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Sir Rex Hunt, Governor of the Falklands during the Argentine invasion has died

Sir Rex Hunt, the former governor of the Falkland Islands during the Argentine invasion which triggered the South Atlantic conflict of 1982 passed away in England on Remembrance Sunday.

The loyal friend of the Falklands with his governor’s plumed hat

One of Sir Rex lasted pictures

A British diplomat and colonial administrator he was governor, Commander in chief and Vice Admiral of the Falklands and concurrent High Commissioner of the British Antarctic Territory from 1980 to September 1985.

Considered a hero in the Falklands for his courage in organizing the resistance against the Argentine invasion, he was taken prisoner and expelled from the Islands by the Argentines.

However in Britain he became a symbol for the struggle to recover the Falklands and on his return after the war dedicated his life in support of the Islands and one of its most iconic lobbyists.

In a brief message the Legislative Assembly of the Falklands said Sir Rex will forever be remembered for his years of service as Governor and particularly for his courage and dignity in facing the Argentine invasion in 1982.

“His numerous contributions to our home were recognised in his being granted the Freedom Of Stanley in 1985. A loyal friend of the Falkland Islands, he served for many years as Chairman of the Falkland Islands Association and as President of the UK Falkland Islands Trust. His passion and commitment to the Falkland Islands will be sorely missed. The thoughts and deepest sympathies of all Falkland Islanders are with his family and friends at this sad time”.

Sir Rex Masterman Hunt, KCMG was born 29 June 1926 and after attending Coatham School, Redcar and St Peter’s College, Oxford, he joined the Royal Air Force as a cadet in 1941 and was enlisted as an airman in 1944 and commissioned as a pilot in 1945.

He transferred to No 5 Squadron in India in August 1946 where he flew Spitfires, before transferring to Germany with No 26 Squadron in August 1947. He left active service in 1948, but remained in the reserves until 1951 where he reached the rank of Flight Lieutenant.

In 1952 he joined the Colonial and Diplomatic Services and went on to serve on postings in Uganda, Sarawak, Brunei, Turkey, Indonesia, South Vietnam, Malaysia and the Falkland Islands. Hunt was appointed the Consul-General at the British Embassy in Saigon in 1974 and was there at the time of the fall of South Vietnam in 1975. From 1980 to 1985 he was Governor of the Falkland Islands.

Sir Rex became a household name during the Falklands War after the Argentine invasion of the islands. He was captured by the Argentine invasion force and expelled from the Islands to Uruguay.

During the invasion he had made his official residence, Government House in Stanley the operational headquarters for the Royal Marines. He sent his family and domestic staff away to safer houses with only their most valuable possessions. His housekeeper took a picture of the Queen and a bottle of gin.

Government House quickly became the site of an engagement between the Royal Marines garrison and the Argentine Navy commandos. Hunt gave the order to lay down arms, before going to Stanley town hall, wearing his governor's plumed hat, to meet the Argentine commander, Vice Admiral Carlos Büsser.

“You have landed unlawfully on British territory and I order you to remove yourself and your troops forthwith,” said Hunt. Four hours later Hunt was on a plane to Montevideo. Following the expulsion of Argentine forces in June 1982, Sir Rex returned to the Islands to his post as Governor until 1985.

Sir Rex Hunt wrote about his time in the Falklands in his book My Falkland Days. He was chairman of the Falkland Islands Association for many years. He retired as chairman in 2004 and moved to Yorkshire.

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1 Bongo (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 01:52 am Report abuse
Rest in peace Sir Rex.
2 CJvR (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 01:55 am Report abuse
RIP sir Rex.

A brave man, you have to be to wear the Governor's uniform in public!!!
3 Conor J (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 02:05 am Report abuse
Good bye, Sir Rex old boy, a true Brit and a gentlemen to the end.
4 José Malvinero (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 02:47 am Report abuse
Will go down in history as the man who took refuge under the table. LONG LIVING THE CAPTAIN GIACHINO!
5 Marcos Alejandro (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 02:51 am Report abuse
Sorry to hear about the dead of another human being.
MercoP. “A British diplomat and COLONIAL administrator” like Niguel?
6 Troy Tempest (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 03:19 am Report abuse
@4 Jose Maricone

PIG!! 2,000 Argentinians just invaded - a skulking sneak attack on a community of unarmed civilians, and firing live ammo at his house.

The people, women and children, were forced from their homes at gunpoint by brave Argentinians.

