Tuesday, January 4th 2011 - 14:15 UTC

Argentine Government questions present relevance of 1999 Falklands Agreement with Britain

The Argentine Foreign Ministry stated yesterday that the “provisional understandings” signed by London and Buenos Aires were in complete disuse and that the “unilateral actions of the United Kingdom” with regard to oil exploration and military exercises on the Islands constituted an “unsolveable obstacle” to the continuation and development of the “bilateral cooperation”

President Mahmoud Abbas and President Cristina Fernadez

January 3rd marks the anniversary of British re-occupation of the Falkland Islands in 1833 and every year on this date successive Argentine governments have restated their sovereignty claim over the Islands with greater or lesser virulence.

The communiqué does not mention any dates for the bilateral agreements, but both countries signed them in the 90s after the resumption of diplomatic relations. And so the text issued yesterday by the Foreign Ministry gains relevancy because it materialises the successive breakdowns over recent years leading to the present paralysis in relations with Great Britain due to the increasing importance placed on the sovereignty issue by the Argentine Government.

A sign of this is that the Argentine embassy in London has been without a head since August 2008 when José Nun’s candidature was withdrawn by Argentina as a protest.

Under the governments of Tony Blair and Carlos Menem, fishing agreements were signed - still in existence, but obsolete because Argentina no longer participates in the meetings of the South Atlantic Fisheries Commission – and a petroleum agreement. This was revoked by the Kirchner administration, which also imposed controls on shipping. With regard to the politics of flights, a national ban on charter flights to the Islands is still in place. In yesterday’s communiqué the Foreign Ministry complained about the “unwillingness of the United Kingdom to tackle the sovereignty question” as Argentina sees it and lists declarations of support for its claim from various regional forums, multilateral groups and individual countries.

Argentina recently announced its recognition of the Palestinian state, joining several other Latin American countries including Brazil, Bolivia and Ecuador.

On Sunday, the Argentine Foreign Affairs Minister thanked President Mahmoud Abbas for Palestine’s support in his country's dispute over the Malvinas Islands, which he said had similarities with Palestine’s position.

Both countries were under unfair and anachronistic occupation by foreign powers who were exploiting the resources of both territories, the Ramallah-based representative said, and both cases revealed double standards in the implementation of UN resolutions.

The Argentine Foreign Ministry stated also that the British attitude was also contrary to Resolution 31/49 of the United Nations General Assembly, which called upon both parties to abstain from adopting decisions which would bring about unilateral changes in the situation while the Islands were involved in the process recommended by the relevant resolutions.

As in other years, the communiqué on this the 178th anniversary of the establishment of British rule in the Falkland Islands concluded, “Argentina considers incomprehensible the British refusal to tackle the basic problem in order to find a peaceful and definitive solution to the sovereignty dispute, according to the mandate of the International community.”










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1 Falkland Fred (#) Jan 04th, 2011 - 02:26 pm Report abuse
the argentine government never entered into the spirit of the agreement anyway.
2 Redhoyt (#) Jan 04th, 2011 - 02:35 pm Report abuse
“ ... As in other years, the communiqué on this the 278th anniversary of the establishment of British rule in the Falkland Islands concluded ...” (a little poetic licence :-)

.................. and so it goes on, without change ............... nothing Argentina can do ........... unless they go to the ICJ of course.
3 arquero (#) Jan 04th, 2011 - 02:48 pm Report abuse
we live in 2011 not in 1999 .
4 Raul (#) Jan 04th, 2011 - 02:57 pm Report abuse
It is always good to reflect the injustice happened in 1833 of the English occupation tossing to the native inhabitants of the islands and the off one I claim of sovereignty on the islands.
As the time passes and he/she leaves knowing in depth the problem, leave with clarity that the opinion publishes world, and in particular the British cubic opinion, goes with more and more with growing sympathy the fair one claims taken by Argentina in the world forums.
5 Zethee (#) Jan 04th, 2011 - 03:03 pm Report abuse
“native inhabitants of the islands”

1. They werent natives.
2. They were allowed to stay.
6 Beef (#) Jan 04th, 2011 - 03:10 pm Report abuse
Comparing the Islands to Palastine is insulting to repressed people all over the world. The only occupation of the islands was the 1982 invasion and the UN told Argentina to get out. They refused and the UK gave them a good battering to remind them to never again threaten to impose their way of life on people.

Yes Palastine and the Falklands are similar as they are both threatened by an aggressive neighbour who want to stop the people from expressing their rights.
7 Redhoyt (#) Jan 04th, 2011 - 03:13 pm Report abuse
Raul - I'm sure you've got all the right words, but not in the right order (sorry Morecambe & Wise :-)

178 years and Argentina still cannot get its history correct - but then some people never learn
8 Zethee (#) Jan 04th, 2011 - 03:15 pm Report abuse
What exactly is Argentina saying here? I don't actually see anything, someone?

These “understandings” which involved fishing, petroleum air flights to and from the islands.

