Monday, May 9th 2011 - 18:48 UTC

Repsol plans to sell an additional 3% of YPF in the Argentine market

Repsol CEO Antonio Brufau gradually divesting from YPF

Spain’s oil company Repsol plans to sell up to 3% of YPF on the Argentine market as part of a gradual divestment of its stake in that unit, according to company sources.

Friday, May 6th 2011 - 17:29 UTC

Brazil’s inflation peaks in April, but prices should begin slowing down in May

The central bank is expected to continue raising the benchmark Selic interest rate<br />
<br />

Brazil’s benchmark consumer price index in April exceeded the upper limit of the government’s target range for the first time since 2005 but officials are confident April was a peak and during May the tendency is for inflation to decelerate.

Friday, May 6th 2011 - 17:24 UTC

Top US grain processors join the ‘bio-fuel refineries rush’ in Brazil

Cargill Inc and the world’s largest grain processor Archer-Daniels-Midland Co, are planning to invest about 560 million US dollars in new bio-fuel refineries in Brazil.

Friday, May 6th 2011 - 07:20 UTC

Falklands’ oil companies contract more sophisticated exploration rig

Leiv Eiriksson oil rig, soon in the Falklands

Borders and Southern Petroleum PLC licensed for oil exploration in the Falkland Islands announced Friday the signing of a new rig contract with Ocean Rig under which the Eirik Raude has been replaced by the Leiv Eiriksson.

Friday, May 6th 2011 - 06:29 UTC

FDI in Uruguay has soared in last five years and reached 1.6 billion USD in 2010

The pulp industry has become one of the main recipients for FDI

Foreign direct investment, FDI, in Uruguay during 2010 reached 1.627 billion US dollars which represents a 29% increase over 2009 and puts the country among the top six FDI recipients in South America and eighth in the region, according to the latest report from the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, ECLAC.

Friday, May 6th 2011 - 02:14 UTC

Iron-ore price doubles in a year; Brazil Vale’s profits soar to 6.8bn in first

China and India’s appetite for steel fuel iron ore prices

Brazil’s Vale, the world’s largest iron ore producer, posted a record quarterly profit as mineral prices and sales of metals including copper and nickel surged. Net income increased to 6.83 billion USD from 1.6 billion, in the year-ago period, Vale announced Thursday in a regulatory filing.

Thursday, May 5th 2011 - 08:26 UTC

German president and trade delegation on three-day visit to Brazil

Head of state Christian Wuff is scheduled to meet Brazilian business people in Sao Paulo

German President Christian Wulff is in Brazil on a three-day visit aimed at strengthening ties between the two countries and discussing mutual co-operation in science and technology.

Thursday, May 5th 2011 - 01:57 UTC

Argentine group buys 10% of YPF, now holds 25.46% of the company

Enrique Eskenazi president of the Peterson group

Argentina's Eskenazi family has agreed to pay 1.3 billion US dollars to buy an additional 10% in YPF, the Argentine unit of Repsol, the Spanish oil company said on Wednesday.

Tuesday, May 3rd 2011 - 23:04 UTC

Falklands oil company spuds new well and has four more lined up

Full agenda for the exploration rig “Ocean Guardian”

Rockhopper Exploration has spudded the next appraisal well on the Sea Lion oil discovery in the Falkland Islands’ waters. Drilling began on the 14/10-5 appraisal well on May first 2011.

Tuesday, May 3rd 2011 - 22:56 UTC

Argos confirms it is closer to starting an oil drilling campaign in Falklands’ waters

Chairman Ian Thompson says Argos has comprehensive 3D seismic survey

Argos Resources is a step closer to starting a drill campaign in Falkland Islands waters, where it is targeting a high priority area adjacent to Rockhopper’s Sea Lion discovery.


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