You are the worst kind of coward.

BTW, then numerically smaller British forces took it back from you, while your officers neglected to feed or clothe their own troops.

Lets not forget your troop[s who held outv a white flag to surrender, then shot at the Brits, or the Red Crosses on your ammo dumps. Shame shame.
The surrendering army was then shunned by their homeland - returning in disgrace.

Not your finest hour.
7 Lord Ton (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 03:41 am Report abuse
A numerically smaller British force took the islands back in 1833 too :-)
8 Troy Tempest (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 03:51 am Report abuse
@7 Lord ton

Jose is simply a disgrace. No moral decency. What has he achieved in his life, or done for fellow men? Worthless. Even my dog is embarrassed for him!

Meanwhile, let's remember the inspiration and integrity he showed. Some of the finest British qualities - well done, Sir!
9 St.John (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 06:42 am Report abuse
I am sorry that for the first - and hopefully only - time while debating on Mercopress, I have to use a coarse invective:

José Malvinero, you are a prize swine!
10 LEPRecon (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 07:00 am Report abuse
RIP Sir Rex, you will be sorely missed. A man of integrity, courage and honour.

@4 - Jose

He took shelter under a tabe when people where shooting up his home. Seems a sensible thing to do.

You would've done what in similar circumstances? Stood at the window shouting abuse while someone is trying to kill you with automatic weapons?

Oh, I forgot, you're a La Campora troll. You would've surrendered immediately because, like your armed forces in the 80's, you are only brave when attacking unarmed people or have another fighting force outnumbered by 15-1.

Pathetic attempt troll, back to La Campora HQ for further instructions for you!
11 ProRG_American (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 07:02 am Report abuse

One less Englishman to worry about.
12 toooldtodieyoung (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 07:06 am Report abuse
God bless you Rex Hunt

An English Gentleman to the end. Rest in peace now.
13 Iron Man (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 07:13 am Report abuse
Whatever your thoughts on the Falklands, a man has died. Have some respect, at least for yourself if no-one else, and don't try to make a political point out of it.
14 ProRG_American (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 07:23 am Report abuse
I said RIP! What more do you want?
15 Lord Ton (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 07:57 am Report abuse
Try suicide Yank :-)
16 Iron Man (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 08:27 am Report abuse
@14 If you don't know, even after you've thought about it, I can't help you.
17 Benson (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 08:59 am Report abuse
Rest in peace Sir Rex.
18 St.John (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 09:14 am Report abuse
I second that.

Rest in peace Sir Rex, you were a brave chap from the top drawer.
19 David Cameron (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 09:30 am Report abuse
14 ProRG_American----You could try standing next to 4 José Malvinero and putting the barrel of a pistol at the side of your head then pull the trigger with a bit of luck the bullet will pass through your thick scull and into José Malvinero scull thereby killing two nasty bastards with one bullet how does that sound to you, because it sounds just fine to me.
20 HansNiesund (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 10:00 am Report abuse

It seems Captain Giachiono is not so appreciated in his own home town, what with his (alleged) activities during the dirty war:

“His death prevents any further legal investigation, but the pressure of Human Rights groups compelled the City Council of Mar del Plata to remove his portrait from the chamber, where both the fallen soldiers from Mar del Plata and the local victims of the Argentine dictatorship are honoured.”
21 stick up your junta (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 10:09 am Report abuse
Strange choice for a argie hero

Perhaps the most illustrative case is that of Lt. Pedro Giachino, the first Argentine casualty in the Falklands War. Giachino was posthumously promoted to captain, and awarded the country’s highest military honor. He was long viewed as a symbol of patriotism, until in 2011 it was revealed that the officer had served as an interrogator for the military junta, and witnesses claimed he committed torture and murder on several occasions.

Would explain a lot
22 Anbar (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 10:12 am Report abuse
RIP Sir Rex.
23 Martin Woodhead (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 10:54 am Report abuse
RIP Sir Rex
The pro malvinas poster have yet again proved to the world what they are like.
24 ChrisR (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 11:10 am Report abuse
Farewell Sir, you may be the last of the diplomats with any honour, given the rabble we now have.

Sad day indeed.
25 David Cameron (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 11:14 am Report abuse
Thank you Sir Rex for the service that you gave to your country.
26 Tabutos (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 12:27 pm Report abuse
27 Brit Bob (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 12:30 pm Report abuse
RIP Sir Rex.