Fishing agreements - not in use because of Argentina.
Petroleum agreements - revoked by Kirchner
Imposed controls on shipping - From Argentina
A national ban on charter flights to the Islands

All written in the post they are using to ..complain? Was this released by the Argentinian government? this is very embarrassing for them.
9 falklandlad (#) Jan 04th, 2011 - 03:17 pm Report abuse
and a happy new year to you to Argentina! Another anticipated new year tantrum. As Falkland Fred remarks, Argentina failed to uphold the spirit of the 1999 Agreement, and the belicose and beligerent, and appaulingly rude, Kirchners simply tossed it all to wind and withdrew from accords signed off by their rather more far-sighted predecessors in 1990 and 1995. In the long run, these Argentine tantrums bode better for the Falklands, and illustrates to the world that not only can Argentina never be trusted, but that at the international level Argentina treats with contempt bilateral accords signed with the UK which were subsequently deposited with the UN Sec General's good office. And it is true #3 we now live in 2011 and not 1999 - thats 12 years of Argentine failure to meet living memory obligations. Just how can you be trusted Argentina?
10 Beef (#) Jan 04th, 2011 - 03:21 pm Report abuse
Yes we live in 2011 and not in 1833. It is the islander's wishes that are of primary concern in 2011.

The Argie posters are obsessed with 1833 for some reason. Find me someone from 1833 who was wronged and is alive today then I will petition my MP to take their argument to the UK government.

Don't see any Argies offering to apologise to the Islanders for 1982. Probably because they are a bunch of cowards and cannot accept responsibility.
11 Billy Hayes (#) Jan 04th, 2011 - 04:41 pm Report abuse
Only agreement working today since ´90 is the weekly Lan link that flies over argentine continental territory. is this comuniqué a warning about that?? I think so.
12 xbarilox (#) Jan 04th, 2011 - 04:58 pm Report abuse
@2 When there's some representatives from South America, it will be done :) Remember that this is 2011.

@10 “ It is the islander's wishes that are of primary concern in 2011.” I don't see that Chagos inhabitants are neither primary, nor secondary concerns in 2011 or any year. They're still wanting to return to the inlands. Aaaah, but you're white and British, and they're black, dat right!

This is getting worse for the British invaders, one day you'll go to bed in Las Islas Malvinas but you'll wake up in the UK. You're still in the inlands just because you are part of the mafia that has been maniging global issues being part of the United Nations, but things are changing, that's why Southamerican countries and many others, are having a more important participation in global issues. Believe it or not :)
13 Think (#) Jan 04th, 2011 - 04:58 pm Report abuse
I “think” so too..............................Trapping down slowly though.
Once a fortnight, would be more than fitting for such a questioned destination.
14 Islander1 (#) Jan 04th, 2011 - 05:01 pm Report abuse
Billy, a hollow warning about the Lan flight if that is what it is. For a 3rd party country to stop a commercial flight overflying elsewhere - other than in time of war etc , would be a breach of International Aviation Agreements.
However we know Int Agreements mean little to Mrs K. - Her Govt has torn up/walked out of all the other ones - not us! But she knows also that this link with its once a month stop in Rio Gallegos each way is Argentina,s ONLY link to the Islands. Cut that - and no more visits here by Arg veterans,next of kin families, etc etc.
That link cuts both ways.
15 J.A. Roberts (#) Jan 04th, 2011 - 05:07 pm Report abuse
I doubt it Billy. We've been through this all before. There is nothing Argentina can do to stop planes flying from Pta Arenas, down the Magellan Straits and out to the Falklands.

Any craft, civilian or military, has the right to sail or fly through the straits and there is nothing Argentina can do, because Argentina has signed and ratified the agreement which allows this: UNCLOS.

16 Think (#) Jan 04th, 2011 - 05:21 pm Report abuse
How stupid can people pretend to be?
Just a couple of extra slots at Ezeiza Airport are 100 times more valuable for LAN than that insignificant Punta Aenas-Mount Pleasant Airport route.

This is business....
And money is King
17 J.A. Roberts (#) Jan 04th, 2011 - 05:34 pm Report abuse
You expect someone to take “business” advice from an Argentine? Was that some kind of a joke Think?
18 Beef (#) Jan 04th, 2011 - 05:36 pm Report abuse
Xbox. When have I said I agreed with what happened in Chagos. In addition if you think it was a lesson on how to wrong a population (which it was) then why do you want to depopulate the Falklands in the same way?
19 Y Draig Goch (#) Jan 04th, 2011 - 05:43 pm Report abuse
Argentina bans commercial flights to/from the Islands

Argentina bans shipping supporting the Islands,

Argentina goes crying to any country on the planet where it can offer trade in trade for ' sympathy' over the Islands,

Argentina refuses to believe any real history about themselves and the Islands,

Argentina cries like a little girl when we test fire a SHORT range missle in an exercise which has happened for decades,

we offer co-operation on development of hydrocarbon exploration and extraction...rejected

we offer joint management of fisheries....rejected

and we arent co operating? we have given the Islanders the option to choose thier own destiny, instead non stop whining like a baby with a toy taken away,

compel to the nature of the islanders instead of threatening them with economic isolation, they are Argentinas only hope if they want the islands back

Oh yeah elections next year the Rhetoric has been ramped up with a bang, i wonder who is trying to use the patriot flag in order to try and secure votes?

p.s Palestine is like Falkland Islands/Argentina?? that one is really scraping the bottom of respectability, what an utter insult to the palestinians...i wonder if they lived here rather than palestine, do you think they'd agree ??
20 Sergio Vega (#) Jan 04th, 2011 - 05:45 pm Report abuse
If LAN stop their flights because some extra slots at Ezeiza Airport, we have DAP Airlines, wich was the first to link the Falklands Islands with P. Arenas, that is waiting to return there.
Business are business....!!!!
21 Islander1 (#) Jan 04th, 2011 - 06:07 pm Report abuse
Think-if by fortnightly to a questionable destination you werre referring to the Lan weekly flight - you are out of touch, its a profitable commercial flight 52 weeks a year.
22 Think (#) Jan 04th, 2011 - 06:37 pm Report abuse

Lan's profitable weekly flight “could”, sooner than you expect, become Lan's extremely profitable fortnight fly.........with “complimentary” stop-over in Rio Gallegos on every flight..............

