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Montevideo, November 20th 2018 - 00:19 UTC

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  • Wednesday, October 17th 2018 - 09:16 UTC

    Germany urges responsibility on Brexit ahead of European Council summit

    Foreign ministers from the remaining 27 EU states were receiving a briefing from chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier at the General Affairs Council

    Germany has urged UK's Theresa May to “take responsibility” for Brexit, as a crunch summit approaches with no sign of any breakthrough in negotiations. The Prime Minister was briefing senior ministers in an extended session of Cabinet ahead of Wednesday’s European Council meeting at which it had initially been hoped to conclude the UK’s withdrawal deal.

  • Friday, October 12th 2018 - 08:29 UTC

    UK cabinet ministers concerned about potential compromises with EU over Brexit

    Allegedly Liam Fox, Michael Gove and Dominic Raab expressed concern the whole of UK could remain in the customs union for an open-ended period

    UK government cabinet ministers raised concerns about potential compromises with the EU over Brexit at a No 10 meeting on Thursday. According to London media reports Liam Fox, Michael Gove and Dominic Raab expressed concern the whole of the UK could remain in the customs union for an open-ended period.

  • Monday, July 9th 2018 - 06:46 UTC

    Brexit team resigns over Chequers' 'soft' plan: decisive debate this Monday in Parliament

    In his letter, Mr. Davis said “the current trend of policy and tactics” was making it “look less and less likely” UK would leave the customs union and single market.

    Brexit Secretary David Davis has resigned from the UK government. His resignation comes days after Theresa May secured the cabinet's backing for her Brexit plan despite claims from critics that it was “soft”. Mr. Davis was appointed to the post in 2016 and was responsible for negotiating the UK's EU withdrawal. Junior minister S.Baker quit shortly after Mr. Davis - as Mrs. May prepares to face MPs and peers this Monday.

  • Tuesday, June 5th 2018 - 07:20 UTC

    Fresh Conservative attacks on Theresa May and her Brexit “negativity”

    Ex minister Priti Patel told The House magazine that the Government needed to articulate a “better vision for the future” after Brexit.

    Theresa May has been hit with fresh Conservative attacks on her leadership as she attempts to steer the UK through Brexit. Former Cabinet Minister Priti Patel accused the Prime Minister and Chancellor Philip Hammond of “negativity” as they attempt to lead the country out of the European Union.

  • Monday, April 23rd 2018 - 08:58 UTC

    Customs union debate in Commons on Thursday; Lords voted in support

    Peers voted by 348 to 225 in favor of a plan requiring ministers to report on steps to negotiate a continued union last week.

    The UK government has restated its commitment to leaving the EU's custom union - ahead of a symbolic vote on the issue this week. Last Wednesday, the government suffered defeat on the EU Withdrawal Bill in the House of Lords - when peers voted in favor of staying in the customs union. As a result, MPs will get a chance to debate the proposal on Thursday..

  • Tuesday, January 30th 2018 - 07:22 UTC

    Foreign Office planning to ban drilling and mining offshore BOTs in South Atlantic

    South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands are home to more than 3 million penguins, along with fur seals, elephant seals and various species of whale.

    British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is expected to institute a ban on fishing, drilling and freight transport in British overseas territories in the South Atlantic in an effort to protect wildlife in the area. The South Sandwich Islands, which plays host to Antarctic scientists but has no permanent residents, lie around 1,500km east of the Falkland Islands.

  • Thursday, January 4th 2018 - 08:05 UTC

    UK farmers growing concern about a post Brexit scenario

    Concerns have been raised that a deal with the US could include chlorine-washed chicken and hormone-fed beef.

    Post-Brexit trade deals could pose the biggest peacetime threat to the UK's food security if welfare standards and farmers are not protected, MPs say. Imports of food produced with lower welfare standards should not be allowed, the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Agro-ecology warns.

  • Wednesday, December 20th 2017 - 08:48 UTC

    Protecting UK (and Falklands) fisheries in a post Brexit scenario

    Environment Secretary Michael Gove has anticipated EU fishing quotas referred to UK will be scrapped, and foreign fishing fleets chased from catching in UK waters

    In the midst of the Brexit debate in the UK, and its expected consequences, Environment Secretary Michael Gove has anticipated EU fishing quotas referred to UK will be scrapped and if things go as planned by the cabinet member, French, Spanish, Danish and other nations fishing fleets will be chased form illegally fishing in UK waters.

  • Monday, July 24th 2017 - 09:29 UTC

    UK government tries to reassure Ulster farmers about post-Brexit subsidies

    “Northern Ireland and upland areas of Scotland, Wales and England will receive support in future to ensure communities there can survive,” Mr. Gove told BBC.

    British government has attempted to reassure Northern Ireland’s farmers about the level of subsidies they will receive after the UK leaves the European Union. Michael Gove, secretary for the environment, food and rural affairs, visited an agricultural show in Co Antrim at the weekend and also held meetings with the DUP and the Ulster Farmers’ Union.

  • Friday, July 1st 2016 - 10:07 UTC

    Theresa May stands out among Tory leader contenders; round of voting begins Tuesday

    Ms. May has received pledges of support from many more MPs than the other four candidates, with at least three more cabinet members among her backers.

    Theresa May's bid to become Britain's Conservative leader has won the support of two more cabinet ministers and the Daily Mail. Michael Fallon and Patrick McLoughlin now say they back the home secretary.

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