Stories for January 21st 2013

Monday, January 21st 2013 - 16:12 UTC

Plans for temporary oil industry port in the Falklands to develop Sea Lion field

MLA Dick Sawle said the temporary provision would have to meet usual planning requirements

A temporary port for the oil industry to the east of the Falkland Islands capital is under consideration, but will be removed once a deep water modern permanent sea terminal is constructed in Port William, according to local officials.

Monday, January 21st 2013 - 15:02 UTC

Argentine state workers union challenges official inflation stats with own index

The alleged manipulation of Indec percentages at the heart of the controversy

The insistence of the Argentine government with its official inflation stats, questioned by the IMF and other sectors of the country, will also be challenged by the powerful state workers union, ATE, which will publish a report on prices in Argentina and the basic needs of an average family.

Monday, January 21st 2013 - 13:51 UTC

Cristina Fernandez ends her visit to Vietnam, “an icon for her generation”

The Argentine president dressed in guerrila gear at the Cu Chi tunnels

Argentine president Cristina Fernandez ended on Sunday in Hanoi her visit to Vietnam the last leg of a week-long business and political trip that took her to the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia and finally the land which she emphasized represented an icon for her generation.

Monday, January 21st 2013 - 11:28 UTC

Argentina’s wheat crop down to 10 million tons; 2011/12 planted area 25% less

Argentina will produce 10.1 million tons of wheat this season, the agricultural ministry said, citing extreme weather as the reason for cutting back its previous estimate of 10.5 million tons. With almost all of the harvest already collected, Argentina is looking at a thin wheat harvest, compared with the 14.1 million tons collected in the 2011/12 crop year.

Monday, January 21st 2013 - 11:28 UTC

Transcripts show Federal Reserve underestimated looming 2007 crisis

Bernanke said in December 2007 that he did not “expect insolvency or near insolvency among major financial institutions”

The US Federal Reserve may have underestimated the looming 2007 global financial crisis released transcripts from its meetings that year have shown. The documents suggested Fed Governor Ben Bernanke wanted to hold off from addressing rising panic in the markets.


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