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Montevideo, December 13th 2018 - 00:11 UTC

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  • Wednesday, December 5th 2018 - 09:48 UTC

    UN seeking US$ 738m to help neighboring countries receiving inflow of millions of Venezuelan refuges

    It was the first time that the crisis was included in the U.N. annual global humanitarian appeal which is US$ 21.9 billion for 2019 without Syria

    The United Nations said on Tuesday it was seeking US$ 738 million in 2019 to help neighboring countries cope with the inflow of millions of Venezuelan refugees and migrants, who have “no prospect for return in the short to medium term”.

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  • Friday, October 26th 2018 - 09:51 UTC

    Honduras domestic political dispute plays to the benefit of Trump and Republicans

    Initially planned as a modest caravan of a few hundred people, it grew quickly to about 7,000 migrants as desperation took over.

    The flier began circulating on social media in Honduras this month, showing a lone migrant sketched against a bright red backdrop. It was a call to join a caravan, the work of leftist activists and politicians who had helped lead migrants north in the past. But they also tossed a political spark into the mix, blaming their right-wing government for the exodus: “The violence and poverty is expelling us.”

  • Thursday, August 30th 2018 - 08:29 UTC

    Migrants returning to Venezuela following Maduro's promise of jobs

    Many of the migrants traveling home on Monday complained of xenophobia against Venezuelans as Peru and other countries in the region cope with the influx

    A group of Venezuelan migrants has returned home from Peru at the expense of Nicolas Maduro's government. Facing an exodus from Venezuela, Maduro had proclaimed his countrymen “won't be slaves to anyone in the world.”

  • Wednesday, June 13th 2018 - 08:32 UTC

    Italy/Spain insist Europe must share the burden of migrants

    The rescue ship Aquarius has been stuck since Saturday in international waters off the coast of Italy and Malta, both of which have refused it entry.

    Italy has dispatched two ships to help take 629 migrants stuck off its shores to Spain after the new populist government refused them safe port in a bid to force Europe to share the burden of unrelenting arrivals. The rescue ship Aquarius has been stuck since Saturday in international waters off the coast of Italy and Malta, both of which have refused it entry. The ship is carrying 629 migrants including 123 unaccompanied minors, 11 children and six pregnant women.

  • Monday, June 11th 2018 - 19:33 UTC

    Spain accepts rescue boat with stranded migrants in the Mediterranean

    Spain's new Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez agreed to allow the ship to dock in its eastern port of Valencia.

    Spain will welcome a ship with 629 migrants aboard after Italy and Malta refused to let the vessel dock in their ports. The migrants were saved by the French charity SOS Mediterranee on Saturday and were stranded in the Mediterranean Sea when Matteo Salvini, the new Italian interior minister, reportedly refused to allow the vessel to dock at Italian ports.

  • Monday, June 11th 2018 - 08:34 UTC

    Italy refuses docking to 629 migrants; Minister Salvani has promised to deport half a million illegals

    Aquarius, which is operated jointly by Medecine Sans Frontiers and SOS Medeterranee, was refused a port of disembarkation by the Italian authorities

    A group of more than 600 migrants appear to have become the first subjects of the new Italian government's tough immigration stance without having even set foot on Italian soil. A charity rescue vessel carrying 629 people is currently stranded in the Mediterranean after Matteo Salvini, the new Italian interior minister, reportedly refused to allow it to dock at Italian ports.

  • Sunday, January 14th 2018 - 12:05 UTC

    First shipwreck of Venezuelan rafters

    The shipwreck occurred just few meters from the beach of Koraal Tabak. Pic: Meridith Kohut

    It was midnight last january 10 when approx 30 venezuelans climbed a little traditional fisher ship after the order of a smuggler and left for the island of Curaçao, about 100 kilometers from where they sailed. After 3 months of planning and 7 hours of crossing over a rough sea, a large wave hits the small boat just few meters from the coast, tearing it to pieces, reported one of the survivors while waiting to be deported back to Venezuela after being rescued and detained by the Dutch authorities.

  • Saturday, January 16th 2016 - 07:37 UTC

    Migration to foreign countries surged 41% in the last 15 years, says UN report

    United States is the country with the largest portion of the world's migrants: 47 million, or a fifth of the total. Germany and Russia shared the No. 2 spot

    The number of people who migrated to foreign countries surged by 41% in the last 15 years to reach 244 million in 2015, according to a United Nations study released this week. Of those people, 20 million are refugees.