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Uruguay: world’s leading consumer of beef with 58.2 kilos per capita per annum

Uruguayans eat an average of 58.2 kilos of beef which makes them the world’s leading consumers per capita, per annum according to the country’s president of the National Meats Institute, INAC, Alfredo Fratti.

The traditional Uruguayan barbeque

“The tendency has been steady in the last few years and for 2010 we anticipate a consumption increase of 6% per capita”, he said which means that by the end of the year “Uruguayans will have consumed almost 60 kilos of beef per capita”.

This is “a new record” for Uruguay and makes Uruguay “the main consumer of beef in the world”.

The privilege until not so long belonged to Argentina, with almost 60 kilos per capita but in the last few years it has been decreasing and currently stands at 55 kilos per capita per annum said Fratti.

Uruguay is famous for its livestock and organic beef, which is also one of the country’s main industries. The cattle herd currently stands at just over 11 million head which means four animals per capita.

Other countries with significant beef consumption include the United States, 43 kilos per capita, per year; Australia, 39 kilos; Brazil, 36 kilos; Paraguay, 32 and New Zealand, 26 kilos. Brazil is the world’s leading exporter of beef with interests in all continents.

In Uruguay consumption has been increasing steadily from an annual average of 47.2 kilos in 2004; 47.6 kilos in 2005 and 51.2 kilos in 2006. In 2007 it dropped slightly to 51 kilos but the following year was up again to 54.7 kilos and in 2009, it reached 58.2 kilos per capita.

Fratti said that the growing consumption tendency in Uruguay can be explained because of higher income and purchasing power and because prices in the domestic market have become more stable

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1 Pheel (#) Aug 17th, 2010 - 02:37 pm Report abuse
Pepe Mugica for Presidente de Argentina 2011-2015!!
2 Think (#) Aug 19th, 2010 - 08:31 am Report abuse
M U J I C A; not Mugica

I would certaincly vote for him......

More Beef for the people....

Viva Muhhhhh jica :-)
3 Pheel (#) Aug 20th, 2010 - 02:09 pm Report abuse
A beefing-up plan for the beef industry as the one developped by Mujica last 6 years was offered to K in 2006...and rejected with arrogance and without analysis.
I´ve worked for changing my money all last four years, keeping my cows with the best cost-benefit tech and confronting the most irrational and corrupt policies that ve enriched guys like Samid.
Seems that nor us the farmers neither the poors have obtained some benefit, only tourists and Barrio Norte that have enjoyed the “sale” of our stock.
Pepe Mujica for President, not just for this approach, but for being honest, for calling oppositors for jointly strategic planning, for have tolerance and common sense despite Uruguay´s past.
Expect that Lucia will not derail his efforts!
4 Think (#) Aug 20th, 2010 - 06:36 pm Report abuse
(3) Pheel

Happy that your opinion about Mujica matches mine.
He is kind of my wet dream of an South American politician.....
A Pampean Mandela :-)
And please don't get me wrong.......... I'm not an inconditional of the Kirchners but....tell me: who the heck could have done it better in Argentina since 2003?
One single decree of Martinez de Hoz during the dictatorship costed Argentina more in a week that all the combined gubernamental corruption of the last 7 years.
I do not want to diminish your work and your struggle with your cows (Charolais by any chance:-) but I somehow have an ambivalent feeling about those “protests”............ Maybe because during my infancy and youth I heard many “tios”, “padrinos” and “amigazos de la familia” always complaining while driving their new Torinos, doble Weber, tapizado de cuero to Ezeiza on their way to their anual trip to Europe :-)

Ojalá aprendamos algo de Uruguay
Cordiales saludos
El Think
5 Pheel (#) Aug 20th, 2010 - 08:10 pm Report abuse
“Give me an agreement and i will forget most of our differences”. That seems to be my weakness. :-)
Our pampean Mandela is more than a common place! It´s the acknowledge that we don´t need more political messiah.
It,s too, the answer to “Who the heck...etc”: national consensus. Perhaps, many “mediocre” leaders but that push looking for great long term common policies. That includes democracy, I guess.
As been a clear “oppositor” I value many of Ks measures indeed: restoration of presidencial authority (sadly derailed as personalism), control of budget, role of politics leading economics, public building, teeth for negotiating, efforts in science and research, etc.

Respect to my job, sorry for the Charolaises but I´m a Braford breeder, follower+ of the first breeder in Argentina, that had a progressist and nationalist point of view in the 50s: “we will need cheap meat for the people, so we will have to work in the tropics” . He was a close friend of Jan Bonsma the southafrican that led this genetical changes at his country. Anglophiles, England suppliers, went to his throat and he resigned to Sociedad Rural Argentina after years of prizes and champions. He retired to the countryside and organized his estancia as a community...a traditional one...most of the sons of his former employees are today professionals thanks to him. A lot of history to take charge of and to keep alive! :-)
6 Think (#) Aug 22nd, 2010 - 11:36 am Report abuse
(5) Pheel
Interesting story.......
Gives me somehow the “Pampas Blues”........

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