You were more of a man and a match for that coward Galtieri.
28 brucey-babe (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 01:56 pm Report abuse
A man cut from the finest cloth. RIP Sir Rex..
29 Conqueror (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 02:18 pm Report abuse
@4 And IF he did? Where would YOU be if a bunch of undisciplined, poorly-trained, trigger-happy armed latinos were running around?
@5 The Falkland Islands were not his only posting. At one time, Britain had colonies. For example, at one time, the uninhabited British Antarctic Territory was a colony. Uninhabited South Georgia and uninhabited South Sandwich Islands also used to be colonies. What's your problem?
@11 Thanks for “worrying”. In our turn, we can say that not a single argie will EVER be missed. In fact, I would go so far as to say that any British serviceman or woman that misses an argie should be court-martialled!
@14 What a pity that WE only wounded 1,657 and took 11,313 prisoners. When WE could have killed the lot! Nobody would have ever known.

It takes a REAL man and an English gentleman to face down an undisciplined mob of argie gangsters. Rest In Peace, Sir Rex. A true Brit and a credit to our country!
30 BritishLion (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 04:25 pm Report abuse
ProRG_American, you have made yourself look a fool, wonder if you are the usual Troll that pops up under various names such as SusieUS etc? What ever, you have made yourself look a prize c**t.

Sir Rex would has done more in his lifetime than you could ever achieve in twenty. Go away in short jerky movments you disrespectful idiot troll.
31 redpoll (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 05:17 pm Report abuse
Perhaps that fiesty Yorkshireman will repeat his comment on the hell that is Argentina to angel Gabriel “Perhaps the silly buggers mean it”
32 GFace (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 05:32 pm Report abuse
@31, his open use of openly anti-black racist language in the recent Libertad story shows that he is not in line with US “pro-Malvanas” sympathies. Americans who support the Argentine claim typically and superficially like to put on anti-racist airs. His mask has slipped, hit the floor and shattered with that one.
33 Troy Tempest (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 05:57 pm Report abuse
GFace and other UK/US

Pro RG “American” is definitely not USA “American”,
only a SA “Americsn” run of the mill, Argentino troll.

He exhibits some of the same characteristics as “sussie” and is likely 'run' by the same demented operator.

No point criticising him as a sort of naive or misguided Yank Socialist.

On Ghana Web, there is an article on Libertad. The comments section is full of posters with fake “patriotic” names - “I am Ghanaian”, “Skipper- retired US Navy”, and others. They all criticise Ghana - “I cannot believe my African country's government is helping the vultures and Singer, etc etc...”

RIP Rex Hunt
34 GFace (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 06:15 pm Report abuse
(yeah, @33,, that was pretty obvious from when I started reading news here, but you'd think they'd do their homework on what front they should forward, eh? There's a script that Malvinista Americans (typically left-leaning) follow and expressing racism just doesn't match the model. Also my comment was directed at #30, not #31, my bad, sorry red :-)
35 Beef (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 07:32 pm Report abuse
The reason the Argie trolls are so offensive is that not one Argie has ever been born that can even match the great Sir Rex Hunt.

It is shear jealousy from a group of inferiors.

If you want evidence of what makes us better than them then look at the comments by us Brits when Nestor died. You will find that we Brits were as per usual honourable and gracious. These Argie pigs are simply the lowest form of life on earth. Lie pigs they live in a pig sty which kind of sums up BA.
36 kelperabout (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 08:24 pm Report abuse
RIP Sir Rex. What you did for the people of the falkland Islands will go down in history. As promised Sir Rex said as he was bieng deported by the Argentines I will be back and true to his word he was. We have had many governors on the Islands but Sir Rex is the only one up to that time that had the bottle to stand up for the Falkland People.
Just remember him for what he stood up for and not let any abusive Argentines try to tell it in any other way.
Sir Rex your legand will live on forever . It was a privilage to have known you.
37 ProRG_American (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 10:53 pm Report abuse
Why was the obituary page closed? Was this the same Rex Hunt that hid under a bed when the shooting started? Oooops, he misplaced his sable.

