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Thursday, March 5th 2015 - 07:11 UTC

Rousseff faces a revolt in Congress from her ruling coalition main ally

Senate President Renan Calheiros, a PMDB member, threw out one of Rousseff's austerity decree for what he called procedural reasons

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, (and her political mentor Lula da Silva), raced on Wednesday to defuse a rebellion by legislators upset about her budget austerity plans and her handling of a corruption scandal at state-run oil company Petrobras, which now threatens political stability.

Friday, December 12th 2014 - 06:03 UTC

Brazilian executives from leading companies formally charged for the Petrobras corruption scandal

“These people stole the pride of Brazilians,” Prosecutor-General Rodrigo Janot said at a news conference in the southern city of Curitiba

Brazilian prosecutors formally charged executives from six of the country's largest engineering firms with forming a cartel to funnel kickbacks from state-run oil firm Petrobras to the ruling political party and its allies.

Tuesday, November 4th 2014 - 04:53 UTC

Bankers' names for Finance minister in Rousseff's next government

Trabuco Cappi is the CEO of Brazil's second largest private bank

Brazilian banker Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, president of Bradesco, turned down an invitation from president Dilma Rousseff to occupy the Finance ministry as of next January first. According to the Sao Paulo financial publication Valor, there was no insistence on the issue from political sources.

Monday, October 27th 2014 - 02:08 UTC

Dilma with Lula da Silva's magic, re-elected in rich-poor divided Brazil

Rousseff owed her victory to overwhelming support from the roughly 40% of Brazilians who live in households earning less than 700 dollars a month.

Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff supported by the decisive campaigning of Lula da Silva, narrowly won re-election on Sunday after convincing voters that the record on poverty reduction in the last twelve years was more important than a recent economic slump.

Saturday, September 27th 2014 - 06:17 UTC

Lula da Silva the decisive campaign factor in Brazil's presidential election

Lula da Silva has been stealing headlines as the Brazilian press closely scrutinizes his campaign for Rousseff

Dilma Rousseff has stopped her erosion in opinion polls as she seeks a second term as Brazil’s president, even reversing the trend with only days left before the election, greatly thanks to her predecessor and mentor Lula da Silva.

Thursday, September 11th 2014 - 17:00 UTC

There are two Mercosur, but only the ideological one prevails

The ideological Mercosur is limited to a political board of three. Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela, “the original Mercosur is over” indicated Magnoli

The original Mercosur is over; it has been reduced to a political block with a three member board, Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela, according to Demetrio Magnoli a renowned Folha de Sao Paulo columnist who added that the 'political' Mercosur has helped the Alliance of the Pacific to advance.

Wednesday, August 20th 2014 - 09:50 UTC

Dilma admits many problems plague Brazil but refuses to talk about corruption in her party

“We have had and still have many problems and challenges to take on in health care,” Rousseff said during the broadcast from the Alvorada Palace

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff acknowledged “many problems and challenges” still plague the country's woeful heath system but defended her record on the economy and education on a live 15-minute interview on the Globo television network's nightly news.

Friday, May 30th 2014 - 03:41 UTC

Brazil's leading anti-corruption Justice announces he is stepping down

Joaquim Barbosa was the first black to lead Brazil's Supreme Court

Supreme Court Chief Justice Joaquim Barbosa, who with an iron hand presided over a well-known corruption trial that resulted in important politicians going to jail, will step down from the bench this year, Brazil's Senate leader said Thursday.

Thursday, May 1st 2014 - 07:08 UTC

Rousseff bids for re-election and announces benefits for her electoral base

The Brazilian president ignored the 'Lula Return' campaign and pledged “we will still go forward”

President Dilma Rousseff said on Wednesday she will seek re-election in October, even though some are calling for the return of her popular predecessor president Lula da Silva. Rousseff, who belongs to Lula's Workers Party and was his protegée, said she hoped to have the support of all the parties allied with her government.

Tuesday, April 29th 2014 - 06:37 UTC

Brazilian coalition members want 'Lula back' for October's election

The former president has said he won't be running for any elective post

At least twenty members of Brazil's Lower House belonging to the ruling coalition have formally asked for the return of former president Lula da Silva as candidate for next October's election given 'the current economic situation of the country', which in practical terms means dumping Dilma Rousseff's re-election pretensions.


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