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Montevideo, November 18th 2018 - 20:46 UTC

Tag: English Channel

  • Tuesday, September 18th 2018 - 08:30 UTC

    Scallop war over: French and UK fishermen reach an agreement

    The French had hoped to end a loophole that exempts British boats smaller than 15 meters long, giving them first dibs at the main scallop sources off the French coast

    French and British fishermen agreed Monday to end their battle over access to scallop-rich waters in the English Channel, three weeks after the long-simmering conflict flared into a high-seas confrontation. The new deal is hoped to bring to a close the years-long “Scallop Wars” over fishing the prized mollusks in the fertile waters off the Baie de Seine area of Normandy in northwest France.

  • Wednesday, August 29th 2018 - 08:56 UTC

    French/British scallop war in the English Channel

    French counterparts, restricted to fishing for scallops between October 1 and May 15, have accused the British of depleting stocks

    Stone-throwing, insults and dangerous manoeuvres on the high seas: French and British fishermen clashed in the English Channel over a hoard of scallops on Tuesday, the latest flare-up in a years-long war over the prized shellfish.

  • Thursday, October 27th 2016 - 09:11 UTC

    Russian Task Force passes through Gibraltar Strait; Spain denies refueling at Ceuta

    The aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, pictured above in the English Channel last week, sailed past Gibraltar several hours later, just before sunrise.

    Russia has withdrawn a request to refuel its warships in Ceuta, after Spain became the subject of international criticism, from the NATO secretary general among others. Spain had recently signed statements accusing Russia of war crimes in Syria, where it’s believed the ships are headed.