LAN happy...
Argentina happy....
23 Y Draig Goch (#) Jan 04th, 2011 - 06:41 pm Report abuse
Argentina won't allow such a sensible thing, not on an election run-up unless they plan to fake a 'missile' hit by the evil british invaders
24 stick up your junta (#) Jan 04th, 2011 - 06:54 pm Report abuse
I am sure the Argentine fallen could be repatriated

Argentina happy

DANANG, Vietnam: Standing to attention in the hot sun, a Marines baseball cap over his heart, US veteran Alan Segal watched as an honour guard carried the flag-draped coffins of his fellow servicemen onto an Air Force plane, taking them home 34 years after the Vietnam War ended.
25 ed (#) Jan 04th, 2011 - 07:03 pm Report abuse
don't cry for me UK

singers are the Malvinas Chorus .
26 Be serious (#) Jan 04th, 2011 - 07:18 pm Report abuse
Argentina keeps to Agreements just like Nazi Germany used to do. Come to Think of it didn't a lot of German and Italian Facists flee to Argentina after the Second World War.
27 AndrewG (#) Jan 04th, 2011 - 07:19 pm Report abuse
Anyone would think there's an election coming....!

(I find it astounding that CFK talks about unilateralism and the 1999 agreement in the same breath!)
28 yul (#) Jan 04th, 2011 - 08:49 pm Report abuse
I congratulate the Brits' new and bright years of between 1833 --1999 !
29 arquero (#) Jan 04th, 2011 - 08:55 pm Report abuse
oooooo we must accept that UK are more smarter and bold than US at grabbing of islands .####
30 yul (#) Jan 04th, 2011 - 09:26 pm Report abuse
(#) 29 ....you forget Hawai,Puerto Rico, Diego Garcia !

both are island hoarders .
31 Beef (#) Jan 04th, 2011 - 09:27 pm Report abuse
No arquero, just generally smarter, bolder and a lot more guts.

You tried to grab and ended up running away!
32 Kiwisarg (#) Jan 04th, 2011 - 10:12 pm Report abuse
Beef and Redhoyt

Since 1833 we could not see any apology from the pirates when they took our people of the Malvinas Islands Argentina, What are you talking about!! man. Argentine and South American all will not see a single brits arround the Malvinas, but we want to see all the brits to 14000 milles from Malninas Islands! It is understood and done with such nonsense comments .... Now we are in 2011 and it is finishing the colonies, and the same Brits know about this! The time is ending!
33 stick up your junta (#) Jan 04th, 2011 - 10:19 pm Report abuse
@32 Talking for all of South America?

Talking of distances also

Isla Martín García is an Argentine island off the Río de la Plata coast of Uruguay. The enclave island is within the boundaries of Uruguayan waters
34 Beef (#) Jan 04th, 2011 - 10:30 pm Report abuse
Kiwi - so you want Brits out of the Islands. But what about the Falkland Islanders. Yes we are in 2011 so the islanders have the right to decide their own future. If you don't agree then I suggest the ICJ.

The other option is to kick us out but no reason to see why your abject humiliation in 1982 wouldn't be repeated.
35 WestisBest (#) Jan 04th, 2011 - 10:50 pm Report abuse

“..with “complimentary” stop-over in Rio Gallegos on every flight..............”

And how would that help the flight be 'extremely' profitable think? the trouble of landing and taking off on a broken down, weed encrusted runway at that shithole Rio Gallegos (yes I've been there on several occasions which is several more than you have Think I'll warrant) so that 1 or 2 passengers can embark/disembark....doesn't sound that tempting to me from a business point of view.
36 Think (#) Jan 04th, 2011 - 11:11 pm Report abuse
Don't play the “dumb farmer” on me......
Save it for the whennies....
They love it....
37 WestisBest (#) Jan 04th, 2011 - 11:21 pm Report abuse
I understood that (in your opinion) we were all dumb farmers Think....or implanted employees of the British Government of course.

Anyway do I malign Rio Gallegos? nope.....or misrepresent the business burden it is for LAN on their Punta/MPA route? nope again.
38 Redhoyt (#) Jan 04th, 2011 - 11:31 pm Report abuse
Kiwi'sarse - you still know nothing of the real history. Only the trespassing garrison was removed, the settlers stayed - good move for them and there ancestors.

Argentina can threaten, it can be a nuisance - but there is nothing it can do to get its thieving hands on the Falkland islands. The British have dealt with blockades before.

