Thursday, December 6th 2012 - 23:29 UTC

EU, US and Japan ask WTO to rule on Argentine imports’ restrictions

The European Union, the US and Japan have jointly asked the World Trade Organization to rule in a protracted trade dispute with Argentina. They criticize what they believe are unfair import restrictions and protectionism.

A WTO panel will listen to complaints on 17 December

The European Union on Thursday appealed for the World Trade Organization (WTO) to rule in a dispute with Argentina over import restrictions. The move was supported by similar complaints from the US and Japan.

“Argentina's import restrictions violate international trade rules and harm EU exports,” EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht said in a statement. He noted that earlier WTO consultations with Argentina had not brought any positive solution.

De Gucht emphasized Thursday's move was “the last resort to see Argentina's unfair trade practices lifted and free and fair trade reestablished.” The European Commission said Argentina's protectionist import licensing procedures potentially affected all EU exports to that country, with shipments reaching a volume of 8.3 billion Euros in 2011.

In a separate complaint, the US stated that Argentina's rules “included the broad use of non-transparent and discretionary import licensing requirements that had the effect of unfairly restricting US exports.”

Argentina was accused of requiring US importers to agree to undertake burdensome trade balancing commitments in exchange for authorization to import goods and services.

Earlier this week, Argentina for its part filed WTO complaints charging the US with trade barriers against its beef and lemons exports, and the EU and Spain in particular with protectionist measures against its bio-diesel.

The EU, US and Japan petition asks for the establishment of a panel to solve the disputes. Mexico also made a similar presentation November 21. The panel will address the dispute 17 December.

Argentina at that moment can object to the panel, so that the issue will then be again addressed in another meeting in January. At this stage Argentina can’t block the process and the panel stands firmly.

EU sources said that Argentina knew before hand that the EU, US and Japan would be making the petition to the WTO, and thus feel disappointed by Argentina’s attitude.

“Argentina’s attitude is totally unjustified and baseless since the Spanish regulation has never had an impact on Argentina’s trade with Spain or the rest of the EU”, said John Clancy, EU trade spokesperson.

Clancy recalled that Spain last October changed the ministerial order, (the motive for Argentina’s complaint) which limited the imports of bio-diesel to countries from the EU. This order automatically dropped the order approved by Spain last April to limit imports from Argentina as a reprisal for the seizure of a majority of Repsol’s YPF.

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1 Shed-time (#) Dec 06th, 2012 - 11:51 pm Report abuse
Talk sense to a fool, and he'll call you foolish. This is always the case with Argentinians.
2 yasu (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 12:11 am Report abuse
The current restrictions relating the US dollar use is really acting the interests and economic developments of Argentina. It is reaaly unfortunate that CFK is pursuing very narrow and stupid dollar policies, leading to the collapse of Argentinian economy.
3 andy65 (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 12:55 am Report abuse
We should all just stop trading with this shameless country
4 toxictaxitrader2 (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 01:15 am Report abuse
5 Nostrolldamus The 2nd (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 01:50 am Report abuse
Gangsters are only brave when in groups, they say.

Little sheep when alone.
6 Captain Poppy (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 02:07 am Report abuse
Is that why Argentina kisses her neighbors assholes? When chubby is dead, who who asslips get on her knees for?
7 Nostrolldamus The 2nd (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 02:10 am Report abuse
You shouldn't pour the cheap bourbon or whatever you yankees drink and be near the internet.
8 Captain Poppy (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 02:55 am Report abuse
Argentina thinks they can stop imports and expect to still export, I don't think so. You reap what you sow and if you don't sow anything......that's what you harvest.....nothing. Get use to it, you don't need the world.....remember?
9 Nostrolldamus The 2nd (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 03:16 am Report abuse
Reap what you sow? lol
10 St.John (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 04:34 am Report abuse
One rather horrible consequence of the import restrictions is a lack of life saving medicine.

One of my friends in Mendoza suffers from cancer and the medicine he must have is extremely scarce. He emailed me yesterday and told that the farmacia had located two packets in Córdoba and will have them sent to Mendoza. When they are used, he may die from import restrictions. The hospitals have run out of it.
11 Nostrolldamus The 2nd (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 05:01 am Report abuse
But if we were to implement the economic model you and all others here clamor for, he would not be able to afford the medicine to begin with, and he may already have passed.

Or do you think these questions have easy answers? And no, I don't want to hear one pathetic little northerner say in their country this sh!t doesn't happen. Both in Europe and the USA millions of people have to struggle to choose between medicine and food, or are turned down by government medicine for treatment due to age or lack of recovery.
12 The Last Viking (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 07:04 am Report abuse
Let me see; the crazy queen and her stupid minions against EU, US and Japan, THIS will not be pretty!

Bring the popcorn; I already have the beer, jejeje.

13 Room101 (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 08:43 am Report abuse
Spare a thought for those Argentines who seek relief...
14 lsolde (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 09:18 am Report abuse
And still, the show goes on.
15 reality check (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 09:39 am Report abuse
What's the point of going to the WTO for a ruling, they will just ignore it. You would have thought that, that particular penny would have dropped by now!!!!
16 yasu (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 10:11 am Report abuse
This arogant woman with cooperation of yes men, is reaaly or intentionally destroying the Argentinian economy: if Ford or Toyota (which has a very big operation in the outside of Buenos) must get dollars to buy parts they need with US$ which it earns, and Ford had to close its operations a week or so due to the lack of US$ at hand. Construction which is about 15% of her economy has shrunck due to a lack of US$, real estates sales down and down, and unemploying is shooting up, with inflation. Before she was popular among poor population but now they are also revolting against her. Her aim of pesification is not bad in priciple, but Argentinia has been using US$ for many years as a second currency. They do not trust peso nor banks. Probably it will take 50 or even 100 years to make peso a full fledged Fiat currency. She should consult with her late husband, Nestole, and other Latin American politicians and good honest financiers and economists before she make Argentina bottom ranking third world country. Argentina needs a saviour like Russian president Putin, who saved Russia and has made Russia powful country. Of course, Argentina is not Russia, as Argentina does not have any technology and science and the structures and treasures inherited from the USSR.
17 Welsh Wizard (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 10:29 am Report abuse

Have to say that when my dad had Myeloma/Amyloid and needed drugs which were pretty rare we never had a problem getting them on the NHS. In fact, when he went to the cancer clinic we never heard complaints about people not being able to get hold to the drugs they needed. My experience of the Argentinean health system is that it is good but is this a wide spread problem? Are you trying to say that because of our economic policies in the UK people in simialr situations die of cancer through inability to get the requisite drugs? Are you smoking something?
18 Pirate Love (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 10:49 am Report abuse
“Argentina’s attitude is totally unjustified and baseless”

they missed out, desperate, typical, paranoid, malicious, hateful, spiteful, cowardly, vile.......etc....

Welcome to Argentina, nice to see they are getting the global recognition it truly deserves :)
19 Captain Poppy (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 10:57 am Report abuse
#11 you get your views and opinions of the world handed down from a memo via la campora. Ask your parents if they will allow you to travel and see the world for yoursled and make your own opinion.
20 ChrisR (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 11:09 am Report abuse
17 Welsh Wizard

Tobias is talking out of his culo again.

