Saturday, June 11th 2011 - 09:38 UTC

Flights from Buenos Aires and Montevideo airports gradually begin to normalize

In Patagonia most airports are closed until next week because of the thick volcanic ash blanket

As the volcanic ash cloud begun dissipating airlines operating from the airports of Buenos Aires, Montevideo, and the south of Brazil resumed some flights Friday afternoon but it will take several days to be back to normal as companies reprogram backlogs.

Friday, June 10th 2011 - 16:33 UTC

Falklands rations seats on the UK airbridge forced by the volcanic ash

Stanley has also suffered the consequences of the Puyehue volcano in the Andes

The impact of the volcanic ash is straining the Falkland Islands air links with the United Kingdom forcing the rationing of seats for northbound passengers because of the repeated cancelling of the airbridge with Brize Norton.

Friday, June 10th 2011 - 05:55 UTC

The South Cone and Falklands remain under the volcanic ash cloud

A thin film of ash dust, which hardens with rain, has begun to fall in Buenos Aires and Montevideo where this photo was taken

Uruguay, most of Argentina, the south of Chile and even the Falkland Islands is the South Atlantic are suffering the consequences of the volcanic ash cloud that remains hovering over the region forcing airlines to cancel flights until further notice.

Thursday, June 9th 2011 - 21:25 UTC

World conquering Argentina ants defeated and rolled back in California

The plucky winter ant has proven to have the chemical antidote

Argentine ants are showing up all over the world-conquering the entire coastline around the Mediterranean Sea, parts of South Africa, Hawaii, Japan and Australia, as well as the full length of the California coastline-and no native ant species has been known to withstand their onslaught until now.

Thursday, June 9th 2011 - 14:19 UTC

Montevideo and Buenos Aires flights cancelled as ash cloud remains over the area

The volcanic ash cloud should cover the whole of Uruguay late evening

Flights from Uruguay’s main international airport Carrasco and from Buenos Aires busiest air terminals have been cancelled Thursday until further notice because of the volcanic ash cloud which again is hovering over the River Plate as winds have changed.

Thursday, June 9th 2011 - 05:39 UTC

Uruguay trying to determine the death cause of 600 Magellan penguins

The dead penguins were washed up on the Atlantic coast

Authorities in Uruguay say they have found about 600 dead penguins washed up on the Atlantic coast since Saturday. Experts are trying to determine what has killed the sea birds.

Thursday, June 9th 2011 - 02:46 UTC

UN calls to protect world’s oceans for future generations

Iconic Empire State Building lit in white, blue and purple

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon today (Wednesday June 8) called on all governments and peoples to play their part to ensure that the world’s oceans are protected for future generations, warning that they face major threats in the years ahead.

Wednesday, June 8th 2011 - 06:37 UTC

Air traffic in Buenos Aires and Montevideo returns to normal as ash cloud disperses

Most Patagonia airports remain closed (Photo Reuters)

Argentina’s Civil Aviation agency (ANAC) and the Secretariat of Transport announced that the Ezeiza and Aeroparque airports are “now open and operating normally” as the ash cloud spewed by Chile’s Puyehue volcano late Tuesday seemed to be moving away from the Buenos Aires City and part of the River Plate area.

Tuesday, June 7th 2011 - 22:00 UTC

Airlines suspend flights from Uruguay, fearing the volcanic ash cloud

The Chilean volcano ashes are hovering at 5.000 metres height

Flights from Uruguay’s Carrasco international airport were suspended on Tuesday until further notice because of the proximity of Chile’s Puyehue volcano ash cloud that on Monday forced similar decisions for Buenos Aires City main international and domestic air terminals.

Tuesday, June 7th 2011 - 14:33 UTC

Ash cloud reaches Buenos Aires city at 5.000 metres height; all flights cancelled

Flights from Buenos Aires city have been cancelled until further notice (Photo AFP)

The Chilean volcano Puyehue ash cloud has reached the Argentine capital after moving across the Greater Buenos Aires, but the due effects of the cloud are seen to be minimal. Meanwhile local airlines confirmed cancelled all flights until further notice at the international airport of Ezeiza and at the domestic-flights metropolitan Aeroparque.


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