got independence. Basically they made Ireland one of the poorest countries in Europe, without free healthcare, limited benefits, and high taxes.

Despite what the Scottish nationalists believe, similar things could happen to Scotland. The only reason Scotland can afford free college places is due to the fact the the REST of the Union pays for it. Don't count on the North Sea. Don't count on not having to shoulder your fair share of the national debt. That is what the Scottish nationalists are counting on, and it is short sighted. Once independent, then Scotland will have to accept responsibility for themselves, no more blaming the English.
30 GeoffWard2 (#) Nov 09th, 2013 - 02:19 pm Report abuse
Of course there would be warships built on the Clyde if there was Scottish independence. They would be built for Scotland, by Scotland and would contribute to the NATO effort, working alongside the English/UK? Royal Navy.
The Scottish Navy would also be called the Royal Navy, in recognition that the Queen will also rule over Scotland, as usual.
31 Conor J (#) Nov 09th, 2013 - 02:28 pm Report abuse
Yes Geoff but a Scottish Navy would not be large enough to sustain the workforce on the Clyde in any significant number, when the two new carriers were ordered there was an enormous sigh of relief at Portsmouth, Rosyth, the Humber and of course at Govan. These yards were all facing massive cuts, especially the Clyde shipyards given their large workforce, without these vessel contracts most of Britain's shipyards probably wouldn't have survived the 13 year wait between the Aircraft carrier orders and the first orders for the type 26 frigate.
32 A_Voice (#) Nov 09th, 2013 - 04:33 pm Report abuse
Pipe dream I'm afraid.....
Look at the Republic of Ireland they have a similar size population as Scotland...
No fighter jets, no heavy warships...incapable of defending themselves against anyone.
That would be the future of ConorJ mentions...not enough to support Scottish shipbuilding...
...the English must have a few tricks up their sleeves yet, there is no way they are going to let Scotland be a weak link in the defence of the same island....the UK mainland is like an island fortress and their mentality will not allow Johnny Foreigner to come traipsing through any back doors.....
English believe Wales and Scotland are English National Parks...a mere extended part of their island...a place to enjoy some wild scenery, a bit of mountain climbing and salmon fishing and rough it in the caravan. Yes the people speak with a different accent, but so what anyone north of the Watford Gap does....
Ooo how quaint .....they have square sausage...
33 Conor J (#) Nov 09th, 2013 - 04:57 pm Report abuse
Thank you for agreeing with the premise of my comment but as for the rest of your comment as well as your previous comments I have to say you appear to be the stereotypical foreigner who attempts to drive a wedge in the UK in a desperate effort to dis-credit the country somehow.

“English believe Wales and Scotland are English National Parks...a mere extended part of their island...a place to enjoy some wild scenery, a bit of mountain climbing and salmon fishing and rough it in the caravan.”


“Yes the people speak with a different accent, but so what anyone north of the Watford Gap does....”

Despite claiming you know about the history of Britain you seem to not realise that people in the UK as a whole sound completely different no matter were you are in the country, I originate in Kent and people there sound completely different to people from Essex for example, while right now people in here in Fermanagh sound nothing like people from Belfast.
34 A_Voice (#) Nov 09th, 2013 - 07:24 pm Report abuse
....yeah so what ....that makes you a Southern poofter.....I mentioned the Watford gap as anyone that has an inkling of understanding about the UK would know what I'm talking about.....The North/South divide....there is no mistaking a Southern Poofter from a Northerner. You're comment is typical of a Southerner....

There is plenty of evidence of the North/South cultural divide....for starters the Southerners are Saxons.....a clue is in the place names....Essex...East get the idea...
From the Midlands on one side and Norfolk...Suffolk (North Folk/South Folk) on the other we are talking about a different race altogether.....Angles....
So hadaway and shite you Southerner.....probably Jute anyway from Kent.....
You know nothing.....
35 Briton (#) Nov 09th, 2013 - 07:50 pm Report abuse
Just an opinion,

According to some Scottish nationalist,
[Scotland would be rich,
They have oil, gas, PowerStation’s, minerals,
And one of the most advanced modern ship yard in the world.

According the British prime minister, where would the royal navy be without Scotland ship builders?
[That’s what he stated]
Oh by the way Mr Cameron is Scottish.

Now I know not of the power of money, corruption or corrupt politicians,
But it is a fact, that all 3 can create an illusion that fools believe to believe,
Whilst they get what they crave,

But may I ask this,
Norway has over 400 yards, last year they built over 100 ships,
If Scotland has one of the most advanced competitive yards in the world,
Then surely they must have full books,??
If according to some expert reports,
Would it not be better for all of us, that we all become part of a wider Scottish nation, and away with England and Wales, [after all, we are in a right mess and broke, are we not,
So a united kingdom of great Scotland would be better,
But then what do I know,
Im just British and wish us to remain united, and we should all drown the bloody politicians..
After all, Auther said, united we stand, divided we fall,

Just a silly thought..