A very dear friend of ours found out last year she has a rare case of cancer. It is so rare that the specialist told her that he has seen only two other cases in the five years he has been in post. The hospital is the biggest in Stoke on Trent and has cases referred to it from the entire county of Stafford.

This cancer grows very slowly indeed and exists between the membrane of the lungs and the heart. It was gradually squeezing her heart and making her breathless that led to its’ discovery.

There was no hesitation in treating it, she went into hospital within two weeks and the chemotherapy started immediately. Regrettably it cannot be operated on, the chemotherapy is a one shot attempt and there is now way to get rid of it completely.

She has just been for her six month review and it has already stated to grow, albeit very slowly. There is nothing more that can be done at this time.

I wonder just how that sinkhole that is AG would have coped. I suspect that firstly they would not know what they were looking at and secondly they would have done nothing about it.
21 Pirate Love (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 11:20 am Report abuse
@11 “choose between medicine or food”

well theres no guessing which one you chose!
and it shows :)
22 Optimus_Princeps (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 11:38 am Report abuse
These restrictions are destroying people's lives. My neighbor is dying and the medicine that can save his life is no where to be found, because there's nothing this retard won't block.

Even diabetic medications are hard to come by for some people.
23 Welsh Wizard (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 11:40 am Report abuse

Very sorry to hear about your friend. One shot chemo is a horrible thing and excatly what my dad had.

The doctors in Argentina are good and look after you well (from first hand experience in an Argentinean hospital in Neuquén) it seems to be a nation of hypercondriacs so the primary provision of healthcare is good...
24 reality check (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 11:51 am Report abuse
My father in law has a chemo shot once a month, it's expensive, very expensive. He's had numerous teatments, they will not cure him, just slow the damn thing down so we have him for a little longer.

Idiot has no idea what he is talking about. Thank god for the NHS, annoys me when it gets slagged.
25 slattzzz (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 12:25 pm Report abuse
My father fought Prostate cancer for nine years before succumbing to that hideous desease, the NHS where exceptional thoughout, providing care at home when he declined hospital. My colleague at work has lung cancer and is about to undergo his second bout of chemo (12 weeks worth) he gets picked up at home for his treatment and taken home a few days later all free of charge. No one in Britain has to choose between food or medicine the NHS is paid for by tax payers and as far as I know no one begrudges paying as we all know it will be us one day. Pensioners and those out of work get their prescriptions free. So once again Nostril Anus get your facts right before making your ill informed and incorrect statements you complete ARSE!!!!!!!!!!!!
26 ElaineB (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 01:23 pm Report abuse
“Thank god for the NHS, annoys me when it gets slagged.” Hear, hear.

When you travel widely you realise just how blooming lucky we are to have the NHS. It should be added that whilst some people pay a nominal amount for prescriptions the majority do not pay because they are under 16, of pension age, pregnant, on welfare, have chronic illness, cancer etc.

I was trying to explain to some friends in America how the NHS works and is free at point of use. It does not matter if you are rich, middle class or poor, have private health insurance or not, the first point of call with any illness or injury is the local GP. I can walk into my local doctor's surgery six days of the week and see a doctor that day for treatment or referral. No cost. Cradle to grave.

The NHS is special and very dear to the hearts of the British.
27 reality check (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 01:38 pm Report abuse
I remember I was a kid visiting my nans, she had a large old batterd medical encyclopedia she kept in the kitchen. Years later my dad told me that is what she used to use when they were ill, this was the 30s, consultation with a Doctor usually cost 2 shillings.
My Grandad was a WW1 invalid and could not work. there were seven of them in the family, so they could seldom afford the doctor and the treatment. She used the book to diganose and either made or bought the treatments.

She bought the book on the club, from a door to door saleman, dad said a lot of famiies at that time did the same, or borrowed one from a neighbour.

We seem to have forgotten those times and do not realise how lucky we are.
28 briton (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 01:43 pm Report abuse
Another fine mess, she has got Argentina into,

What’s next on the agenda,??

29 Britworker (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 02:07 pm Report abuse
Another day another richly deserved looming disaster.
30 reality check (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 02:08 pm Report abuse
It's not a country it a comic opera with an infinate number of acts!
31 Conqueror (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 03:23 pm Report abuse
@3 Stop trading with the whole of LatAm. For two reasons. Who would trust the argies not to send their goods to another LatAm country to be exported. And let LatAm feel what is really like to be associated with argieland. Read labels, ask questions, if it comes from LatAm, walk away!
@5 Quite true. It's why you lot constantly run around the world begging for “support”.
@9 The one thing that you can be sure of is that no-one outside of LatAm, apart from “terrorist” states needs argieland.
@11 But argieland has a “new model”! It's bankrupt, corrupt, criminal and tens of thousands, possibly millions, of people are against it. What does CFK care. It will be her “monument” to Nestor. Who only stole 100 million plus dollars. CFK will try to steal more.
@16 Not to worry. Argieland is leading the world! I wonder where to. Have you looked behind you? No-one sensible is following. Never mind. Boldly go where no woman has ever gone before! Please don't ask for aid. We are finished.
@19 No!!!!! Are you trying to encourage more Guzz or P-H morons? Leave them to visit only the places they can walk to.
32 Captain Poppy (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 03:26 pm Report abuse
Elaine I've read, in British papers, that there are waiting lists for as much as 18 weeks to get into a hospital and that most prefer private insurance if have the money. Canada is musg that same......8 months for a Cat scan, unless it is an emergency.
33 ElaineB (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 03:49 pm Report abuse
@32 Have you been reading the Daily Mail?

There are waiting lists for certain types of operations, yes. Depending on the urgency of the operation it varies - remember sex change operations, gastric bands, plastic surgery etc. are all available on the NHS and treatments have to be prioritised.

Private insurance is not a priority here. I could afford it but elect to use the NHS, just as almost all the people I know do. We pay for the service and use it.

Did you know that the NHS has the very best doctors and equipment? Most private patients are actually treated in NHS hospitals.

I will give you an example. A friend of mine fell and hurt his neck in Thailand whilst on holiday last year - not what you think, he had not been drinking, it was just an accident - and he was seen at a Thai hospital and deemed fit to fly home even though he was in excruciating pain. The airline took pity and upgraded him and his family so he could have some comfort in first class but by all accounts it was harrowing. When he arrived back to the UK he went to a London hospital where they diagnosed a broken neck. He saw all the best specialists, and despite a grim prognosis that he may be paralysed, he had operations and treatment and has recovered. The company he works for has the best private health insurance but because of the very specialist nature of the treatment he needed, the NHS was his best route for treatment.

