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Bolivia formally invited to join Mercosur as full member at December’s summit

Bolivia was formally invited to join Mercosur as a full member for which negotiations can begin in the coming summit December 7 in Brasilia. The invitation was made official by Mercosur High Commissioner Ivan Ramalho during a visit to La Paz where the met with Foreign minister David Choquehuanca and Economy and Planning ministers Luis Arce and Viviana Caro.

Foreign minister Choquehuanca said President Evo Morales will be attending the summit and give a reply

“Once Bolivia makes a decision in the comino Mercosur summit in Brasilia, December 6 and 7, we will initiate the dialogue process, to work on the process”, said Choquehuanca after meeting with the Brazilian diplomat.

Choquehuanca added that President Evo Morales will attend the meeting in Brasilia and report Bolivia’ decision, although he pointed out that previous to that the country must consider the benefits of such incorporation.

Ramalho said that for Mercosur full members “it would be very important if Bolivia could join Mercosur” given the country’s geographic situation in the heart of South America, according to the official Bolivia News Agency.

Bolivia is currently an associate member. Full members are Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Venezuela and Paraguay, although this last country has been temporarily suspended following the removal last June of Fernando Lugo from the country’s presidency.

Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru are also associate members of Mercosur. Venezuela became full member last July following the suspension of Paraguay the only country that did not support the incorporation as long as President Hugo Chavez is running the country.

The same Paraguayan Senate which impeached Lugo and had him removed from office almost unanimously also considers Chavez does not abide by the rule of democracy and many of his attitudes are authoritarian such as persecuting and closing media which does not follow his instructions.

From Asunción the government announced that it is preparing a formal complaint to be presented before international organizations claiming that inviting Bolivia to become a full member of Mercosur is another ‘abuse and attack’ on Paraguay.

Foreign minister Jose Feliz Fernandez Estigarribia met with the legal advisor of the ministry Mario Paz Castraing to draft the complaint which will be consulted with members from the Senate’s Foreign Affairs committee.

“This is part of the political package sponsored by Argentina and Brazil which besides illegal is contrary to the Asuncion Treaty (founding charter of Mercosur”, said Minister Fernandez Estigarribia.

According to the Mercosur founding charter and statute any new incorporation of full members must be decided unanimously by all full members of the group, which did not happen with Venezuela or with the invitation to Bolivia, since Paraguay was suspended and could not vote.

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1 Condorito (#) Nov 22nd, 2012 - 02:02 pm Report abuse
If Brazil is about to take over Bolivia, it is probably about time we annexed their altiplano.
2 Pirate Love (#) Nov 22nd, 2012 - 02:05 pm Report abuse
chubby chavez forcing his newly found influence within mercosur, what a circus.
3 Britworker (#) Nov 22nd, 2012 - 02:09 pm Report abuse
No surprises here
4 ChrisR (#) Nov 22nd, 2012 - 02:24 pm Report abuse
The only surprise is that Pepe still wants Uruguay in this shambles.
5 Condorito (#) Nov 22nd, 2012 - 05:10 pm Report abuse
Pepe's whacked out on Scooby-snacks.
6 Think (#) Nov 22nd, 2012 - 05:30 pm Report abuse
(1) Condorito

New acquired guns and prosperity seem to be affecting some of my Shilean brothers in a negative way.......
You do sound as idiotic as an Argentino from the seventies.......

“We can take Perú…., your kind brag about.....
We can take Bolivia…., your kind brag about.....
We can take Argentina…., your kind brag about.....”

I have news for you my friend..........

You can ruin your economy buying as many toys as your Armed Farces wishes to have to satisfy their wet dreams...

But an attack to ANY member of Mercosur/Unasur would be an incredible stupid thing to do......

Just the mandatory isolation of the aggressor Country and the required confiscation of its property and investment in the other Mercosur / Unasur Countries until the cease of hostilities would cost Chile tens of billions of dollars...

And that’s BEFORE any serious retaliation takes place……

Soo….. Please…. Cease being such a Turnip and begin to “Think” as a Shileno….
7 KFC de Pollo (#) Nov 22nd, 2012 - 06:20 pm Report abuse
They'd be better to join the Pacific Alliance.
8 ChrisR (#) Nov 22nd, 2012 - 06:48 pm Report abuse
@6 I don’t Think aka The Turnip In Chief

Let us all ‘think’ about what you have threatened here: it looks so black and white with Chile being the aggressor.

But wait, didn’t Argentina invade the southern and of Chile and take their land by force? This after dismissing the International Tribunal which ruled in favour of Chile (how dare they?).

And then the Anti-Christ was sent for and everybody was chummy-chummy in Uruguay and then the cowardly junta fell.

Is it me or is there a pattern here which lingers on today: AG goes to court, loses, throws toys out of pram, threatens force to the innocent party, ACTUALLY starts some half-baked plan to invade Chile and stops when the Pope pops up!

