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FIFA warns Brazil on Sao Paulo crime and insufficient infrastructure for 2014 Cup

FIFA general secretary, Jerome Valcke has warned Brazil of the increasing crime rate in cities like Sao Paulo and also stressed on the need of more infrastructure ahead of the 2014 football World Cup.

However Valcke admits that “we have now moved from talking about the problems to talking about the solutions”

Valcke, overseeing progress on delivering the World Cup in Brazil, has highlighted a lack of hotels for the estimated 500.000 overseas visitors, but he also said that FIFA and the Brazilian football authorities now had a much better relationship.

Valcke had angered Brazilian officials in the past by suggesting that the stadiums would not be ready, but now he believes the risk of delay has moved on to such matters as the necessary number of hotels and vital improvements to airports and public transport.

“We are seeing a big wave of crime in Sao Paulo, which is not good for its image or tourism” Valcke insisted.

“In one unnamed city there are 17,000 hotel bedrooms and a 45,000 capacity stadium [for the World Cup],” he added.

“But we have now moved from talking about the problems to talking about the solutions. We are able to find and answer the problems,” he said.

Brazil is spending 15 billion dollars on infrastructure for the World Cup, which includes everything from the 12 new or renovated stadiums, to new bus lanes and airport extensions.

However rampant crime in Brazil’s largest city, Sao Paulo remains a challenge particularly with the wave of homicides which have cost the lives of almost a hundred members of the police in their fight against organized crime and drug dealers.

The situation has seen the city’s security chief sacked and all main chiefs of police removed with the promise of a more efficient and coordinated effort between the city and the federal government. The fact that the ruling Workers party gained control of the city in the last municipal elections should make support more fluid.

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1 Burn1938 (#) Nov 27th, 2012 - 10:56 pm Report abuse
It is now becoming a worry . Work has still not started on improving mayor airports , Sao Paulo in particular is awful , nor on hotels or other infrastructure . Do the Brazilians know , or understand , what it means to host the World Cup or Olympics ? It is not a Carnival .
2 Idlehands (#) Nov 28th, 2012 - 07:50 am Report abuse
In relation to crime I wouldn't be surprised if it dropped for the competition. It did in South Africa - I assume because the crooks got drawn into the celebration as much as everyone else did. However it won't be good if stadiums are unfinished prior to kick off - but there's always these worries for big events and it never seems to happen - other than maybe the Commonwealth Games in India.
3 Pirate Love (#) Nov 28th, 2012 - 01:17 pm Report abuse
i really hope they get their act together in time, the brazilian world cup has the potential to be one of the most enjoyable to watch , but it looks as if brazil are trying to host the games on the cheap to maximize income, which would be a massive shame,its not just about the football its exercising hospitality, ensuiring a safe free to roam enviroment, promoting your culture and showing the world your capabilities leaving a lasting legacy, and that starts at the airport and ends at the airport when the tourists leave.

come on england!
4 Agustin Tomas O'brien Caceres (#) Nov 28th, 2012 - 03:27 pm Report abuse
“It is now becoming a worry. Work has still not started on improving mayor airports , Sao Paulo in particular is awful, nor on hotels or other infrastructure. Do the Brazilians know, or understand , what it means to host the World Cup or Olympics? It is not a Carnival.”
I make Burn1938 my words and I would add... Yes Brazilian cucaratchas that control the government and have power there DO know how to handle but they prefer to steal, fraud, commit crimes, and lie. They are only focused in their criminal ideologies learned by Dilma, Lula, Palocci, and all these Guerrilero-Terrorists in the 70's during their training programs in Cuba by the famous dictator and criminal Fidel Castro. So... If the world wants to be 'nice' with these terrorists and even teach them how to promote the 'systemic fraud' which is the political and governmental system they created, it is up to the world. What can we do? Lula is a former prisoner by the Police in Brazil, his nickname 'Lula' was giving by criminals while he was in jail for fraud, corruption, and terrorism in the 80's. Same thing Hugo Chavez, same thing Fidel Castro, same thing Cristina Kirchner (montonera Terrorist), Dilma Rousseff hijacked an American Embassador in Rio in the 70's. They all were in jail, they all were considered criminals by the Army and the Police of Brazil, Argentina, and Venezuela and now that they have total power there they are proving that they should have never escaped from Prison, but the world does not care, the world goes to Brazil and invest in 'soccer games' and are spending billions of dollars for the local governments to do money laundry, anti-white campaigns, anti-American campaigns, anti-European campaigns, pro-enslavement campaigns (the famous Brazilian cheap labor that their own government takes total profit of), and so many other disgraces of Third World that the whole world seem to love and admire today as the 'new global normal'. Let's the whole world be Brazil!

5 British_Kirchnerist (#) Nov 28th, 2012 - 10:53 pm Report abuse
Blatter lectures Dilma on corruption, you couldn't make it up!

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