If you require urgent treatment, you get it, no waiting.
34 Troy Tempest (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 03:55 pm Report abuse
@32 Poppy

“Canada is musg that same......8 months for a Cat scan, unless it is an emergency”

Hey, Poppy, I do know what you are talking about, but that is not typical. Personally, I went for non-emergency MRI and CT, and it was only a couple of weeks. Emergency care and medical expertise in Canada is extremely good. I have had both my wife's parents, immigrants, succumb to diabetes, and other related ailments. Their care was first rate, as are Cancer treatments here. UBC' s University Hospital is a leader in Cancer Research.
That being said, their is less money in Canada's public 'not for profit' Medicsl system. Equipment like Cat Scanners are not as readily available, and given Canada's huge geographical area and sparsely populated northern regions, it is not economical to have that equipment everywhere. Patients must be flown to cities or larger centres.
Very reassuring that anyone is entitled to first-rate medical care, and nobody goes broke trying to pay for it. This is the main reason that Canada was rated 14th in world standard of living. The US was 32nd, and Australia with state medical was 2nd. Singapore was 1st.
Argentina??? God knows !!!
35 Pugol-H (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 04:24 pm Report abuse
This time Argentina is embroiled in a whole new clutch of international disputes, hatched at the same time. The importance of this new ability to “batch produce” disputes should not be underestimated.

The legal costs alone must be eye watering, an awful lot of lawyers must be getting very fat on all this. Still what is a Lawyer but the Laval phase of a politician’s lifecycle.

Yet the probable outcome for Argentina still remains a Pyrrhic defeat, on most if not all fronts.
36 Captain Poppy (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 04:33 pm Report abuse
In the a free market medical system.....if you work you can get the best care, if you a a non worker and a product of public will be waiting. When you have a population of 316 million and 25 million are illegal citizens, not everyone is getting the best.
I work, am a middle class product so healthcare is not an issue for me.
When I had an order for a CAT (I have had my share...6 ortho surgeries-sports related) scan, I typically scheduled it on my time....still do. I guess it comes down to what socities are use to.
Actually Elaine it was the telegraph that I was reading. Said you have a right to be seen at the hospital with 18 weeks of your GP referring you and the number being seen decreased and increased over 18 weeks. 92 % of patients are seen within those 18 weeks. It did not make a distinction for fat people, sexually conflicted people and plastic surgery. Said it was the cost of two consecutive years of budget cuts in healthcare. That is the primary reason most working Americans prefer to keep healthcare private and out of government controls. I think most will defend their country system for it's one they know the best.
37 ChrisR (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 04:33 pm Report abuse
23 Welsh Wizard

That is one hell of a disease.
38 Nostrolldamus The 2nd (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 04:38 pm Report abuse
Don't you Brits trust the Americans? You are always tossing “reports” made by some USA organization about how awful Argentina's policies are. Organizations like “Heritage”, “CATO”, etc.

Well, those same organizations have made “reports” about European medicine: that in Europe tens of thousands die each year because government panels decide they are too old to treat. They also state Europe has not invented one new medicine in 50 years of social-government hospitals, and that for things like apendicitis people have to wait two weeks for surgery.

Americans, don't you trust the EU? Doesn't Captain Poppy/Yankeeboy toss me reports of the Human Rights commision in Geneva, of the EU economic office, etc, about how bad Argentina's performance is.

Well, those same organizations have made “reports” about American medicine: that in the United States people are left to DIE in the emergency waiting rooms if they are found not to have insurance, that the government + insurance + hospitals hook people on unneeded drugs to make more profits, that tens of thousands of families lose their life savings just to get an appendicitis operation (30 thousand dollars).

Or are you saying that all those reports are wrong and you people live in Utopia Terra Incognita by the rest of the world?

It seems to me of those organizations are oh so right about Argentina, they must be oh so right about you!

Analyze this, and enjoy your day!
39 Captain Poppy (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 05:16 pm Report abuse
What does your post have to do with this article titti boi? You momma let you run loose again? It would take more then something like you to drtive a wedge between the USA and UK. Actual intelligent people have tried and failed.....then something like you comes along..........go back to your CIC and plan something new and improved.
40 St.John (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 05:28 pm Report abuse
@ 11 Nostroll_TTT

There is a very simple solution to this: Keep life saving drugs free of import restrictions.

You are wrong in assuming that if Argentina implemented the economic model recommended, he would not be able to afford the medicine to begin with.

If the Argentine governments through decades had managed the country's immense resources sensibly, Argentina would be among the 10 - or maybe even 5 - richest countries per capita.
41 agent999 (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 05:43 pm Report abuse
38 Nostrolldamus The 2nd
more absolute garbage !!
42 briton (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 06:34 pm Report abuse
Don’t the brits trust the Americans/trust the Canadians/trust the brits ect ect,

We think you will find that all 3 don’t trust the argentines.
Fair enough .lol.

43 Think (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 06:36 pm Report abuse
(23) Welsh Wizard
You say....:
...... it (Argentina) seems to be a nation of hypochondriacs..... so the primary provision of healthcare is good...”

I say...:
So very true.... on both accounts.....
Judging by the comments in here, we are close followed by the Brit Nation....
44 Brit Bob (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 08:16 pm Report abuse
More international disputes running than any other country; World's top protectionist country with most imports having to be authorised at government level and regarded as a pariah state by international money lenders - that'll be Argentina.

Defauty day - December 15th
IMF Red Card - December 17th.

45 yasu (#) Dec 07th, 2012 - 09:52 pm Report abuse
Only way is to put more and more pressure on that stupid woman, CFK< to make her crazy to be placed in a mental hospital and bring someone who can save Argentina. Argentina is a uniquie country where great people such as Che Gevara was born. We need someone who can work for Argentina and its people.
46 Captain Poppy (#) Dec 08th, 2012 - 01:33 am Report abuse

#38 tobi aka titti boi as he stills lives with momma....posts what he is told to post regardless of it making sense or not.

Che was a communist and died a well deserved death
47 yasu (#) Dec 08th, 2012 - 03:59 am Report abuse
What wrong with communists? They saved the world from Nazis, that is the Soviet Union. Che is a not an ordinary communist, but he is a very pure romantic idealist with selfless devotion to the oppressed people.
48 Captain Poppy (#) Dec 08th, 2012 - 02:46 pm Report abuse
Communism inhibits individualism, represses freedoms like the USSR did, like China and like Cuba does. Asslips kirchner is a communist also. My favorite communist is the one that uses no oxygen. Che lived on borrowed time and got what he deserved as a mercenary.
49 yankeeboy (#) Dec 08th, 2012 - 04:40 pm Report abuse
Che Guevara was a terrorist and I am glad the USA put him down like a the diseased dog that he was.
50 yasu (#) Dec 08th, 2012 - 05:55 pm Report abuse
che will live in the hearts of billions of people and he is not a scum like who is the US imperialist agent. By the way, the US is on the steap delline, eventually become a third world country. Now China has been reducing its purchase of the US treasury bonds, this leaves only the stupid Japan, my country, will supply money to the US so that US people may buy our Toyota, Honda, Sony.
Communism can be a very democratic politico-economic system, as Marx say “kingdom of freedom”. However, there are all the imperial powers surrounded the USSR, and there was that Georgian, Stalin, distorted its nature. AS to China, it has introduced too much of free market system; now no health insurance, and there is a great gap between haves and have-nots. Cuba is still a very sound country thanks to Fidel. Please note that the logetivity of Cubans is on the aprt with that of the US according to the CIA and State Dpt information. What an achievement in that poor country, isolated by the US imperialism and the EU fascists. Under that circumstance, there need to be some resrtictions on freedom of speech, etc. By the way, the US is rapidly losing its freedom of speech, etc., especially under Obama: see Ntinoal Defense Authorization Act, which can put anyone in jail, military jail like Gantanamo, anybody including US citizens, in communicado, (no lawyer, and no notice to families). Cuba does not have such a system, and no tortues, Not any crimes to speak of. It has one of the best medical systems in Cuba, though there are a lack of medicines, etc., but they are overcoming these difficulties. Because goverment is people oriented, not big bisiness oriented in the US and the EU.
As to Argentina, CFK tries to be people oriented but she does not have any knowledge on economy and is too much of populist, thereby failing its economy.
This is very unfortunate, and without her studpid policy, it can thrive economically even under the current difficult economic situations.
51 Captain Poppy (#) Dec 08th, 2012 - 08:43 pm Report abuse
You latin mambos would be better to keep your stupid trash spewing mouths closed unless you been to the USA or Europe. Communism is for the lazy that do not want to provide for their own life and want someone else to do it.....
52 reality check (#) Dec 08th, 2012 - 08:45 pm Report abuse
Che, you know what he is to most people in the world?