As for the flights - well what would Chile's attitude be? They are no great fans of Argentina and I seem to rec all that their current President enjoyed a recent visit to the UK and is a major shareholder in LAN.
39 Monty69 (#) Jan 04th, 2011 - 11:57 pm Report abuse
I can't really see that mad lot over the water messing with the LAN flight again. Stopping their own veterans visiting the cemetary would be an own goal of epic proportions. And very cruel. Actually, come to think of it, they just might.....
40 Kiwisarg (#) Jan 05th, 2011 - 12:04 am Report abuse
I'm talking about the Brits out. The islanders would be fully accepted as Argentine citizens with full rights and authority but under our jurisdictions and part of Tierra del Fuego Pronvice. I am quite sure that the Malvinas Islands Argentina with a more fluid connection with the mainland would be more important economic level for the islanders. New Zealand has implemented new techniques in differents area as farm, sheep, milk, fisheries, tourism, Constructions, sport, etc, etc ... and all this would be totally much easier as part of Argentina than 14000 miles to be a bloody colonial nineteenth century. On the other hand Argentina each year would still impose further restrictions as all South America to stop and block the Malvinas Islands. All this would be very hard for the islanders. Is the best time to talk and sit down and seriously talk to Argentina and Uk
41 Monty69 (#) Jan 05th, 2011 - 12:36 am Report abuse
Kiwi,we have some of the top squid scientists here. Our agriculture experts train in New Zealand, and our sportsmen and women travel all over the world to compete. Stop assuming that we are backward hillbillies.
Of course we'd like a normal relationship with the coast, but the price you are demanding is too high. We don't want to be 'accepted' as Argentine citizens, because we aren't Argentines. Your making it 'hard' for us makes us more determined.
42 xbarilox (#) Jan 05th, 2011 - 12:55 am Report abuse
@ 40 “I'm talking about the Brits out. The islanders would be fully accepted as Argentine citizens with full rights and authority but under our jurisdictions and part of Tierra del Fuego Pronvice.” Great, macho, con eso a las chicas las pusite locas haha, this is what I call being assertive, you seriously kicked British arse haha
43 Y Draig Goch (#) Jan 05th, 2011 - 12:56 am Report abuse
you hit the nail on the head there Monty, try offering the islanders incentives rather than threatening them with blockades and sanctions etc, if you like someone you dont break thier legs to gain acceptance...Argies will never get it , not while bonkers peronists are in power
44 Redhoyt (#) Jan 05th, 2011 - 01:05 am Report abuse
Kiwi'sarse - you really think that's a good deal? Idiota!

Why on earth would the islander's wish to be Argentines when they have a choice between being British or being independant?

EXbrain - still smoking that sh*t ?
45 Kiwisarg (#) Jan 05th, 2011 - 01:48 am Report abuse
38-44 Redhoyt (#)

What are you talking about !!Please Could you read the newspapers , there is a growing support to the South America countries to Argentina.It is a cuention only of time and could be harm the Islanders, so Mr, you are at 14000 miles and you think that typing all the time complaints is a big Pirate's solution, You wrong!!!, man! Please, with much education as Argentine I say you stop drinking whisky, It is doing you no good....
42 xbarilox (#)

Yes!!! we want the Brits out of the Malvinas Islands Argentinas ... and this is not macho, this is going to happen over time!If! we want the Brits out of the Malvinas Islands Argentinas ... and this is not macho, this is going to happen over time! this is our dream of Argentine walked again our Argentine Islands but in peace, just that!!!
46 Islander1 (#) Jan 05th, 2011 - 02:15 am Report abuse
Think- why oh why would Lan want to go to Riogallegos more than once a month? 10 months of the year there are 0-2 or 3 pax there, mostly O pax! Nov there are 6-8 or so so called “vets” who mysteriously come over same week as remembrance Sunday here - an event that means NOTHING in your country - but surprise surprise there is always a “minder” and a camerman with them to do the pices when they meet the brit veterans who come down at that time of year because of Remebrance. Then of course the April flight when traditionally a group of allegedly “veterans” come over and often deface and desecrate war cemeteries and battlefield sites here.
You talk about Lan wanting money - the only attraction for them in landing in RG is that sometimes the fuel is cheaper there so they fill the tanks!
Also how could it be better to make money with ONE flight a fortnight instead on making money every WEEK with one flight a week as they do now?
47 Kiwisarg (#) Jan 05th, 2011 - 02:31 am Report abuse
41 Monty69 (#)
Ok! I understand. But you and all the Islander should think of an option to sit with Argentina and Uk for the good of the Islander and the future for the Malvinas Argentinas Islands
48 Redhoyt (#) Jan 05th, 2011 - 02:46 am Report abuse
Kiwi'sarse - I read a lot of newspapers from all around the world, and Argentina figures in very few of them, and the Falkland Islands even less. Growing support won't help ... it's tenuous and local. Take a look around the world at the big boys overseas territories and you'll find that they all got them and won't be letting go anytime soon. You lot live in a fantasy land where Argentina's spurious version of history is only beieved in South America and then hardly.

Nothing will change, not in the next decade or two and probably a lot, lot longer!
49 Beef (#) Jan 05th, 2011 - 06:27 am Report abuse
Kiwi - what you want you will not get. If you can dream but not make dreams your master, you will be a man, my son!

It is up to the Islanders to determine their own future and you are giving them little incentive to take a different course of action. It would be nice to see some progressive policy from Argentina but all the Islanders appear to get is hostility and rhetoric.

So what if South America wants one thing or another (and I have yet to see any actions to substantiate all of the verbal drivel).

If you want to change the status quo then there are three option.

1) ICJ - something your leadership are scared to do as they do not wish to embarass themselves. The Kosovo case has also made them see what the result would be.

2) Negotited transfer - Islanders have to agree to this and considering the contempt you show to them it is no surprise they want nothing to do with you.

3) Military option - been there and failed before and Argentina would fail again.

The only other option is to accept he present day reality and start to treat the Islanders like human beings. Cooperation is the secret to prosperity.