35 Beef (#) Stop insulting the Argies and all of us other Americans.

Rex Hunt has no shame to be the appointed head of a colony on foreign soil. This guy only cared for his title and nothing else. Hoping to get a hefty retirenment from the crown and sit out his last days in England. He did not give a hoot about the “Falklands”. Just like the scoundrels that run the show for Her Majesties Govt. today, hoping for a big payola from the oil companies.
The ways of colonilism, thieves and Pirates.
38 Troy Tempest (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 11:20 pm Report abuse
@37 ProArg

You might as well drop this whole campaign of hate towards UK and Falklsnds, now.

Ban-Ki Moon has declared that a territory's inhabitants must have a say in their independence or their government.

The Falklands has both. Their referendum will confirm that.
In the meantime, they have self-governance.

The UN will not back your claims.

How's that ship thing going... ?
39 Falkland Islands (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 11:35 pm Report abuse
RIP Sir Rex

These Argies always spit at us, but then once we face them, they run like the cowards they are.
40 briton (#) Nov 12th, 2012 - 11:56 pm Report abuse
You are no more an American,
Than pirate hunter is Russian.

What you [Xs] are, is jealous and envious.

At least mr hunt, as a member of the few,
Gave a better account than thousands of surrendering Argentines.
41 Falkland Islands (#) Nov 13th, 2012 - 12:02 am Report abuse
Well said Briton! Sir rex had more guts than the Argie army put together.
42 Troy Tempest (#) Nov 13th, 2012 - 12:46 am Report abuse
Well. ProARG has backed off, now that nobody will put up with him, and he CANNOT comment on the Obits page!

“Guzzano” has had his IP banned again, it seems.

I suppose he can't borrow TTT's machine, or one of “sussie's” either.

How much is a new laptop in BA, now? How much will it be, tomorrow ??? :-)
43 redpoll (#) Nov 13th, 2012 - 02:11 am Report abuse
Proarg thinks there should be a native American in the White House and so expell all those yankee colonists from thier country. Perhaps he had better scuttle off quick to the land his ancestors came from or he may lose his scalp
44 St.John (#) Nov 13th, 2012 - 05:33 am Report abuse
If anyone is collecting names of cads, I give you ProRG_American.
45 Benson (#) Nov 13th, 2012 - 08:53 am Report abuse
@37 ProRG
You obviously didn't know him.
46 Clyde15 (#) Nov 13th, 2012 - 10:56 am Report abuse
I am reminded of a BBC TV drama broadcast in 1992 entitled “An
Ungentlemanly Act” which portrayed the invasion of the Falklands and its subsequent recovery. The character of Sir Rex Hunt was played by Ian Richardson and to me rang true to as to what I imagined had happened during that period.
There is a bit in it I will always remember of a local walking down the road with gunfire all around. He is told to get to ***** out of there and his reply is ”I've got to collect my pension!
I suppose that summed up the Islanders then - semi-detached from the outside world.
47 Simon68 (#) Nov 14th, 2012 - 12:55 pm Report abuse
37 ProRG_American (#)
Nov 12th, 2012 - 10:53 pm

“Oooops, he misplaced his sable.”

For someone who claims to be English speaking, the use of the word “sable” instead of “sword” rather points to you being Spnaish speaking, in other words your Argentine origins have come right to the front “hermano”!!!!!!!
48 HansNiesund (#) Nov 14th, 2012 - 04:14 pm Report abuse
Just in case anybody thought the comedy was limited to the seizure of the Libertad and Ban-Ki Moon Denial Syndrome, here's the story of how it was really Rex Hunt that started the Falklands War.
49 reality check (#) Nov 14th, 2012 - 05:04 pm Report abuse
Stand down, mission accomplished. RIP Sir Rex.
50 Clyde15 (#) Nov 14th, 2012 - 05:26 pm Report abuse
Talk about self delusion ! No doubt this will eventually become part of the school curriculum and enter into “Holy Writ”
51 ChrisR (#) Nov 14th, 2012 - 09:08 pm Report abuse
But did you notice the little dolly (some god-damned saint I think) down in the bottom right hand corner.

It's no wonder these prats think they have god on their side. I think they should all go and see him, as soon as possible and give us all a rest. :o)
52 British_Kirchnerist (#) Nov 14th, 2012 - 10:47 pm Report abuse
#38 The UN is not just Ban Ki Moon. No disrespect to Sir Rex personally, but the Falklands wont get to choose to be run by “colonial officials” if and when my country, as I hope, stops sending them out
53 Benson (#) Nov 15th, 2012 - 03:04 pm Report abuse
Haha that is one of the craziest things I've heard yet from the Argies, and they talk some pretty crazy s**t.

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