A face on a T shirt!
53 Troy Tempest (#) Dec 08th, 2012 - 09:31 pm Report abuse
@50 yasu

You are from Japan?????

How large is the Japanese community in Buenos Aires?
What is their typical occupation?
54 Captain Poppy (#) Dec 08th, 2012 - 11:19 pm Report abuse
All the orientals I ever seen in Buenos Aires always seem to run little corner markets
55 yasu (#) Dec 08th, 2012 - 11:23 pm Report abuse
To those stupid, I remmend to study Marxism before talking lots of scums and stupidities. It does not matter how many Japanese live in BUE, stupid. I do not live in Argentina, though I have some properties. I live all over the world and read news from Russia, which gives the best news, I see Telesur, BBC, which had a special features about Marx, who is still very popular in many countries including Japan where the Communist Party has membership of 3 million now, and at its hights, 5 million. Surprise! Though I am very critial its position on Syria and Russia. For me, Russia is the best country in spite of many problems. But mention any country which does not have problems. Germany lost all its technological and scientific glories. They are living with okd technologies, especially thos of Mittelstands. But it is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Its major company, Siemens paid fines of 2.5 billion dollars to the US and in Germany for corruptions. If you are familiar with Argentina under Menen, Siemens gave huge amounts of money to Mene, for that it was penalized in the US (if you want to know how, study the US law). There is a nice news article by CNBC about the German cirruptions. France is another country with corrupt society. France 24 TV reported few days ago that its politicians, business, parliaments are all corrupt. Germany did not have any law until 1999 which prohibits corrupt practicies by corporations, that is, it was legal to give money to get business. As to corruptive actions by corporations outside of its own country, Japan is the cleanest country. No corruption by its corporations outside Japan, though there are corruptions, especially construction contractors bribing clients only in Japan.
56 Pirat-Hunter (#) Dec 09th, 2012 - 12:03 am Report abuse
EU, USA and Japan must be running out of bananas?
57 Captain Poppy (#) Dec 09th, 2012 - 12:20 am Report abuse
Hey island boy you yasu. Toyota has the most plants in the USA check out the others as well. As for China they are still holding steady at 24% of the total US debt.

Do we really have to call you yasu toby? titti boi is much better
58 Troy Tempest (#) Dec 09th, 2012 - 01:08 am Report abuse
@57 Poppy

“Do we really have to call you yasu toby? titti boi is much better”

LOL Poppy, I agree! Same TTT style, nothing Japan-specific that isn't full of crap!!
Answered no questions:
Are you Japanese ?
How big is the Japanese Community ?
What are their occupations?
Typical TTT.

He focuses on his diversions, Ché and communism. I can't imagine many Japanese, except the unemployed, unsuccessful, or disillusioned.
Their neighbours, Vietnam, North Korea, and especially China, are less than friendly, communists!
Russia is his favourite?? Russia has been Japan's hated enemy for over 100 years, and I can't think of a Japanese that would have any admiration for them. Japanese are typically very nationalistic.
I imagine when he refers to “Russian news” he means RT online - renowned for its journalistic integrity, ha ha!!

So, enough of TTT's diversion - hoping that Argentina gets slapped down quickly, and their frivolous lawsuits and protests are shut down.
59 Captain Poppy (#) Dec 09th, 2012 - 03:10 am Report abuse
I think yasu is about to retire to the “land of the rising sun”.

Japan and Russia are in a heated dispute over the, I think Karil Islands since WWII. You know Troy, I'm thinking they said say screw the complaints and every country that trades with argentina implement the exact import licensing procedure that argentina has. I can't see how argentina can file a complaint then.
60 Nostrolldamus The 2nd (#) Dec 09th, 2012 - 03:21 am Report abuse
This legendary TTT has vast numbers of antis traumatized, they see him even under the bed. What a horrible way to live with such raging paranoia from being completely humiliated by this sage beyond anyone's league.

Japan, EU, USA must be ina trully desperate economic situation to be trying to get a country like Argentina (700 billion GDP vs 34 trillion those three combined... that's 50 times larger gdp!)... man how the mighty have fallen. Jostling for scraps.
61 yasu (#) Dec 09th, 2012 - 10:54 am Report abuse
Those commenting do not have any real facts to base on, their ctstatements. First, Japan and Russia were no enemies all the time. Yes, we had Japan-Russia war in 1905, which was really a small scarmish, meaning not total war, then Nomonhan incident in which the invading Japanese imperial army soundly defeated by Soviet (this prevented Japan from paritipating German war against the USSR), and the USSR declared war against Japan in Mnaturia (now Chinese territory), defeating the strongest imperial army of Japan in a week or so, but this is the war requested by the US, the UK, etc. at the Yalta meeting to accelerate the end of the WWII. Japan fought wars against the US< the UK and other powers also. So Japan and Russia are not enemies all the time. As to the relationships between Russia and Japan, Russian literatures had and has tremendous influences on Japan. For example, Shirkaba-ha, which initiated European styl literature movements about 200 years ago, based on Pushikin, Tolstoy, etc. (Russian novelists) (Shirakaba means white beach, Russian tree). As to the northen islands issues, Japan has abandoned them when Japan concluded the San Fransisco peace treaty only with the US. So Japan really can not raise this problem. Even now Russian literatures remain very popular in Japan, especially Pushikin, Dostoevsky, who are profound authors. I buy their books when I go to Japan.
Now Japanese economy: true the public debts to GDP is more than 230%, but it is almost entirely supported by the Japanese domestic money, differing from the US and the EU. Japanese banks are very sound, and manufacturing has still strong basis in Japan, though they have diversified to the US, and others. It is natural for them to make products in the area where they have big customer basis. The quality of Japanese products is still number one. Even Bin Laden recommended Toyota when interviewd Robert Fiske, becasue of high reliability. Just see what small trucks those Arab terrorist use, Toyota.
62 reality check (#) Dec 09th, 2012 - 12:06 pm Report abuse
WTF you waffling on about now!!!!!!
63 lsolde (#) Dec 09th, 2012 - 12:10 pm Report abuse
well he sounds Japanese to me.
l don't think that he is TTT/Toby.
TTT was such a miserable, picked on,leave me alone, excuse for a man/woman.
yasu's posts are not whining in anyway.
l think he's Japanese(or a very good imitation!).
Anyone here speak Japanese, to try him out?
64 Captain Poppy (#) Dec 09th, 2012 - 02:02 pm Report abuse
The one common thread in yasu is that he is right and everyone else is wrong.......typical ttt/toby. And not to mention that toby jumps in as nostro in #60 as with his other names.
65 yasu (#) Dec 09th, 2012 - 04:37 pm Report abuse
If anyone gives me a fact based refutation, I study it and if my staement is mistaken, I shall admit it as Fidel withdrew his mistaken opinion about crook Obama within a week when he found that Obama is a fake.
66 Nostrolldamus The 2nd (#) Dec 09th, 2012 - 04:38 pm Report abuse