36 Conor J (#) Nov 09th, 2013 - 08:49 pm Report abuse
I love the way you appear to try and promote yourself as being insightful into who I am and were I'm from based on my wording, when I'm the one who had to tell you my fucking origin.

Theres a North/South divide? NO FUCKING WAY!!!!!! You alluded to Britain being divided between the 4 specific countries when I pointed out that even on a county basis the nation is very much mixed.

Southerners are Saxons.....a clue is in the place names....Essex...East get the idea...
From the Midlands on one side and Norfolk...Suffolk (North Folk/South Folk) on the other we are talking about a different race altogether.....Angles....

Yeahhhhhhh.......I allready knew that you are preaching to the choir here mate.

“So hadaway and shite you Southerner.....probably Jute anyway from Kent.....”

Fucking Right! God damm Anglo-Saxon scum! Kingdom of Kent all the way lol.
37 Briton (#) Nov 09th, 2013 - 09:10 pm Report abuse
We must remain united and strong,
devided we will get mugged by the Euro gravy train,

our goverment is already betraying us, and these british hating people are just lapping it up.

And so the 30-year betrayal of our Armed Forces goes on

We must fund the Armed Forces properly – before disaster strikes
For years now, Britain has lacked the will and the means to finish the battles it has started

The Royal Navy can still be fighting fit despite BAE job losses
Anger over BAE shipbuilding redundancies should not obscure the fact that Portsmouth remains a key naval base

we will again grow strong,
and those who laugh,
will rue the day..

just a thought.
long live Great Britain.
38 A_Voice (#) Nov 10th, 2013 - 12:24 am Report abuse
Hey you Southern Fanny.....coming apart at the seams I see.....just look at all the swearing....
No North/South Divide you say.....–South_divide_in_the_United_Kingdom

“I love the way you appear to try and promote yourself as being insightful into who I am ”
I told you who you were......a Southern Poofter...a fanny....someone that thinks they know stuff and doesn't know shit....
Ever heard of Watling Street and Danelaw....Another divide against those Southern fannies...
You can live in Northern Ireland but it doesn't change what you are...a weak, puny Southern Girlie....
BTW I didn't allude to the UK being divided by four countries...I purposely never mentioned Northern Ireland....because simply put, the English don't give a crap about it, they couldn't give a rats ass if it was part of the fact if anything ....they would rather it was....

Southern Girlie..
39 reality check (#) Nov 10th, 2013 - 11:00 am Report abuse
40 Conor J (#) Nov 10th, 2013 - 03:51 pm Report abuse
You know swearing through everyone single word doesn't make you sound tougher or any more northern btw.

You seem to hate imperialism and Britain's remaining territories while being anti- (and I quote) “southern poofter” This coupled with your support for localism in the Northern regions and your interest in that area indicates one of three things: 1) You are nothing more then another one of Thinks incantations as he seems to have vague knowledge of Germanic Britain, or 2) You are actually a neo-fascist leftist twat who fails to see the bigger picture and probably thought it was cool to be pro-communist and or pro-Mao in school and now vehemently supports anything from the Labour party, a Brummie perhaps?
or finally, 3) Your are nothing more than a anti-British twat who is driven by blind indoctrination and a poor use of Wikipedia knowledge.

One of the three what is it?

Oh and fyi I have lived in NI for most of my teenage and now adult life, I barely remember life in Kent and received the bulk of my education here, I never went to Public school and have been state educated and proud like the rest of the 99%, I imagine that you assumed that I was some sought of tea swigging landowner?

My entire family is Scots-Irish in origin and we are all from Ireland N/S regardless, I am the exception to the rule with our family. You seem to hate the controlling upper classes of the south and what they stand for, but have you ever actually fought against them? My family did and they payed the price in the Easter rising. So this 'southern Girlie' as you call me has more family roots to the hard working classes then you ever will boyo. So why don't you take your hatred and stick some where?
41 A_Voice (#) Nov 10th, 2013 - 04:20 pm Report abuse
I can see that you were “state educated”
....“You know swearing through everyone single word”
Does that even make sense?

....“some sought of tea swigging landowner?”......... or sort?
....“One of the three what is it?”....Which?
....take your hatred and stick some where?“......Stick it?
.....”and they payed the price:....paid?
....There's more, but I think that's enough....

.....actually I thought you were some “Sought” of mid-terrace..peasant....on the brew....

