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Falkland Islands new Legislative Assembly members sworn in

The new Legislative Assembly of the Falkland Islands has been announced, following the General Election which concluded on Thursday 7th November.

First time MLA and the most voted Michael Poole “very surprised and very pleased to have been elected”

 Six members of the former assembly were returned and have been joined by two new members. Jan Cheek, Barry Elsby, Michael Poole, Gavin Short and Mike Summers were elected by the Stanley constituency and the Camp constituency will be represented by Phyl Rendell, Roger Edwards and Ian Hansen

First-time Assembly member Michael Poole commented that he was “very surprised and very pleased to have been elected” and is “looking forward to working with his seven new colleagues” whilst returning Member of Legislative Assembly Barry Elsby said, “I am very honored to have been re-elected and to have come second. [This election] shows that the electorate is much more politically-minded than in previous elections, and MLAs must respond to that.”

Work begins today Friday 8 November, when the Members of Legislative Assembly swear their Executive Council oaths, before embarking on their four-year term as elected representatives.

This General Election is an important moment in the Falkland Islands’ history, as, following a report on roles and remunerations of MLAs prepared earlier this year, it is the first time elected members will be appointed into full-time, paid positions. This change reflects the way in which the role of an MLA has developed in recent years, and is indicative of the democratic and political growth of the Falkland Islands.

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1 DanyBerger (#) Nov 09th, 2013 - 09:47 am Report abuse
Just a simple question...

WTF is interested in it?
2 LEPRecon (#) Nov 09th, 2013 - 10:06 am Report abuse
@1 DanyBerger

Obviously you are or you wouldn't have bothered to read the story, then post on it.

It must be confusing for you to see actual democracy in action.
3 Viscount Falkland (#) Nov 09th, 2013 - 10:31 am Report abuse
Dany (if it had been an inch shorter they would have called him Fanny ) Berger is of the Russell Brand school of “dont vote for democracy”
4 DanyBerger (#) Nov 09th, 2013 - 10:36 am Report abuse

Oh! boy you are really confused.

Democracy means the “rule of the people” and that by definition means chaos because people have different interest, cultural backgrounds, a way to see life, moral values, expectations, etc.

So I see democracy in it more pure expression in ArgenLatina because democracy is chaotic, sometime confuse and controversial.

But you cannot understand that because you still live in a middle age monolithic kingdom where a Bobby can kick your ass and you will remain there like an stoic idiot thinking that his is above you.

An Argie will kick the bobby back and send him to the hospital without even thinking about any legal consequences can you see the difference?

This is really democracy... when public servant fears the sovereign AKA every day Fabio.

Think about it why a stupid policeman can be above you? If you pay his salary with your taxes?

F@ck all them go to catch some real criminals.

But you can’t do that because you are afraid of the bobbies the Niggers, the Mohammeds, the Jewish the the the the.

Ha ha ha A prisoner of mother land England want to teach Argies about democracy I have never heard a more stupid statement in my f@cing life.
5 LEPRecon (#) Nov 09th, 2013 - 10:58 am Report abuse
@ 4 DanyBerger

OMG you really are stupid aren't you?

Democracy does mean the rule of the people. You see that's why people vote other people in to rule for them. That's why civilisations developed laws to help govern people. Without it you'd have anarchy - which it seems to be what you are preaching.

Your racism is also showing through, as well as your disdain for the rule of law.

Police in Argentina are some of the most corrupt in the world. Your politicians are certainly some of the most corrupt in the world. It is the 'public servants' in Argentina that fear crossing your President.

It's obvious that you wouldn't recognise true democracy: that is a process where the political parties don't have to pay to get people to vote for them, and bus them to the nearest voting station.

True democracy is where you vote for the policies that you believe will benefit you and the country the most, and you don't need to be bribed in order to do that.

But keep posting the drivel you've just posted. It makes you look like an imbecile.
6 Conqueror (#) Nov 09th, 2013 - 11:39 am Report abuse
@4 You poor, benighted clown.

Democracy does mean “rule of the people” IN GREEK. But do you seriously think that ALL the people of, for example, the ancient Greek city state of Athens got together to vote on every little thing? What did the ancient Greeks do? They elected people that they trusted to carry out matters of government and left it to them. Unless the “government” got it completely wrong!

I wonder if you know what Greek city states used to use as “police”. They used hoplites. Heavily armoured soldiers equipped with spears, swords, knives and shields. Because the “rule of law” must be prevail where there is “civilisation”.

And your approach is entirely the opposite of civilisation and democracy. It's anarchy. Anarchy also comes from the Greek and it means “without rulers”. I hope your entire population believe in your brand of “democracy”. You'll be back in the Stone Age eating each other before you know it. And I can't think of a bunch that deserves it more!
7 Klingon (#) Nov 09th, 2013 - 01:23 pm Report abuse
Will the NSA track Edward Snowden down now he is living in the Malvinas???
Will his hair grow back?
8 DanyBerger (#) Nov 09th, 2013 - 03:10 pm Report abuse
Oh! poor imbeciles they still like to be kicked by their Queen, abused by their politicians and raped by the Bobbies in UK.

Any decent country in the world we jut a little more self esteem than a sheep would be since long time ago rioting to get things proper done in their country.

But British don't because they are like these wifes that are brutally beaten by her husband and they just justify him saying he is not bad may be I did something wrong...
9 Conqueror (#) Nov 09th, 2013 - 03:36 pm Report abuse
@8 Poor little luvvie. Argies are kicked by their “president” who steals millions. Not pesos, which wouldn't matter, but dollars. Have warmongering politicians like Putrid Jelly, TInboy. Arseholes like Lorenzino, who couldn't make sense of the change in his pocket, and the gun-toting Moreno. Who needs to be shot. Mustn't forget the murdering argie “police”. Killers of the indigenous people of a stolen country. Never mind, the time will come. Perhaps Britain will help turn argieland into a charnel house. It houses 40 million war criminals. Every one deserves to die. And let's not forget those who have fled abroad. They are either cowards or spies. Treat them accordingly.
10 Pete Bog (#) Nov 10th, 2013 - 12:18 pm Report abuse
“Democracy means the “rule of the people”

Yes. Argentina is ruled by a democratically elected dictator who rules by decrees, following political principles inherited from Peron who got his ideas from Adolf Hitler.

Your country has great difficulty in running for any lengthy period of time without having a military coup.

After your last coup -your police aided and abetted the military gouging out priests eyes and leaving then by the roadside to die. The lucky ones got dumped unto the river Plate from a helicopter.

As bad as the British police can be, most of them are disciplined, a description that doesn't seem to fit with Argentina's police.

“Ha ha ha A prisoner of mother land England want to teach Argies about democracy”

You have difficulty in defining the difference between democracy and anarchy.

Feel free to carry on with the Argentine version of democracy-doesn't seem to stop the poverty in your country that does not exist in the Falkland Islands.
11 Islander1 (#) Nov 10th, 2013 - 10:07 pm Report abuse
DannyB - please explain:

1 How do we get kicked by the Queen?
Her Representative her does not even get a vote in a discussions and proposals or laws to do with internal affairs of our Govt.

2 Abused by our Politicians? - How?
We have just re-elected 6 of the last ones! If we did not want them we would have simply not voted for them!

3 Raped by British Bobbies?- Who, how and when?!

Demonstrations and protests! - Simple we have no issues that warrant it nor any need for it. We all have open access to our elected Members.

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