I want you to leave me alone, I want nothing to do with you. You seem not to respect that.
67 Captain Poppy (#) Dec 09th, 2012 - 06:20 pm Report abuse
Obama is a he not a he not black? A fake what? A poor President does not make one fake......yasu, if you are truly a jap, from historically one of the most brutal nations in the history of mankind kind.....right up to you desimation in WWII........why do you keep diverting like a good little paid troll?
Lol yes those toyota's blow up very well.....something you can be proud of.
toby/ ttt/ nostowhatthefuck, yasu.......get a life and stick to one persona. Nothing will change, the world gives less than a shit for argentina. Argentina fucked the world and it's time to pay the piper....there is not get out of jail free card this time around.
whatever you call yourself at the moment you are really nothing but a ass pimple
68 Nostrolldamus The 2nd (#) Dec 09th, 2012 - 06:25 pm Report abuse

What don't you express everything you eluctate here about Argentian to your wife's face? (if that story is even true). Or are you nothing but an uxorious poltroon?
69 Troy Tempest (#) Dec 09th, 2012 - 07:34 pm Report abuse
@68 Nozzy

Brilliant comeback. NOT!!
70 Pete Bog (#) Dec 09th, 2012 - 09:57 pm Report abuse
“This order automatically dropped the order approved by Spain last April to limit imports from Argentina as a reprisal for the seizure of a majority of Repsol’s YPF.”

Argentina has lots of friends...............Yeah, Right.
71 Captain Poppy (#) Dec 09th, 2012 - 09:58 pm Report abuse
The thesaurus is getting old toby, you impress no one but yourself and low self esteem. As yes, my wife is an Argentine Portena. The difference in her views on Argentina versus mine titti boi? My views are not as deep rooted, strong opined, and out right hateful of asslips kirchner as my wife's and her family's and most of the people I know in Argentina. Why is that you ask? They are prideful working class people with morals and values that asslip has taken away from the country and for that, they are overwhelmingly embarrassed. If you were an Argentine or a working person you might understand that, but I suspect that you never will..... it's too hard and much too easy to take asslips approach of the world is against Argentina and use as an excuse for Argentina's problems then it is to make real attempts to resolve them.
There are over 190 countries in the world and only a handful in south america can't seem to fit into the world.....why is the toby? Let's hear your tainted excuse?
72 yasu (#) Dec 09th, 2012 - 10:29 pm Report abuse
I am tired of seeing those stupid, stupid.... comments, all the fools without facts. Japan was an imperial power during the WWII, in which many Chinese, Koreans were killed but not the extent German did.
The most brutal counries are Spain, France and the UK : Sapin erminated entires Laten American natives in Argentina, destroyed Maya, Inca, etc., stealing their wealth, even todays BBC reported this in its feature program, Tou stupid, study the history, though you may not have any brain to do so, like CFK sobre economia, ruining Ar. economy.
France killed more than one million Argerians, and the UK killed lots also.
German killed probably close to 40 millions in WWII, but their killing period is short as it was soudly defeated by the USSR, which saved the world from the yoke of Nazism, and Russia also saves Europe from the yoke of French imperialism. That is the reason I like Russia, which still has many good aspects of the USSR. Porbably you can not see their TVs, which are beyod your comprehesion. I am quite sure.
Now Japan is not imperial power thanks to the US occupation power, which gave us the so-called peace constitution with Article 9 (at that time, the US had many more democratic peace-loving people). Japan can not export any military hardware and software (thatis, technology, which is the world rate technology, which the US wants), though there are some violation of this law (3 principle of trading military hard and soft). This is a quire difference from Germany, which is selling military hardware and technology, even in violation of the rules and regulations. Germany as usual sold Husein raw materials for chemical weapons together with the US, which were used to kill Iranians, as reported by British reporter, Robert Fiske, whold renounced reporter based in Beirut.
I am writing these not as a rely thos e stupidos, but to give truth, which many do not know.
73 Captain Poppy (#) Dec 10th, 2012 - 01:47 am Report abuse
Perhaps you would like to hear some of my uncles accounts in a japanese pPOW camp. You stupid, stupid fool. Japan adhered to no Geneva conventions........japanese soldiers were snakes....their officers even lower. Take a rusty razor to your throat hiro ito. Fat man and little boy was not enough. German war crimes were well publicized but hardly much is mentioned. Your history texts in schools whitewash the comfort girls, Nanking Massacre. You bombed Pearl prior to an ultimatum and all because of oil. Take a leap and play a kamikaze
You stupid, stupid
74 Nostrolldamus The 2nd (#) Dec 10th, 2012 - 02:21 am Report abuse

Simple, we are not interested in fitting in the world. What do you have to offer.

I thought so.
75 Troy Tempest (#) Dec 10th, 2012 - 02:26 am Report abuse
@72 Yasu- Nippon-troll

“The most brutal counries are Spain, France and the UK : Sapin erminated entires Laten American natives in Argentina, destroyed Maya, Inca, etc., stealing their wealth, even todays BBC reported this ”

That sounds like a very LATAM point of view. You're also talking about 400-200 years ago, certainly the same could not be said for the past 100 years ago.
Where Spain left off in SouthAmerica, Bueno Aires and Argentina took over, wiping out Bronze-Age indigenous peoples for their land and resources. I suppose that was alright though, they were not using them properly, from your perspective.

The Germans killed “40 million” people in 6 years, 2.5% of the world population? Are you sure of your figures?
How does the history of Asia compare? Being “Japanese” you would know, right? You must, in order to justify your actions.
“r during the WWII, in which many Chinese, Koreans were killed but not the extent German did.”
How many millions do you think were killed in Manchuria, China, and Korea in over a decade of war? That's not considering the rest of SE Asia and the Pacific.

“German was soudly defeated by the USSR, which saved the world from the yoke of Nazism” and replaced it with the yoke of Communism and campaigns of retribution.
How many millions of Ukranians, foreign POW's, “undesirables”, and “enemies of the People” died in Stalin's pogroms, purges, and genocides??
They then threatened the rest of the world with Nuclear War (PH-Nippon would love this).
The other Communists, China, who learned from the Russian ComIntern have been attributed to 60 million deaths, under Mao's regime alone.

You leave no doubt which role models you follow personally, and why :-D

Tell us more about modern, peaceful Japan. As head of the US occupation, MacArthur rebuilt Japan instead of raping and punishing its people.
As a result it became a global economic power.