Now grow up and drop the self pity.
50 Think (#) Jan 05th, 2011 - 07:01 am Report abuse
(49) Beef

Nope........ It is NOT up to the Islanders to determine their own future.
Not in those Islands....
51 Beef (#) Jan 05th, 2011 - 07:28 am Report abuse
Think - you are telling me that you take George Galloway seriously. Sure his performance in from of the US senate was spectacular but you really want to use the opinion of a man who openly said that he admired Saddam Hussain? Gosh you do go for the despotic types don't you. Also I think his impression of a pussy cat in the Big Brother house was one of the pinnacles of his career.

Your choice of political class is somewhat wanting!
52 Think (#) Jan 05th, 2011 - 07:57 am Report abuse
Before I listen to Mr.Galloway’s clip, I didn’t know who he was.
Then I read this:
Maybe you should too instead of relying on the tabloids…

Anyhow, it’s his opinions and the opinions of the others on that clip that are of interest.
53 Beef (#) Jan 05th, 2011 - 08:20 am Report abuse
Spoken like a true Marxist, unable to accept an alternative perspective. They are entitled to their opinion but are not the opinions of those who do not share your view also on interest? Obviously not and it is clear why you are a supporter of CFK. Presidential decrees and seeking control of the media appear to be norms in democratic Argentina and some other of your SA neighbours.

I care not for the opinion of a man who says “would you like me to be the pussy cat” on live tv. It should be on YouTube see if you can find it
54 Redhoyt (#) Jan 05th, 2011 - 08:42 am Report abuse
#50 Well done Think, wrong again!

If it came to a straight punch up at the UN between Britain and Argentina what would be the question that would be referred to the ICJ.

My money is on - “ Do the Falkland Islanders have a right to self-determination under the UN charters?” - or something akin to that.

Wonder what the ICJ's response would be ?

Galloway's a clown ....... bit embarrassing realy :-*
55 stick up your junta (#) Jan 05th, 2011 - 09:30 am Report abuse
Mad as the botox queen

56 Think (#) Jan 05th, 2011 - 10:16 am Report abuse
(54) Hoyt
I can see your problem…………..

You may invade countries, kill people, disregard any sense of ethics, and be completely cynical......
But for God’s sake, don’t ever be embarrassing…………..

Brainwash anybody?
57 stick up your junta (#) Jan 05th, 2011 - 10:29 am Report abuse
But for God’s sake, don’t ever be embarrassing
Or bias

It said: ”The broadcaster failed to engage or debate with any point of view that was contrary to the view presented by George Galloway.

A proper Argentine is our George

58 Beef (#) Jan 05th, 2011 - 10:49 am Report abuse
Invade countries, kill people, and disregard ethics. Stop talking about Argentina's 1982 approach to the Falkland Islands think.

Think and George Galloway a match made in the despotic Marxist paradise. I suppose Think also admired Sadam Hussain's “indefatigability”!
59 Redhoyt (#) Jan 05th, 2011 - 11:47 am Report abuse
Think - embarrassing is BAD! Killing people is just ...... life !

But the point that you've missed? What would be the question, and how do you see the answer going ?
60 Think (#) Jan 05th, 2011 - 12:00 pm Report abuse
(58) Beef
I must admit that I grossly overestimated your wits lad.
It was fun and, thanks to you, I learned a few things about that hysterical circus called AIM.
Have a nice life
61 Idlehands (#) Jan 05th, 2011 - 12:56 pm Report abuse
This is the most laughable story relating to the Falklands that I've seen in quite a while. To compare the islands with Palestine while keeping a straight face makes the commentor look like a fool.
62 Think (#) Jan 05th, 2011 - 01:32 pm Report abuse
(59) Hoyt
You say:
“Think ……………… Killing people is just ...... life!”

Just a couple of rhetorical questions for your “cynical” you:

How many have you personally “lived”?
If none; how do you know?
If any; how’s life?

Just rhetorical questions.
Just think .............
63 Redhoyt (#) Jan 05th, 2011 - 01:45 pm Report abuse
Think ... you don't answer my questions ... why should I answer yours ?
Think ...ing, all the time :-)
64 stick up your junta (#) Jan 05th, 2011 - 03:27 pm Report abuse
More on Georgie boy, Thinks Malvinas champion

The bitter election battle in the East End has spilled into violence, with extremist Muslims and anti-war protesters targeting George Galloway and Oona King.
Anti-war campaigner Mr Galloway was forced to take refuge from Islamic militants who denounced him as a “false prophet”.

The former Labour MP said “the police saved my life” after supporters of radical group Hizb-Ut-Tahrir clashed with members of his Respect party last night.

George Galloway, the scary clown

65 Think (#) Jan 05th, 2011 - 03:38 pm Report abuse
(63) Hoyt

Well…. You shouldn’t.................

Rhetorical questions are meant not to be answered.
That’s why they are rhetorical, lad……….

Keep Think King
66 Marcos Alejandro (#) Jan 05th, 2011 - 08:49 pm Report abuse
59 Redhoyt(#)
“ Killing people is just ...... life !”

