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Montevideo, September 22nd 2018 - 11:41 UTC

Tag: Opinion

  • Saturday, September 8th 2018 - 09:10 UTC

    “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration”

    “It may be cold comfort in this chaotic era, but Americans should know that there are adults in the room”

    Top members of Donald Trump's administration are so alarmed by the president's “erratic” and “amoral” behavior that they are actively working to undermine him, an anonymous senior official wrote in The New York Times on Wednesday.

  • Tuesday, May 8th 2018 - 08:25 UTC

    Should we celebrate Karl Marx on his 200th birthday?

    Karl Marx, the founder of scientific socialism was born 200 years ago on May 5.

    By Barbara Foley (*)

    Some would argue that Karl Marx, author of “Capital,” has been proven wrong on just about everything he wrote. The founder of scientific socialism was born 200 years ago on May 5.

  • Thursday, January 25th 2018 - 10:50 UTC

    Electoral retaliation in Venezuela

    “If someday the circumstance of taking up arms comes, we would do it. I would not shake my pulse to summon him. ”Maduro added after supporting the announcement of the Constituent Assembly.

    The elections are not ordered or decreed, they are called. And is that the Venezuelan regime, with this new nonsense, does nothing but reveal the murder, not only of people who think differently in such atrocious ways as executing them extrajudicially -with a complete army against half dozen of people- to silence and chastise, but also murder of fundamental democratic and republican principles while trampling the country's constitution.