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Montevideo, October 18th 2018 - 09:29 UTC

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  • Saturday, October 13th 2018 - 11:06 UTC

    Student leader banished from Venezuela; pressures rise by case Alban

    The exile of Saleh has been described as unconstitutional from the NGO Penal Forum, since it violates Article 50 of the Constitution of Venezuela

    Activist Lorent Gomez Saleh has been freed and secretly transferred by Venezuelan authorities to the international airport of Maiquetía, one hour from Caracas, to be “referred” to Spain.

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  • Friday, October 12th 2018 - 09:05 UTC

    Bolsonaro pledges support for a non ideologized Mercosur; praises Macri for ousting Dilma Kirchner

    “Mercosur has value but it was disfigured by the PT”, Bolsonaro said, adding “I won’t abandon the Mercosur but it won’t continue to be guided by ideology”

    Brazil’s far-right presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro has promised to continue his country's participation in the Mercosur trading bloc but says he will move it away from “ideology”.“The Mercosur has value but it was disfigured by the PT (Brazil's Workers' Party)”, Bolsonaro said at a press conference in Rio de Janeiro on Thursday. “I won’t abandon the Mercosur but it won’t continue to be guided by ideology”, he added.

  • Monday, August 27th 2018 - 06:58 UTC

    Auto industry, beef and sugar, remain hurdles for a Mercosur/EU deal

    EU resistance to open access to Mercosur food exports remains a central obstacle to completing the long-delayed agreement that has been under negotiation since 1995

    Negotiators of a free trade deal between the European Union and Mercosur want to wrap up by September, but differences over beef, sugar and the auto industry could dash those hopes, Brazilian foreign minister Aloysio Nunes said. Issues over intellectual property, rules of origin and marine shipping services also need to be nailed down, Nunes said in an interview.

  • Thursday, August 23rd 2018 - 09:12 UTC

    The democratic challenge to dictatorships and xenophobia in Latin America

    The panel discussed the democratic clauses of the different institutional bodies in the continent against the erosion of the rule of law

    During the conference entitled “The democratic challenge to the autocracies of the 21st century in Latin America,” organized by the Center for the Opening and Development of Latin America (CADAL) on Tuesday at the Senate of Uruguay, the Government of Venezuela was described as a “dictatorship” and it was exhorted that the democratic governments of the region, especially the Uruguayan government, not be indifferent or “accomplices” against today’s Latin America’s autocratic governments.

  • Tuesday, July 24th 2018 - 21:27 UTC

    Singapore and Mercosur confirm negotiations for a free trade agreement

    Singapore official with his Mercosur counterparts

    Mercosur and Singapore have started negotiations for a free trade agreement, officials from both sides announced on Monday on the sidelines of the 13th Pacific Alliance Summit held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

  • Tuesday, July 24th 2018 - 07:00 UTC

    EU waters down Mercosur expectations of a trade agreement next September

    A trade pact between the EU and South American bloc Mercosur could be agreed in early September, Argentine foreign minister Jorge Faurie said last Thursday.

    Despite EU and Mercosur countries remaining committed to reaching a trade agreement, the European Commission did not endorse the South American bloc’s target to reach an agreement by September, as substantial gaps remain between the two sides.

  • Wednesday, July 18th 2018 - 09:06 UTC

    European business lobby urges Brussels to accelerate trade talks with Mercosur

    In a letter, the head of industrial lobby BusinessEurope Pierre Gattaz urged EC president Jean-Claude Juncker to seal a deal before the Brazilian election campaign

    European companies are urging the European Union to accelerate trade negotiations with Mercosur bloc, in a sign of concern that the 20-year talks could once again fall dormant if they do not reach an accord this week.

  • Friday, July 6th 2018 - 08:41 UTC

    Trump planned invading Venezuela

    Amid its rapidly deteriorating economy and weakening law and order, Venezuela received threats from the US president Donald Trump to restore democracy in the country

    Associated Press (AP) revealed that last August, during a meeting in the Oval Office, US President Donald Trump asked a question that startled his advisors: given that the situation in Venezuela threatens regional security, why does the United States not invades the South American country?

  • Monday, June 18th 2018 - 11:14 UTC

    Uruguay chair of Mercosur, targets accord with China, exhausted of negotiations with the EU

     Nin Novoa fears negotiations with EU could temporarily “breakdown”, although he anticipated he was committed to avoid such a situation.

    Uruguay will be handed the rotating chair of Mercosur this Monday in a brief summit ceremony to take place in Paraguay. Attending will be Brazil's Michel Temer, Uruguay's Tabare Vázquez, the host Paraguay Horacio Cartes and in representation of Argentina, vice president Gabriela Michetti. President Mauricio Macri is in the midst of a cabinet reshuffle and waiting for market reaction this Monday following the naming of a new Central Bank chairman.

  • Thursday, June 7th 2018 - 23:10 UTC

    The Uruguayan Foreign Ministry describes the number of immigrants arriving in the country as “never seen before”

    “The Secretariat of the Refugee Commission is completely overwhelmed,” said the Minister of Human Rights, while “acts of discrimination and xenophobia in Uruguay” are emerging.

    Immigration to Uruguay, Argentina and Chile has exploded exponentially in recent years. It is receiving an “unprecedented” daily requests for refuge in the southern country, according to the Director of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law of the Uruguayan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dianela Pi, who explained to MercoPress that “There are acts of discrimination and xenophobia that are emerging in Uruguay as never before” as a result of the migratory phenomenon. This wave comes mostly from citizens of Venezuelan origin.