Don't like that? Tell us about the Japanese, nationalistic, gay, militarists of the 1970's.
76 Captain Poppy (#) Dec 10th, 2012 - 03:10 am Report abuse
toby and tittiboi, if the world offers nothing, the tell your master.....the turkey neck bitch from argentina to resign from the IMF (with you will be removed anyway). Quit the WTO and stop the trade complaints, resign from the G20......until those things don' have your moms nipples to suck on, but argentina needs the world more than the world needs argentina you frivolous little teenage malcontent.
77 Nostrolldamus The 2nd (#) Dec 10th, 2012 - 03:13 am Report abuse
Of course Argentina needs more the world than the other way around.. that's the problem and we need to fix it (not by the world needing Argentina btw), but by neither needing neither.
78 yasu (#) Dec 10th, 2012 - 04:32 am Report abuse
Recent historical scholarship has shed new insight into the topic of Second World War casualties. Research in Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union has caused a revision of estimates of Soviet war dead.[2] Estimated USSR losses within postwar borders now stand at 26.6 million.[3] In August 2009 the Polish Institute of National Remembrance (IPN) researchers estimated Poland's dead at between 5.6 and 5.8 million.[4]
Japanese war crimes

Main article: Japanese war crimes

Included with total war dead are victims of Japanese war crimes.
R. J. Rummel estimates the civilian victims at 5,424,000. Detailed by country: China 3,695,000; Indochina 457,000; Korea 378,000; Indonesia 375,000; Malaya-Singapore 283,000; Philippines 119,000, Burma 60,000 and Pacific Islands 57,000. Rummel estimates POW deaths in Japanese custody at 539,000 Detailed by country: China 400,000; French Indochina 30,000; Philippines 27,300; Netherlands 25,000; France 14,000; UK 13,000; UK-Colonies 11,000; US 10,700; Australia 8,000.[8][68]
These are the numbers of victims of the WWII and years just before that reached by many scholars.
That is, German killed much more than Japanese did. German killed around 30 millions only in the USSR (the number given above included olny those in the current Russia). They killed the Brits, Americans, and numerous Jews, Gypies, etc. Then they could have killed 40 to 50 millions.
As to Geneva conventions, even today, the US is violating it.
I am not an apologist for what Japanese did but the fact is fact: Japanese killed much less than Germans did.
As to Stalin, the crimes are mainly in the USSR, that is, he did not kill many foreigners excepting those living in the USSR.
Those stupid, find the facts, and then argue. Most of those seem to be scams and stupids.
79 Troy Tempest (#) Dec 10th, 2012 - 06:59 am Report abuse
@78 Yasu-Fake Jap Troll
”That is, German killed much more than Japanese did. German killed around 30 millions only in the USSR (the number given above included olny those in the current Russia). They killed the Brits, Americans, and numerous Jews, Gypies, etc. Then they could have killed 40 to 50 millions.”
Estimates are about 40m Total.
On the other hand, those you admire so much, the Russians, are estimated to have killed a staggering 40m to 62m from 1917-1987. The majority were their own citizens, civilian farmers. An additional 21m Russians are listed as War Dead in WWII.
Not counted is the numbers of enemy soldiers that Soviet troops killed in battle.

The other Communists, China, the students of Soviet style communism, are estimated to have killed or starved 78m of their own people.

Yes, Communists and the Russians are exceptional role models for you to admire and embrace.
That says a lot about you.

80 yasu (#) Dec 10th, 2012 - 08:44 am Report abuse
Of course, lots of Germans were killed as a result of their invasion, mostly by the Soviet Redarmy, Glorious Redarmy. You can not equate the invadors and defendors, you stupid. Of course, Americans were better occupiers of Japan and Germany, than Germans and Japanese, however, the US had also another agenda: to use Japan and Germany as the bases against the USSR.
The US is not an angel: they used atomic bombs on Japan top frighten the USSR, not to defeat Japan as Japan is essentially defeated at the time of bombing due to the participation of the USSR against Japan. That is, the dropping of Atomic bombs was just to show that the US has a powerful atomic bomb, to the Soviet.
Chuechill was worse than the US. H e should be also judged as a war criminal. In Greece, the communist led partisans defeated Nazis: while Churchill was suppoted the partisans until they defeated Germans, Churchill started to kill those aex-allied parisans. Also recent (about year or 2 ago), British secrets papers were declassified, in which Churchill wanted to threat the USSR by atomic bombs, asking Truman to use atomic bobms on Baku, if the USSR indicates a kind of surrender. What war criminal he is!
You stupid is like those war criminals, ha ha ha ha.
81 lsolde (#) Dec 10th, 2012 - 10:42 am Report abuse
lnteresting to hear a completely different point of view.
But we are getting off-track here.
82 Captain Poppy (#) Dec 10th, 2012 - 10:56 am Report abuse
Yes we are Isolde...because of yasu, the rg troll.
83 yasu (#) Dec 10th, 2012 - 02:34 pm Report abuse
I gree that we are off course from the subject of Argentinian economic disasters. Mr. Lavagna, ex-minister of economics has written that the CFK's economic policy has plunged Ar into abyss, any recoevery from which may take years, 3 if remedical policies are instituted now.
Argentina had relatively good growth until the stupid policy by CFK, but she derailed it, now it has to default all its obligations to other countries, that is, it will be 2001 or 2002 again. Anf Argentinians can not get any trust from the financial worlds. Only brave studids can invest in Ar, as long as CFK is alive.
84 Troy Tempest (#) Dec 10th, 2012 - 03:37 pm Report abuse
@81 Isolde

Yes, we are off track.

“Yasu” the RG troll, is trying to establish his persona as a successful Japanese property owner in Argentina and paradoxically, as a supporter of communism too, especially the most bloodthirsty regime in history.

Funny his view of history - just trying to get our goats, demonising Churchill, portraying Allied war actions as provocations against the USSR.

So, “Yasu”,

can you back anything up with links about Baku.

I have one, with a Japanese perspective:

”Baku (獏 or 貘) are Japanese supernatural beings that devour dreams and nightmares. ”

See, just a figment of your imagination, just as you are a figment of TTT's or ProRG 's imaginations. :-)

Really not hearing much about Japan.
How do you reconcile being a wealthy Japanese nationalist and capitalist, with your admiration of a murdering/enslaving communist regime.

I suppose you're not a fan of Nationalist and modern Japanese militarist Yukio Mishima? His platform was a resurgence of Japan as a superior military power. Like you, he resented the US 'restrictions' on Japan.