67 Y Draig Goch (#) Jan 05th, 2011 - 09:18 pm Report abuse
Amazing how despot countries forget thier own history isnt it....and when has the Falklands ever been Argentine??? Does Argentina go down re-writing history like Vladimir Putin is doing? to make Stalin look like a hero??
68 ManchesterFellow (#) Jan 05th, 2011 - 09:27 pm Report abuse
If I know anything about the Falklanders - it will take more than blockades and sanctions to stop them. God bless them!
69 Marcos Alejandro (#) Jan 05th, 2011 - 09:30 pm Report abuse
Hoyt, How come you did not have an opinion over the Desire Petroleum turning water into oil?
Don't be embarrassed to comment, look at Dr Beef, he lost his rear end investing in this company and he still comments anyway.
Get used to it :-)))
70 stick up your junta (#) Jan 05th, 2011 - 09:34 pm Report abuse
safer to put your money in a argie bank LOL

71 Y Draig Goch (#) Jan 05th, 2011 - 10:08 pm Report abuse
well to be fair, we cant feel smug about the banking situation here can we, Goldman Sachs who practically created the recent global crisis, are now back in profit and got thier fingers in many pies once more.
72 Redhoyt (#) Jan 05th, 2011 - 11:28 pm Report abuse
MoreCrap - my shares are in other industries and oil prospecting is just a little too risky for me. As I've said before, I hope they find the oil and I hope they can extract it ... but it's a longwinded job with no guarantees. As I've also said, although Think doesn't believe it, if there's no oil then life on the islands will continue much as it has done.

Put your money in gold laddie .. far safer :-)
73 Tim (#) Jan 06th, 2011 - 12:03 am Report abuse
If I am not very mistaken it was the Americans of the USA who threw the Argentines off the islands in 1833 with the USS Lexington and not the British. The British only removed Mr Vernet (a Frenchman) and his cook and then repossessed the islands.
74 Wireless (#) Jan 06th, 2011 - 12:07 am Report abuse
You're mistaken, but we won't hold it against you, here's the real history

75 Marcos Alejandro (#) Jan 06th, 2011 - 12:23 am Report abuse
You're mistaken, but we won't hold it against you, here's the real history

76 Y Draig Goch (#) Jan 06th, 2011 - 12:31 am Report abuse
Argentina was at civil war during 1833 and there was only a weak government which barely any province accepted. The so called argentinean occupation was a failed fishing settlement which practially starved to death until the British arrived to reclaim the islands after learning the Argentieans had landed there. Upto that point no one in the world recognised Argie claims, infact only the British , Spanish and French had claim, Argentinean claim as always based purely on proximity and nothing legal. If that was the way the world ran, we'd all be at each others throats in Europe.
77 Zethee (#) Jan 06th, 2011 - 12:39 am Report abuse
Tim. Vernet left of his own accord and lived in Argentina because he knew the americans were coming for him as he was a pirate and stole US navy ships.

He never even wanted a Argentinian settlement anyway, he was constantly applying and asking for british rule
78 zethe (#) Jan 06th, 2011 - 12:46 am Report abuse
Argentina still complains to this day how we unfairly sent the garrison home and we was so mean to them.

Argentina on the otherhand, greeted the poor souls with an execution when they got home.
79 Y Draig Goch (#) Jan 06th, 2011 - 12:50 am Report abuse
they executed thier poor settlers? i hadnt seen that, wow, lol makes the claim even more silly!
80 zethe (#) Jan 06th, 2011 - 12:58 am Report abuse
The military garrison who was sent there, The ones who murdered there own captian and then tried to steal a british ship. Were shot or flogged to death when they got back to Argentina.

The civilians were allowed to stay on the islands.
81 Redhoyt (#) Jan 06th, 2011 - 01:02 am Report abuse
You'll find that MoreCrap's link goes to the web site of a British history teacher who has a disclaimer saying that he's probably made mistakes :-)

Wireless' link is more accurate.
82 Tim (#) Jan 06th, 2011 - 03:37 am Report abuse
Many thanks for all your inputs and correction re: Vernet. I met Peter Pepper and have been waiting for his book, probably the most authorative person of the question of the Islands; this link is much improved over the previous one. I am 3xgt grandson of John Pownall Dale and my brother has William Pownall Dale's water colours of the Islands which he painted in 1852 approx. Copies in the Falklands Museum
83 lsolde (#) Jan 06th, 2011 - 09:02 am Report abuse
Argentines still repeating their ridiculous claims l see. they really are tedious fellows. thought they might have made a new years resolution to be sensible but l can see thats not going to happen. some of them are right nasty little brutes too. wanting to get rid of us. l think that we had better prepare for“Total War”.
84 Y Draig Goch (#) Jan 06th, 2011 - 10:06 am Report abuse
With the current state of thier military, a total war with the cub scouts would exhuast them in days!
85 Think (#) Jan 06th, 2011 - 11:37 am Report abuse
(83) Cher Isolde

And some of us are sweet 6'2 gentils wanting to get rid of you :-)

No “Total War” here dear.
Just “denial of services”

You better follow the Hon. Emma suggestion: Prepare a plot of land and get an extra pair of polytunnels going.
Furthermore, it would be wise for the the Hon. Jan to quickly implement a contingency plan to keep the young ones from the bottle and in the Islands.
You may also apply for a new AUG to replace your old FAL but……… that would just be pure overkill :-)
86 Zethee (#) Jan 06th, 2011 - 03:18 pm Report abuse
“denial of services”.

Which in english, translates to: words.

No actions.
87 Typhoon (#) Jan 06th, 2011 - 05:04 pm Report abuse
Let's get something totally understood. The Falkland Islands will come under Argentine sovereignty shortly before Buenos Aires and the capitals of any complicit countries are erased from the surface of the planet.

