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Cristina Fernandez praises the Kirchner years and rehearses her farewell speech

President Cristina Fernández praised on Monday the work carried out by herself and late husband Nestor Kirchner during over a decade of holding the Argentine presidency, stating that she had no doubt that her successor would inherit a healthier country than in 2003.

“I want to leave the next president a nation which is much better than that which we received”

 “What I want to leave the next president is a nation which is much better than that which we received; they will receive a totally different country, I have no doubt about that,” CFK affirmed during an act held in Government House on her return from Easter holidays in Santa Cruz province.

Cristina pointed out during her address that there were “sectors who have benefited” from her administration, who nevertheless “whenever they have been able to throw a spanner into the works they have done so.”

The Argentine president, who won two consecutive terms in 2007 and 2011, is prohibited by constitutional restrictions from seeking a third presidential period in the next elections, in 2015.

Cristina Fernandez claimed that some “want to lower spirits and make people forget all the achievements of these years”, but ”before letting yourselves be driven down by the silly black box (television) think what this was in 2003 and what you have now“.

Let's hope the next government won't have to be exposed to the ”inside and outside boycotts“ and ”let's hope the next government can do many more things, but better because they will find things as we left them“.

And ”I would have liked to say that all collaborated, that everybody cooperated but to the honest from many sectors whenever possible they've tried to make things difficult“.

Finally she mentioned how successful the Holy Week holidays had been for the domestic tourism industry, over 2.5 million went on holidays, ”but also overseas: my daughter Florence was in New York and told me the city was full of Argentines shopping”.

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1 Welsh Wizard (#) Apr 22nd, 2014 - 08:52 am Report abuse
“but also overseas: my daughter Florence was in New York and told me the city was full of Argentines shopping”

I suspect that this is BS. Unless of course those were all very rich RGs, in which case the rich have got richer over the last few year because my middle class mates in Argentina can't afford to go on holiday to places like NY anymore...
2 Pete Bog (#) Apr 22nd, 2014 - 09:04 am Report abuse
“ but to the honest from many sectors whenever possible they've tried to make things difficult“.

So, just before you leave office, CFK has sussed out that not everyone agrees with her in politics. Wow, how smart when the penny drops at last.

”What I want to leave the next president is a nation which is much better than that which we received; they will receive a totally different country, I have no doubt about that,”

It must have been bad before-but that's the fault of the Falkland Islanders and the UK, and not bad Argentine government right?
3 Klingon (#) Apr 22nd, 2014 - 09:36 am Report abuse
The comments from Argentine“s in local news outlet forums to this announcement was overwhelmingly ”WTF”.

I guess if you tell yourself how great a leader you have been, then it must be true.
It is going to be one hell of a time for the next leader to pick up the pieces and find that the K's have raided and stolen the loot.
4 La Patria (#) Apr 22nd, 2014 - 09:37 am Report abuse
I hope she thanks the Argentine people for allowing her family to make so much money
5 lsolde (#) Apr 22nd, 2014 - 09:43 am Report abuse
@2 Pete Bog,
Oh definitely its the Falklanders fault. lol!
No-one would roll over & have their belly tickled.
Bye bye, Cristabum, you & your warmongering husband have failed to conquer us.
Your successors won't have any luck either.
A pity shes going--she's the best General that we have…lol!
6 ElaineB (#) Apr 22nd, 2014 - 10:11 am Report abuse
She really is a twit. By far the majority of Argentines are worrying about inflation and crime and she boasts that her daughter is happily shopping in New York. Thick as two short planks.
7 Mendoza Canadian (#) Apr 22nd, 2014 - 11:27 am Report abuse
Yes, sectors have benefited...her and her band of thieves. Certainly not the ordinary citizens of this country. And Flo is in NY...that's just great. We are all so happy that she can escape the misery that 10 years of the k's have created.
8 CaptainSilver (#) Apr 22nd, 2014 - 11:48 am Report abuse
What is her daughter using for money? Aren't there severe restrictions on spending abroad for ordinary Argies?
9 Devonian (#) Apr 22nd, 2014 - 12:01 pm Report abuse
What a self delusional woman Cristina Fernandez is - but, in that, she is no different to many other politicians around the world. I've just finished reading a biography of Simon Bolivar and I stick to what I said before - I now have a much better understanding as to why the progress of countries within S America (political, economic, cultural etc) has lagged so far behind the progress enjoyed by their N American cousins. It was squabbling, petty mindedness and a desire for unlimited power right from the start and not much has changed in the 200 years since Bolivar finally gave up on his great idea. I wonder what he would think of the current situation in S America if he could return from the grave - particularly in his native Venezuela.
10 wesley mouch (#) Apr 22nd, 2014 - 12:02 pm Report abuse
Sanity would dictate that CFK be tried for theft of govt property and other crimes against the State when her term is over. Or perhaps the Peronists will continue to loot the Treasury with impunity.
11 Britworker (#) Apr 22nd, 2014 - 02:02 pm Report abuse
Thank you Cristina for your disastrous Falkland Islands campaign. Not only have you failed to gain one inch of ground to further your deluded cause, you have marketed and promoted the Islands to a world audience, showing what a peaceful and prosperous example of self-determination they are.

We salute you and may your replacement be as dumb as you.
12 ChrisR (#) Apr 22nd, 2014 - 06:04 pm Report abuse
I think I had it bang-on when I penned TMBOA, especially the MAD bit.

Perhaps the new President, whoever the poor sod turns out to be, will be able to make a go of it and bring Argentina back to the real world, but he (I can’t imagine them voting another woman in no matter how good she might be) has a hell of a difficult job in front of him.

So, the questions are: when will she pick up her skirts and be off on her toes? And how far will the mob be behind her, screaming for her blood?
13 Briton (#) Apr 22nd, 2014 - 07:08 pm Report abuse
rehearses her farewell speech
rehearses her farewell speech
rehearses her farewell speech

And soon she will fade away to obscurity,
rehearses her farewell speech
rehearses her farewell speech
and so on, and so on.bla bla bla..lolol
14 British_Kirchnerist (#) Apr 22nd, 2014 - 11:32 pm Report abuse
“rehearses her farewell speech”

You wish! As President or in other important roles, she'll be around for years, whether the haters like it or not =)
15 Mendocinovino (#) Apr 23rd, 2014 - 01:09 am Report abuse
yeah right. Once she's out they all start to grow some tiny balls, This will just be enough for them to collectively keep her out the way. Then maybe just maybe they can clean up the disaster she's made.
16 La Patria (#) Apr 23rd, 2014 - 01:14 am Report abuse
She'll still remain the laughing stock on the international scene.
Nationally I guess she'll be like Menem........she can run from her thievery and corruption but cannot hide. She'll be in court in a few years.
17 Captain Poppy (#) Apr 23rd, 2014 - 01:44 am Report abuse
The only Argentine's shopping in NYC are the ones that have manage to escape and the same one that protested when she cam to the UN two years ago. Most of them live in Connecticut.
18 Briton (#) Apr 23rd, 2014 - 12:05 pm Report abuse
You wish
the people wish it,
19 Jack Bauer (#) Apr 25th, 2014 - 03:52 pm Report abuse
“they will receive a totally different country, I have no doubt about that,” CFK affirmed”.......you can say that again...a totally different country, different for the worse.
Good riddance CFK...you will not be missed !

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