But no, you're all for Russian and Communist dominance.
85 yasu (#) Dec 10th, 2012 - 06:18 pm Report abuse
I may be slightly well off compared with many peaople, but note that many great people are also communists (which are not blood thirsty but when deviated from the teaching of Marx, like Stalin, (who is not Russian bur Georgian), there could be some problems, but not to the extent that the capitalist propaganda makes you believe: he is a really deviate but he is the leader which defeated Hitler and Nazis, which are 100 times more brutaaaaaaal9.
There are many communists who are famous and devote their life for the betterment of people. Examples included Pablo Picaso (very rich in a way but he was a card carrying communist member of France, Niemayer who died just few days ago, who deisgned many buildings including the UN building, other numerous buildings all over the world, and as to Argentinians, Mercedes Sosa whodied several years ago, Osvaldo Publiese (tango), and famous Chilean poet, nobel rpize winner in literature, Pablo Neruda, recent Nobel prize winner in physics, Prof. Masuda from Japan and Dr. Yukawa, the first nobel prize winner in physics from Japan many years ago was assisted by many communist physicists in Japan. Julio Curie, communist and nobel prize winner from France, Luis Aragon nobel prize winner in literature from France, and there are countless famous communists known world over.
One can not judge communism or Marxism by citing some mistakes or wrong doings by some.
86 Captain Poppy (#) Dec 10th, 2012 - 06:19 pm Report abuse
Most people do not realize that the japanese were responsible for as many as 10 million civilian deaths.....referred to now as democide. Two atomic bombs was being nice in my opinion.
87 Troy Tempest (#) Dec 10th, 2012 - 07:06 pm Report abuse
@85 yasu Troll

“One can not judge communism or Marxism by citing some mistakes or wrong doings by some.”

LOL LOL LOL - you are ridiculous!!
But then, you are just making outrageous statements as an Argentine Troll diversion.

What stupid statements - I'm still laughing!!!

You chose two artists, idealists perhaps, as your examples of Marxist Communism.
Pure Communism should be a utopia.
However, you state that you admire Russia! The people who “made a few mistakes ” are Stalin, the most influential communist in the 20th century, the murderer of 60m of his own people. He created the institutions and the Russia that you hold up as a shining example to the world. The other person who “made mistakes” was Mao, responsible for at least 60m deaths, systematically destroying the fabric of Chinese society, and eliminating “Freedom of the Press”, and an entire class of intellectuals. China and Mao were instructed by Russia and the ComIntern on how to subjugate the population.
Today, it is the largest representation, 1.2B people, of a functioning Communist State, arguably more 'pure' than Russia.

Tell me more about how Japan got 'shafted' by the West? The Japanese must have strong feelings about that??
How do the Japanese feel about modern militarists like Yukio Mishima? Do you know who he is? He wanted to make Japan 'great again'.

How does the Japanese community of Argentina feel about the economy there?
Surely, as foreigners they must be worried about their investments??
As an 'identifiable minority' do they experience violence and crime from the Argentines??

You wouldn't know, you are Argentine yourself and know nothing of Japanese culture or social issues, do you??

You are not convincing anyone.

Japan seems to be in agreement with US and EU and UK - they don't want your crap goods!!
88 yasu (#) Dec 10th, 2012 - 11:24 pm Report abuse
All of your scams do not know how to write English. Very nice fools who can not write proper English.
As some you asked questions, let me reply as follows.
Mishima was a fascist militrarist, whom one few in Japan admire, inspite of the fact that he could be a good writer, but not the level of Pushikin, etc.
I am not living in Argentina, but visit there few times a year, and those Japanese immigrants are different from those Japanese who immigrated: they were generally from poor uneducated families who could not live in Japan, as most of immigrants were so. If you have money and are well to do, they do not immigrate to other poor countries like Argentina.
Japanese economy is not so bad now though it has to reduece the public debts which are supported mostly by Japanese, that is, no Greece nor even European countries such as Spain, and even Germany (which is by the way most corrupt countries in the world. For example, Siemens paid 2.5 billion US$ as penalties, etc. for its corruptions including some big ones in Argentina.) and the US, which is having the fiscal cliff, and can not pay any debts to Japan and China for ever.
Even tourists are now experiencing the violences in AR, see one in C/Florida, but excepting Japan where it is very safe, you have to suffer from violences. I live also in the US and safe areas : for example, I lives in the apt building where the great tenor Placido Domingo lives, used the same elevator with him, as we have one elevator per each apt. on the floor.
As to Japanese cultures, I do notlike their popular musics, which are often feudalistic, and I am more familiar with Russian culture and European cultures as many Japanese intellecturals are very familiar with them.
As to investments in AR, it might be crazyl to invest there under to current situation thanks to CFK, which is causing great damages to AR economy as noted by Lavagna, ex economic minister. Chinese communists are very corrupt to the extent that it is a disgrace.
89 Troy Tempest (#) Dec 11th, 2012 - 05:15 am Report abuse
@88 Yasu fake Jap Troll

You have Troll written all over you. Your typical behaviour gives you away.
Trying to pass yourself off as a wealthy Japanese business man, intellectual, and int'l property owner??
No Japanese would be as crass as you. Why not just say, I live in NYC?? Living in the US alone, is enough to impress troll - cronies,( and typical, mind you) but you have to kick it up a notch - “my neighbour is Placido Domingo”. Why would you mention that? You give no personal details, otherwise, but that nails your address, 425 E. 58th Street!!!
Oh, wait - that's readily available on google:
(Really, $1m ??? Not so much, actually)

Typical Argie troll, you brag about your wealth while you put down others, “Japanese immigrants are different from those Japanese who immigrated: they were generally from poor uneducated familie”
No Japanese would behave that way.

You show a particular antipathy towards the Germans, though your countries shared very close ties for decades. You hail the Russian Communists as admirable role models, contrary to the real Japanese. Not even Japanese “intellectuals”.
In fact, your previous posts solely seem to be childish attempts to insult and provoke the US, UK, and EU contributors to this forum.

Surely, you should have identified with Mishima !

You have not yet, posted any links to corroborate your 'alternate universe' statements of history.

BTW, as a Japanese, you would know that the Japanese military and the Japanese people would never surrender to an enemy invader. They would have fought to the last man, taking devastating losses in house to house fighting. They would have died for the Emperor, a deity.
It took the A-bombs to make Hirohito ask the people to surrender.

I can't think of any Japanese “intellectual” that would be as rude or immodest, or 'foolish' as you.

Good try, porteno boludo.
90 yasu (#) Dec 11th, 2012 - 08:42 am Report abuse
True there are some stupid, duped Japs. who died for that war criminal ex-emperor who died some years ago, but many Japanese do not die shameful death killing innocent Chinese or Koreans. There are many Japanese who fought the imperial Japanese. One example is Takichi Kobayashi, world famouse (among left wingers) novelist, who was killed in prison by brutal Japanese special police force.