No Falkland Islander with the intelligence to pass a primary school examination would ever want to be Argentine. Just the word is a lengthy replacement for “sh*t”.
88 Marcos Alejandro (#) Jan 06th, 2011 - 05:53 pm Report abuse
83 lsolde “l think that we had better prepare for“Total War”.”

Isolde, how's that preparation for war is going?

89 Tim (#) Jan 06th, 2011 - 06:19 pm Report abuse
At least the debate is becoming humorous!!!
90 Monty69 (#) Jan 06th, 2011 - 06:19 pm Report abuse
'You better follow the Hon. Emma suggestion: Prepare a plot of land and get an extra pair of polytunnels going.'

This is actually very sound advice. We shouldn't be importing things we can grow ourselves. In fact I'm just off to the polytunnel now to pick salads and berries.....yummmm. If 'denial of services' means we find the will to become less reliant on manky imported fruit and veg, so much the better.
One of my New Years's resolutions is to stop eating horrible imported meat and fish; we have some of the best of both grown and caught right here. Mr M has been heard muttering darkly about bacon and sausages but we'll see how we go.
Not sure I'm going to overcome my lifelong aversion to cows, but I'm working on it. Then we'll be pretty self sufficient. And better in every way for it.
91 Y Draig Goch (#) Jan 06th, 2011 - 09:04 pm Report abuse
The Islands has amazing natural resources ( not just any oil or lack of ) , more particularly renewable energies, amazing wildlife ...provided we dont overfish...but that is out of our hands with the Argies and North Koreans hoovering up anything that swims in the Southern Atlantic....
92 stick up your junta (#) Jan 06th, 2011 - 10:13 pm Report abuse
Argies got the jump on us

93 Think (#) Jan 06th, 2011 - 10:13 pm Report abuse
(90) Monty69

Listen carefully lass………………………………

Don’t be such a BIATCH !!!
You can have all the Spinach-Ginger-Olive Oil smoothies you want but…………...........................................
Don’t deprive Mr. M. of his bacon and sausages !!!

This is the bestpiece of advice you’ll ever get :-)
94 Tim (#) Jan 06th, 2011 - 10:45 pm Report abuse
92 stick up your junta. I trust these escapees will keep out of sight of anyone wearing Wellies or they will find themselves having a rogering good time.
95 Marcos Alejandro (#) Jan 07th, 2011 - 12:31 am Report abuse
91 Y Draig , ”The Islands has amazing natural resources( not just any oil or lack of ) “
Well. your British friends in Europe do not think the same way that you do:

”the chances of making cash from the Falklands may be as bleak as the islands look.”
R. Mason

96 Monty69 (#) Jan 07th, 2011 - 01:22 am Report abuse
93 Think
Mr M is thinking of keeping his own pig:-)
97 Y Draig Goch (#) Jan 07th, 2011 - 02:20 am Report abuse
@95 Thats cos the french and spanish are still bitter at losing them i.e the ones who created this lovely mess , along with your own lies of course :)
98 Redhoyt (#) Jan 07th, 2011 - 04:07 am Report abuse
Now be fair, you can' have a go at the French ( I don't believe I said that!) 'cos the French never laid claim to the islands, just set up a business there which they eventually sold on to the Spanish :-)

The real problem lay with the fact that sovereignty was not dealt with specifically in 1771. Left open between Spain and Britain. If it had been sorted then there would have been nothing for Argentina to whinge about ... although somehow I doubt that that would actually stop them whinging :-)
99 Y Draig Goch (#) Jan 07th, 2011 - 04:17 am Report abuse
Sorry , can't leave the French alone being a brit...but maybe the RG's are holding out that our government is stupid enough to sign up to this insane ' aircraft carrier sharing' deal , somehow i doubt the French would go to war under a Royal Navy banner whilst selling the RG's exocet missles at the same time...not even the French are that bad?...are they??
100 Kiwisarg (#) Jan 07th, 2011 - 04:35 am Report abuse
83 lsolde (#)

Please!!!, Stop talking and go to work. We need people who work in the The Malvinas Islands and not talk crap like you're saying! What did you say! man ......... l Think That We Had Better prepare for “Total War”.

We believe in the The Malvinas Islands and we will continue demanding our land because we were seized by a bloody Pirates in January 1833. you understood! So Just have to wait for the pirates we continue stealing our resources of the Islands I think it is not much time because It is not oil there. The pirates are interested in these islands for some minor resource or as the approximate with the Antartica, Just it 's all ,man .. think before you say stupid comments!!!!!
101 zethe (#) Jan 07th, 2011 - 04:49 am Report abuse
No, they probably wouldn't. How much of the british public do you honestly think would be game for going to war for a french overseas territory?

Not many.

Most people seem to misunderstand the point of the deal entirely. It's mainly to keep our pilots ability to work on aircraft carriers in the 10 year gap where pilots won't have chance to train as much. The carriers are a very small part of the deal, mostly it being our navys working together so the french and RN arent so overstreached all over the world.

