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Falkland War
Wednesday, July 23rd 2014 - 06:30 UTC

Falklands' HMS Illustrious back in Portsmouth for the final time; HMS Ocean to replace her

The ship, carrying its 700-strong crew, gave a gun salute as it arrived at Portsmouth Harbor and military aircraft performed a fly-past (Pic PA)

The Royal Navy's helicopter carrier and Falklands' conflict veteran HMS Illustrious has returned to Portsmouth for the final time. Crowds lined the port to welcome the warship, which will retire after 32 years of service. The carrier, which clocked up 898,893 miles on operations, will be replaced by HMS Ocean, which has just received a £65m refit.

Friday, July 18th 2014 - 07:21 UTC

Falklands' de-mining plans for next two seasons funded by FCO

Experts helping to clear some of the minefields close to Stanley, planted by the Argentines

The Falkland Islands will be seeing further de-mining over the next two summer seasons funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) that will also carry out a tender process for the works, according to a report from Penguin News.

Tuesday, July 8th 2014 - 07:25 UTC

“Without Chile's help, we would have lost the Falklands”, says former RAF intelligence

Fernando Matthei, head of the Chilean Air Force was the man who facilitated Edwards requests

Chile's support for Britain during the Falklands War has been revealed for the first time by the man who was dispatched, with only hours notice, to secure a South American ally, according to an article in the Daily Telegraph credited to Harriet Alexander.

Wednesday, April 30th 2014 - 09:03 UTC

Malvinas next of kin ceremony to remember the sinking of 'General Belgrano'

The sinking of the old cruiser was Argentina's greatest single loss of lives in the conflict

The Malvinas and South Atlantic Islands next of kin commission and the Cruiser “General Belgrano-last crew” association will be honoring next Friday 2 May the 323 crew members of the Argentine man-of-war sunk during the Falklands/Malvinas conflict in 1982.

Wednesday, April 2nd 2014 - 19:48 UTC

Falklands' MLA Short to Cristina Fernandez: “how low can you get”

“Rather sick, the celebration of a brutal invasion of innocent civilians”, twitted MLA Short

An exchange of tweets between Falkland Islands elected member of the Legislative Assembly Gavin Short and Argentine official Daniel Filmus has caused uproar in Argentina because the MLA describes as “rather sick” the “celebration of a brutal invasion of innocent civilians”.

Wednesday, April 2nd 2014 - 07:30 UTC

“We planted between 15.000 and 20.000 antipersonnel and antitank mines” in Malvinas

Some of the mine fields surrounding Stanley

In a rare interview, the Argentine Colonel who was responsible for placing mines in the occupied Falkland Islands in 1982 as part of the defense strategy against the advancing British forces, admits that between 15.000 and 20.000 of antipersonnel and anti tank explosives were planted, but also claims some stretches of the Islands' coast already had mines which had been placed by the British.

Tuesday, April 1st 2014 - 01:24 UTC

Malvinas war veterans plan symbolic repeat of Falklands invasion in Ushuaia

The symbolic landing will take place along the Beagle Channel

Ushuaia Malvinas war veterans are planning a symbolic repeat of the Falklands military invasion by Argentine forces on the night of April first 1982, although this time the landing will take place along the Beagle Channel coast, according to reports from the capital of Tierra del Fuego in the extreme south of Argentina.

Friday, March 21st 2014 - 09:35 UTC

Falklands' veteran Simon Weston featured at the National Portrait Gallery

The People’s Portrait, a unique collaboration between the National Portrait Gallery and the BBC

The National Portrait Gallery in London and the BBC unveiled their first joint painted portrait commission – of Falklands War veteran Simon Weston by artist Nicky Philipps. Weston was voted last September by viewers of BBC One’s The One Show as the public figure who most deserved to have his picture displayed at the National Portrait Gallery.

Saturday, February 1st 2014 - 04:40 UTC

Falklands' honors only New Zealand soldier killed during the 1982 war

“Young men like Richard Absolom died defending our freedoms & for that we will forever remember them” Mike Summers (pic.twitter.com/yBYdrXvWRn)

Falkland Islands Member of the Legislative Assembly Mike Summers attended on Friday a wreath-laying ceremony at Palmerston, New Zealand, to honor the sacrifice of Private Richard Absolon who was the only New Zealand solider killed during the Falkland Islands war in 1982.

Thursday, October 31st 2013 - 20:52 UTC

Argentina celebrates 30 years of democracy and free elections in 1983, 16 months after defeat in Malvinas

Elected Alfonsin is cheered by millions in Buenos Aires packed streets

Argentina is recalling with different acts and commemoration ceremonies the thirty years since the return of democracy when Raul Alfonsin was elected president of Argentina. On October 30 1983, and after a long recount of votes, Alfonsín's Radical Civic Union (UCR) secured a landmark victory over the Peronist Justicialist Party.


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