As to close yies with Germany, Richard Sorge, who was a communist member of the USSR, though he is a German, was dispatched by one of the largest German newspaper, probably Frankfurtaralgemine, as a correspondent in Japan during WWII, but he was an excellent espion, and with a cooperation of a high ranking Japanese, spied on Japan and sent some valiable information to the USSR, telling that Japan would not attack it from the east in spite of the request from the nazis. This allowed the USSR to move their army on the eastern front to the western front to defeat Nazis, acclerating the defeat of Hitler. They were caught by Japanese police and hunged just before the end of the WWII.
As to atomic bomb use, the US used one on Hiroshima, which was not a major military base, just killing mostly innocent civilians and within a week, it dropped another one on Nagasaki, which did not have any major military base. If the US really wanted to defeat Japan, it should have used atomic bombs in right above imperial palace in Tokyo, or other major military bases such as Yokosuka. That is, the purposes of dropping atomic bombs had several purposes, the major one to frighten the USSR, to experiment them, to find its effects on human guinea pigs (Japanese) (there is an excellent reportage made by Americans, and broughtcast by RT, Alzejeera, etc. which tells the experiments on human bodies on survivers instead of treating them in a very graphic manner, you should see it).
As to other relation with pre-war Germany, which was one of the most scientifically and technologically advanced, Japan used it.
91 lsolde (#) Dec 11th, 2012 - 09:49 am Report abuse
Yasu is very well informed, but now l am having doubts also.
ln his first line he talks about “stupid, duped Japs”, JAPS, It is my understanding that the Japanese do not like being called “Japs”
They prefer Nipponese.
So if he is Japanese, he wouldn't use the word “Japs”
But he does sound Japanese.
92 yasu (#) Dec 11th, 2012 - 01:45 pm Report abuse
I used Japs as a sarcustic manner, and they like to be called Japanese. Nipponese is rarely used: you can call them “Nippon-jin” in a spoken language.
93 Troy Tempest (#) Dec 11th, 2012 - 03:18 pm Report abuse
@91 Isolde

I am convinced that he is a Communist, HE might say Marxist. He reveres the Russian model of applied Communism, but knows Stalin is indefensible. Therefore, he gives the standard answer, “Stalin was not Russian, he was Georgian”, and “don't judge Communism by mistakes and wrong doing.”

All his answers about Japan are related to the USSR and they all have a common theme - USSR is mankind's saviour, Western Allies actions were anti-humanitarian or war crimes.

And, you were right, he does not react to any of the Japanese “ hot button” issues I brought up.

BTW, Yukio Mishima was a Japanese nationalist who did not like perceived US subjugation of Japan.
He was also an internationslly renowned author. What is not mentioned by Yazu is that the themes were often homosexuality and after his death there were many very embarrassing revelations about his lifestyle. Several make lovers appeared publically, he faced much criticism and the family has tried to cover it up ever since. I think he just did a quick google search for that info, “ Yukio Mishima, author, militarist”

Far from being a wealthy Japanese businessman, I am sure that Yasu is merely an idealistic, but confused (duped) communist student. I would bet he has never left South America.

His attempts to intimidate other posters by insults when questioned is a hallmark of our Troll friends. Perhaps he is a new recruit.
94 Captain Poppy (#) Dec 11th, 2012 - 03:27 pm Report abuse
Maybe a new high school grad or one of the students the took over the schools last month in Buenos They have so much talent to choose from back as the “labs” of la campora.
95 emerald (#) Dec 11th, 2012 - 08:04 pm Report abuse
* 94 *

don't Poop ...Think....don't Poop....
96 yasu (#) Dec 11th, 2012 - 09:10 pm Report abuse
I am writing this from Spain where I have a residence also. Fortunately I am not in Latin America, where there are huge problems, corruptions and great gaps between rich and poor (majority).
There Gini coefficients are quiete high, almost duble the Japanese one (just 24.9, meaning the more equal distribution of wealth, compared with other developed countries: France is 32.7, Germany 28.3, the US 40.8, Singapore 42.5 extremely unequal city state). Spain 34.7 and the UK 36.0
97 Captain Poppy (#) Dec 11th, 2012 - 09:49 pm Report abuse
Who's calculation are you using? And it's inequality not equality. and Japan gini was 24.9 in 1993. If you are ging to toss out stats at least use recent stats. Japan in 2008 was use a favor and you post the recent number
98 yasu (#) Dec 12th, 2012 - 04:58 am Report abuse
You fool, distorting the statistics, my number came from the newest statistics, I hate all those liars.
99 emerald (#) Dec 12th, 2012 - 09:13 am Report abuse
You could use J.A.ROBERTS name who lives in Spain too.
100 Captain Poppy (#) Dec 12th, 2012 - 11:05 am Report abuse
yasu talk and no proof. Go back to your little sniper hole
101 Troy Tempest (#) Dec 12th, 2012 - 03:10 pm Report abuse
@99 yasu

“Fools”, “stupid” etc etc

False statistics too.

You sound more Argentinian than Japanese.
102 Captain Poppy (#) Dec 12th, 2012 - 06:49 pm Report abuse
That's because he is as I always suspected from the beginning. Nothing like tossing out a stat from 1993. I think he is still looking for the up to date Gini index. When he comes backl without it, make sure to ask him where it is.
103 yasu (#) Dec 12th, 2012 - 06:52 pm Report abuse
THe number used by the stupiud is the CIA number.
Japane has the best equality in terms of wealth distribution. Those whose wealth is very high are due to their holdinfgs of real estates such as Mori familty. Whenever, I see my friends who are presidents of big companies, I always tell them that you are born in  a wrong country, as they generally earn a half million US$ or less. In the US, thery earn 100 million or even billions per annum. Ordinary Japanese workers earn 40,000 to 100,000 US$ after working about 10 years. That means Japanese tops (CEO) earn only 10 times or even just 5 times. People who are ignorant such as you should study everything very carefully. Japan is still one of the richest country where people have large savings.
104 ChrisR (#) Dec 12th, 2012 - 07:50 pm Report abuse
77 Nostrolldamus The 2nd The Sage of Mendoza!!!

Have you seen the latest news regarding your fabled Mendoza?

New inmates in the Public Hospital: CUCARACHAS no less.úblico

Soon to be promoted to Consultants In Bacterial Infections methinks!

You know these infections - the ones that your amigo at La Camping It Up or Homos Are Us by the name of Dunni-Burger says categorically do NOT exist anywhere in Argentina.

Gotcha this time little boy. LOLs
105 Captain Poppy (#) Dec 12th, 2012 - 08:49 pm Report abuse
Asso yasu....the stupido is the one that makes a statement without support. The USA and japan are nearly identical in 2008......and there is NO current gini for japan.
You stupido troll STAY ON TOPIC TOBY

maybe your next identity you can be a ........mmmmmmmm North Korean...say .....Kim Soo Lee
106 yasu (#) Dec 12th, 2012 - 09:04 pm Report abuse
Congratulation to the successfil launching of the powerful missile which carried the satellite into the orbit, as recognized by the US.
107 Captain Poppy (#) Dec 12th, 2012 - 09:10 pm Report abuse
Joining the ranks is another latam country complaining to the WTO that argentina is restricting imports.....welcome aboard Panama. I think everyone should play the argentine game and require import licenses like argentina and just file all the applications like argentina does, what can they complain about then using their “model” of import procedures.
108 Troy Tempest (#) Dec 13th, 2012 - 12:07 am Report abuse
@105 Poppy

Good one !
109 yasu (#) Dec 13th, 2012 - 03:23 am Report abuse
If you want to be an outcasr of the world, do what that stupid cfk is doing. Not only she has been acting as an outcast and as a dictator, but also she is damaging the Argentinian economy. Just look the increases in unemployment, prices, the shortages of foreign made products which Ar, as an underdeveloped country can not make, such as most of medicines, industrial products, resulting in stoppage of productions, probable assacination of some patients who need special medicines, as some one commented before. As Lavafna, ex- minister of economy said, she is wrecking the AR economy, and now the AR debts are junks of junks.

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