The deal is a very good one.
102 Zethee (#) Jan 07th, 2011 - 04:52 am Report abuse
“were seized by a bloody Pirates in January 1833”

Do you even realise the great irony is that the leader of your settlement was charged with piracy from not one but two nations.
103 Y Draig Goch (#) Jan 07th, 2011 - 04:56 am Report abuse
I dont think they would let the truth get in the way of some tasty propeganda Zethee!
104 Redhoyt (#) Jan 07th, 2011 - 05:26 am Report abuse
Good advice Kiwi's arse - you should take it.
105 lsolde (#) Jan 07th, 2011 - 08:49 am Report abuse
@ 100 Kiwiarg,
1) only stupid comments to you man, as you can't have OUR islands.
2) you can“demand” as much as you like but we're not going to take any notice of you, you ignorant little twerp.
3) they are not your resources, nino, they are OURS. and we will do what we like with them.
4) you should do a lot of thinking yourself, man, before posting stupid comments.
106 Marcos Alejandro (#) Jan 07th, 2011 - 04:38 pm Report abuse
Kiwisarg, Don't get Isolde mad! She's under PMS symptoms again.

107 stick up your junta (#) Jan 07th, 2011 - 07:51 pm Report abuse
@ 106
what a KNOB!
108 Kiwisarg (#) Jan 07th, 2011 - 11:38 pm Report abuse
105 lsolde (#)

I think your comments are so aggressive, and should be more educated .. We are here to say and say differents issues without attacking anyone, Ok! and this goes for you too Redhoyt
You started making comments as...... l think That We Had Better prepare for Total War?.... I think anyone would go back as '82. or think about it again! You should be very careful to say these comments, these are out of place and I say to you with respect, Ok

106 Marcos Alejandro
Tanks! was so funny! Some comments like these make me crazy to see people and very aggressive assholes who say these things. just that!!!
109 Marcos Alejandro (#) Jan 08th, 2011 - 12:17 am Report abuse
108 Kiwisarg , You're welcome.
110 Y Draig Goch (#) Jan 08th, 2011 - 12:19 am Report abuse
Thats only due to the fact AG's have no capability to fight, you cant even get spares to keep more than a handful of fighters in the air, or a half dozen patrol ships out to sea, because its not an option you cant threaten anyone militarily hence all the pathetic child like punitive measures
111 stick up your junta (#) Jan 08th, 2011 - 12:33 am Report abuse
Argies go to war? they cant even get their cash machines to give out money LOL
112 lsolde (#) Jan 08th, 2011 - 07:38 am Report abuse
@ 108 & 109. Moronic Marcos & Estupido Kiwisarg, the loco duo.
Kiwi, baby, l couldn't care less if you think my comments are aggressive to you. You sound like an ldiot and are an aggressive asshole yourself just like your silly president.Get an education before you comment.
And as for you, Moronic Marcos, the plonker. lt is obvious that you hold women in contempt from your stupid remarks. are you perhaps a repressed homosexual? you seem obsessed with women's bodily functions.
but you got babykiwi giggling.(he might be too!)
113 WestisBest (#) Jan 08th, 2011 - 03:57 pm Report abuse
You could have a point about their sexuality Isolde, given this:

114 Marcos Alejandro (#) Jan 08th, 2011 - 04:35 pm Report abuse
Isolde and WestisBest
Nice couple:-))))

115 Think (#) Jan 08th, 2011 - 05:30 pm Report abuse
(112) Cher Isolde

You drive us crazy when you talk like that!

116 Marcos Alejandro (#) Jan 08th, 2011 - 05:48 pm Report abuse
117 Kiwisarg (#) Jan 08th, 2011 - 08:27 pm Report abuse
112 lsolde + Westisbest
That's the education that you took of english people, Great!!!!You and WestsBest are a good English Culture example!!! very nice couple!
118 stick up your junta (#) Jan 08th, 2011 - 08:55 pm Report abuse
Marcos and little kiwi fruit, dance the Tango :-)))))

119 Kiwisarg (#) Jan 08th, 2011 - 09:10 pm Report abuse
118 stick up your junta
Nice!! you are Great too!!!
120 lsolde (#) Jan 09th, 2011 - 01:22 am Report abuse
Well that started something, didn't it? Personally, l don't dislike Gays, in fact a lot of them are nice people. They didn't ask to be born that way(or maybe they did, if you believe in re-incarnation!). Probably wasn't a good parallel to make. Anyway the point that l was trying to make is both Kiwifruit & Marcos are insulting ignorant idiots whose views and comments should not be taken too seriously. At least Think doesn't lower himself to their standards too often.
Great video Cher Think, but a bit obsessive don't you think. Morticia looks lovely.
121 Zethee (#) Jan 09th, 2011 - 02:28 am Report abuse

Should have seen them when Argentina made same sex marrage legal. Along with nico a few of there heads almost exploded.
122 Think (#) Jan 09th, 2011 - 09:01 am Report abuse
(120) Cher Isolde

Bit obsessive?............................................. Naaaaaaaaaaaaay

That's just the way we Argies are; adamant, determined, firm, persisting and resolute :-)
123 stick up your junta (#) Jan 09th, 2011 - 09:22 am Report abuse
You forgot cowardly Think

124 WestisBest (#) Jan 09th, 2011 - 10:28 am Report abuse
....and above all, habitual liars.
125 Redhoyt (#) Jan 09th, 2011 - 11:01 am Report abuse
“ ... That's just the way we Argies are; adamant, determined, firm, persisting and resolute ...”

and confused :-)
126 Think (#) Jan 09th, 2011 - 01:12 pm Report abuse
Listen Guys.......

I'm talking to the lady....

Would you mind?

127 Zethee (#) Jan 09th, 2011 - 05:00 pm Report abuse
A real lady, or the one in your head?
128 LegionNi (#) Jan 10th, 2011 - 03:28 pm Report abuse
British Government questions present relevance of Argentina.

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