Perhaps the Pope will pop-up this time over the Libertad and the rust can sans-electrical system in South Africa. I bet he won’t this time though. Christian Ghanaians or The Dark Forces of Argentina? Easy choice for Popsicles eh?

No, I think Condorito was joking Think, what do you think? I mean a squad of 42 commando supported by a section of 3 Para would piss all down your boots, so the Chileans would have little trouble with their forces.

As for your threats from Mercosur / Unasur that is all they are. Masman Chavez has lots of old ladies holding old FAL rifles (much like AGs) and some ultrafast, ultra-unreliable Russian tat that passes for fighter planes but their backbone is about as flexible as the argies.

And that is before Chiles friend sends a Type 45 Destroyer down to look down your throats.

So quit the bullshit threats to all and sundry by atteempting a Putridjelli approach, AG has not got the equipment and most certainly only cowards for a military.
9 LightThink (#) Nov 22nd, 2012 - 07:11 pm Report abuse
[ 8

You donT think aka the turnip in chief........


I think you use same keyboard to write comments here.
10 Condorito (#) Nov 22nd, 2012 - 08:11 pm Report abuse
6 Think
Good evening.
You’re awfully sensitive today.
Step back from the PC and take a wander down to your shed for some fresh air.

I said “annex” not invade. Our modest but modern weaponry is only there for defensive purposes.

Up here in the north we have much in common with our Bolivian brothers [put a Brazilian or Argie (of Swedish decent) to work at 5000m and you’ll see what I mean].

I am merely thinking that, as China swallowed up Tibet, Brazil might, inadvertently, swallow up Bolivia. So, as a largely Andean nation (by population) their culture, language and identity might safer under Chilean/Peruvian stewardship.

As for:
“You can ruin your economy buying as many toys as your Armed Farces wishes”
The ruined economy and Armed Farces are on your side of the Andes. Over here our economy is in good shape and the Armed Forces are content with the reasonable 2% GDP spent on them. Sorry if you think that is bragging.

Soo...cease being such a sensitive Swede (get it) and begin to think like Lautaro.
11 LightThink (#) Nov 22nd, 2012 - 08:34 pm Report abuse
[ 10

you too.........................!

my point is that a Bolivianos is fair enough for you rather than a Chilean.
12 Condorito (#) Nov 22nd, 2012 - 08:47 pm Report abuse
I try to understand you , but it is not easy.
13 Think (#) Nov 22nd, 2012 - 09:07 pm Report abuse
(10) Condorito

Please…… spare me your ”Semantic Trickery”......
You know what you meant………............ I know what you meant………….

“Annex” not invade, you said…… Just what Argentina wanted to do with Chile some 35 years ago….. right???

Why do you have to lie in public….? Or are you just as badly informed about your own Country’s affaires as you are about Argentina’s?

You say:
”…..the Armed Forces are content with the reasonable 2% GDP spent on them.”
I say:
La República de Chile destina el 3,73% de su Producto Interno Bruto (PIB) al gasto en defensa.

Just about ~100% wrong guessed...., boy……
14 Burn1938 (#) Nov 22nd, 2012 - 09:54 pm Report abuse
Paraguay is now well and truly surrounded .
15 Condorito (#) Nov 22nd, 2012 - 09:58 pm Report abuse
You are definitely touchy today.
The defence spend you mention was under the Concertación. Mr Piñera passed a law to bring that down.
What I say is true, the economy is healthy in the eyes of most and the armed forces are content with the defence spend.

Bolivia has nothing to fear from a powerless punter like me saying “annex”. If it wasn’t for nationalistic indoctrination they would greet my suggestion with open arms. They would welcome the prosperity, the modernity, the access to the Pacific.

“You know what you meant.... I know what you meant………”

At least 50% wrong, but never mind, at ease, here is some wonderful, reflective Chilean music to sooth you in to Friday old man:
16 Ayayay (#) Nov 22nd, 2012 - 10:39 pm Report abuse
@5, lol
17 GeoffWard2 (#) Nov 23rd, 2012 - 12:32 pm Report abuse
Well, this should be really good for Bolivian infrastructure.

Sr Chavez will ensure that big monies flow from the rich - Argentina, Brasil and Venezuela - to the poor - Bolivia, (Paraguay) and Uruguay.

This is in keeping with Bolivarism. It is no different from the transfers within the EU Budget from the rich states - eg. the UK - to the poor states - eg. Poland.

Any refusal to pay - by eg. Argentina - will be met with the same antagonism as Cameron is meeting within the EU. So Venezuela will channel its monies through Argentina in order to support the illusion.

Or maybe only VE and BR will be the givers and all others will receive.
Socialism and Bolivarism. But might it depress the development of Brasil?

Let's think again .... perhaps if Mercosur stuck to being just an efficient trading bloc ....
18 British_Kirchnerist (#) Nov 24th, 2012 - 12:22 am Report abuse
Great news =)

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