......“a Brummie perhaps?”..
....So you have something against Brummies....hahahaha.....I knew I could drag it out of you.....Smirk smirk.....
The not so United Kingdom...;-)))
Now that I have got what I are dismissed.
Southern born anti-Northerner......hey Sucker........
42 Conor J (#) Nov 10th, 2013 - 05:15 pm Report abuse
@41 lose the argument and instead of actually providing a defence you attack a few spelling/ punctuation errors? Right...........

Anti-Brummie? No not at all, I like to make fun of everyone unlike yourself, as you seem to hate certain groups.

“Southern born anti-Northerner......hey Sucker........”

Did you actually read anything I wrote or were you to busy being so damning of others that you can't actually make a genuine argument? I mean you're the chap who accused Captain Langsdorf of being a coward when I seriously doubt that you even have one ounce of his courage.

Oh and if we are nit picking you hypocritical twat, why do you ?
That is a worse use of the English language then the occasional spelling mistake.

Oh its best that you don't debate me too much, because you will end up like TTT every time we get into a debate about imperialism and colonialism, he just runs with his tail firmly between his legs.

Tea time I think.
43 A_Voice (#) Nov 10th, 2013 - 06:18 pm Report abuse
There was no debate you fool...all you did was come in @33 telling me where you are from and how I'm a foreigner driving wedges....
The only debate was you said no divide and I gave you the links to prove you wrong..
That's what you get for thinking you are Mr Smarty Pants, I make you look like an idiot...
Sought and Sort are not spelling just don't know the difference between the two, because you are an idiot!
I play you like the silly fish you who can I make you attack next...Mmm what about Scousers, no I've got a better one...Catholics, hehe, you are not one of those are you.....

PS...look up the word Ellipses......Idiot!
44 GeoffWard2 (#) Nov 10th, 2013 - 06:32 pm Report abuse
There is an unfailing device, A_Voice:

And there is a test for all you international travellers (The Falkland Islands khazi - 'low Cockney' - may be pictured):

Etymology-R-Us ... much more fun than slagging each other off (Or is it 'slagging off each other'?)
45 A_Voice (#) Nov 10th, 2013 - 10:41 pm Report abuse
Damn....35% Northern, somewhere around Oxfordshire...
46 ChrisR (#) Nov 11th, 2013 - 05:26 pm Report abuse
@ 44 GeoffWard2

Brilliant! Apparently I am somewhere near London. Ha, ha, ha.

I liked the “Can't do simple maths under pressure” until I came to the obscure “formulae”! Great fun though.

But I did get 7/10 for the crapper mapper! Glad I DIDN'T get any more.
47 Musky (#) Nov 12th, 2013 - 09:47 am Report abuse
@5 Britworker
I totally agree. Who in their right mind would let another country build them a new warship when the means to build one is available at home. The government of another country might for one reason or another, take the money and run, or use the warship as a bargaining chip, or mismanage their economy, or withdraw labour at the ship yard in some kind of protest. This is not about keeping Scotland in the fold, it's about Britain's security.
I certainly don't want Scotland to leave the fold but Salmon simply hates the British government, believes he can hang on to the pound (thus totally eroding the whole point of independence). I don't think they will leave we are just too intertwined.
48 Clyde15 (#) Nov 12th, 2013 - 11:23 am Report abuse
I replied to your post but it seems to have vanished into the ether.
Anyway, here is a more reasoned reply..expletives deleted.
Yes I do know that the F35 is an aircraft and I assumed wrongly that everyone else did.
My point was, that if high tech. aircraft used by British forces are made in several countries, we are reliant on these countries to supply us when we need them. We seem to be OK with this situation.
What is so sacrosanct about naval vessels ? Why can't we buy them from the best sources at affordable prices. If this is from a country next door to you, why not ?
I heard the Chief of Staff being asked this question on the Andrew Marr show on Sunday. His reply was that the armed forces are not in business to subsidise British industry and that the Clyde shipyards were the best place to get the vessels built, regardless of independence.
If Scotland voted for independence would they suddenly become a potential enemy overnight and be unreliable in fulfilling contracts ?

As to England paying for free Scottish university education and prescriptions lets examine this. Scotland is allocated funds from the treasury to carry out its remit in providing services.
They chose to allocate a proportion of this to free university education and prescriptions. This means that other depts. have LESS money to spend. No “extra” money has been given by the Treasury to cover this. It has to come out the allocation from the UK Treasury.
You can argue that Scotland gets more money per capita than “England” but to say England pays for this is incorrect.
Believe it or not, we also pay UK taxes up here. Some of them fall more heavily on the population here such as heating and fuel.
If you wish free university education and prescriptions for the people of England, get on to your MP and push the bill through Parliament instead of blaming the Scots for getting “freebies” at your expense.

Another point, Salmond is NOT Scotland !!!!!! He is a politician !!!

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